Things you will relate to if you and your sister-in-law are best friends

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Updated On: July 13, 2023

Finding a best friend in your sister-in-law

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Wedding is not just about marrying the love of your life; the event solemnizes a new phase of life for you with a new family coming your way. In theory it’s one of the best feelings in life, but in reality this new bunch of people who are now your family too often drive you nuts. What makes the situation more complicated is when there is a sister-in-law in the picture. It’s because you being the newest member of the house and the life partner with her dear brother might make your effort to build a rapport with her a difficult process. It’s because sister-in-laws in general are very protective of their brothers and often they see the new bride as a potential threat to their happiness.

But that may not always be the case

If you are one of the lucky ones your relationship with the sister-in-law is probably the second best thing you got in the marriage, with her brother being the first of course. With no ego in the picture, with utmost understanding for each other your sister-in-law became your BFF in no time. Nothing feels better than having a nurturing female friendship in a new house.

If that’s your story then you sure will relate to these moments.

She is your agony aunt

Be it about the mother-in-law criticizing your new recipe or your husband taking more ‘guy time’ of late, your sister-in-law is always there to come up with the best possible advice to help you cope with them better.

She is your agony aunt
She is your agony aunt

You always have a shopping partner

From hitting the new shopping mall across the town, cashing on the Spa deal you have got or the usual Mani/ Padi session, you never have to do anything alone now since you have got the most amazing BFF in your sister-in-law in the house now.

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Curious to know about a family secret? Don’t worry, the SIL is here

Unlike the vamps in those ‘80s Bollywood movies, your sister-in-law doesn’t consider you as an outsider to her family. You are the family. This also means she is very cool and not at all insecure about spilling family secrets to you. Whenever you have got a question about what is the real deal with that uncle your sasu maa acts so touchy about you know whom to ask.

Curious to know about a family secret? Don’t worry, the SIL is here
Curious to know about a family secret? Don’t worry, the SIL is here

You are the first in family to know about her latest boyfriend

Her brother might have been her best friend since childhood, but now with you in the picture he lost that spot. When she goes through a bad break up, taking steps to move on, considering to go serious with the new guy she is seeing – you are first one in the family to know all about it.

She is your support system

Nothing makes the process of settling in a new household easier than having a supportive and friendly sister-in-law. With your husband dividing most of the time between work, friends and sleeping till noon in the weekends, your BFF at home takes charge of getting you accustomed with other members of the house, standing on your side when MIL pushes your limit and wipe your tears when you feel alone. She is a godsend to your marital journey.

She is a godsend to your marital journey
She is a godsend to your marital journey

Is this your story too? Let us know about the chemistry you share with your sister-in-law in the comments below.

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