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10 things couples in live-in relationships will relate to

So as soon as you hit the mid twenties, you will begin to be bugged by a super annoying relative or the know-it-all neighbouring uncle/aunt with that one question “Beta Shaadi Kab Kar Rahi Ho”. If you by chance are in a live-in relationship and they come to know this, then they’ll tell you “Haan toh shadi karlo, uske bad jo marzi karna. After all sanskar naam ka bhi toh koi cheez hoti hai.” Today the numbers of couples opting for Live in relationships is increasing. What better way better way to know your partner better before actually marrying them. It’s like the “Level Up” in a video game. One may realise that people are strikingly different to what we thought they were once you start living.

So Bonobology is presenting to you 10 things couple in live-in relationship will relate to:

1. Dependency on each other reaches at its peak

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The couple, who are two independent individuals, starts loving to be dependent on each other. It is plain and simple “I scratch your back, you do mine” policy but in a very romantic way.

2. You may pick up each other’s habits

And more importantly, you can grow your own habit after being inspired from your partner. So it can really happen that suppose you do not like a certain bollywood cheesy song, but your partner loves it. So when he is absent and you are busy doing something like making tea and suddenly you start humming that particular song, which you hate!

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3. Expanse in a tiny corner

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As both of the partners are, two different, modern individuals, who has love and respect to for each other, the live-in relationship gets more spiced up. Because your partner generally gets to know when to give you enough space. If you need to decide something or may be you need some lone time, your partner will understand that and will not bug you for a certain time.

4. You don’t need to look sexy

Definitely not all the time because no one can wake up in all decked up manner like ‘bahus’ of the Hindi serials. And your partner sees you in that way, even loves to see you in that way.

Quick bites

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5. Farting or burping

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Farting or burping in front of your partner can not be considered as a point of bad manners, but these will be more like an elimination of gas in a natural way, which might create a light mood in a deep discussion.

6. Periods

Periods are probably the one thing that men hate or get weird abour the most. But in cases of Live-In relationship, the male partner gets acquainted with this natural thing and does not freak out any more. Also, after a better understanding, the men can even become more caring to their ladies on those particular days.

7. In sickness and in health

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Here, as both of the partners are independent individuals, they are more or less acquainted with every other domestic errand. So if any one of them falls sick, the other can take care of.

8. It is fun to live with your best bud

You can actually discuss very openly about many insignificant issues like who is going to die next in Game of Thrones or what will happen to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Infinity Wars? It can be said that Live-In relationships are the best to understand the phrase “Netflix and Chill”, which is spreading everywhere through the popular culture.

9. Objections over ruled

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No one will judge you, if you act stupid in front of your partner. Because after some time he is going to say something utter nonsense. Live-In relationships can reveal your natural character to each other. No more living under the facade, which we generally put on to maintain the social status.

10. With New Friends Come New Reasons to Party

Once you start dating, you get to acquainted with your partner’s friends and best friend. But the thing is there is a thin red line between friends and acquaintances. So when you start living-in, you not only get the idea of your partner’s true nature, but also his friends’. Thus your partner’s best friend can be your new “muh bola bhai”. And with addition to it, you can call for house parties at your place every other weekend!

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  1. I completely relate to this except the last one his Best FRIEND is not my muh bola bhai instead sort of my worst enemy. No, nothing serious he just stays late night and comes whenever he wants to.AGREE to every bit of it.

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