How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It – 35 Low-Key Signs

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a girl likes you but is hiding it
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So, you met the girl of your dreams and the two of you even hit it off instantly. But things haven’t progressed beyond that, even though you have been spending time together ever since. And now, you’re left wondering how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it. “Is she into me?”, you wonder day in and day out and have run out of petals to pluck, but the answer remains elusive. Well, first of all, breathe easy. You’re not alone.

The course of love rarely runs smoothly. Feelings rarely flow like a transparent, clear stream you can see right through. A lot of girls tend to hide their feelings for the men they secretly like. Often, winning over a girl’s heart and getting her to lay her heart bare to you requires some consistent effort from your end. To be able to do that, you first need to read the signs she likes you but is hiding it. And though figuring out whether a girl is interested in you or not is an uphill task, we’ve simplified it for you.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It – 35 Low-Key Signs

“If a girl annoys me, does she like me?”, you ask. When a girl pretends to ignore you but there are secret signs she likes you, what do you make of her behavior? These questions can weigh on your mind if you’re getting mixed signals from a girl you’re interested in. Now, first of all, don’t be too quick to judge and chalk her behavior up to signs she is playing games.

There can be many reasons why she is hesitant about expressing her feelings toward you. If you’ve noticed some subtle signs that she likes you and you feel the same way, you’ve got to make a move and see where the chips fall. But the lack of clarity about feelings may be holding you back. So, first things first, you need to figure out how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it, to be able to plan your next steps. These 35 low-key signs she likes you but is hiding it will give absolute clarity:

1. You make her smile

If you’re wondering how to know if a girl is attracted to you but is trying not to show it, pay attention to this one. If she has feelings for you, your presence will instinctively bring a smile to her face. And she’s not doing it to be polite. But because being near you brings her genuine joy and lights up her face and eyes. She likes you and enjoys your company for sure. Though the fact that she’s always smiling when you are around may not be a sure-shot sign she has feelings for you, but it’s definitely an encouraging indicator.

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2. Her body language is open and welcoming

We know, you’re still googling, “how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it” for sure. Well, even if she seems guarded about her true feelings, her body may betray the signs she is into you. She may be doing her best to keep her feelings under wraps but has no control over her subconscious mind. You will see the female body language signs that she likes you in her demeanor. Pay close attention, and if she is romantically attracted to you, you may notice that she:

  • Stands tall with her shoulders turned back and her feet pointed in your direction
  • Plays with her hair
  • Makes eye contact
  • Leans toward you
  • Arches her back

All in all, you will notice that her demeanor is more open and inviting. According to a study, apart from these body language signs, non-verbal cues such as a tilt of the head also indicate she likes you but hides it.

3. She flirts over text

How do you know if a girl likes you when you are at the texting stage? Well, the clues may be hidden in her texting patterns. Pay attention to the subtext of her text messages and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do her messages sound subtly or outright flirtatious?
  • Is she teasing you with her words?
  • Is she unusually responsive to your texts?
  • Is she egging you on to take things forward?

Did you find yourself nodding to each one of these questions? We’ve got news for you: she most definitely has a thing for you. These cryptic text messages may seem a bit weird to be one of the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it, but if you think about it, they really aren’t. Perhaps, she is looking for an opening, a clear sign from you. And flirting is her way of testing the waters.

does she like me
Do her messages sound subtly or outright flirtatious?

4. She’s there for you

Are you still wondering how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it? Simple: she won’t be able to stop herself from being there for you every step of the way. If you have an important presentation at work, she’ll wish you luck and text you afterward to find out how it went. If your dog falls sick, she’ll drop everything to go to the vet with you. These actions stem from her underlying feelings for you. Her being there for you through thick and thin could be one of the signs she secretly loves you madly.

5. She can’t stop talking about you

So, how do you know if a girl likes you? Well, the signs may be hidden in her interactions with her friends or people close to her. Girls talk to their inner circle about their feelings and emotions and confide in the people they trust. In case you have mutual friends, a little digging around may calm you down, especially if you’re constantly wondering how to know if a girl is attracted to you. Here’s an idea: meet one of her girlfriends over coffee and see if you can get any information worthy of your attention, or maybe, take your mutual friends out for some beer and get them to spill the secrets.

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6. She makes an effort to keep in touch

You must have seen the viral quote circulating on different social media platforms, “Some talk to you in their free time, some free their time to talk to you.” Now, analyze your interactions with her vis-à-vis this paradigm:

  • Does she look for excuses to hang out and spend time with you?
  • If you haven’t talked or met in a few days, does she check in?
  • Does she drop a ‘hi’ or ‘ssup’ if you’ve gone without talking for a few hours?

If yes, there is no doubt she likes you a whole lot. Now, ask yourself, why would she do that? Simply because being with you makes her feel good. This particular behavior pattern speaks volumes of her romantic inclination toward you.

