What Is Cuffing Season And What Are The Rules?

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Cuffing Season

Are you someone who is generally content being single, but as soon as the holiday season comes you just wish you had someone to snuggle next to under a heavy blanket during the cold winter nights? Sure, India may not be big on New Year’s celebrations (apart from the partying) like other western countries, but we still look for a beautiful pair of lips to kiss when the clock strikes 12 and a new year begins, don’t we? Next thing you know, it’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, some of us might get creeped out by cheesy couples, but we still wish we would have someone to spend one romantic evening with.

If you’re secretly nodding to these desires thinking I am a psychic, you are a participant of cuffing season.

What Is The Meaning Of Cuffing Season?

Okay, but what is cuffing season? Well, it is a time period from October to March where singles have an intrinsic desire to share their love and find a real, but temporary relationship.

What started off as a slang in Urban Dictionary defining cuffing season as, “During the Fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship.” It is now as real an activity as it can get.

Cuffing season is generally attributed towards chilly temperatures where women can steal hoodies of a man and couples can warm each other up in more than one ways (if you know what I mean). The sudden gush of beautiful holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day creates an additional desire to share the charming season with someone. The autumn and winter blues sets off the notion that the companionship of someone will bring a lot of joy to a single person.

What months are cuffing season?

Generally, couples tie up during the cuffing season based on an understanding that their relationship is only temporary. They get together before Thanksgiving in October, and generally break up after Valentine’s Day in February, unless they fall deeply in love in those months and decide to stay together.

What Are The Rules Of The Cuffing Season

Like any other tie up, cuffing season has its own set of rules too. This is because people tend to “cuff up” with someone they’re not very compatible with.

Alternatively, one of them falls in love with the other that could lead to a depressive break up. This is the reason why cuffing season demands its own rules, and if you’re planning to look for a temporary partner to tie down in this cuffing season, you need to follow them too! Wondering what are the rules of cuffing season?

Here they are:

1. Think wisely before cuffing someone

We cannot begin talking about cuffing season rules without talking about this pointer. Steer clear of old flames and overly emotional people. Cuffing season lasts for only a few months, so should your relationship with someone. Don’t treat cuffing season as an excuse to get back with someone you’ve always loved.

Also don’t let the cuffing season and the couples around you overpower your thoughts to an extent that you end up choosing a toxic buddy or someone with deep issues. The concept of cuffing season is light as a feather, but it is always better to be cautious about the person you plan to enjoy it with.

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2. The partners should be honest with each other

The need to cuddle with someone could be so desperate that you might lie about your situation with someone. Do not do that! It is of utmost importance that you and your partner are completely honest about each other in terms of what you’re expecting this cuffing season, things you would do together and when will you break up. Avoid promising a long-term relationship to someone just because you want to tie someone down this season. The most primary concern of cuffing season is that both the parties need to be aware that they are being cuffed.

Be honest with each other

Be honest with each other Image Source

If you fall in love with your partner in the process, come out clean to them. Break it off if they do not feel the same way about you. Leading someone on or holding on to a relationship that you know is not going to last just for temporary companionship can prove to be very hurtful to you or your partner. Make your cuffing season full of snuggling and honesty.

3. Be open about your holiday plans

One of the main reasons to participate in cuffing season is to have companionship during the romantic festivals and holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. However, if you have other plans for certain holidays, clear them out with your cuff buddy beforehand. This is a very important cuffing season rule.

For example, if you’re planning to celebrate Christmas with your folks, but would like to spend New Year’s drinking with your cuff buddy, let them know about it. More often than not, people tend to make all their plans involving their cuff partners. Be transparent about all your festival plans to avoid any disappointments and arguments.

4. Steer clear of sincere attachments

Cuffing season rules are incomplete if we do not mention this to you: It is a feeling of being on cloud 9 knowing that the person you find so hot wants you to be their cuffing partner. But you need to be more careful than that. Cuffing season is temporary and it needs to be treated that way. Do not get so attached to your buddy that you start expecting a long-term relationship.

Learn to pace yourself. Cuffing season is all about good food and good wine. You might have so much fun that you might start expecting that it’ll never end. The happy hormone oxytocin will most likely do that to you. Know the purpose of tying someone down for just a few months and stick to the purpose. Your partner will likely leave once the spring time rolls in.

There is no point enjoying a couple of months only to be in intense pain when it ends because you got too attached or expected something more.

5. Avoid conversations about serious feelings

Sure, tying someone down for a few months is exactly like being in a relationship with them, but you need to avoid talking about serious feelings and conversations on “where is this going“. People hibernate with their cuffing buddies to share the joy of holidays and cuddle in dropping temperatures.

Participate in this joy instead of being worried about falling for them or wanting to know your future with them. Live in the moment!

6. Subscribe to Prime and Netflix

It’s 10 in the night, and it’s freezing outside. You’re lying on the bed, snuggling up to your cuff partner. What do you do? Netflix and Chill! There are going to be a lot of movies that you and your buddy haven’t watched. Binge on all of them on Netflix and Amazon Prime along with several bowls of popcorn, hot chocolate, canoodling and lots of making out!

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7. Have a life outside of cuffed relationship

Cuffed relationship is exactly like a real relationship, only that it is not permanent. Do not make your cuff partner your one and only. Give yourself the liberty to make plans without them. Go out with your friends, do things alone, spend time with your family.

You might want to be around them all the time because you probably will not see them again again after March, but you need to have a life outside the cuffed relationship too. Even if that means spending New Year’s with your group of friends instead of your cuff buddy. Always keep your school, job, and goals in sight, for that is going to be long term, not the cuffed relationship.

8. Cuff with protection and responsibility

Let’s face it, romantic dates and nestling isn’t all that you’re going to do all these months. It’s definitely going to lead to something. It’s cold anyway, and you’re going to have some very heated moments in the bedroom. Make the most of your bed, but do it with responsibility. Imagine having to call your cuff partner in 2 months to tell them you’re pregnant. Awkward right?

Have an amazing sexy time together, but always use protection and make love with responsibility.

9. Thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Enjoy the company while it lasts

Enjoy the company while it lasts Image Source

Cuffing season is all about meeting someone new and enjoying the moment. The rules might make the relationship sound restrictive, but it is really not. In the end, what is going to matter is that you had fun with a new person. So just throw the seriousness out in the cold and enjoy your cuff relationship to the fullest.

How to survive cuffing season if you’re single?

Cuffing season can get really rough if you’re single through it all. However, there is really no reason to fret. Not every single person has a cuff buddy. You may feel a little lonely around the holidays, but you can sail through it with considerable ease if you appreciate the people and things in your life. Call your mum or dad, or give them a surprise visit. Hang out with your friends and spend the holidays with them.

The most important thing is to recognise your self-worth and realise, that the person you’re actually meant to be with is right around the corner. It is okay to not indulge in cuffing season and have temporary relationship.

People tend to get confused between tying someone down for a temporary relationship and friends with benefits. It is important to note that whilst both the situations are on temporary basis, cuffing and Friends with Benefits is not the same. Cuffing season is all about a proper relationship-with all the talking, sex, dates and spending time together, whereas Friends with Benefits is only about sex, no other strings attached.

It is one thing to cuff a person for a momentary relationship to avoid loneliness during the holidays, but if you’re suffering from constant loneliness and have signs of depression because of it, you need to make the first call to a therapist. Cuffing season is a fun activity and it should not be confused with loneliness and depression.

To all those who are motivated to partner up this cuffing season, don’t forget the rules, and don’t forget to make the most of these chilly winters with lots of romance and cuddles.

Do share with us your experiences or views on the cuffing season in the comments section below!

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