12 Things Men Should Do If They Are Single And Alone

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Updated On: December 26, 2023
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Newfound singlehood may not always manifest itself as a self-revolutionary, epiphanic moment, we all wish it could be. While leaving that toxic relationship or simply making some space for yourself may work out wonderfully in the long run, there are some short-term side effects that one can expect to confront. For one, you could be left pondering over things to do when single and alone.

That being said, all of us have our personalized ways of coping with heartbreak and finding ways of being happy while being single. However, there are a few tips that pervade all our lives and can truly change the way we adapt to this seemingly unwelcome vicissitude.

Now put that beer away because here are a few things to do when you are single and alone. Having a partner is wonderful, most people would agree, but there can be a lot of fun things to do as a single guy to take your mind off the loneliness.

Do Single Guys Feel Lonely?

Of course, they do! Loneliness is not solely limited to women. We have learned to accept heartbreak as something that is monopolized by the womenfolk alone. Well, spoiler alert – heartbreak is real and is definitely experienced by everyone, including guys. On that same note, guys also undergo the post heartbreak singlehood pangs. Men feel single and alone a bit late in the day, maybe a few months after a breakup when finally reality hits them.

Men deal with a breakup differently than women. While women are usually just content with being able to talk their hearts out with friends and family, men tend to clam up and brood for days. As they are healing and learning to be okay with their own company, getting dragged into the cycle of boredom and moody despair is one of the worst things single guys do.

But once the initial terrifying phase has worn out, there are a few things to do by yourself for guys so you can finally enjoy being single and stop feeling alone. To people who have been in relationships for so long that their routines had become centered around their partner, it may seem like there aren’t many things to do by yourself for guys.

After all, people in relationships hang out, go on dates, watch movies, have sex, cuddle, eat together, sleep together, and do pretty much everything together. If your life had been that way for years, it may start feeling like there aren’t many things to do by yourself that don’t just keep the boredom away but are also enjoyable. This idea can increase the feelings of loneliness for guys.

But, despite popular belief, there are plenty of fun things for guys to do alone. Alone time does not have to be boring or lonely and steeped in despair. If you can’t figure out how to be a happy single man, know that it’s okay. Give yourself some time to get over your lost love. But then take your time to explore activities for single men that can help you heal while teaching how to enjoy your own company.

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12 Things Men Should Do If They Are Single And Alone

People sometimes wonder, “What do single guys do on weekends?” We mean, society is designed for couples, right? From going to the movies to chilling on the sofa in matching pajamas while binging terrible Christmas movies on Netflix, everything is marketed to be a couple’s activity.

So, for single people, especially men who had been in a happy, committed relationship for a long time before heartbreak struck, trying to think of a life without sharing everything with a partner is as difficult as coming up with fun things for guys to do alone. But does that mean the single life is boring, joyless, and full of dry, despairing thoughts and the eternal search for the next partner while one basks in sheer loneliness in the meanwhile? Of course not!

Being happily single is actually not as difficult to achieve as it is made out to be. In fact, it gives you more time on your hands to polish those skills or try those things that your partner might not have approved of earlier. The best thing about being single for guys is that there is suddenly an ample amount of time and resources that they can now spend on themselves instead of on buying things for their partners.

If you were in the kind of relationship where you were expected to pay for everything because you are the man, rest assured that, now that date nights are a thing of the past, you will have access to a sweet pool of money that you can spend on learning new skills or buying yourself stuff you have always craved but never quite had the money for.

Gave up your gaming habits to spend more time with your partner or maybe because they didn’t like it? Maybe it is time to invest in that glorious, glorious PS5. A few hours of the latest FIFA game and gorging on your favorite snacks can actually be what the doctor ordered in this case.

Go on, pamper yourself a little. Just make sure to know your limits and not go overboard and you will soon know that one of the best things to do when single and bored is learning to spend more time with yourself without sinking into despair.

Do not fear this lifestyle change. Coping with heartbreak does not always have to be about watching depressing movies and indulging in challenging thoughts while binging on unhealthy food. A good mental diversion and some passionate and engaging activities can make your transition much simpler. So, without further ado, here are some fun things to do if you have recently become single.

1. Indulge in a hobby

If you recently came out of a long-term relationship that your life was completely centered around, it is natural to be wondering what do single guys do. But just because you are in unknown territories now doesn’t mean that it has to be depressing, boring, or lonely.

When was the last time you picked up the guitar? Or aggressively defeated your pals at chess? Or actually, spent some of the money you are suddenly saving to sign up for those language classes you always wanted to? Imagine how much cooler it would feel if you could actually watch your favorite anime series without the help of subtitles and could access all the Japanese mangas that people just refuse to translate into English? Sounds tempting, right?

Sure, some of these ideas may sound like they’re going to be a lot of work. But that is exactly what you need to do. Learn to spend time, effort, and money to learn new things and grow as a person even while getting used to enjoying your own company. It is so easy to wallow in self-pity and ever-growing despair. Moping and grumbling are things single guys do best, after all. But, in the end, moping serves no purpose, does it?

With all the free time you suddenly seem to have, along with a mind that will be prone to getting distracted and veering into dangerously depressing territories, at least for the first few months after a breakup, it is better to be engaged in something rather than letting the memories get to you.

It is never too late or too early to begin mastering skills and, in the process, also enjoying the things you do. Make a mental list of the things to do by yourself for guys that you did not have a chance to do before, and conquer them one day at a time.

2. Nothing like old friends

Nobody knows you better or has seen you grow the way your oldest pals have. They know your quirks, your eccentricities, and the coping mechanisms you resort to when a breakup hits you hard. So, one of the best things to do when single and bored is to make sure your emotional space and your immediate surroundings are occupied by the people who genuinely know you and can see through you.

