25 Long-Distance Relationship Date Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive

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Long-Distance Relationship Date Ideas

I was in a long-distance relationship (LDR) once, and one word can summarize the experience: tough. The loneliness, uncertainty, doubt, and lack of physical intimacy got to me. The truth is, we struggled to keep the spark alive until we discovered how effective long-distance relationship date ideas could be in keeping our connection strong.

If, like me, you too are struggling to feel a sense of intimacy and connection with your LDR partner, I come bearing a zesty list of 25 long-distance date ideas crafted in consultation with life coach and counselor Joie Bose, who specializes in counseling people dealing with abusive marriages, breakups, and extramarital affairs.

Best Date Ideas For Long-Distance Relationships

Are LDRs tough? Without hesitation, the answer is a resounding YES! You must actively look for activities to bond over, which is where long-distance relationship date ideas come in. A Reddit user summarizes the challenges of long-distance relationships so well: “LDRs are not for the faint heart. They are for fighters, the resilient ones who are willing to work for what they want. Love is not about proximity, rather, it’s about the connection.”

Maintaining that connection means making concerted efforts to keep the spark alive. And thanks to modern technology, there are ways to bridge that gap and still feel connected. Video calling allows you to see each other and share meaningful time together. With online date ideas, you can take things a step further and really spend quality time with your SO despite the distance. So, let’s explore the best date ideas for long-distance relationships.

Cute long-distance date ideas

Going on a date can be tough if you are separated by physical distance. But you can still keep the relationship fun with these cute long-distance relationship date ideas:

1. Long-distance relationship date ideas: Plan a movie night

Are you struggling for cute virtual date ideas for long distance? Well, number one on the list should be a movie night. I quite love our expert’s idea on this. Joie says, “Watch movies together. Begin at the same time and stop every 15-20 minutes to discuss or talk about the film.” 

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2. Plan an online game night for some healthy competition

Online games make for easy date ideas that provide a fantastic way to bond. So, plan for a virtual game night with your beloved long-distance partner. Play online games like the beloved Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, or a virtual couple card game and get to some good, old, fun, friendly competition. Alternatively, you can explore the many online relationship quizzes to strengthen your bond.

3. Cute long-distance date ideas: Have a wine tasting

My sweetie and I loved wine-tasting sessions as it was our fun thing to do together. So, it made sense that we continued doing it in our LDR. It was a fun way to spice things up during those special occasions when we decided to get a little kinky. Talk about cute long-distance date ideas. 

Get an expert to walk you through it, or just have fun experimenting, though virtually. Not only will you both get a buzz at the end of the video date but you will also have interesting stories about funny things your partner did when drunk.

4. Create a playlist

Cute long-distance date ideas must include music. My man and I love music. So, I came up with some interesting online date ideas for long distance. During our virtual sessions, we create playlists comprising songs that we both can’t get enough of. In lonely moments, I listen to the playlist, and it’s like he is singing them to me. Sometimes, we listen to the songs during virtual calls and pretend to dance together. Talk about a cute long-distance relationship dating idea.  

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5. Virtual stargazing

Virtual stargazing is one of the cute and easy date ideas for those in long-distance relationships. Again, thanks to modern technology, tons of websites and apps can help with the experience. Identifying your zodiac signs and their meaning to your love connection will be so much fun. Online date ideas for long distance don’t have to be boring or repetitive. With your imagination and technology at your disposal, you really can go all out and share all kinds of different experiences despite the distance.

Long-distance romantic date ideas

online date ideas
Physical distance should not stop the relationship intimacy

Don’t let the fire fizzle out of your relationship because going on a date is hard due to distance. There are tons of virtual date ideas to keep the romantic vibe alive in your relationship.

6. Things to do long distance relationship online: Have a virtual date night

Get creative and brainstorm interesting LDR dating ideas to enjoy each other’s company through the virtual space. Take turns coming up with some interesting ideas for fun things to do. I can get quite naughty. My best idea was a virtual Kama sutra night complete with a candlelight set-up. Let’s just say my man still talks about the date 2 years later.  

7. Online date ideas for long distance: Go for a walk together, sort of

I’ve got news for you: Online date ideas don’t necessarily have to be indoors or executed from the comfort of your home. How about going for a walk while your partner’s on the other end of the phone? Take a romantic walk together as you explore different conversation topics. The virtual walk is better than deciding to binge-watch a TV show on your own. This could be on your bucket list for couples if you’re in a long-distance love affair.

8. Online spa night

Is there anything that screams romantic like a spa night? Well, these long-distance romantic date ideas rise to the challenge quite beautifully. In fact, I dare say it makes it to the list of best date ideas for long-distance relationships. The LDR dating idea for the romantic online spa night lets you pamper yourself virtually. Share things you can do together, like face masks and skin care routines. Put on the video chat so that you can both relax in each other’s company.

