Affair and Cheating

She was a widow, he was a married man. A love story with a difference

They grew closer, but made sure not to break any vows. It was the beginning of a wonderful love story.
Young lady, deep in thought

I saw him for the first time in his court. He was the Honourable Judge and I was accompanying an accused to his court. Advocates said, “It’s better to avoid his court as much as you can. He is strict, punctual, honest and daring.” I was curious to have a look at him as a rare specimen in today’s world. I peeped through the door into the courtroom. He was sitting there in his seat gracefully. A handsome gentleman, smart; but I couldn’t look at him for more than 10 seconds, as his sharp eyes were on me.

The confession that he likes me

Magically, we got connected through social media the very next month. He expressed his liking for my writings and soon we became good friends. I wrote to him every day. I shared my worries, pains, plans, and happiness with him. In spite of his busy schedule he listened to me patiently and consoled me whenever I was upset. He didn’t like to see me as a widow and advised me to get remarried. The time came soon when we just enjoyed talking with each other. And one fine evening, I found him waiting for my call like a young boy of 20.

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I was a widow and a single mother at 28 till life gave me a second chance

A date with a gigolo… Confessions of a widow

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  1. It needs huge gutts to pen down something like this… Love is all we need as living beings. Hat’s off the grace of this relationship..

  2. Very touching n emotional story …yes sex is important in relationship but not a necessity …more imp is emotional support which u both share ..I loved it a lot …keep writing dear ..😊

  3. The genetic make up of emotional thought process within a human being preceds the chains of societal boundations(marriage being one if them) accepted by the humanity. What one may feel for another person is not controlled or dictated by external factors for these feelings are generated by an internal source which can never be captivated by any form of controls lying outside that being. The only control is of self, who considering the societal norms and feelings of other important persons(family:mainly spouse & children) in one’s life, adjust the soul nourishments of their heart in such a way that these important person’s feelings and their well being are kept as the utmost priority in their a kind of spiritual relationship with the other. The most beautiful and truthful part of such relationship is the onset of sacrificial mode from the very beginning, perhaps the realisation of the fact that the overall happiness of the imortant persons in other’s life should never be affected.
    As far as the frequency of such feelings occurring in all human beings is concerned, it can be said that almost everyone feels the germination if such seeds, many are able to feel it’s painful evolution but it’s very few who can share it with the world, may be the bravest ones.

  4. Nice piece…and I wonder why do the readers have to be so sensitive about anything they read..human psychology is very very difficult to understand..a deep , tough puzzle..let it be. . Fiction has no limits..enjoy the good story, appreciate , move on..if you don’t like it, read the next story ..there is no need to take it personally.
    Writers should have the freedom to imagine and pen down their stories .

  5. If this is only a fiction then my wishes for the great way of writing. But if this is a real story think we have to rethink on our deeds.

  6. No woman can digest that she lives with someone who likes other. And they have their right to know what’s happening to them. If you really don’t want to hurt anyone more kindly express what’s going on. There is nothing to be judged unless kept hidden for own benefits.

  7. Hi, I am not a person to judge anyone. I love reading. To read it’s fine. But reality?! My wishes for you. And my sorry for the women who still believe her husband. Think the marriage vows given are already broken. Try to be bit more reasonable by informing a person who is living her life unknown to real facts. Rather than that I don’t find any issues. If it’s hidden still think it might be a way of cheating.

  8. Beautifully written.. But still cant take believe it to b true.
    When you love someone, the physicalmpart has to get attached to it..sooner or later. Its natural.
    Dont fool us by saying U can smell him in d hills but dint touched him !!

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