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Are You A Pluviophile? 12 Reasons You Could Be One!

If you are a pluviophile you will just keep reading this...
A couple in a rain. a pluviophile loves the rain

You wait for the rain like a parched bird and every year when it hits the ground on the first day of the monsoon you ensure you are drenched to the bones. The monsoon is your season. You wait for it with bated breath, find immense pleasure in carrying the umbrella around and singing Pyar Hua Ekrar Huya under the umbrella is your idea of romance. You can sit at the window all day and listen to the pitter-patter and look at the lashing rain. Chances are you love the rain and you are a pluviophile.

Who is a Pluviophile?

The internet describes a pluviophile as ‘lover of rain’. That is somebody who finds joy and peace during rainfall. There is a bit of pluviophile in all of us but not all of us are really in love with rain like a true pluviophile. Can you watch rain non-stop? Does a cloudy day make you happy? Is the monsoon your most favourite season? If yes, then you are definitely a person who loves rain.

What is the personality of a pluviophile?

A pluviophile is generally a quiet, calm and peace-loving person. They are loners who are not afraid of being lonely. But like a peacock, they blossom during the rainy season. Then they are more energetic and inspired. Pluviophiles are dependable people because they are contemplative and empathetic.

There is a perception in the West that those who love rain are dark and gloomy personalities but people who are born in tropical countries know that rain is associated with wellbeing and prosperity. Especially, in an agrarian country like India, rain becomes important for our daily life.

12 reasons you are an absolute pluviophile

If you are a person who loves rain you should never think that you are negative or gloomy. You are actually a person who is in touch with their environment. You love nature and rain has a different kind of significance in your life.

1. Rain makes you sing

Girl enjoying in the rain
Rain makes you sing Image Source

Does rain make you happy? The rest of the year it’s just a long disquiet wait for the monsoon. Then you are unquestionably in love with rain and are a pluviophile. Here are some signs that will help you find out if it is true.

2. You dote on grey

Is your favourite colour blue or a darker shade of grey? Do you dress in earth tone colours? Does your wardrobe contain more greys than you care to admit? Do you like your room painted in white with white curtains? Maybe then, you are a true pluviophile.

3. Ahem! The Wallpaper

If you are a person who loves rain, then that would be your general theme for your life. All of your screens, be it computer or mobile, will carry the representation of rain theme. It can be a lush green pasture drenched in rain or an urban cityscape through pouring rain: you would love to have such pictures to welcome you whenever you open your devices.

4. Rain songs on the loop?

If you are a pluviophile, then you definitely have a rainy-day playlist; sometimes maybe more than one. One for the road, one for the office, one for a lazy day at home and so on; each one musically representing rain and monsoon. These are the only ones that gives you absolute joy and you can play on the loop.

5. You can kill for the window seat

Rain and window seat. a pluviophile loves the rain
You can kill for the window seat Image Source

You can kill for the window seat. Whether you are on a road trip or travelling long distance by train: If it rains, you always want the window seat. You get lost in watching the pouring rain and love it more than conversations with fellow travellers.

6. Monsoon vacation in Cherrapunjee and Wayanad

You tend to plan your vacation around monsoon. Whatever your dream destination may be, imagining that place with rainfall makes you desire it more.

For you, hills are alive only with the pitter-patter of the raindrops and beaches are more enchanting when the water from heaven and earth meet.

You have been to Cherrapunjee and Wayanad a dozen times and your friends run for your throat when you suggest another vacation, the 13th one, there.

7. The monsoon wedding is the fantasy

Monsoon Party
Monsoon Wedding Image Source

Monsoon Wedding is not a film title for you, it is rather an inspiration if you are a person who loves rain. You want to get married on a cloudy day in a rain- themed wedding. Your guests may complain that their attire is getting ruined because of the downpour but you couldn’t care less. It’s your day after all.

8. Disco? Naah! Raindance? Yippieee!!!

No, I’m not talking about some ancient rituals by aboriginal tribes in faraway lands.

Disco? Naah! Raindance Image Source

I’m talking about the puddles that you used to jump as a kid on rainy days ( and you still would, when no one is looking) I’m talking about the way you ditch your umbrella if even for a few minutes, to soak in the rain. I’m talking about the paper boats that sailed and sunk, and maybe still do. I’m talking about all the little rituals that connect you to your inner child only when it rains.

And even if it’s artificial rain you are all for it. You hate the disco but can go on and on to the DJs beats at the Raindance Night.

9. Always prepared! That’s a bit mad, but true

As a person who loves rain, you are always prepared for it. You carry a waterproof bag, you have a chamber in that bag for an umbrella, your shoes are water-resistant, your watch is waterproof, and you have a waterproof cover for your phone: these are the signs that show you are a rain lover to the core.

10. A home without a terrace? Sacrilege!

When you look for a place to stay, the first thing you care about is whether the place has access to a terrace or at least a window from where you can watch the sky. For someone who spends most of their time waiting for the rain, should get the chance to run to the roof the moment it comes.

11. You would vote for Rainy Day at work

As a kid it was easy, the schools themselves announced rainy days.

Now, you have to come up with excuses to stay home and drink a cuppa every time it rains.

Rainy days are still your favourite holidays. You have been pestering the boss for a long time to announce one.

12. When it rains you die for coffee and khichdi

Whatever be your usual poison, on a rainy day you would want something warm that makes your heart melt. Picturing yourself by the window, wrapped in a comforter, holding a hot cuppa coffee on a rainy day is what helps you get through those Mondays (Ugh!).

A coffee in the rain
When it rains you die for coffee Image Source

Khichri or Khichuri is the reigning favourite of rain lovers in India. From Gujarat to Bengal, from Delhi to Mumbai: rainy day requires a version of this rice and lentil mixture for every Indian pluviophile to make it complete.

Chances are you had always known your love for rain just didn’t know you are a quintessential “pluviophile”. Now that we have told you, next time anyone tells you you are obsessed with the rain just tell that person, “Dearie, I am a pluviophile.” We can already see that expression on the person’s face.



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