7. She texts you often

What if there are no obvious signs of flirting in her interactions with you? And what if that leaves you worrying about how to tell if a girl likes you over text but is trying hard to not let you know about her feelings? Look more closely. Because even though she might mask her feelings well over texts, she may not be able to rein in her urge to keep in touch. 

Frequent texts, especially if she’s the one taking the initiative, are one of the tell-tale indicators of how she feels about you. Her need to be constantly in touch with you, to want to share her moments with you, and to ask personal questions about your life is a clear indicator that she is in love with you and wants to know you better.

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8. She’s nervous around you

One of the key signs that she likes you is her palpable nervousness when she’s around you. Tell us if these sound familiar to you:

  • She may act a little clumsy
  • She may apologize profusely when she has no reason to
  • She may either ramble on or be absolutely tongue-tied
  • You may find this otherwise confident woman suddenly unsure of herself
  • Her breathing may be fast
  • You may notice her fidgeting a lot

These actions are a result of you making her heart skip a beat. She surely has feelings for you, and for some reason – maybe because of her current relationship status, her past love life, or the lack of clarity about how you feel about her – she is trying to keep them under cover. This is how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it.

9. You make her laugh

The way to a woman’s heart is through humor. Laughter and attraction are closely interlinked because when someone makes us feel happy, we naturally start viewing them more positively. The ability to make a girl laugh is in itself a favorable sign. If she’s laughing at your jokes and funny quips or is always smiling as you talk to her or are just around, you’re successfully cementing your place in her heart. And if she is laughing at even the lamest jokes you crack, it is undoubtedly one of the signs she’s into you.

Does My Crush Like Me

10. She stares at you secretly

Well, not in a creepy way. But you will notice some subtle cues that a girl is totally checking you out. For instance, if she is around and you’re engrossed in something, she won’t be able to help but gaze at you with affection and admiration. If you catch her looking, she will instantly look away and act a little embarrassed. Since you are here picking up signs she likes you but is hiding it, know that eye contact attraction is a classic sign you just cannot miss out on.

11. She remembers tiny details about you

Another one of the unmistakable signs she likes you but is hiding it (as she is scared to act on her feelings) is that she remembers tiny, little details about you that you may not even remember sharing with her. For instance, maybe you once told her that you love to munch on nachos more than popcorn while watching a movie. The next time you’re at the movies, she may insist on getting the snacks and drinks and order nachos for you. These thoughtful gestures are a manifestation of her deep feelings for you. You don’t need to worry about “Does she like me back?” anymore.

12. She knows things you haven’t even told her

Do you have good reasons to believe that she has a thing for you but pretends to be indifferent? Let’s dig deeper into the signs that the woman is attracted to you but is in denial. Notice how much she knows about you, including the things you may have never shared with her.

For instance, imagine you had a pet growing up who had to be put down. One day, she casually slips its name into a conversation, leaving you surprised. Perhaps, she learned about it from your siblings, childhood friend, or mother. The fact that she is going to such great lengths to get to know you is among the signs she secretly wants you.

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13. She displays hints of jealousy

If you’re still confused about how to know if a girl is attracted to you, remember, no matter how in control of her feelings she might be, she will invariably feel at least a tinge of jealousy if other women are fawning over you or you seem interested in another woman. If you fret over “How do I know if she fancies me or treats me the same as her other friends?”, pay attention to any veiled displays of jealousy.

“Who was she?”, “What’s going on between you and her?”, “What was she saying to you?” Questions like these should make it clear how she feels about you. This is among the tell-tale signs she secretly loves you deeply.

14. She’s always up for meeting you

One of the clear clues she likes you but may be hiding her feelings is her readiness to spend time with you. Whenever you suggest hanging out, she agrees without hesitation. Even if it means she has to cancel existing plans to make it happen. And why does she like to spend time with you so much? Because:

  • It makes her feel good
  • She enjoys your company
  • You make her heart skip a beat
  • The idea of some quality time with you gives her butterflies in the stomach
  • She sees it as an opportunity to strengthen your bond

15. She engages with you on social media

Among the tell-tale signs she secretly wants you are her interactions with you on social media. A girl who has a weakness for you won’t just follow or friend you on social media platforms but also religiously like and comment on your posts. She views your stories, reacts to them, and scrolls through your old posts every now and again.

These are rather small details, but have you noticed your girl doing the same? Of course, she has the hots for you. If you’re looking for signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it, this can definitely give you some insight into her real feelings.

16. She talks in hypotheticals

Talking in hypotheticals about what it’d be like if you two got together is among the secret signs she likes you. Statements like, “I’d marry you if I don’t get married by 30” indicate that a girl wants you to be around for a long time. She is dropping clear hints that she wants something more and is perhaps waiting for you to catch on. You don’t need to be a relationship expert to know that it’s time to make the first move.