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9. Virtual dance party

Here’s another one of the long-distance romantic date ideas that you just can’t go wrong with. Remember the playlist I mentioned above? Well, don’t forget to include some romantic songs in there. You will have so much fun with a virtual dance party. So, dim the lights, pretend hug, and sway along to some sultry numbers. I like to dirty dance for my man to let him know what he is missing.  

10. Memory lane night

I love this one for FaceTime date ideas for long-distance relationships. What better way to strengthen the bond between you than reminiscing about your favorite shared movies? Go through photos, letters, or videos and discuss why they are so special.

Creative long-distance date ideas

Keep your relationship fun and exciting with creative long-distance relationship date ideas. Get ready to explore, create, and share plenty of fun activities. You never know, you could learn new skills to strengthen your bond.

11. Take a class together

The best date ideas for long-distance relationships are the ones that make you push the envelope and offer a chance to explore your passions. What are you into? Roman architecture? Graphic design? Machine learning? Painting? Whatever it is, there’s almost certainly a course available for it online. Sign up for it with your partner. Shared goals are a great way to cement your bond despite the distance.

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12. Start a podcast together

This is one of the long-distance relationship date ideas that can earn you some money. You and your SO could start a casual one about being long-distance partners. Or, you could talk about the best zodiac pairs for marriage if that’s where you are headed. Or anything else that you’re both passionate about — books, travel, finances, the choices are just endless. 

13. Online poetry night

You both don’t have to be established poets to enjoy creative long-distance date night ideas like this one. Get creative and show each other how much you care through beautifully woven words during online poetry night. Long-distance couples can foster deeper connections with such virtual date ideas for long distances. 

14. Things to do long distance relationship online: Take a virtual vacation

So, you have never been to Paris, but you both wish you could go there. How about using technology to your advantage and taking a virtual vacation? Get creative with fun things you could do while there. Oooh, and don’t forget to Photoshop yourselves on top of the iconic Eiffel Tower. What better symbol of love and romance with a little twist of creativity than that?

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15. Virtual reality date

Creative long-distance date ideas are easier with modern technology. Some would say technology has made love better. Get your hands on a pair of virtual reality headsets and take a romantic tour of the VR world together. Play games, simply hang out, or go on virtual adventures.

Fun long-distance date ideas

online date ideas
virtual dating makes it possible to keep the spark alive

Think of all the fun things you like to do together and transform them into fun long-distance date ideas. The best part about these remote date ideas is that there is just no dearth of avenues you can explore. From exploring gadgets and cool tech ideas for couples to spice things up to coming up with your version of fun dates executed virtually, there is just so much you can do together as a couple.

16. Have a little book club of two

My love and I are avid readers. So, a book club for two, sometimes comprising relationship books, makes for a great virtual date night for us. This can also be one of the great FaceTime date ideas for long-distance relationships that pave the way for quality conversation. No more asking each other, “So what else is new?”

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17. Cook and eat a meal together

I defer to the expert once again on ways to do long-distance relationships online. Joie says, “Cook a memorable meal or bake together. You could also have meals together over video calls.” Making and sharing food with someone you love is a cute long-distance relationship date idea that fosters a sense of connection.

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18. Go on a virtual museum tour

This will not be like an actual museum tour, but the whole point of long-distance date ideas is to do things together, even if you’re not really together. And think about it, such remote date ideas allow you to explore new places from the comfort of your own home. So, look up virtual museum tours on the internet and zero in on the one that appeals to you both. Et voila, you can explore some of the best facilities without getting tired from being on your feet.

19. Watch a live virtual concert together

Listening to good music together with a long-distance partner is a great way of spending time together. If an actual live show isn’t on the cards, a virtual concert is the next best thing. Plenty of musicians put on live shows via Instagram Live or Facebook Live, and there are recorded concerts you could watch as well.

20. Have a karaoke night

Fun long-distance date ideas must definitely include karaoke.  This could also be one of this list’s coolest long-distance relationship date ideas. There are plenty of online options for karaoke music. Your own little karaoke party of two is a great way to show affection to your partner, and possibly one of the most fun long-distance date ideas ever!

Intimate long-distance date ideas

Intimacy in a relationship is not only expressed in a physical sense. Yes, a touch or caress from your lover would be great. But, with LDR, that’s wishful thinking unless you open your mind to some wonderful intimate long-distance relationship date ideas. And it doesn’t mean activities that will end with an orgasm. Sometimes, intimate activities strengthen the bond between the two of you

21. Mindful meditation

Remove the stress of the LDR with mindful meditation. The calming and centering experience works wonders for my partner and me. There are tons of guided meditations you can take advantage of online.

