18 Things That Make A Man Want To Marry You

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Updated On: December 30, 2023
what makes a man want to marry you
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Getting married is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience in life. Being assured of the presence of someone you love forever is comforting and overwhelming, which is why you’ll often find the bride and groom in tears when they see each other walking down the aisle. The question is how will you reach that aisle? What makes a man want to marry you?

It is not really easy to make a list of what would make guys want to get married so fast and what exactly will they look for in their life partners. Marriage is an institution that works plainly on love and trust, something that cannot be defined under set boundaries. Yet, to find the clear signs he wants to marry you is not too difficult to put a finger on because love cannot really be hidden for too long.

What Makes A Man Want To Marry You – These 18 Things For Sure

It is often difficult to find an answer to the question “How to be the woman every man wants to marry?”. How you should be enough as yourself coupled with the fulfillment of the little expectations that the love of a man holds is what makes a man want to marry you. There is a sure presence of clear signs he wants to marry you, yet here are some things you can keep under consideration that makes a man want to marry you right away.

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1. Be a woman of substance

In the process of love, women often tend to feel more obliged toward their duty of caring for what others want of them than to identify with themselves as an individual. This often leads them to lose who they are. Though in order to be someone who makes a man want to marry you right away, you’ll always need to stay true and connected to yourself. Be the same confidant, independent woman you have always been.

Live with who you are than become what others would want you to be. It’s okay to be Andrea Sachs from the opening of the Devil Wears Prada, but it’s awesome to be Andrea Sachs at the climax. It’s your OG version he’d want to have a life with, not the untrue versions of you.

2. Make the first move

Men adore women who take the first move as it takes the edge off them when it comes to creating doubts in their heads about what they want. It’s okay to be Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S who ends up proposing first because trust me, the idea of initiative and execution is what makes a man want to marry you.

3. Show you care

Men often like to be taken care of like a mother takes care of a child. With all their pampering needs served and the idea of compassion burning in you for them, to bring him to the realization that he wants to marry you isn’t an arduous task since it’s only the hesitation that they’d finally need to overcome.

The smallest gestures like caring for them, supporting them in all endeavors of life, and being a confidant for them make the guys want to get married so fast, you’d be surprised. Simply be there for him genuinely, that is enough.

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4. Keep your immaturity under control

Girls sometimes believe that acting all cute and demanding is adorable, and for a while, it can be but is not advisable too often in a long-term relationship. What makes a man want to marry you is the level of maturity you possess to deal with serious situations. Cultivate a no-nonsense aura and actually be responsible for your words and actions as a man would prefer a reliable, sensible, and mature partner.

5. When he needs a confidant, be one

Being a lover is easy but being someone your partner chooses to confide in is the most precious gift you can give to each other. He won’t always need you as a romantic companion. On some days, he would want to seek a good friend and confidant. When he needs that, be there for him. Soon, he might seek you as a forever partner too with the realization that he wants to marry you something that you can test to know if you’re best friends with your partner?

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6. Give him space

No matter how mushy your romance may have been, if you really wish to know what makes a man desperate to marry you, I’ll answer – let him have some time and space away from you, make a guy miss you. A demand to have a constant presence in each other’s life is not love, it might just be insecurity. We do need care and a healthy bit of possessiveness but we don’t need to turn into someone like Joe Goldberg or Love Quinn from the Netflix series, You. All you need to know is that your partner is somewhere safe and happy because only when they’ll feel fully trusted by you, would they want to marry you.

7. Always be with him when in need

The key ingredient that makes a man want to marry you right away is for you to be their pillar of strength. No matter how difficult the situation might be, stand by them and offer them support when no one else does, and do your best to make them understand later where they might have gone wrong and what they can do to overcome the situation. In such times of distress, do not react brashly and lash out at him; it’s an act of disrespect and not something one would be okay with.

8. Believe in him

Trusting your spouse-to-be is the most important thing. If he won’t feel trusted enough by you, he wouldn’t wish to sign up for a life with you. To bring him to the realization that he wants to marry you, you must be the faith he keeps in his heart, so he may overcome every fear that surrounds him.

As one says, behind every successful man there is a woman, be that woman for him, and only then would a man be desperate to marry you.

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9. Allow yourself to be vulnerable around him

Men like taking care of their partners, they like asking you little things like if you’ve reached home and if they can help you with anything at all. Share your innermost feelings and thoughts with them, the good and the bad, and especially tell them things that trouble you because they would love to be your knight in shining armor.

