A Spring Wedding Checklist You Just Can’t Go Wrong With

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Updated On: April 27, 2024
spring wedding checklist

A wedding is one of the most special and meaningful occasions of a person’s life. Not just because you are tying the knot with the love of your life but also because it’s a day when you get to gather all your loved ones in one place to celebrate love and commitment.

It’s a party, a ceremony, and a lifetime’s worth of memories all rolled into one. And, the best part about all this is that you get to plan it out with your fiancé. You can make it as unique and personalized as you want. For that, you need a proper wedding checklist to make sure minor misses in the preparation don’t add up to major disasters on your big day. And that’s what we’re here to help with.

The Ultimate Spring Wedding Checklist 

Planning a spring wedding can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Here is a checklist to help you keep everything organized and ensure that your special day goes smoothly: 

1. Venue 

While selecting the venue, think about your vibe. Are you a beach couple or more of a mountain duo? Or do you guys prefer an aesthetic rustic vibe? Or just a simple spring wedding in your backyard? Once you finalize what kind of a feel you are going for, start shortlisting and looking at venues. 

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2. Wedding attire 

Picking out the wedding outfit is one of the most exhilarating parts of the process, especially for brides-to-be. Design your look for the big day as per your sense of style and aesthetics. Are you a glam goddess or a boho babe? Or are you more of a traditional person and want to wear a stunning ball gown that’s been passed down for generations? Whatever you choose, make sure you go for fitting well in time, so any alterations can be taken care of without any last-minute rush and frenzy.

3. Bridesmaid dresses 

You can’t even think about getting married without your girl gang. You want them to complement your look and not clash with it. Gather all your bridesmaids and check out the best spring bridesmaid dresses. Just don’t be afraid to experiment. You can mix and match style, design, and shades to create a unique yet coordinated look.

4. Food menu 

Food is undoubtedly one of the best parts of a wedding. Do you want to go with a classic steak and potatoes or do you wish to experiment with mini tacos, bruschetta, and wood-fired pizza? Once you get an idea of what you want your guests to eat, don’t forget about dietary restrictions. Make sure you have vegan and gluten-free options for your guests who can’t consume meat and dairy. 

5. Wedding invitations

Fight the pre-wedding blues and divert your attention to creating an eye-catching wedding invitation. There are many styles of Save-The-Dates cards and wedding invitations – traditional, modern, creative, and digital. Make sure you send these out at least 3 months in advance so your guests can RSVP their presence. This will also help you plan your seating chart accordingly. 

6. Other vendors

This includes photographers, caterers, and videographers. Their services will be required because you can’t pull off a wedding without their help. You need perfect pictures and videos. You also need caterers to serve food and drinks to the guests. 

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7. Wedding cake 

Wedding cake is the centerpiece of every wedding. But what kind of cake do you want? Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, or a fruity flavor like strawberry or mango? You need to schedule a tasting session with a few bakeries to decide what works best. You also have to think about the presentation. Two-tier or a towering treat? Add some edible flowers to them and create a dessert that you will never forget. 

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8. Decorations

Think about the color palette for your wedding. A touch of gold, shades of blue, pretty in pink, or vibrant cherry crimson? To make sure your floral arrangements also match your decor, work with your florist and decorator together to create the perfect mood and ambiance for your wedding. 

9. Skin, hair, and makeup 

You need to prep your skin before the wedding and follow a rigid skincare regime. If your skin is flawless, the makeup will blend seamlessly. In addition to that, it’s important you decide beforehand which look you want to slay in. Fresh and subtle or a dramatic smokey eye? Do you want to leave your hair open with loose curls or do you want to do an updo with some fresh flowers on? Start experimenting and come up with the perfect look. 

10. Wedding favors 

Your guests have taken their time out to celebrate your love. That’s why you need to thank them with wedding party gifts as tokens of appreciation. If you don’t want to spend a lot on wedding return gifts, then look for some affordable yet worthy options. If you want to go all out, then there are countless gifts you can purchase.

Follow the above checklist and you will cover all the necessary aspects to pull off a great spring wedding in style. Good luck and congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. 

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