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Sach baat kahoon? Four people talk about their experiences of coming out as gay

In the current heteronormative society, people who are not straight must decide whether they want to come out about being gay. It isn't always easy to reveal their sexuality
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Coming out has to be done

Coming out has always been a way to let others know about your sexuality. Of course, you never come out if you are straight since that’s “normal”, a convenient term used by many. Coming out, on the other hand, is a very personal thing for people from the queer spectrum. Not necessarily an act of compulsion, but more like an act of letting others know that “Yes, I am queer and it’s okay to be so”. The person coming out shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, ideally, but it’s not the case for many who come out and suffer dire consequences. I have heard a lot of stories about coming out and there are a few which need to be shared here.

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As a vlogger, I used YouTube to come out

I was once a shy person who liked to talk about movies with people who didn’t care enough to talk to me. But I felt lonely, and I always felt this urge to talk about movies. So, I started making videos on YouTube which got decent views and my fans loved me when I spoke about things or issues in general. I never had any reason to come out specifically, as I never thought that it was necessary for me to do so. I lived my life the way I wanted and it gave me ample space for me and my creativity. The lack of communication between me and the world outside always created hurdles and I started to learn the ways of being transparent. I learned that being transparent will help me become brave.

I learned that being transparent will help me become brave.

So I decided to come out on YouTube. I recorded the video and edited the whole thing. It felt silly, but I was anxious about the whole thing. I then made a broadcast list and sent the link to my video to each of my friends and family members. And the rest is history.

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I’ve accepted that I’m gay but my family is trying to hide my sexuality from the world

I dated women for years before publicly coming out as gay

In Indian mythology, homosexuality was seen simply as an act of erotic expression

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