Allow your partner to see what troubles you and what makes you happy and how they can help you deal with your own emotions. If you are gifting them that exclusivity of emotion, that’s what makes a man want to marry you and of course, tell them you love them even without saying it.

10. Be confident in your own skin

It is okay to be in love and yet love yourself a little more. Men are attracted to women who are confident and hold an identity of their own. A girl with confidence exuding from her bones makes a man want to marry you right away.

Think of channeling your inner Kate Sharma to his Anthony Bridgeton. Challenge him and his spirit and pay attention to him because ultimately, a man is desperate to marry you when you uplift his growth, make him feel challenged, and shower attention on him.

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11. Your expression matters

One of the clear signs he wants to marry you is when your opinion matters to him and he loves your ideas of expression. You’d surely wish to know how to be the woman every man wants to marry and the easiest answer is to simply be yourself. Do not repress your opinions; that will only delay the process of you understanding each other.

Anthony Bridgeton was in awe of Kate Sharma because she spoke her mind fearlessly, which made her stand apart from others, therefore drawing his attention.

12. Appreciate his efforts

Women might sometimes complain about what they don’t have and end up not appreciating what they do. Avoid doing that because one of the things what makes a man want to marry you is how you admire, appreciate, and reciprocate their efforts. No matter how small they might be, someone’s effort in love should always be appreciated and adored – that’s your answer to how to make him adore you.

13. Be the calm in his storm

If you are the person he can fall back on in every crisis he comes across, it’s surely something that makes a man want to marry you right away. Be his umbrella on a rainy day and regardless of everything, stand by him through the toughest of times and he’ll want to marry you in a jiffy. This is the sole reason why Blue Valentine is so insightful: it tells you to stay steady on the days when it rains heavily on you.

14. Encourage his individuality

Men often end up living with a lot of responsibilities, which makes them lose their interests and hobbies along the way, even things they truly identify with. If you wish to make a man desperate to marry you, help him not lose his individuality by sharing the burden of his responsibilities and working in harmony with him when he needs it.

15. Try to be a socially amicable soul

It is very important to a man for his friends to like his partner. He would want his friends and social circles to see her for the special person she is and the unique qualities she adds to the relationship.

What makes a man want to marry you is that you’re friendly, respected, and well-loved in your social circles and actually act as an added gem to their social settings. Mingle with his friends, befriend them, and soon, you may even end up being part of the best house parties.

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16. Work toward becoming an emotionally stable person

In order to get a man to want to marry you, you should not appear like a liability to him, be it emotionally, physically, or otherwise. An emotionally mature person would make for the right partner. They would always help them make sound decisions, make them love themselves, grow along with their partner and work toward building a good, productive, stable life.

17. Be someone he can depend on

One of the clear signs he wants to marry you is when he finds you to be someone he can depend on. When men might be faced with troubling times, they’d need their spouse to handle it all together. It so happened with my parents that when my father ended up in an accident, my mom needed to take care of the family and the business. Such a kind of dependability between the spouses is necessary and that’s what a man looks for in a woman or he at least realizes that he wants to marry you.

18. Be yourself

Women may tend to align with established norms of how they should be, according to society. They shouldn’t have to. Your partner will love you and appreciate you for who you are rather than trying to fit you into roles that he feels are best for you in the eyes of society. What makes a man want to marry you is simply you being unapologetically yourself because, in the end, that’s the real version of you that he’ll be spending his future with.

It’s not easy to find your better half, and it’s certainly not easy to be someone’s better half and fulfill a quota of roles and responsibilities while navigating a lifetime of love. What makes a man want to marry you is not that difficult to figure out if you just pay attention to the little things a man wants from you and just be yourself.


1. How do you know if a man is serious enough to marry you?

It’s not difficult to identify a man desperate to marry you. If he chooses to talk about the future and the number of children he wishes to have and the kind of life you wish to build together, then surely, a man is serious about marrying you. 

2. What do guys look for in the woman they want to marry?

While they seek an idea of stability in their partner that keeps their relationship strong, they also wish them to be emotionally available and responsible enough to take on additional roles in their life. This doesn’t exclude the love that brews between a couple. They want someone who can take care of them while holding their own identity. 

3. What qualities make a man want to marry you?

If you are someone who is confident in their skin with an abundance of care in your heart, and a life that supports your independence along with your idea of responsibility toward oneself, your job, and your family, then these are qualities what makes a man want to marry you.

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