18 Signs He Thinks About You A Lot – Even If He Doesn’t Say It

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Updated On: April 9, 2024
signs he thinks about you a lot

“He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not…” mutters every woman in love wondering if she has been on his mind. Instead of plucking away at those flowers and ending up with a carnage of pretty petals at your feet, I hope you know you could look for signs he thinks about you a lot, or not.

Does he often send you a good night text? Does he find excuses to meet you? Do you frequently see the three dots even though he doesn’t hit send? Has his best friend recently mentioned he talks about you all the time? Well, he might not say that he is into you. Fine! You don’t need him to when you have these many signs that tell you he is thinking about you all the time.

18 Signs He Thinks About You A Lot – Even If He Doesn’t Say It

This could be a guy you have recently started seeing or a friend you have a crush on but nothing is clear so far. You could be wondering about the state of mind of your boyfriend, whom you have recently commenced a long-distance relationship with. Or you could be worried about your ex you recently broke up with.

Don’t worry. We get it! It is not easy to read a man’s mind. But there is nothing sweeter than the sound of these six words: “I can’t stop thinking about you.” It is pretty clear to us that this guy you are talking about is on your mind 24×7, isn’t he? But are you on his? Read on to find out.

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1. He sends you a good morning text

Okay, we admit this is one of those clear signs he thinks about you a lot. You probably don’t need us to tell you that you have been on his mind. You’re clearly on his mind right as he begins his day if you get a good morning text from him every morning. Happy, aren’t you?

But don’t worry if he doesn’t do so every day and his texts are not a clear “Good day to you too” wish. Maybe he is shy. Maybe he doesn’t want you to think of him as a clingy creep. But you will get a sense that is trying to keep in touch with you by picking up excuses to say hello every morning.

2. He doesn’t forget to wish you good night

No matter if he lives in another town or next door. No matter if you just saw him an hour ago when he dropped you off at your door. If he is into you he wouldn’t forget to call you or drop you a good night text. It says a lot if he thinks of you in his quiet moments, right before drifting into peaceful sleep.

When he has a chance to look back at his day, he chooses to cherry-pick the memories of you and pushes everything else aside. Such text messages in the dead of the night are clear signs he thinks about you a lot.

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3. His friends tell you they have heard so much about you

“Is he thinking about me even though we don’t talk all the time?” If you find yourself wondering that a lot, it can help to pay attention to the vibe you get when you meet his friends. If they seem to like you too, it definitely says he likes you. Every friend of his you have never met before always approaches you with a friendly vibe, extending a hug and the same dialogue, “Oh! I have heard so much about you.”

His friends’ knowledge and interest in your life are signs he thinks about you a lot. Why wouldn’t it be? He is talking about you even when you are not around. Besides, him sharing your existence in his life with his friends is also one of those signs he thinks you are beautiful and intelligent and that he realizes your worth.

4. He likes your posts on social media

He not only follows you everywhere around in the virtual world but he also actively engages with the content you put up. That is a sign he thinks about you a lot. He might have followed you on your social media accounts for courtesy’s sake. But the likes and comments that he can’t stop sending your way indicate genuine interest. He does these things because he wants to engage with you and be more than friends.

“Is he thinking about me even though we don’t get to meet often?” Do you worry about this question? Well, we, for one, think you have nothing to worry about. The fact that he publicly engages with you on social media shows he is not trying to hide whatever relationship you have with him. He doesn’t want to shy from telling the world that he is in your intimate circle. He likes your posts and compliments you on your pictures. These are signs he thinks you are beautiful and charming and wants to be seen with you.

5. He remembers things you tell him

He asks you about your presentation at work or a meeting you had with the homeowners’ association or that family dinner you mentioned a month ago. Firstly, that he remembers things you tell him shows that he is a good listener and pays attention to you when you speak.

And second, he doesn’t just dump away that information in a murky corner of his brain. He retains the information. You take up prime real estate in his mind. These are signs he thinks about you a lot because even if you told him about it weeks before, he can figure out what you have on your agenda for the day.

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6. He doesn’t use his phone much when he is with you

Have you paid attention to people’s behavior in social settings these days? How many of them talk to each other and how many are glued to their screens? How many times do you reach out for your phone even if you don’t have to take a call?

Most of us reach for our phones when we tend to get bored. That’s why one of the most evident signs he listens to you actively is that he doesn’t use his phone when he is with you. He has things to talk to you about, things to ask, things to do that he had planned when he was thinking about you earlier. He doesn’t need the crutch of his phone when he is with you.

7. He tells you about things that remind him of you

  • “I saw this book at the airport bookshop and thought of you”
  • “This song always makes me think of that night at the club”
  • “Every time I eat fries, I think of you”

Does the cute boy you have your heart set on frequently mention things that remind him of you? It’s his way of saying, “I’ve been thinking about you.” Well, he could be more straightforward that you are on his mind but you are clearly dating a shy guy. When someone likes you, they do not miss any chance to be reminded of your presence in their lives. They might think you are out of their league, which is why they are not able to be direct with you.

If your boy is beating around the bush telling you everything else but that he likes you, this could be one of the signs he thinks you’re too good for him. You need to help his confidence by being more upfront about your fondness and appreciation for him.

signs he thinks you're beautiful
If he often initiates plans with you he clearly likes you

8. He initiates plans with you

Is he always asking you out, inviting you to parties, asking you to meet his people, or doing things together – just the two of you? Each time when he calls you to ask you about your plans, he obviously spent some time wondering what you were doing, if he should call you or not, and how much fun it would be to see you again.

