Pisces’ Compatibility In Love With Other Zodiac Signs – Ranked From Best To Worst

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Updated On: February 7, 2024
Pisces compatibility

Pisces, the dreamy, romantic, and beautiful water sign has a way with relationships. They’re remarkable lovers and give each relationship their all, but at the same time, they need someone who’s capable of dreaming with them to satisfy that spiritual itch for creativity but also holds the capability to ground them whenever needed. Hence, the need for a guide on Pisces’ compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Does the water sign blend with the steadfast and calming nature of earth signs? Perhaps, it’s a fellow escapist Piscean that the fish needs? Or is it someone in the middle, where two signs find equilibrium? Whether you’re one yourself or you’ve found a special someone who belongs to the sun sign of the fish, let’s take a look at this list of Pisces compatibility with all the other zodiac signs.

Characteristics Of A Pisces Lover

So, who are Pisces compatible with? Before we answer that, let’s take a look at what separates the fish from the other zodiac signs. There’s a reason why this particular water sign makes for an intense lover and a lot of it has to do with how they operate on the regular.

For starters, it’s well understood that this particular sign is a bit more sensitive than others, and tends to escape reality whenever possible. Perhaps that’s because of the constant overthinking they partake in, or maybe it’s just because their artistic nature tends to get the better of them. Their deeply emotional, empathetic, and compassionate qualities help them excel in relationships, at least when their partner is open to their advances. The fish will listen, love very intently, and doesn’t take heartbreak too well.

If you’ve found yourself a lover who has a penchant for the arts, appreciates a nice walk in nature over the clubbing scene, tends to look forward to a concert in the woods over a fancy restaurant, gets overwhelmed with pessimistic emotions but still pulls off a romantic gesture or two, you’re probably coupled up with a dreamy Pisces.

As a result of the qualities listed above, the Pisces compatibility in love tends to favor those with whom the mutable water sign can connect on a deeper level. They bond well with other zodiac signs they can share an almost spiritual emotional connection with, and don’t shy away from being vulnerable in a relationship.

So, if you’re the kind that fancies a relationship that runs on a routine, goes to the same restaurant for Valentine’s Day every year, only talks about the kids, and is “safe”, perhaps look for other signs to match with. With the above-mentioned qualities in mind, let’s take a look at Pisces’ compatibility with each zodiac sign ranked from worst to best, so you have some idea of what’s in store for the two of you, or even that Pisces friend that you have.

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Pisces Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign – Ranked From Best To Worst

Before we move ahead with the list and you scroll to your respective Aries and Pisces compatibility or Leo and Pisces compatibility so you can read about your sign and be done with it, let’s establish something: Your zodiac signs cannot dictate how your relationship is going to go.

Sure, they’ll give you an insight into how well you are going to connect with each other and what you might struggle with, but it’s always a good idea to not consider the following sacrosanct.

That’s because, while a person may have some characteristics that their zodiac signs usually do, they may be completely different from the typical definition of their sign in a lot of other ways. Just because you know a Pisces woman, doesn’t mean she’s bound to be artistic and extremely creative, even though she may possess some of the qualities the mystical fish is associated with. With that in mind, let’s dive in.

1. Cancer and Pisces compatibility: Like two peas fish in a pod pond

We’re not necessarily saying that this pairing has the best compatibility out of all the other signs, this pairing’s top spot is more of a comment on how well two water signs usually get along well. The two zodiac signs connect on a higher emotional level than most, owing to their shared visions, similar emotional language, similar fantasies, and an appreciation for the same sort of hobbies.

Ever had one of those nights where you just keep talking to each other and never run out of things to talk about? With these two, you can count on those nights to happen almost every other day, especially during the honeymoon phase. The vulnerable, empathetic, and emotional nature of both signs makes for an optimal pairing.

  • Emotional intimacy: Perhaps the strongest factor that makes these two an ideal couple is their incredible emotional intimacy
  • Sexual chemistry: Since both water signs approach vulnerabilities similarly and have the same fantasies, sexual chemistry is usually good
  • Trust: Once an effective method of communication is established, trust shouldn’t be an issue
  • Intellectual synchronicity: The “going with the flow” nature of both signs helps establish intellectual intimacy

Potential red flags to be wary of: Just because the Cancer and Pisces compatibility takes the top spot on our list doesn’t mean everything’s always going to be rainbows and butterflies. There may also be problems when it comes to acceptance and establishing a tone of the conversation that works for both partners since the Cancers are often blunt and Pisceans shell up

2. Scorpio and Pisces compatibility: When two dreamers meet

Continuing along the theme of Pisces’ best match existing in the water realm, Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is usually solid. The fiery passion and their constant need to be in control of a situation often give Scorpios the dominant voice in the relationship, one that the fish has no qualms about relinquishing.

