15 Cool, Popular and Best Gift Ideas for Women

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Updated On: March 22, 2024
best gift ideas for women

Blessed are those who have someone to share their life’s journey with. Ever so often, we take this precious gift of togetherness for granted and forget to tell our significant others how much they mean to us. The leading ladies in your life deserve to feel valued and thus every now and then, you must conjure some of the best gift ideas for women to make them feel appreciated.

If you have a special lady in your life who makes you feel a little bit more alive, a little more grateful every day, make sure you show her how important she is to you. What better way to do that than picking out a present that’ll sweep her off her feet? To make sure that your selection is always on-point, start exploring some of the best gift ideas for women.

15 Best Gift Ideas for Women

What to gift a girl to make her happy? This is a question that has had many a man scrambling for answers. So, when they told you shopping for women is no child’s play, they were right! Gifts for women can take you down a confusing rabbit hole.

You have to consider a lot of factors when narrowing down gifting ideas for women to find that perfect fit that’ll impress the girl you’re with. What does she want? What doesn’t she already have? What color is her current favorite? Does she prefer books and chocolates to perfume and shoes? Is she allergic to something? And the list goes on!

Fret not, we’ve got you covered on this front with some of the best gifts ideas for women in 2021.

1. Espresso machine for the coffee lover

If the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans sends her into an ecstatic tizzy and her day officially begins only after she has downed that go-to coffee for the morning, an espresso machine is undoubtedly the perfect gifting idea for her.

One of the more popular gifts for women, she will thank you profusely for this one. For a woman who has a long day ahead of her and needs a pot of dark coffee the moment she wakes up in the morning, you cannot go wrong with this one. Does she already have one? Get her the latest upgrade!

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2. Fitness band for the fitness freak

Whether it is yoga, Pilates, long runs or pumping iron at the gym, if your girl is a fitness freak who needs to sweat it out to feel alive and kicking, a fitness band is certainly a gift you can’t go wrong with. One of the cool gifts for women, a fitness band is almost like an essential for ladies who take their workouts seriously.

These trackers can be easily synced to her phone, helping her keep track of the calories burned, steps taken, stairs climbed, along with a host of other health-related parameters.

Since wearables are a hot commodity right now, it definitely qualifies as one of the best gifts for women in 2021.

cool gifts for women - fitness band
She will love a cool fitness band

3. Wi-Fi pet cameras for the animal lover

If you significant other is a pet parent, she must suffer from a lot of separation anxiety every time she sets foot outside the house. Have you noticed her wondering what her four-legged baby must be up to every time you two are out on a date? Does she prefer that you guys hang at her place more often than not? One of the good gift ideas for women who love their pooches is to get them a pet camera!

A Wi-Fi enabled pet camera can be game changing for her. It’s a thoughtful gift that will help reduce her anxiety whenever she is away from home, as she’ll be able to keep an eye on her pooch or kitty even when she’s out of the house.

4. Polaroid camera for the photographer

If she likes to travel and has a knack for photography,  a Polaroid camera makes for the most appropriate choice among all gifting ideas for women out there. It’s cooler than a digital camera, it’s available in cute colors and quirky designs, and Polaroid pictures are back in vogue! It’s definitely a gift she’ll truly appreciate and hold dear.

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5. Sunglasses are among the classic gifting ideas for her

You know what they say, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Every girl needs a pair of cool, spunky sunglasses, and ‘I have too many shades’ said no girl ever. It is one of those best gift ideas for women in 2021 that’ll hold good even if you look back and assess in 2050! So, go ahead take a pick without any second thoughts.

It also makes for the perfect last minute gift ideas when you really aren’t able to think of anything and are out of time. However, buying the perfect sunglasses can be a little tricky as you have to factor in face size, shape as well as personal taste. We recommend you take help from one of her girlfriends on this.

6. Accessories, a bankable budget-friendly gift for women

A woman who doesn’t love accessories is truly a rare find, and if yours is one of them, we recommend you keep exploring other popular gifts for women. If not, you’re in for a treat because accessories are one of those rare budget-friendly gifts for women that never fail to work their charm.

From earrings to neckpieces, bracelets, rings, anklets and toe-rings, you have a wide selection of options to choose from. But hey, save these gifts for the non-occasions or those times when you want to get her something just because. These work well during that new relationship phase too. Getting her a bunch of accessories for her birthday or your anniversary is a blunder you should NEVER make.

good gift ideas for women - accessories
Some of the best gift ideas for women, accessories shall not fail

7. Skincare basket – a gift idea to swear by

Skincare isn’t just about self-care, it’s an act of pampering that every woman loves to indulge in. If you’re at your wit’s end thinking about what to get your girl for the next big occasion coming up, a skincare basket is one of the great gift ideas for women that always work like a charm.

