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Top reasons why all women, whether married or not, must masturbate

Any pleasure that may have been discovered by chance is kept under wraps, for fear of censure, by men and the general society.

Women and masturbation

The idea that women can find pleasure in the own bodies is frowned upon by societies all over the world. We can blame social conditioning, the patriarchal system and the unfortunate fact that women are seen as property just as material wealth, cattle, and assets are.

Any pleasure that may have been discovered by chance is kept under wraps, for fear of censure, by men and the general society. So women have learnt to keep their heads down and deny themselves of any happiness. The lesson here is ‘ignorance is bliss’, you won’t miss anything you don’t know about.

The girl child is taught not to sit with her legs apart and to keep herself adequately covered, so they may not attract attention. There was also a fear that if the girl child discovers her sexuality then the yearning for it will lead her astray. That men will notice and it will lead to sexual abuse. Of course, our men cannot let go of any instance of a sexual experience – or so the rape culture of Haryana pontifies. The possibility of such a sexual activity is made even more difficult in joint families.

Masturbation has become a significant possibility in today’s time and age

Now that families are becoming nuclear and the woman has the time and space to explore her own body, masturbation has become a significant possibility. When a girl child has the freedom to be on her own, fantasy world, the discovery of pleasure in her own body becomes easier. There is evidence of very small babies enjoying their bodies, without any touching, and of 3-year-old girls using their fingers to pleasure themselves.

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How can women achieve a satisfying climax all by themselves?

Why are women still embarrassed to admit they masturbate

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  1. masturbation among Indian females is very uncommon. I really surprised when my wife revealed that she never experienced it, whereas I started doing it since my early teens and still doing (although I am happily married for last 18 yrs). We spent 2 years of our conjugal life in 2 different cities for job’s sake, during that period I advised her to masturbate but she never did. I even wanted to purchase her sex toys but she refused. Please write something more about this and how to do it. That might be helpful for females (Indian) like my wife .

  2. Masturbation is a normal, enjoyable and healthy experience. It’s time to put the taboo subject of women and masturbation to bed! It’s time for self-exploration…”ME” time can start now!!!

  3. Well, I agree that masturbation shouldn’t be a taboo when associated with women. However, I feel that women are not educated enough and aware of actually “How To” because of all the stigma around the fact that women too can enjoy sexual activities! I think that websites like Bonobology starting a conversation on the topic can be seen as a first step towards having an open mind about sexual pleasures of women. Kudos!

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