Hence, the relationship naturally finds itself an anchor without there being a power struggle. To top it off, Scorpio Pisces get along especially well, since both share intuitiveness and empathy that only comes to water signs.

  • Emotional intimacy: Scorpio Pisces share an almost spiritual level of emotional intimacy
  • Sexual chemistry: Since it’s easy for them to understand each other, physical intimacy isn’t usually a problem
  • Trust: The same values, the same emotional and intuitiveness, and a similar level of empathy allow the trust to flourish
  • Intellectual synchronicity: The passion and leadership of a Scorpio can help influence the Piscean’s decision-making positively

Potential red flags to be wary of: Though they’re compatible signs on paper, the overbearing need for control of a Scorpio can sometimes get overwhelming for the mystical fish. Pisces men, especially, may have a difficult time relinquishing control and may wish to set boundaries to curb the clingy nature of the Scorpio.

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3. Pisces and Pisces compatibility: Humming the same tune

Ever wonder what a relationship with someone like yourself is going to be like? Are you going to get sick of how similar you are or is it going to be one of those twin-flame connections? In the case of two Pisces finding their way to each other, the latter is usually true. Why would it not be?

Your birthdays are around the same date, you both can literally talk to each other without even using words (though we’d suggest words), and you create harmony with each other that only you’re capable of creating. The Pisces-Pisces compatibility tends to intuitively find its way out of troubling times, that’s how strong their bond is.

Pisces-Pisces compatibility is usually good
Two Pisceans together hum the same romantic tune
  • Emotional intimacy: The strongest connection two Pisces share is an emotional one
  • Sexual chemistry: Thanks to the optimal emotional intimacy, the physical chemistry between the two is usually feisty as well
  • Trust: Since both partners may suffer from the odd bout of overthinking, there may be some work to do when it comes to building trust
  • Intellectual synchronicity: If two Pisces can stay grounded, they can make the best of each other’s talents and ideas

Potential red flags to be wary of: You’ve got two visionary dreamers in the same boat, sure, the conversation and the emotional connection will be immaculate. But once the murky water comes around, you’ll find Pisces opting for the “flight” response. If one partner can stay grounded and practical, this match usually flourishes. 

4. Virgo and Pisces compatibility: The equilibrium point

What do you get when you mix a practical & grounded earth sign with the mystical fish that won’t stop dreaming? A very careful concoction of controlled chaos that the Virgo can’t help but fix and the Piscean can’t help but embrace.

If the two find a balance between their incredibly sensitive nature and practicality, they end up being the same side of the same coin, inseparable and resilient. Together, they achieve equilibrium with their contrasting personalities that complement each other.

  • Emotional intimacy: One teaches the other to dream, and the other preaches practicality. Together, they find solace in raw and unfiltered emotional intimacy
  • Sexual chemistry: The physical intimacy between these two signs is perhaps the best you can find in any pair
  • Trust: Once clear boundaries, morals, and foundations are established, trust isn’t an issue
  • Intellectual synchronicity: With both being like two sides of the same coin, they complement each other both emotionally and intellectually

Potential red flags to be wary of: Though Virgo and Pisces complement each other well, they need to find a balance between their contrasting feelings. If one partner’s emotions take precedence over the other, a karmic relationship can ensue.

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5. Capricorn and Pisces compatibility: When earth and water form a whole

The Capricorn and Pisces compatibility follows a similar trajectory to that of the Virgo-Pisces bond. They’re among the most compatible signs thanks to the logical and solution-oriented nature of the Capricorn that finds much-needed relief in the sensitive and gentle nature of the dreamy Pisces.

Capricorn compatibility relies on establishing trust and clear boundaries with a partner, something that the empathetic Piscean will always be open to. By now, it should be evident that the answer to the question, “Who are Pisces compatible with?”, yields an answer describing someone who has the potential to provide structure to their otherwise chaotic tendencies.

  • Emotional intimacy: The logical and emotional tendencies of the two fuse to form an intimate bond
  • Sexual chemistry: As long as both signs are patient and accepting, they will achieve physical harmony
  • Trust: The sea goat may be hesitant to let anyone in but the understanding nature of the fish can help get them both to a respectful and trusting place
  • Intellectual synchronicity: Differentiating worldviews may be an issue at first, but acceptance and empathy are the antidotes

Potential red flags to be wary of: A Capricorn-Pisces relationship may struggle with establishing open communication since the Sea Goat is hesitant to let anyone in and the fish tends to overthink. There may even be a power struggle, and both individuals need to be patient and forgiving. 

