Where To Meet Women? 12 Best Places To Meet Women – Outside Of Dating Apps

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Updated On: August 14, 2023
Where to meet women
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Dating apps are great. From the comfort of your own home, you swipe away endlessly, trying to come across the perfect woman for you. However, sometimes, the swiping does get to be a little too much, and the pool of options gets overwhelming. For some reason, “It’s a match!” is the last thing your Tinder shows you. Before you know it, you’re wondering “Where to meet women?” when all the dating apps start running dry.

Before you even think about the places to meet women, you’ve got to overcome the nerves. Approaching an actual human out of the blue and starting a conversation with them just seems nerve-wracking and that’s why doing it behind a screen may seem better. But when the screen starts demanding a monthly subscription to be able to see who’s liking you, making real-world connections doesn’t look half bad.

We know, we know, it’s 2022, and meeting women outside of dating apps seems archaic. But saying “we met on a dating app” still doesn’t sound half as dreamy as bumping into each other on a busy street, does it? Long story short, there are still plenty of good reasons to meet women outside of dating apps. The only question remains: where? Well, that’s what we’re here for.

12 Best Places To Meet Women – Outside Of Dating Apps

Going out to meet women without online dating play a part can be a liberating and exhilarating experience. You finally break free of the shackles your phone had over you but walking up to a woman just to say “Hi” seems like you’re about to bungee jump with the dodgiest rope ever.

However, when you know the perfect places to meet women, approaching them and striking up a conversation won’t be the hardest thing to do in the world. That’s why you’ve got to be so careful with the locations you pick. For example, talking to someone new at a music festival isn’t too uncommon, but trying to hit on someone while you’re at the bank is just… weird.

Speaking on the subject, Reddit user Virulencer gave some sound advice, “Depends on the kind of women you want to meet. Go to the places where you are interested in going, and if there are women there, then chances are they wanted to be there too, and you will have at least that one thing in common.” See? It’s not really rocket science.

Let’s get into where you can go and actually make a real connection with another human being instead of falling in love with yet another dating app profile, who eventually ends up ghosting you because you weren’t witty enough in the last two messages you sent her. 

1. Wondering where to go to meet like-minded women? Try a music festival

Instead of asking yet another match the same old lame questions like “So, what kind of music do you listen to?”, why not go to concerts and music festivals, and meet people who listen to the same music as you?

Plus, the rush of a music festival will definitely put everyone in a good mood. Sometimes it’s even too good of a mood, if you manage to sneak some booze in to avoid all those watered-down beers. However, if you’re going to a Justin Timberlake or an Alex Turner concert, the chances of a woman ever thinking about anyone else besides them are unlikely. 

And no, don’t go to a mariachi band concert to try and cancel out the competition. Before you know it, Juan, the lead guitarist, might just steal away the “Juan” from you. Sorry.

Point is, music festivals can be one of the best places to meet single women, with a bit of luck, of course. Who wouldn’t want to say, “We met at Coachella” when someone asks where you two met?

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2. Hobby-oriented gatherings to get you two bonding over your knitting skills

Okay, you don’t necessarily have to go to a knitting class unless you want to befriend a few grandmas. Maybe join a book club or be a part of a niche exercise group that meets up every weekend. Or you could even try to be a part of those crazy cycling groups that decide cycling 200 miles every weekend is their preferred way of recreation.

When you’re a part of a niche hobby group, you’ve already got plenty to talk about at the first meeting. So you won’t be awkwardly blurting out “So..what’s up?” every two minutes. Making conversation with a girl will come easy to you.

It’s a great way to meet women organically, and you might just end up getting swole in the process if you can manage to attend more than one meeting of that CrossFit group you joined.

Places to meet women
Go ahead and join a cycling group, you might meet some new people

3. Wondering where to meet women? Try out volunteer work

What looks good on your CV and might also help you land the first date? No, not just your “excellent communication skills,” but also volunteer work. There are different kinds of volunteer work you can try your hand at, and no, they don’t all involve a soup kitchen. 

