9 powerful ways of expressing your love

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Love is as much an emotion as an expression. While there are a thousand emotions tucked in your heart which need to be expressed, love is one of those. Besides, it is not just the expression that matters. What matters is how well you express it.

The way you do it decides your intensity. So before you express your real feelings to someone, know that there are some sure shot ways to do so. Know these and express right.

  1. Be All Ears
    Be attentive because not every time your dear ones want an advice. Sometimes they want someone to listen while they fix the problem. So make sure you stay around and listen rather than trying to come up with the solution.
  2. Lend Support
    When the situation demands, extend your support and try making the situation better for them. Having someone on the side makes half the battle easy. So, always show support to your dear ones because there are times when they need you.
  3. Be Available
    The gift of time is the greatest treasure. You should always make people a priority over other materialistic gains. Be available for people when they call you. This investment is the biggest you could provide to your dear ones.
  4. Appreciate Often
    Appreciating someone keeps them driven. Everyone makes some adjustments in life. Do your bit with gifts and hampers to show your effort because they make an effort to be with you too.
  5. Go Back To Basics
    When it comes to giving your love, flowers, cakes are some favorite expressions that never go out of style. If your loved one lives in Delhi then kill the distance with by sending mouthwatering cakes online in Delhi or other tokens of love and express your love.
  6. Practice Forgiveness
    Not everybody is perfect. There might come times when you would not agree on point with someone. There could be spats. Try letting go of the anger and embrace positiveness. Don’t show your frustration to the person.
  7. Use Words
    Words are very powerful. Make sure you always express your love by letting your emotions out by way of words. Expressing yourself every now and then helps not just you in sharing your true being but also allows the other person to understand their place in your life.
  8. Say Please & Thank You
    Show gratitude. It might sound very simple and formal but using these simple words makes a huge difference in your life. These powerful words make a significant difference and help you express your gratitude better.
  9. Give Space
    Never try to dominate someone’s personal space. Encroaching someone’s life is not a way to show your care. You could do so by providing them space and time to reflect upon things. You are not entitled to know every sphere of life of the person.

With these ways to show your love, make sure you be mindful of the way to keep the love in the relationship intact.

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