22. Share your dreams

Create some time for intimate dream-sharing moments with the right conversation topics. Use this time to talk about your dreams and aspirations for the relationship or even yourselves as individuals. 

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23. Virtual eye-gazing

Take time to gaze into each other’s eyes. Eye contact can help a relationship. So, hop onto a video call and gaze into each other’s eyes. Try it for 5 or even 10 minutes to strengthen your connection. Allow your connection to travel through the virtual space and bind the two of you together on this virtual date night.

24. Surprise video messages

My man is the king of surprise messages. He records voice or video messages and sends them to me as a way of expressing his love. I always look forward to receiving them. Do you know why? They tell me he cares and always thinks about us and me. Maybe this is the undiscovered way to a woman’s heart, huh?

25. Love coupons

This could fall into the category of creative ways to keep your romance alive. But, the intimacy of creating love coupons is out of this world. Hugs, kisses, and more can be cashed in when you actually meet. The concept of love coupons mixes things up nicely and is a touch apart from the normal virtual LDR dating ideas.  

more on stories on long distance relationships

Dating Tips If You Are In A Long-Distance Relationship

LDRs are tough. Being unable to touch, hold, or smell your partner is difficult. Though modern technology lets us stay in touch and share our lives virtually, the distance can still take its toll. The only way to make a long-distance relationship work is to accept and embrace it.

Along with long-distance relationship date ideas to keep your connection abuzz with life, you will also need to work on your relationship consistently to bridge the gap. So, keep the following in mind as you work at staying connected with your long-distance partner.

1. Keep up the communication 

If you are in a long-distance dating situation, communicate as much as you can to feel connected to each other. Joie recommends a call ritual where you fix a particular time to talk to each other. Try different ways to talk to one another – phone calls, video calls, good night or good morning messages, handwritten letters, emails, snail mail, photographs, and audio clips. 

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2. Maintain a positive mindset

The key to making an LDR work is to approach it with a positive attitude. See it as a learning opportunity or a test for your love. A Reddit user says, “Don’t let the other things, especially negative ones affect your relationship. Discuss problems and hardships via text and always express your feelings.”

3. Don’t stop doing things together

Modern technology has made bonding virtually easy and convenient for those in long-distance relationships. Joie suggests, “Watch movies, go shopping on video call, report mundane things, or talk dirty – there’s a lot of things you can do together.”

Look for fun things to do as a couple like a virtual cooking class and eating the same meal together while on a video call. Alternatively, take a stroll in the garden while talking on the phone.

4. Visit each other as often as you can

 Long-distance relationship date ideas may work, but even so, you must make it a priority to visit each other whenever it’s feasible for both of you. The opportunity for physical touch is special, romantic, and intimate.

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5. Continue to express your love for each other

Frequently remind your partner of your love for them by voicing and showing it. Sending an “I love you” text or saying it verbally on a call will put any fears or insecurities about the relationship to rest.

Key Pointers

  • The best date ideas for long distance relationship can keep the spark alive and strengthen your bond
  • Long-distance date night ideas are plentiful, from watching movies to attending virtual concerts, star-gazing, or getting creative together
  • Long-distance relationships can thrive, but only if both partners make an effort to ensure their success

Joie summarizes this article on long-distance relationship ideas very well. She says, “Whether a long-distance relationship will work or not depends on the couple. No one chooses a long-distance relationship. But if you’re in one, respect and embrace the decision instead of thinking about how bad it will be or whether it will work or not. If you can build an emotional connection with your partner, things will work in your favor.”

Know that the relationship will change over time – it is inevitable. There will be moments of love and romance as well as conflict. But always remember to respect the reason you’re living apart and also know when to end it. After all, you can’t be in a long-distance relationship forever.


1. Does long-distance dating ever work?

Yes, long-distance dating can work, if both parties are willing to put in the same amount of work to sustain the emotional connection. Long-distance dating can be very challenging, especially if different time zones are involved, so it takes time, effort, and creativity to keep it going.

2. How do you keep a long-distance relationship interesting?

There are lots of ways to keep a long-distance relationship interesting. Plan activities together, such as workouts you can do together or taking an online class. Make time for frequent date nights. All of this keeps the spark alive.

3. Should you talk every day in a long-distance relationship?

Every day would be ideal but may not always be possible. So, ensure you send each other at least a few text messages daily. Make sure you talk once every two or three days if every day is impossible. And make time for a good, long catch-up at least once or twice a week so that you’re always a part of each other’s lives.

4. How do you show love in long-distance relationships?

In long-distance relationships, the little things count, but it’s also the occasional big gesture. The little things would be asking about their day and always remembering special occasions. A big gesture might be sending them care packages when they’re having a bad day or even for no reason. 

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