8 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Daughter-In-Law

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jealous daughter-in-law

We’ve all heard about the jealous and manipulative mother-in-law but what about jealous daughters-in-law who don’t want to share their husbands with their in-laws? Your son, who was always the apple of your eye, is now an estranged son due to you daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law problems are found in every household. When you have an unfriendly daughter-in-law, it becomes difficult in understanding what she wants out of the family. A jealous daughter-in-law can be the reason you lose your son forever.

If your daughter-in-law is creating problems at home, refusing to accept family traditions, showing hatred towards the family, trying to pit your son against you and your husband, these are signs of a jealous daughter-in-law. A jealous daughter-in-law can be a home breaker and you need to deal with it before it’s too late.
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8 Ways To Deal With A Jealous Daughter-In-Law

For a newly-wed bride, adjusting into a new family could take time. The entire transition could be painful which eventually may lead to your daughter-in-law becoming jealous and controlling. It is important to understand her feelings from the initial stages of this jealousy and make her your friend before it becomes too late.

A distant daughter-in-law could make your son distant too.

If all that you want is for everyone to be one happy family, it’s important to make her a part of your family too. Here are 8 ways to deal with a jealous daughter-in-law

1. Accept your son’s choice

Remember, she is your son's choice

Remember, she is your son’s choice Image Source

Many times daughters-in-law become jealous and controlling when they see that their in-laws haven’t totally accepted them as a part of the family. You need to understand that your daughter-in-law is your son’s choice and she is now a part of the family. Make her feel loved and accepted. She has just become a part of the family. There’s so much more to know about her. If your son chose to marry her then it is because she made him happy. Accept that.

2. Be kind to her

During the initial days of her transition and her adjusting into the new family, your daughter-in-law may start acting out and show signs of resistance. It just gets difficult for some people to adjust to their new surroundings and she may be one of them. Give her some time to come around. Answer her resistance with kindness. As it is, mother-in-laws are considered evil and you can look to ditch the tradition =. Once she sees that there’s nothing to fear, she will calm down and accept you as her family as well.

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3. Try to be her friend

Except for your son, she doesn’t actually know anyone else in the family. When your son isn’t around, she may not know what to talk about or what to do in front of other family members. Being her friend and confidant will help her understand that you don’t threaten her relationship with your son. Focus on strengthening your relationship with her. Once you are successful with that, she will automatically turn around from being a jealous daughter-in-law to a friendly one.

Be a friend to your daughter-in-law

Be a friend to your daughter-in-law Image Source

4. Think about your grandchildren

Your husband and you must have been dreaming about your grandchildren for some time now. You may have even kept a few of your son’s old clothes aside for them. But can you have grandchildren without having your daughter-in-law?

You need to remember that your daughter-in-law will play a significant role in your relationship with your grandchildren. Her jealousy could have a negative impact on your grandchildren. She may prevent them from meeting you or say bad things about you to them. Think carefully before jeopardizing your relationship with her.

5. Get to know her

Jealousy arises when there is a sense of insecurity between two parties. This usually happens when there is a wall between you and your daughter-in-law. Not knowing each other at a deeper level usually results in misunderstandings and your jealous daughter-in-law starts creating misunderstandings between your son and you. In order to avoid such things from happening, try to get to know her instead of assuming things about her based on what others say. Make your own judgement and try to act on it.

Get to know your daughter-in-law

Get to know your daughter-in-law Image Source

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6. Give space and set boundaries

Twenty first century couples are about building a family of their own instead of living with their in-laws. You may want your son to live with you but his wife may think differently. If living together is making your jealous daughter-in-law cause fights in the house, it is better to create some boundaries. Your wife and son can live separately and visit during the weekend. This will give them their own space and there will be lesser fights. Your relationship with your son will remain intact and your daughter-in-law will appreciate you for respecting their privacy.

7. Don’t talk to your son about her

If there’s some friction between your jealous daughter-in-law and you feel that you should talk to your son about it, then don’t. In the beginning, you may hint to your son or express to your son your concern about her. However, don’t make this a repetitive action. Instead of asking your son for help, talk to her yourself. If you keep including your son in your friction with her, she will feel that you are pitting your son against her, which you aren’t. Instead, talk to her and try to bring her on your side.

8. Accept reality

Accept reality

Accept reality Image Source

Despite your several attempts if your daughter-in-law doesn’t wish to change her behaviour, there are high chances that it is because that’s how she is. After a point of time you will realize that you can’t change her. You need to accept that nobody is perfect and your son may not have made the best choice for the family. However, if she’s keeping your son happy at least, then it’s time to accept reality and make peace with her jealous nature. Sometimes, this is the best thing to keep things peaceful at home.

Every family has problems at home. Sometimes it’s a jealous mother-in-law and sometimes it’s the jealous daughter-in-law. The thing to keep in mind here is that your family should be your top priority. Always make choices keeping in mind the family’s best interest, even if it means a little more compromise from your end. This doesn’t mean that you should not attempt to even try to know your daughter-in-law first. The sooner you are able to make her your friend, the lesser are the chances that she will turn on you. Think carefully before making a move as it can cost you your family. After all, a jealous daughter-in-law is a home maker and can also be a home breaker.

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