8 Ways You Can Be An Awesome Wingman For Girls

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Be a wingman for girls

When it comes to the best wingman, we always think of cupid shooting his arrows and finding us true love. But we can’t always wait and rely on cupid to do all the work for us. From Leslie Mann in Knocked Up, Paul Rudd in The 40-Year Old Virgin to Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, we all want that wingman, who always has our back and makes sure that we go home with the guy/girl that we have a crush on.

What’s exactly a wingman by the way? Well, for us it’s someone who would be a Love Guru who nudges you in the right direction, a shoulder to cry on, a spiritual guide, a football fanatic who’s done a PhD on men’s pyschology and someone you can hit the bar with, all rolled into one.

Being a wingman for a guy is easy because you don’t have to try that hard. But being a wingman for a girl is way different from being one for a guy. You need to be ready to enter a whole lot of drama and hormones when things turn bad. If you want to be an awesome wingman for your female friend, scroll down for some awesome tips.

8 Ways You Can Be An Awesome Wingman For Girls

So, can a guy be a wingman for a girl? Hell ya! Guys make great wingmen for girls in so many ways. It’s the perfect cover as no one suspects that you’re her wingman. But they might think you’re her boyfriend if you don’t keep your distance. Before signing up to be a girl’s wingman, make sure you are not interested in her because this can cause a whole lot of drama later.
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Being a wingman for females has its perks. They’ll hook you up with their gal pals as a reward for being a great wingman. Here are 8 ways you can be an awesome wingman for women.

1. A guy’s perspective

The best thing about being a wingman for a girl is that you can give her insider information. You know what guys seek in girls and have a list of all the dos and don’ts that she can use to get her crush to like her. You can tell her what kind of clothes would suit her more, the topics to talk about in the date and can also teach her how to decode a guy’s messages.

Like in the TV show Friends, “We should do this sometime” means “Yeah, we’re not going out again”.

2. Make her hard to get

Another way of being an awesome wingman is by making her crush jealous. The guy might already know that your female friend is interested in him but may think of playing hard to get to take control. You and your female friend could take control again by making him jealous. You can act as someone interested in her by flirting with her in front of him. This will make him turn green and desperate to make a move.

He doesn’t need to know that you’re her friend.

3. Act as her mentor

Being a wingman isn’t just about hooking your friend up with someone. You have to constantly guide her and encourage her to make a move. There will be time when she gets cold feet to talk to her crush and you’ll have to give her the push she needs. When she thinks of bailing, you can motivate her by saying, “It’s gonna be fine. This one really likes you.” Being a wingman for a female friend is a constant job.

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4. Prep her up

Make sure that your female friend has her hormones in control when she meets her crush. If there’s one thing guys hate, it’s a weeping girl on a date. It is a complete dating disaster. Make sure that you make her practice her date and she has all the right answers. Use your guy brain to gauge how the date would go and tell her the different areas that she needs to improve.

Prep her up

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Make sure that she is ready when she goes on her date.

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5. Intel from the other side

Remember how Phoebe sent Joey to gather Intel on the guy with the broken leg? Joey pretended to be a doctor and asked him all these weird questions which freaked him out. Well, we aren’t asking you to disguise yourself as a doctor or anything. You can always go by the bar to the guy and have a normal conversation to gather Intel from the guy. If there are two things guys like, it’s to talk to another guy about sports and girls. Take advantage of that and gather Intel from the prospect.

6. Make sure you look dapper

Imagine you go to a bar with your female best friend and she likes a guy there. If that guy sees that your female friend is going around with a guy who is better-looking than him, he will automatically feel conscious about himself. He will consider your friend out of his league and will look out for your friend’s attention. Make sure to maintain your distance or else he will think that you both are together and will back off. When it comes to being a wingman for a girl, such mind games should be up your sleeve.

7. Always be her backup

You need to be on-call 24×7, especially when she is on a date. Imagine her going on a date and the guy turns out to be a football fanatic. At this point, she will text you like crazy to guide her what to do next. You need to be there to instantly reply and save her date from turning into a train wreck. You definitely do not want a bad date for your friend. A worst case scenario is the guy turning out to be clingy and desperate. Someone needs to be ready with the getaway car when she runs.

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8. No strings attached

Being a wingman for a girl is a tricky game. You never know when emotions kick in and turn it into a one-sided love story. Make sure that whatever you do, there are no strings attached on either side. Establish ground rules and lines that you both won’t cross no matter what. In movies, this might turn into a romantic comedy, but in reality it could be a friendship horror story.

Being a wingman for girls is cool and has its perks as long as there are no strings attached. Make sure that you both are on the same page. Investing in this emotionally will make things worse and you may end up hurting each other’s feelings. Being a wingman for girls can also help you understand the mind of a woman and you’ll be able to get yourself more dates. You’ll be irresistible when a girl sees that you understand women so well.

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