6. Taurus and Pisces compatibility: Seek balance, and the rest is bliss

Taurus and Pisces compatibility is strong enough to pave the way for a harmonious relationship, largely because of how well they complement each other. They share an equal amount of love for culture and all things art, experience a fulfilling dynamic in the bedroom, and uncover commonalities that eventually lead to them two communicating with each other just through your eyes across a crowded room.

However, as is the case with earth and water sign pairings, there needs to be a balance between the assertive nature of the Bull and the passive-aggressive nature of the Pisces.

  • Emotional intimacy: Taurus compatibility centers around a person who can accept them. With communication and acceptance comes great emotional intimacy
  • Sexual chemistry: The Bull will be more than happy to indulge in the fantasies of the fish, which gets you an exciting mix
  • Trust: One’s got their boundaries and expectations straight, the other just needs to follow suit
  • Intellectual synchronicity: With a flair of sophistication in everything they both do, they’ll have more in common than they first thought

Potential red flags to be wary of: The grounded earth sign is especially blunt in what they expect and need, while the Piscean is a bit more laid back and hesitant. Hence, the Taurus-Pisces connection may struggle a bit when it comes to being vulnerable with each other. The overthinking nature of a Piscean may get the better of them and their emotions may lead to turmoil, which they need to curb as a couple. 

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7. Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility: Two colliding forces

As we make our way toward the bottom half of our Pisces compatibility list, we start to see some zodiac signs that might not be the best fit for a Pisces woman or a Pisces man.

The Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility isn’t destined for failure, but it needs careful and extensive work. That’s because the overly emotional Piscean doesn’t find it easy to strike a balance with the blunt Sagittarius, and the Sag might even end up hurting their partner without even realizing it.

  • Emotional intimacy: The emotional threshold of a Sagittarius-Pisces relationship isn’t usually extraordinary
  • Sexual chemistry: If the relationship is purely sexual, they’ll knock it out of the park
  • Trust: Without a continued effort to maintain loyalty and kindness, trust is difficult to attain
  • Intellectual synchronicity: Despite the differences in opinions, the two can sustain a well-articulated debate, which warrants friendship compatibility

Potential red flags to be wary of: A Sagittarius-Pisces relationship suffers many blows since the two personalities are incredibly different. To make things work, a lot of work is required on establishing loyalty, communication, and finding a love language that works for the two of you.

Sagittarius-Pisces compatibility needs good communication
Things may not always be smooth in a Sagittarius and Pisces relationship

8. Libra and Pisces compatibility: Air and water playing with fire

Libra and Pisces compatibility is a rather complex one. Though you two fall short when it comes to utmost compatibility, there are some factors that can keep your on-again-off-again relationship going. One thing’s for sure though: without consistent effort and some superhuman patience from both partners, things are bound to fail.

In the meantime, you’ll experience sexual gratification like never before, experience fights that make you promise yourself that you’re going to end it all soon, but are immediately met with highs of romance and oxytocin-clad bliss that renders you incapable of quitting this drug.

  • Emotional intimacy: No matter how hard they both try, understanding each other and their varying worldviews is going to be difficult
  • Sexual chemistry: Intense, unlike anything they’ve felt before, passionate and intriguing
  • Trust: As the foundation of the relationship is rather weak, trust suffers as well
  • Intellectual synchronicity: The fact that the intelligent Libra works well with a mutable sign like Pisces makes these two perfect work buddies

Potential red flag to be wary of: Unless both partners work together to fix the issues, a whirlwind of negative emotions will follow, which will eventually lead to a negative relationship.

9. Aquarius and Pisces compatibility: When a free soul feels isolated

The only thing that makes an Aquarius-Pisces relationship work is utmost devotion toward a particular cause. That cause can be an undying willingness to make things work romantically or to unite to achieve a common goal as friends.

The reason why Aquarius and Pisces compatibility isn’t the best is that Pisces is just a bit more complex and emotional than the Aquarians care to entertain. Plus, both have got so many personal issues that coming together to try and care for a relationship becomes almost impossible.

  • Emotional intimacy: As a result of Aquarius needing more space than Pisces is willing to give, emotional intimacy may never develop unless a common ground is established
  • Sexual chemistry: The sexual chemistry between Aquarius-Pisces is generally good
  • Trust: Only when communication and a love language are established will there be room for trust to flourish
  • Intellectual synchronicity: The Aquarius-Pisces pair usually works well as friends or colleagues since they’re on the same intellectual wavelength

Potential red flag to be wary of: The air sign may feel smothered by the Piscean, and they may experience a lot of conflict over how they express love. They’ll both eventually feel misunderstood and harshly judged at some point, which is why they need to work on their communication problems and find a unified goal to sustain the relationship.