If he is the one initiating plans, at least as many times as you do, if not more, you should see it as a sign he thinks about you a lot. He might even want to check off things from his bucket list for couples with you.

9. His family knows about you

C’mon! You know he wouldn’t tell his family about you if he didn’t think you were important to him and if he weren’t thinking about you. Maybe you have already met them. Did they too tell you that they had heard so much about you? Did it feel like they already knew you even though you hadn’t met them before?

This indicates he talks about you a lot with his family, so much so that he now feels comfortable letting you socialize with them. Now all that’s left is for you to impress them in your first meeting.

If a guy is nervous around you, does it mean he likes you?

10. He remembers your birthday

This is basic. But basics often give a clear indication of the presence or absence of something. If he doesn’t remember your birthday, he doesn’t think about you enough. Maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn’t. But he certainly doesn’t like you enough to wait for your birthday just so he could meet you, party with you, and show his love by giving you something.

A guy who thinks about you a lot will remember your birthday. Period. If it is a guy you broke up with and are trying to maintain distance from, you wouldn’t in the least expect him to remember your birthday. If he still ensures that he wishes you on your birthday even if you are not talking to each other, it is one of the signs he is thinking about you during no contact.

11. He brings you things without an occasion

Some people wait for an occasion to shower their loved one with gifts (which is why a guy who thinks about you will keep looking out for important events to make you feel special). But what if your birthday is nowhere near and the guy in your life is too shy to label you as his Valentine?

A lack of an occasion will not stop him from pampering you or making you feel important. He will just bring you that book he saw at the airport that made him think of you. He will tell you that it just reminded him of you. He will do this often. Would you need other signs he thinks about you a lot?

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12. You see the three dots often

“Is he thinking about me even though he doesn’t show it?” The reason you find yourself wrestling with this doubt could be that he is yet not sure he can be vulnerable in front of you, showing to you how much he is thinking about you. He wants to talk to you but is not sure how you feel. He wants to text you more often than he does but doesn’t do it because he thinks you might take him for a creep.

This is exactly why you see those three dots often but they don’t always materialize into a message. The three dots are among the literal signs he thinks about you a lot. If the guy in your picture is an ex who dumped you or one you broke up with, the three dots are clear indications of signs he is thinking about you during no contact.

13. He pays attention to the little things

You might have said something in passing that didn’t mean much. But he gives you a clear indication that he not only noticed it but also remembered it. Think of how you mentioned your favorite color and the next time how he bought you something in that color. Or a song you mention and you hear him humming it.

Paying attention to the little things means he replays the conversations with you in his head. He really likes you! Is he thinking about me even though we don’t talk regularly, you ask? Could the answer be any clearer, we say?

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14. Curiosity – One of the signs he thinks about you a lot

When someone thinks about you, it is bound to bring up more questions about who you are, what you like, what makes you tick, and what puts you off. There is so much they want to know about you, as a result, you may notice that they ask a lot of questions whenever you talk. A guy wouldn’t ask you questions if he didn’t have time to think about you.

He is curious about you only because he spends a fair deal of time wondering things about you. Simple questions like, “Where did she grow up?” and “When did she have her first kiss?” to more serious ones, such as, “I wonder how she feels about climate change?”, “…or monogamy?” This is why he always seems to have a set of questions that make you feel he wants to know you better.

15. He knows things you didn’t tell him yourself

You never told him you love Lilies, but you just had a bunch delivered to your doorsteps. You never shared with him how family functions make you nervous, yet he offers to step in and go with you. So, how did he find all of that out?

He most probably is colluding with your best friend or your sister and knows just what he needs to do to win you over. Signs he thinks about you a lot would be incomplete unless he conspires with all your friends and family to know everything about you and sweep you off your feet.

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16. He shares his problems with you and seeks your opinion

Due to social conditioning, men tend to keep their problems to themselves. But if he shares his problems with you and asks you for your opinion, you’re clearly important to him. And he must have thought of you before he approached you asking for your opinion. He believes that you are wise, mature, and intelligent and he values that.

If along with this, you get the inkling that he feels shy about sharing his fondness for you, maybe he is a humble guy and thinks highly of you. He might also show signs he thinks you’re too good for him and other signs of low self-esteem. If you like him back, you must make him feel that you too value his opinions.

17. The universe tells you he is thinking about you

There are plenty of signs he thinks about you a lot thrown at you by the universe. Some are in your face, while others are more subtle. Whether you trust them or not is a matter of faith. Hiccups and eye-twitching are traditionally seen across cultures as signs somebody is remembering you. Other signs include:

  • You can’t get them out of your head
  • You see them in your dreams
  • They contact you for no reason
  • You see angel signs that they are your twin flame
  • You feel joyous and elated all of a sudden

18. He tells you that he thinks about you

If he tells you he is thinking about you, you have got to believe him. Especially when that is exactly what you are looking for. If you think about it, this one is the only sign that is more pragmatic than everything else we base our assumptions on.

Love is full of hypotheticals and assumptions. Matters of the heart are not easily decipherable. Signs are what we can share with you, and signs are what you are probably looking for. If these signs he thinks about you a lot seem relatable, take the reins of your love life into your own hands, and tell him how you feel. See how it goes from there!

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