Struggles and Scars

It’s not the mother-in-law but the father-in-law who’s the villain in my story

She had never done any housework before her marriage but her father-in-law thinks no help must be hired in any circumstances
Preeti and Amitabh

(As told to Team Bonobology)

(Names changed to protect identities)

I wasn’t used to doing housework

I was born and brought up in Delhi in a joint family. We are a well-to-do family and the daughters of the house never did household chores. I had never stepped into a kitchen other than just to direct the staff. I got married into a nuclear family settled in Mumbai. It has been a nightmare for me since then!

We got married as arranged by our parents in 2015. One year we lived in the US. I was very nervous to settle there initially, but then started enjoying. I never learnt or knew how to run a house till I learnt a bit in the US.

We were asked to move back to India

One fine day, my father-in-law called Abhir and told him, “I want you to come back home and run our business with me. Your mother is diagnosed with breast cancer so we need both of you, because your elder brother and his wife have refused to return home from the US.” (They live and work there.) Abhir got emotional hearing all this and with a big heart gave in and we moved to Mumbai in 2016.

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  1. I would say well narrated.
    The FIL raised his hand and no one took a stand. Is not it that it is horrible.
    Oh it is!
    My sympathies with the woman.

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