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10. Leo and Pisces compatibility: Consistent effort and time may help

Though Leo-Pisces are from opposite ends of the spectrum (water and fire), with consistent effort, the relationship has a chance. The fiery Leo assumes responsibility and leadership in the relationship, which, depending on how aggressive they are about it, may or may not sit well with the fish.

To make the relationship work, there needs to be a balance between the determined & fixed fire sign and the flowy water sign. Even then, there may be some power struggles and difficulty understanding each other. At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that you’re both saying the same thing, and Leo’s compatibility is a bit more complexly displayed than the other zodiac signs.

  • Emotional intimacy: Only when both partners understand the other’s complex way of expression can emotional intimacy begin to grow
  • Sexual chemistry: It may not seem intuitive, but the sexual chemistry between the two can grow with constructive conversation
  • Trust: If the power struggles and the misunderstandings are cleared out, there’s a possibility of trust being the pillar of this relationship
  • Intellectual synchronicity: They’ll disagree on multiple issues, but once they learn to agree to disagree, they appreciate each other’s intelligence

Potential red flags to be wary of: Leo and Pisces compatibility suffers because of a lack of acceptance and a power struggle. The fiery and controlling nature of a Leo will make them assume that they’ve taken charge, and the Piscean who finds it difficult to give voice to their emotions may feel unheard, underappreciated, and neglected.

11. Gemini and Pisces compatibility: Two contrasting styles of communication

Gemini compatibility largely depends on communicating their needs clearly and bluntly, which might come off as too aggressive for Piscean. As a result of this, a relationship between the two gets tangled in a web of bad communication in a relationship that gets worse with time.

Gemini and Pisces compatibility isn’t inherent and they need to work toward it. There’s potential for jealousy, feeling attacked, and not understanding how the other makes decisions. For things to work, you’ve got to understand that you’re both on the same team.

  • Emotional intimacy: Once the methods, tone, and nature of communication are established, there is room for emotional intimacy to grow
  • Sexual chemistry: Water and fire signs often need to make an effort to feel totally comfortable with each other
  • Trust: Only if both partners are capable of clearing out the miscommunication will trust find a way
  • Intellectual synchronicity: The fish might be intimidated by Gemini at first but will eventually find a way to appreciate their intelligence

Potential red flags to be wary of: Since the list of Pisces compatibility in love doesn’t feature the Gemini-Pisces pairing too high up, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The dominant communication style of the Gemini might intimidate the fish, and you’ve got to work on clearing out any misunderstandings and learning how to communicate your feelings before things get irrevocably complicated.

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12. Aries and Pisces compatibility: Superficial at best

Ever meet someone and realize that this person views everything in the world in the exact opposite way that you do? Or maybe when a friend introduces you to their friend and things just don’t click? Even if you two let the infatuation you’re confusing for love carry you past the two-month mark, a sense of unease is bound to set in.

Aries and Pisces compatibility, at least on paper, isn’t the strongest, to say the least. Aries will have a hard time understanding the free-flowing nature of a Piscean, which isn’t a surprise since both exist in opposing realms: fire and water. No wonder they rank as the least compatible sign on our list!

  • Emotional intimacy: The uber-determined and impatient nature of the Aries are in contrast with the Piscean. This usually leaves no room for emotional intimacy to grow between them
  • Sexual chemistry: Since there is no base of emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy is lackluster as well
  • Trust: The relationship feels superfluous and mutual trust is never even established
  • Intellectual synchronicity: Since they’re on opposing ends of the spectrum, they may experience conflict due to their differing worldviews

Potential red flags to be wary of: If you do find yourself in an Aquarius-Pisces mix, be careful of the nasty fights that are bound to happen. Your best bet is to understand and accept the other as they are, establish an agreed-upon love language, and build the foundations. Otherwise, things can get pretty chaotic and your romance short-lived.

Key Pointers

  • Pisces compatibility revolves around a zodiac sign that can help complement their emotional and empathetic nature
  • Pisces sign usually connects very well with water and earth signs
  • The Pisces’ best match, according to zodiac signs, only gives you a glimpse of what’s in store. You chart the destiny of your relationship yourself

So, there you have it. Pisces compatibility signs (and the not-so-compatible ones) listed out for you, from best to worst. Don’t be too alarmed if your and your partner’s signs ranked low, just work on your foundations and make sure you understand what your partner wants. If things get too rough, you’ve always got the option of connecting with relationship experts and astrologers on Bonobology’s panel for help.


1. Who are Pisces compatible with?

Pisces zodiac sign compatibility tends to revolve around water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). That’s because these signs tend to complement the fish’s qualities of empathy and sensitivity. 

2. Who should Pisces marry?

If you go by Pisces compatibility, Pisces should get hitched with someone belonging to either the water signs or the earth signs. However, marriage is a decision far too layered to be made just based on astrology. 

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