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Tum nahi, toh yeh sahi: Household items that can give girls an orgasm

You don't always need specialised gadgets and gizmos to achieve an orgasm during masturbation. Look at these ordinary things in your house with new eyes
woamn laying on the bed and taking pleasure

What turns a woman on?

Woman’s sexuality is a mystery to men. Well, that may be because you are not listening. Only 30 percent of all women can sometimes achieve orgasm with just simple intercourse. That is because the clitoris has around 8000 nerve endings, while the walls of the vagina have none. Fun fact: a clitoris has 200% more nerve endings thana dick. So when we say we feel more, we mean it. Also the G-spot or sweet spot inside the vagina lies near the deep end of the clitoris and that’s where the pleasure from penetration arises. But as you can see, women don’t really need penetration to have orgasm.

As we all know, orgasm, especially for woman, doesn’t just happen between two legs but also between two ears. We don’t need to beat our junk to cum. Conversations, music, atmosphere, dancing, even a well-cut suit may arouse us and make us wet: but you will never know. That’s our superpower.

During particularly raunchy sex chat, women sometimes don’t even need to touch themselves to reach orgasm. Put your hands up girls who have reached orgasms even without touching yourself: I think it’s all of you.

So here are a few household things that arouse women. I am assimilating a few secret confessions, so I’m not mentioning names here. Let me know which is yours.

Bidet shower (health faucet)

The bidet shower or health faucet is one of the greatest inventions of our time. It’s the hand-held targeted nozzle spray that hangs near the commode. Yes, that is what it is called. I know you always wondered. But I don’t think any of you have missed a chance to use it on your clitoris. After a really hard day you just want to hit your clitoris and the vaginal area with a strong targeted water flow: All that bubbly water hitting all the right spots that even tongues and fingers can’t do justice to. You just want to sit there and let the water do its work: wash away your day and give you an orgasm that you deserve. Go for it, girl!

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