17. She looks for you

How do you know if a girl likes you? See how she reacts if you’re both in a room full of people. If she has feelings for you, you will invariably find her eyes searching for you. The best part is that she may not be aware of it happening, so she won’t be able to rein it in even if she’s trying to keep her feelings secret. When your eyes meet hers, try to hold her gaze and look at her in a deep, intense way. This intense eye contact may just give her a hint that the feelings are mutual.

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18. Her attitude toward you changes

Have you been wondering if a close friend of yours has caught feelings for you? In this situation, you’d definitely need some clear signs she likes you but is hiding it before you make the first move because misreading her actions can backfire and how!

If you two have known each other for a long time, you must have sensed a shift in her behavior. “Is she into me?”, you may wonder. Well, if you notice the following changes in your dear friend’s behavior, there is a good chance she wants this friendship to evolve into something more:

Stories about love and romance

19. You can sense it in her touch

If you still have no clue how to know if a girl likes you secretly, remember, physical touch can be a strong indicator to give away her not-so-secret feelings for you. If you’ve known each other for a long time, you may notice that the way she makes physical contact with you has changed. In case, you’ve met recently, you may get a sense that she is looking for opportunities to touch you. For instance:

  • She might go for a playful tap on the hand or shoulder, or even a hug to greet you
  • She could give you a soft peck on the cheek to say “Thank you”
  • If you have hugged before, you may notice her hugs have become more lingering of late
  • She may hold on to your hand if you high-five each other
  • She may ruffle your hair lovingly

According to a study, these instances of physical touch can be among the most distinct signs she secretly wants you.

20. She initiates plans

Among the key signs she is into you is her tendency to initiate plans. If you’ve gone a few days without seeing each other, she’ll suggest hanging out or may come up with an excuse to see you. She has feelings for you, and because she is not vocal about them, she may loop in mutual friends or make group plans as well. All of this just so she can see you or be with you. We think you can safely answer the “Does she like me?” question with a ‘yes’ now.

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21. Her feelings for you are the worst-kept secret

Do you still have no clue how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it? Let’s put our investigator goggles on and solve this together. Have you ever walked in on her sitting with her gang of girls and felt the energy shift? They’re all giving you a look over, teasing her, or talking in hushed tones. Do her friends whisper when you pass by? That’s because they know all too well what she feels for you. We have good news – it’s one of the clearest signs that she likes you but is hesitating to tell you.

22. You make her blush

“Does she like me? How would she act around me if she does have a thing for me?”, you ask. To figure out the answer, try flirting with her or paying her a compliment, and the way her body language changes will tell you a whole lot. If she blushes, consider it a good sign. You definitely have a grip on her heart and a finger on her pulse.

23. She gives you her full attention

You’re sharing something deeply personal with her and she looks into your eyes intently. As if trying to decipher how you’re feeling within. Perhaps, she even holds your hand and strokes it gently. Try to assess this behavior in tandem with other body language signs that she likes you (or not), and you will have your answer. While she’s at it, if she also mirrors your actions, you can bank on this research-backed sign she likes you but hides it.

24. She tries to impress you

How do you know if a girl likes you? If she considers you to be a good match for her, it’s only natural that she would want to be appealing and desirable to you. To that end, you may notice that she makes an effort to impress you. From dressing up for you to showing off her skills at a game you’re good at, from talking smartly about things you’re interested in to using her social media posts to let you truly see what she’s made off, she won’t hold back from leaving the right impression on your mind.

25. She values your opinions

Even if a girl secretly wants you but won’t let you know how she feels, she won’t be able to stop herself from seeking your input on things that matter to her. You will be the first person she reaches out to whenever she finds herself in a spot and needs a fresh perspective on how best to deal with the situation. That’s because she values you and your opinions. Perhaps, on some level, she has started viewing you as an integral part of her life. So, she wants you involved in all decisions big and small.

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26. She cheers you on

When a woman is interested in a man she will be his rock, his support system, and his biggest cheerleader. Playing at a big game coming up at your local football club? Making a pitch to investors about starting your own business? Taking a leap of faith to switch careers? She will cheer you on no matter what pursuit you embark upon. If it’s important to you, it’s important to her.

If you notice her doing this for you, know that she wants a meaningful, serious relationship with you, and isn’t here to merely fool around (not that there is anything wrong with just fooling around, but it’s definitely not what she wants).

27. She looks after you

A woman’s nurturing instincts often make it easy to identify the signs a girl is interested in you as she can barely conceal her true feelings sometimes. If she is emotionally invested in you, she won’t be able to help herself when it comes to looking after you. This may mean coming over to your place to fix a meal when you’re sick. Or helping you with a presentation when you’re chasing a tight deadline. She’ll be happy to help. Assuming she is not yet ready to express her feelings in words, this is her way of telling you that you hold a special place in her heart.

