Tum nahi, toh yeh sahi: Household items that can give girls an orgasm

Stotropama Mukherjee
woamn laying on the bed and taking pleasure

What turns a woman on?

Woman’s sexuality is a mystery to men. Well, that may be because you are not listening. Only 30 percent of all women can sometimes achieve orgasm with just simple intercourse. That is because the clitoris has around 8000 nerve endings, while the walls of the vagina have none. Fun fact: a clitoris has 200% more nerve endings thana dick. So when we say we feel more, we mean it. Also the G-spot or sweet spot inside the vagina lies near the deep end of the clitoris and that’s where the pleasure from penetration arises. But as you can see, women don’t really need penetration to have orgasm.

As we all know, orgasm, especially for woman, doesn’t just happen between two legs but also between two ears. We don’t need to beat our junk to cum. Conversations, music, atmosphere, dancing, even a well-cut suit may arouse us and make us wet: but you will never know. That’s our superpower.

During particularly raunchy sex chat, women sometimes don’t even need to touch themselves to reach orgasm. Put your hands up girls who have reached orgasms even without touching yourself: I think it’s all of you.

So here are a few household things that arouse women. I am assimilating a few secret confessions, so I’m not mentioning names here. Let me know which is yours.

Bidet shower (health faucet)

The bidet shower or health faucet is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It’s the hand-held targeted nozzle spray that hangs near the commode. Yes, that is what it is called. I know you always wondered. But I don’t think any of you have missed a chance to use it on your clitoris. After a really hard day you just want to hit your clitoris and the vaginal area with a strong targeted water flow: All that bubbly water hitting all the right spots that even tongues and fingers can’t do justice to. You just want to sit there and let the water do its work: wash away your day and give you an orgasm that you deserve. Go for it, girl!

Mills and Boons

Nineties’ kids would know what I’m talking about. Growing up, boys had their porn DVDs and later porn sites. But most pornography is problematic for women, as it is mostly made from the male perspective and women are just functional there. This is where Mills&Boons came into play. For those who don’t know, Mills&Boons are a series of erotica where the hot guy always ends up with the girl even under impossible circumstances. Yes, it gave us impractical ideas of romance, but porn gave men impractical expectation about sex: so it’s okay. Women have vouched that they discovered what an orgasm meant in their teenage while reading one of these books on a hot sweaty summer afternoon or a winter night between the sheets. Oh! They don’t make men like that any more…

Partner’s T-shirt

If your partner leaves behind the t-shirt that they were wearing, then it is yours. Wear it, cuddle it, go to sleep with it: it has your partner’s smell and you got to be in love with your partner’s smell. Having that around you, touching your skin, you can remember all the ways they have touched you and imagine all the ways they can touch you. Let your senses take in the aroma while your hands are going through the motions.

Side pillow

Those who don’t use side pillows don’t know what they’re missing. Quiet and submissive side pillows are better than any partners, especially if you are sleeping alone. Put them between your legs and ride them into the night: You can have as much friction as you need. Some women give side pillows credit for finding their pleasure centres. Some even confessed that agonies of teenage hormonal cravings were satisfied best by the side pillows. A married woman I know calls her side pillow her first boyfriend and I bet it was because I know she was saving it up for marriage.

Vibrating apps

Did you know that there are apps that can set your phone in constant vibration even when the screen is turned off? If you can’t afford a vibrator or are too embarrassed to buy one, here’s your solution. Download one of these apps, there are quite a few. Install this app and choose your setting. Wrap your phone with a towel or old clean sock and put it between your legs. If you are concerned about your phone or hygiene, you can put it in a zip bag or a condom. (Yes, they stretch, don’t sweat.) While dildos broaden your vagina, clitoris stimulator or clitoris vibrators keep the whole area healthy. A phone on vibration mode does just that.

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Rishi Dhanraj
Rishi Dhanraj August 20, 2019 - 8:22 pm

Very interesting article Stotropama….Amazing….. Even we can use some of these ideas if not all..

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma August 17, 2018 - 2:48 pm


I really wanna try out these!

Mills and Boons is great to go! I am looking forward to these vibrating apps, didn’t know about it and will surely try!

Thank you so much 🙂

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