Friends with Benefits

Is it rational for someone to be in a friends with benefits relationship? How logical to have sex with somebody and still opt out of any emotional bonding? And, what if one of the partners end up developing attachment with the other partner?


Why one opts for such a scenario should be considered as well. Is it because they do not want to commit in general, or to that person in particular ? It could be a rebound for either or both? Nothing is really rational in such situations, but the most the people involved can do is know why they're in it and where to draw the line.

  • Rohini
  • Posted: 14 Sep 2016

It is important for both the parties to be on the same page before, during and after this "relationship" has taken flight. Then, I guess everything should remain in order..

  • Meghna
  • Posted: 14 Sep 2016

AyushmaanChatterjee: It's also important to land on the same page too

This is complex. Friends with Benefits begins with both the partners pledging that they would not develop any feelings for each other. But as we all are humans, the more we spend time with someone be it physically or emotionally, we tend to get attached. If one of the partners get attached and the other does not it becomes a problem. So we are unsure whether its rational or not but in a relationship like this, it's best to opt out when one realizes that he/she is starting to develop feelings for the other.

  • Hridaan
  • Posted: 11 Sep 2016

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