28. She engages you in long conversations

Do you find yourself spending every other weekend or Friday night on the phone with her if you can’t be together? Does time just fly by when you’re both engrossed in conversation? Consider it among the signs that the woman is attracted to you.

The effortless conversation that runs into hours, with both of you losing track of time, is an indicator of growing emotional intimacy between you two. Well, how about you make the first move and ask her out? Don’t just sit around wondering “Does she like me back?”

signs she likes you but is hiding it
Time flies by when she is talking with you

29. She shares pictures with you

“How do I know if she fancies me?”, you wonder! Still don’t have a clear idea about how she feels? Take a moment and scroll through your chats with her. Do you see a lot of pictures of her – showing you what she ate for lunch, asking your opinion on what to wear, or showing you her various moods throughout the day? This is her way of inviting you into the innermost folds of her life, and there could be no other reason behind this than her wanting you badly. She not only likes you but trusts you too.

30. She has a connection with people in your life

If your girl makes an effort to build a strong connection with the people who are important to you, it’s one of the signs that the woman is attracted to you. If she calls your mom just to check on her or sends your best friend cupcakes on their birthday, you can undoubtedly count it among the signs she secretly wants you. She wants you to notice her efforts as well, because once you do, you’d know she is madly in love with you.

31. She is generous with her compliments

If a girl likes you or has deep feelings for you, it goes without saying that there is a lot she appreciates about you. While she may be able to hide her feelings, her appreciation for you may slip through the cracks. If she is generous in paying compliments to you, it signals her interest in you as a potential partner.

32. She lets you see her quirks and flaws

If a girl is no longer conscious of letting you see her quirky side or flaws, it means her feelings for you are deep and that it’s more than just a crush or an infatuation. There is a strong emotional attraction that makes her feel safe with you. She trusts that you will understand her, and even if you don’t, you will not judge her for aspects that she isn’t exactly proud of. This trust gives her the confidence to be her authentic self with you, and let you see her for who she is, warts and all. If you are still confused about “How to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it?”, this should give you some clarity.

33. She drunk dials or texts

One of the sure-fire signs she secretly wants you is if she drunk dials or texts you. Now, it may not happen every day or very often, but the fact that it has happened means that you’re on her mind no matter where she is, what she is doing, or what state she’s in. Besides, people tend to think of the ones they value the most when inebriated. If you’re in luck, she may even let her feelings slip through during those drunken conversations.

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34. She lets her guard down

As you wonder “How do I know if she fancies me?”, you should look into how far she has let you into her life. If she lets her guard down and lets you see her vulnerable side, allows you to ask deeply personal questions, or shares certain not-so-pleasant life experiences with you, you certainly hold a special place in her heart. Examples of being vulnerable with a man include trusting him with closely guarded secrets.

35. She goes off the dating scene

Picture this: you may not be a ‘thing’ yet, but she has already gone off the dating scene. When a girl falls head over heels for someone, the first thing she does is make herself unavailable to others. She has logged out or uninstalled dating apps, stopped asking friends to set her up, and is not exploring her options anymore. That’s because that special spot in her heart has already been taken by you.

Key Pointers

  • You would know when a girl is developing feelings for you if you pay attention to her behavior and body language around you
  • There can be a host of reasons why she may choose to keep her feelings under wraps – maybe she is shy or nervous about your reaction, working to get over a past heartbreak, or simply waiting for you to make the first move
  • The way she smiles at you, interacts with you, or talks about you to others can be strong indicators of her feelings
  • Once you notice the signs she’s interested in you, go ahead and ask her out if you feel the same way about her

By learning to interpret her gestures to decode her feelings, you can cross the hurdle of “how to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it”. Now, comes the next hard part – of making a move and asking her out. We wish you luck!


1. How do you know if a girl likes you without talking to them?

Pay attention to her body language. If her body is relaxed and forthcoming, it’s a tell-tale sign that she has a thing for you. Similarly, blushing or playing with her hair in your presence are also signs of attraction.

2. How do you know if she is hiding her feelings?

If she goes above and beyond to stay connected to you or have you in her life in one way or the other, you can be fairly certain that she has feelings for you but is trying to hide it.

3. How to know she loves you secretly?

If she loves you secretly, she will be there for you, cheer you on, pay attention to your likes and dislikes, get to know you, and let her guard down around you.

4. What are the signs she is secretly attracted to you?

Subtle flirting, frequent texting, and hints of jealousy are all signs she is secretly attracted to you. If she engages with you on social media or is there for you whenever you need her, know that these are signs she secretly likes you.

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