How To Hint To A Guy That You Like Him

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Updated On: October 5, 2023
how to hint to a guy that you like him

So, you’ve met the man of your dreams and you’re crushing hard on him. Your days are now one long dreamy stretch where you play out scenarios of the two of you getting together. You meet him, and butterflies burst in your tummy. It’s a heady concoction of nervousness, expectations and longing. But where do you go from here?

You want to tell him how you feel but the fear of rejection gets in the way. If only you could let your feelings be known to him without saying the words out loud? Which brings us to the question – how to hint to a guy that you like him? Don’t worry. It’s not all that complicated. A few smart tricks up your sleeve is all you need.

How To Hint To A Guy That You Like Him?

Expressing your feelings to someone is never an easy task. You’re always worried about how they might take it but also about what that might do to your heart. What if they don’t like you back or already have a girlfriend? Telling him that you like him is one thing but dealing with the information that comes with it is a whole other issue.

Even nerves of steel can buckle under this pressure of the unknown. So, before you set foot into it, the smart thing to do is lay the groundwork by dropping subtle hints along the way, seeing how he responds, and then, making your final move. There are many cute ways to tell a guy you like him without flat-out asserting the same. Here’s how to hint to a guy that you like him:

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How to tell a guy you like him without scaring him off

Yup. A lot of men just bolt at the thought of a woman going head over heels for them. This could be because of their own low self esteem issues, being scared because of past heartbreaks or a wariness of love in general. That’s why, sometimes one should take their time with breaking boundaries and moving on to the other side. You do not want to surprise him too much because this could potentially make him run away. Here are some ways of telling a guy you like him without scaring him off. Remember to take it slow.

1. Strike up a friendship

No, you should probably not just go over and tell a guy you want to date him. Instead, you have to be friends first. At the risk of pushing you almost into the friendzone, remember what we learnt in When Harry Met Sally. If you like a guy, build the foundation of your future relationship with him on friendship but don’t get too comfortable in that zone.

Want to know how you make a guy know you like him without telling him? By striking up a friendship with him, you’ve already taken the first step in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to be his pal first. Most love stories start as beautiful friendships.

tell a guy you want to date him
Be his friend before you tell a guy you want to date him

2. Make him a confidante

The idea is to spend more time together so that you can get to know each other better. As you grow more comfortable in each other’s presence, let him into your inner circle and make him your confidante. In turn, become his. This a stepping stone on the journey of how to show a guy you like him. He may not pick up on the hints straight away but it’ll help build a rapport between you two. He too will start leaning on you for support. By giving him that kind of space in your life, you’re letting him know that he’s important to you.

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3. Take interest in what he says

How to hint to a guy that you like him? Well, paying attention to his words may be a good starting point. Everyone enjoys being showered with attention. By making him the center of yours, you’re letting him know that he is important to you. When he’s saying something, make eye contact and hold his gaze.

Even if he is talking about a topic that bores you to death, be a good listener and be genuinely interested in what he has to say.  Being heard is a rare feeling in today’s attention-deficient world. There are many cute ways to tell a guy you like him but nothing will steal his heart more than knowing you’re a woman who is willing to hear him out and care for him. With this simple action, you’re giving him validation that will help build a strong connection between you both.

4. Become a part of his world

If what you feel for this man is more than just sexual attraction and you’re emotionally invested in him, you have your work cut out for you. If you want to know how to show a guy you like him, start by making efforts to become a part of his world.

His friends, his work, his gym routine, his parents, his past relationships – everything about him will inspire intrigue. Don’t try to hide that instinct. Instead, use it to become a part of his world. It’s a great way to set a foot in the door to his life.

how to tell a guy you like him in a cute way
Do everything to get to know him well

5. Remember things about him

Another proven approach for how to hint to a guy that you like him is to remember little details about him. Right from his birthday to his favorite color, food, a ritual he has with his friends, family traditions and everything else in between. When he tells you an important detail about himself, make a mental note and then ask him about it later.

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How to tell a guy you like him online

With virtual dating expanding everywhere in leaps and bounds, a lot of dating interactions these days begin and bloom online. That’s why the art of wooing somebody online, making good conversation over text and impressing them with your words and emojis is a real skill in today’s day and age. If you’re wondering how to hint that you like him over text, that art can be mastered too. Follow these other steps!

6. Text, baby, text

How to tell a guy you like him in a cute way is incomplete without sending lots of indicative texts. Text messages are a boon in situations like these. When saying things upfront gets too awkward, the comfort of distance offered by text communication is a perfect way out. Now that you’ve struck up a friendship, your focus should be not getting trapped in the friendzone and subtly letting him know how you feel.

How to drop hints that you like a guy over text? You can use a mix of compliments for men and flirting to keep the emotions raging on both side.

7. Get flirty

You must make sure he knows that there’s space for more in your relationship. How to hint that you like him over text? Subtle flirting and banter that includes references to how desirable and dateable he is one way of going about it. Once again, you can take refuge in text messages to get flirtatious with a potential love interest. But how to tell a guy you like him over text without actually saying it?

Well, you can start with subtle hints such as ‘you’d make a great boyfriend’ or ‘you’re my kind of guy’.  If he’s not daft, he will pick up on these hints eventually.

art of wooing

8. Be generous with compliments

Yes, men love compliments too. Being appreciated for who they are, what they wear, how they look, how they see the world, is a pleasant feeling. When that appreciation comes from a person who’s been dropping hints that they like you, anyone would get the point. It is the simplest trick in the book on how to tell a guy you like him through text or otherwise. Just make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to err on the side of cringe-inducing flattery.

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9. Ask him out, almost

How to hint to a guy that you like him? Making hypothetical statements where you sort of ask him out but not quite is a smart way to let him know how you feel and test the waters at the same time. ‘If I date someone, they’d have to be like you’ or ‘Hey! What would you say if I asked you out sometime?’

Semi-direct statements and questions like these will clear the air on how you feel about each other but also give you room to back out using the ‘it was just a what-if scenario’ should things not go your way. Especially if you want to find ways to show a guy you like him at work, you can be really subtle and discreet with this trick.

10. Tell him at last

Now that we have covered how to tell a guy you like him without scaring him off and how to hint that you like him over text, it might be time to take the plunge once and for all. After all this groundwork, you’d have a fair idea about how he feels. He would too. You’re past the stage of wondering how to hint to a guy that you like him. Now is the time to make your move. Gone are the days when that onus fell on men squarely. 

So gather your nerves, let him know how you feel, for it is time to tell a guy you want to date him! If he’s on the same page – he is in all probability, given that he has been playing along all this while – you’ll knock his socks off by making the first move.

Good luck! Do let us know how it goes by dropping a comment below.

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