7 toxic signs of an unhealthy relationship

Watch this video to know if you are in a toxic relationship.

Nobody desires unhealthy relationships in their life. Over the time, due to the clash of opinions and needs, sourness can seep into the roots of your relationship, turning it toxic. It’s never healthy for your mind, body and soul to be in any sort of toxic relationship but so many times people just fail to recognize the signs of bad relationships and continue to let the toxicity spread all over their life.

How do you know a toxic relationship

Notice that even though you and your partner are around each other often or all the time, there still seems to be a huge distance between you two. It could be because except being close to each other physically, you’re both otherwise far from each other. And it’s very important for your thoughts and soul to be in sync with each other to maintain the synchronicity and peace between the two. 

Besides that, arguments are on an all-time high. Despite wanting and craving the deep, intimate relationship, you both just end up being on two far ends without any scope for mutual adjustment and settlement.

If two people cannot bend a little for each other then you know that ego has become more important than love and relationship.

Lack of respect

You’d also realise how unlike earlier, neither one of you have any respect for each other’s opinion. It’s okay to want different things and have different ideas about dealing with things and situations but it’s important to give each other the space and respect to allow the growth of such different mindset. Just because someone thinks differently than you do, doesn’t make them wrong.

Watch the video for a detailed analysis.

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