Try out animal shelters, national park volunteer services, the Red Cross, churches, the list goes on. Although, please don’t show up to clean your national parks wearing your $500 shirt and LV sunglasses. 

Forget about trying to figure out where to meet women, you’ll end up trying to figure out how to not be a douchebag if you empty half a bottle of cologne while you’re on your way to pick trash up for the parks department.

Though you might get into volunteer work with the agenda of answering, “Where to meet single women,” try not to let that be your only motivation. The more you care about the volunteer work you’re doing, the more you’ll naturally make friends as well. Who knows, those friends could just turn into 2 a.m. texting buddies *wink*.

4. The age-old answer to where to meet women: Coffee shops

“Hey there, I see you’re sitting here all alone, sipping on your cortado. Mind if I join you?” Really, it can be as simple as that. Although, because coffee shops have somehow become synonymous with first dates and love, being hit on when she just wanted a coffee might annoy her.

Approach this one carefully, read the room and see if there’s any natural eye contact being established. And no, staring at her while waiting for her to look your way does NOT equal eye contact. If your gaze does fall upon each other and she gives you a wry smile, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t approach her.

“I met my girlfriend in the most cliched way possible, in a coffee shop. We were both pretty much pretending to read while checking each other out, and I sheepishly attempted to talk to her. Thankfully, she was nice, and more importantly, the subsequent dates went well,” says a Reddit user. See? The answer to your question, “Where to meet women near me?” is as easy as that.

5. The best places to meet women: Bars/clubs

Now, this is the place to pull out all your expensive shirts and your exorbitant colognes. Granted, meeting a prospective partner at a club has been the most common way to meet someone since kingdom come but that’s only because it still works.

Of course, there are intense tactics involved in how you approach a woman in a bar. Should you just start yelling in her ear because the music is so loud? Or just start dancing next to her? Or flash your expensive watch in her eyes? No, no, and no, unless you want to be kicked out by the bouncer. 

As with everything else on this list of where to meet women, be respectful and approach her with a smile on your face. If you’re nervous, there’s a bunch of liquid encouragement being sold right next to you, try having a shot of that. Bars and clubs have always been a great place to meet women without online dating, you could even say it was speed dating before the swiping apocalypse. 

6. Where is the best place to meet a woman? Cozy house parties 

Where to meet women near me? Go to a house party
A house party can be a great place to meet someone

If going to nightclubs isn’t really your jam, you can always go to a nice house party your friend or someone you know has put together. The music won’t be deafening, the drinks won’t burn a hole in your wallet and the house owner might just become the perfect wingman. Just make sure you groom yourself well and head on over to that party.

There’s really no shortage of places to meet women and a house party is right up there as one of our favorites. You have a lot of room to maneuver and it’s exactly the kind of place where all those party tricks you picked up in college will pay dividends.

If you’re looking for the best place to meet someone, we want to reiterate that house parties are still a pretty great way to make friends and meet potential romantic interests. Furthermore, what makes it one of the best places for singles to meet is if the house owner has already arranged for you to meet a “friend” who they think you’ll be in to.

7. Pack your sunscreen, we’re going to the beach 

If humans had a mating call, it’d be widely practiced on the beach. Although if you really think about it, the whole culture behind going to the beach can really be described as one big mating dance. 

The beach outfits that grab eyeballs, the beach volleyball to prove you’re athletic, the slow-mo running to make sure everyone’s looking at you. Oh wait, that was just Baywatch. Even so, the beach is always a great place to meet women without online dating, since everyone’s in such a good mood and everyone’s flirting with their eyes.

Just make sure you don’t go there alone, assuming it’s magically one of the best places for singles to meet. As with everything else, you’ve got to play your cards right. Staring at women under the guise of flirting with your eyes is very quickly going to get you behind bars, and being too shy to talk to someone won’t do you any good either. At least you’ll get a day at the beach out of it, though.