Make sure you know her favorite brands, scents and products before you make the basket. Also ensure that the size of the basket is proportionate to the occasion.

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8. Wine cooler for the woman with fine taste

Thinking of luxury gifts for her? If she is a wine aficionado, a wine cooler will definitely be in line with her taste of the finer things in life. Throw in a couple of her favorite reds and whites in the mix for extra brownie points.

If you’re trying to materialize your crush on a friend, hopefully she will invite you over for some wine and dine after this one. One of the cool gifts for women, she will love anything that is utility based but also has its own charm and personality. Moreover, with such a gift she will know that you really noticed what she is interested in and what she really likes.

9. A Kindle for the bibliophile

If your girl would rather curl up on her couch with a book to keep her company than go club-hopping with her gang of girls on a Saturday night, you’ve landed yourself a bibliophile. A girl who loves her books is often low-maintenance and easy to please. You don’t really need to scratch your head over gifting ideas for her – just get her a book. Yes?

How about taking things a notch higher and getting her a Kindle so she can read on the go with ease. One of the popular gifts for women these days is the Kindle. It also has an old school romance attached to it. If she already has one, get her the latest version. Or better still add all the books from her wishlist to her Kindle library.

10. Body mist for the fragrance lover

What to gift a girl to make her happy? One of the good gift ideas for women is a fascinating fragrance that will lift her spirits instantly. We suggest you look beyond perfumes and get an elegant body mist instead. They are gentle, refreshing and super delicate body sprays that she is bound to love.

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11. Home decor – a fool-proof gift idea for her

Is your girl a homebody with an eye for interior decoration, constantly adding touches of coziness and warmth to her nest? Contribute to her efforts by gifting her home decor items. Anything from scented candles to reed diffusers, antique showpieces, or wall art pieces works.

Just remember the rule of thumb – the gift you pick should be proportionate to the importance of the occasion. This is also one of the good gift ideas for women who are young and are just starting out to live alone. They would love some help when it comes to personalizing their new homes.

12. Mini hair straightener – for women who have everything

Looking for gift ideas for women who have everything can be tricky. She already has the latest dresses, fanciest shoes, top-of-the-line perfumes. You name it, and she’s bought it already! If you find yourself stuck in a dilemma what to get your girl when she has everything you can think of, it’s time to think outside the box.

A mini hair straightener is one of the best gift ideas for women that will hit the nail on its head. A miniature magic maker for her tresses that she can carry in her bag and use on the go. What’s not to love about that?

art of wooing

13. Customised passport cover for the travel lover

If she loves to travel and you’re low on funds, a customized passport cover is among those inexpensive gifts that she would love. It is thoughtful, it is cute, it is useful, and above all, it adds that personal touch – a gift she’ll have every reason to flaunt for a long time to come.

14. Gadgets for the tech-savvy girl

Shed those gender stereotypes. There are plenty of girls out there who love shiny, new gadgets as much as the next guy. If that’s true for your significant other, you have a go-to choice of luxury gifts for her that’ll make her happy.

What’s more, this is one shopping spree you’ll look forward to as well and pick out just the one that fits her needs and taste. From smartphones to laptops and gaming consoles, there is no dearth of options to choose from. Your gifting decisions for the next 5 years (or 10) are sorted!

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15. A diamond is forever

As cliched as it sounds, girls cannot resist a shiny, sparkly stone on their finger or ears or neck. Have an important milestone coming up? A 10-year anniversary or a 40th birthday perhaps? Just go buy her a diamond. It is one of those luxury gifts for her that always live up to the occasion and expectations.

Did you find this list of gifting ideas for women helpful? Let us know in the comments below.


1. Which gift is best for ladies?

Get gifts according to their interests. Books for the readers, coffee makers for the coffee lovers, a box of assorted teas for the tea fanatic and so on.

2. What to get a woman who wants nothing?

Get her something personalized then. Maybe she does not have any needs but something customized with a sweet message from you or a quote she likes or an inside joke that you two have, will definitely make her smile.

3. What do you get someone who has everything for their birthday?

If you do not want to get them utility items, you can try buying them something fancy like diamonds or fancy new shoes.

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