Independence Day Couple Goals: 6 Small Efforts Can Make a Big Difference

by Team Bonobology
Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

It doesn’t take much to love your country. No, we are just not talking about buying a bunch of flags at the traffic intersection from that poor kid nor are we talking about devouring the tricolor cake at the Independence Day brunch at a 5-star hotel. As a couple, you can do small things that can make a big difference in other people’s lives. A country is about its people, about the environment, about joint progress, and about economic solidarity. On this holiday on August 15, instead of planning to stay in bed late, you can wake up early and give yourself some Independence Day couple goals. Something that would leave that lingering smile on your face all year through.

6 things you can do on Independence Day as a couple

Independence Day couple goals are about achieving something together that would make you feel you have made an effort to make a difference. No matter how small the effort, it is all worth it in the long-run. As a couple you will only revel in happiness afterwards.

1. A sapling on the windowsill

If you make a pledge to plant a sapling every Independence Day then at the end of 10 years you have planted 20 trees together. You have made a difference to the environment. You can plant a sapling in a pot placed on your window sill, at the office lobby or in the neighborhood. Then it’s like nurturing a child and seeing it grow.

And if you are a couple with good organizational skills, then go ahead and organize a Green Day in your community, where along with hoisting the Indian flag you would also plant new trees.

Go Green. Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Nurturing a sapling is like nurturing a child Image Source

2. Sponsor children’s education

Children are the future of this country and a good education will ensure a better future. You will be surprised at how little it takes to sponsor a child’s education or a child’s books and pencils, school uniforms or even an entire school. Yes, an entire primary school can be sponsored with your monthly salary.

There are plenty of NGOs out there who are doing a great job. You can either contact them or nearer home there is the lady working in your home doing the dishes and cooking day in and day out. Check out if her child needs help. Sponsor her child.

one should sponsor a child. Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Sponsor a child Image source

3. Get a food packet after a meal

Chances are you are going to hit a grand restaurant to celebrate Independence Day. Nothing wrong in that.

Just pack the same goodies for two, three people and pass it on to anyone you feel can do with a good meal. Everyone deserves a treat on Independence Day.

Needy people need a food. Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Give some food packets Image Source

Make that your couple goal. You can also cook at home and pass on the goodies to the less privileged.

4. An old-age home could get a visit from you

There are many homes for the elderly where they rarely get to see their family members. A visit from you could mean a toothless smile that you would cherish forever. All they want is someone to talk to.

If you can organize good food and some entertainment then nothing like it. Chances are in these places you would bump into people who have been part of the freedom struggle of the country. It’s your turn to give them back.

Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Spend the day at a home for the elderly Image Source

5. Donate both adult and children’s books

Books help in building values. Books could help in building a nation. If you give away your books to libraries in schools and colleges then you are helping others read. On this Independence Day, both of you sit together and clean up that stash in your book cupboard. You will be surprised how many books you will find that you can easily spare.

Every child have right to education. Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Donate books Image Source

6. Paint the wall around your home

Every home has a wall. You could be living in a stand-alone house, a community, in an apartment building but you have to have a wall.

Independence Day couple goals mean a bit of effort and great results

Use colours on the wall Image source

Buy paint and let your imagination fly. Involve neighbors, children, apartment building members and also the grocery store owner or boys from the club next door.

Paint together as people of India irrespective of caste, creed, and religion and feel the spirit of the nation.



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