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8. Try out those neighborhood events you’re always avoiding

Maybe your neighborhood has a garage sale going on or there’s a sports community or even a resident’s event. While the majority of the time you might be discussing who empties out their dustbins on time and who doesn’t, it’s still a great way of meeting new people.

Wondering where to meet women during COVID? Your neighborhood events may come to your rescue. Since you won’t really be going outside of your apartment complex, you won’t be breaking any COVID protocols, we’d say. 

An apartment community often has many events just for the residents. Try and swing by a couple of them, you may just hit it off with the girl next door if you make her laugh. So, if you’ve been on the prowl for the best way to meet singles but not online, go ahead and give the neighborhood events a go. Word of advice, check for a wedding ring on the person you’re trying to talk to. You don’t want to hit on your neighbor’s wife.

9. A fashion show might be one of the best places to meet women

We know, we know, most men wouldn’t want anything to do with fashion shows while thinking of where to meet women. But perhaps going to one might just do you some good, especially if you’re the type who’s still sporting the same style you decided to stick to after you graduated college.

It’s a great way to meet women organically and they might just think you’re one of those guys who cares about how he looks. That never hurts, right? Plus, when you’re both interested in the same things, there’s bound to be some immediate mutual attraction.

Moreover, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best ways to meet single women (not online) since there are usually more women at fashion shows. If you can take your eyes off the models who are walking the ramp, you might just find someone looking back at you and smiling. Or if you have the confidence of Brad Pitt, go ahead and shoot your shot with the models. Please don’t blame us when security escorts you out. 

10. The gym, but don’t be a creep

When men think of the best places to meet single women, they’re hoping and praying that the gym is one of them. For some, it might be a place where they excel and assume that lifting more weights is going to attract a lot of female attention. While it’s true that the gym can be one of the best ways to meet singles but not online, there’s something important to be noted here: EVERY WOMAN GOES TO A GYM TO WORK OUT.

You’re not going to have an instant connection with someone who’s sweating buckets, trying to burn off the pancake they impulsively ate the night before. 

So while the gym can be a great answer to where to meet like-minded women, you still shouldn’t expect much there. Help her out if she asks for a spot or just try to approach someone as a friend and see where it goes. 

art of wooing

11. The purrfect wingman: Go to a dog park

If you have a pooch at home and you’re pondering questions like “Where to meet women near me?” or, “Where is the best place to meet a woman?” sorry, but you’re doing it all wrong. Please take a look at the adorable fur ball you have running around your house and take him for a walk right this instant.

Trust us, once you take your dog out to the dog park, you’ll end up meeting women who’d love to stop and chat with you. Even studies have proven that you’re a lot more approachable with a pet by your side. Plus, did you know that couples with pets are generally happier? Keep in mind that while the park is a great place to meet women, it might not be the answer to “Where to meet single women.”

The people who approach you might not be available, so don’t be too outlandish in your approach. If they’ve got a pet, ask them about theirs and build on the conversation from there.

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12. Learning spaces are often a great way to meet new people 

Try out that yoga class you’ve been thinking of going to, maybe even Zumba. Hell, go all out and try out Krav Maga while you’re at it. Okay, maybe just stick to things where you have a better chance of meeting women.

The point is, learning spaces like cooking or yoga classes are a great way of meeting new people, if not a new lover. You’ll also be learning a new skill, which could just be your next party trick. A Reddit user tells us about how his yoga class gave him more than just a limbered spine: “To me, the best way to meet single women, not online, that is, has to be in places like yoga classes.

“I actually started chatting up the teacher, who turned out to be a huge Star Trek fan just like me. We bonded, and the common interest in yoga and Star Trek meant we always had something to talk about. Pretty soon, the yoga class wasn’t the only place we met.”

“Where to meet women besides online?” has been the water-cooler discussion that men have flocked to answer, and each swears by their own perfect spot. No matter where you end up going, the important thing to remember is to always be respectful. Oh and, if you’re wondering where to meet women during COVID and a vaccination center was the first thing that came to your mind, you need to go through this article again.

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