Whether it is just sitting around a coffee table and recalling old stories with them or making brazen travel plans, spending quality time with the people you care about can truly make you realize all that you should be grateful for. Not only will you be spending your time more positively instead of getting caught in the never-ending loop of wondering what do single guys do, but it might also remind you of how many people care about and love you.

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3. Take a solo trip

Here is something to do when you are single and have no friends. To really get the feel of being single and alone, why not start off by taking a solo trip to an unexplored destination? Traveling can be incredibly freeing. And you don’t even have to venture someplace too far or too exotic. This may seem daunting or dull at first, but it can be really helpful.

Spending time with yourself to get used to the new version of your life and find comfort in it is challenging but also life-changing. It can help you reduce your tendency to find causes for dependence and also tick something off your travel bucket list.

4. For the weekend blues

What to do on weekends when you’re single? Weekends are so much easier to plan with a partner around. So, when single and alone, you may find yourself wondering, “What do single guys do on weekends?” The entire idea of spending weekends alone at home, with no one for company, no one to cuddle or laugh or share a story or two with may seem depressing at first.

But look on the bright side. Now, your weekends can now be as flexible as you want them to be. Sleeping in until noon or partying till early morning, every activity you wish to engage in is at your sole disposal, only waiting for you to take the first step and make the choices that will truly let you enjoy your time alone.

In your path to figuring out how to be a happy single man, know that, in order to not let the loneliness kick in and take you down a sad spiral, it is important to try to use your week to plan your weekend activities. It is absolutely necessary to stay engaged and productive. And it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out either since there are plenty of activities for single men that you can explore.

One of the best things about being single for guys is the sheer freedom it brings. You can now choose what you want to do without depending on your partner. So, go watch the new Spiderman movie without wondering if your partner will like it or not. Catch up with your school friend over a few drinks and come home as late as you want.

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5. Hit the gym

Your body at a time of such grief could definitely use some extra dopamine. Exercising not only relieves stress but can also elevate your mood and help you concentrate better on everyday activities. Channeling your energy into something constructive is the best thing to do when you are single and alone.

It can also be a great self-esteem booster since getting fitter never does anyone any harm. Hit those weights at the gym to steadily take the weight off your mind or you can even join a yoga class.

6. Write a journal when you are single and alone

fun things for guys to do alone
You should jot down your thoughts in a journal

When one is fresh out of a relationship, one can expect to feel many conflicts within oneself. It is also a time when you may want to rearrange habits, expectations and effect an immediate change to your surroundings. To ease the process of overcoming this conflict, you should use this time to reflect and re-evaluate.

Things are bound to change but your life should not suddenly feel like it is out of order. Use this time to talk to yourself and pen down your experiences and flow of thoughts.

7. Tinder your way out of breakup blues

Not everyone can easily jump on the dating app bandwagon after a recent breakup. It takes immense courage to put yourself out there again and you do not necessarily need to. However, if you think you are ready for it, it can open you up to an array of experiences.

Dating apps are essentially a collage of multifarious types of people. It may not promise long-lasting relationships from the very beginning, but it can truly help you dabble around, get to know different kinds of people and figure out what kind of person you need in your life and may enjoy. There is a lot to learn from the people around us and it may help you learn a thing or two about yourself too.

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8. Get a new look

For many of us, a fresh start only works when we literally alter fundamental things about ourselves. If you are feeling too low, something like a new haircut can exponentially change the way you feel about yourself. Post-breakup recuperation has a lot to do with elevating your self-image as well and sometimes in order to do that tweaking, you need to change your physical image considerably.

So buy those Chelsea boots in all four colors and throw out those jackets you have been wearing for years. Simply get out there and do whatever you need to do to feel better.

9. A side gig

what do single guys do on weekends
Do things that you didn’t have time for earlier

Who said your passions only have to remain happy mediums? If there’s an activity you’ve been enjoying lately, you can spend more time on it and try to find opportunities to utilize your talent and employ it in a side job. Freelancing can be really fun and also allows you to network with various people. Not only will it give you the exposure to sharpen your skills, but also give you a better sense of self-worth from the extra income.

10. A scruffy little friend

If you like animals, tending to a pet after a breakup can prove to be highly therapeutic. Adopting can be great for you and for your new furry friend. With adopting a pet comes a horde of responsibilities. And these will be just enough to keep you occupied all day long. With so much love inside you to give, spending your time playing, training, and feeding a pet can help you combat your loneliness and attract some animal-loving women into your life too.

11.  Clean and redecorate

Has your apartment been in desperate need of a makeover? A ripe heartbreak can incite laziness and a tendency to ignore those unfolded clothes and unwashed sheets. Simply throw out what you don’t need along with the negativity. A cleaner space will allow you to de-clutter your mind too.

To give your living space a makeover, hit the mall and invest in some new wall hangings, some music album art or even new mugs to refresh the space around you. This is one of the best things to do when you are single and alone.

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12. Meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga have proven to do wonders in learning to be more patient and have a better sense of self. It does not have to be highly regularized and can be done as and when you find the time. This calming experience can help you think more clearly and feel better while also being one of the most effective ways to let go of the past and move on.

So while these 12 things can make your everyday life a little easier, you have to know that most of the work you need to do as a newly single guy is internal. A relationship or a significant other does not entirely define you and while being single may appear as the toughest task in the world, it also brings you endless time and lots of energy to reclaim yourself, and you must try to enjoy every second of it.

Remember, there are plenty of things to do by yourself for guys. Your newly acquired singlehood does not have to be full of self-pity and a constant cycle of drowning your sorrows at the bottom of a whiskey glass. You are single and free to do whatever you want. The world is your oyster. So you better start acting like it. 

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