13 Things To Practice To Attract Love Into Your Life

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Finding that perfect companion is not complicated for those who know how to attract love into their lives. Love is everywhere and in everything. Willingness to seek and keep love is all that is needed to find fulfillment in any type of relationship. Finding love opens new doors.

The movies might exaggerate but it is true that when in love, the air becomes clear and fresh, you look forward to completing household chores in anticipation of a wanted guest and even a long day at the office doesn’t seem that tedious anymore. For all those who are on the quest for that make-your-heart-skip-a-beat feeling, know that the journey to find love begins with loving yourself. Whether it is to attract love from a specific person or from within, the paths to each are more or less the same.

The basis of any healthy relationship is a healthy person. In other words, you have to heal, become whole and begin loving yourself to attract love. But this doesn’t mean you have to make life-altering changes to your lifestyle. Small changes make a big impact in shaping one’s life in the long run.

Can You Manifest And Attract Love?

Love is everywhere and yet it can feel tough to find it sometimes. The silver lining is that there is so much you can do to manifest and attract love into your life. Having a positive attitude puts you on the path to finding love quickly.
Simple changes such as daily loving affirmations to attract love or a new hairstyle can help the vibe around you. This vibe is the positive energy that builds inside you and attracts love into your life. Soon enough, you will see yourself manifesting love from places and people you hadn’t thought of ever before.

Self-love and love from others are part of the same love bundle that you want to attract, but they are not mutually exclusive. In a given context or circumstance, love is said to be absolute when it feels good from within and without simultaneously. Imagine love as a smoothie that is healthy while being tasty. You get the idea.

Guide yourself into manifesting love by asking questions like “how can I love myself?” and “how do I find the one who loves me?”. These questions set the tone for a positive approach toward life and relationships in general.

The same is true of the law of attraction, which suggests that positive energy can give rise to a positive outcome. The more you put in, the more you get. Positive energy is a cumulation of positive thoughts that are manifested as per our habits and needs. Hence, our needs and their corresponding habits determine how we attract love.

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How Do You Manifest And Attract Love – 13 Things To Practice From Today

Are you ready to manifest love into your life? Remember to preach what you practice to build a positive image of yourself among your peers. Manifesting love may not follow the same path as manifesting a Porsche outside your curb or a million dollars in your account. Attracting love requires lifestyle changes in subtle yet effective ways. Pay heed to these 13 things you can practice regularly to attract love:

1. Look good

Let’s get the obvious and the superficial out of the way. Look good to attract love. No matter who you are, chances are you have been subconsciously smooth-talked to associate certain fashion trends with personality traits, whether or not the connection truly exists.

The attraction usually follows the gaze, so looking and feeling your best can be the key to nailing eye contact attraction. In a society that judges the book by its cover, don’t hold yourself back from going on a shopping spree and choosing a dress or a trinket that best represents you. Maybe the next person who comes along will like your heart and your cherry pink cardigan.

2. Feel good

Loving yourself to attract love is the simplest way to find happiness. Taking care of the body through regular exercise can help you get comfortable with your skin. When you need to radiate an aura that tells everyone you are ready to attract love, walk the whole nine yards: sleep and get up on time, exercise daily, eat and drink healthy and everything in between.

Experts recommend regular exercise as a means to access feel-good chemicals like endorphins. Getting rid of visual clutter is another way to present yourself better. Whether it is your bed at home or your work table, clear the surroundings, removing what is unnecessary will strengthen what is left. It will also be a chance for people to commend your organizational skills.

3. Start the day with affirmations

A simple way to train your mind to manifest something is by reminding it gently over and over again. Write daily love or relationship affirmations to attract love through a simple routine. All you need is a sticky note, a pen and your favorite wall. Reading a simple love affirmation such as “I will find love wherever I go” or “I am ready to love myself to the fullest” will go a long way when done daily.

Affirmations need not be written or vocal. They can be audio and video reminders that you can listen or watch while doing yoga. Make sure the message is short, clear and doable. Just say the mantra every day to let your heart and mind know that all will be well.

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4. Maintain a record of you

An extension of the affirmation program is to maintain a written journal. Journaling opens a direct communication with oneself paving an easier route for self-worth, self-esteem and self-love to flow.

You need not be a famous writer like Anaïs Nin who left a wealth of personal journals. It can be a quote about love you saw on Facebook, relationship advice from a married friend, a stranger you wish you could know more about; all of them put together over a period of time will make understanding and attracting love clear for you.

5. Find a life goal

Ambition can be attractive. While a high-paying job doesn’t always make for an ‘ideal life partner’, having a passionate life goal sends a positive message. A desire for personal achievement in terms of a career or a serious hobby can signal confidence and perseverance and most importantly commitment.

Next time you write your bio on a dating app, highlight your goals and interests to attract love from like-minded persons. A personal aim can also invoke self-love due to the independence it offers from the rest of the world.

6. Stay social to attract love into your life

how to attract love
Go out and interact with people to attract love

Leave isolation to philosophers. Meet people regularly. If you are keen to attract love, having a close group of friends who will love you for who you are and also encourage you toward positive changes is a must. Apart from meeting friends, find places of interest such as a gym or your city’s sporting complex, where it is easy to meet strangers with similar interests.

Interacting with people from different walks of life is an opportunity to test your understanding and expectations from relationships or love. But, don’t go overboard. Remember the Rule of 150. Mentioned in the book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, this sociological concept states that 150 members for a group are an ideal size for its proper functioning. Hence, limit the number of people you wish to socialize with.

7. Boo toxic people (and thoughts)

Forget civilization. Sometimes seek isolation in the cozy corner of an old bookstore. Attracting love from toxic people, whether it is a friend or next to kin, is not worth it. Toxic relationships are a hard no.

The rule on how to attract love using the law of attraction is simple: the less time you spend on negative actions, the more space you have to steer your life in a positive direction. Taking a social media cleanse once in a while is a must considering the amount of troll literature out there.

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8. Connect with nature

Forget humanity, embrace nature. The love you can attract from nature is one of a kind. Go for a hike, sit on a park bench and watch the tree leaves sway in the wind. Nature provides love in such a way that it doesn’t ask anything back, except your attention. Leave the concrete jungle behind and return to your roots. Research shows that spending as much as 120 minutes in nature brings good health.

9. Seek therapy

We know avoiding existential crisis and identity crisis, especially during a pandemic, is easier said than done. Let your therapist guide you through the turbulent thoughts. Stress, coupled with our cognitive biases, can sometimes block us from reaching our full potential to attract love. The proven benefits of counseling and therapy in resolving these issues cannot be stressed enough.

Techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness can lessen anxiety and make space for self-love. Therapy can be a scientific way to learn love affirmations to attract love.

10. Take risks

Love can come in all forms and shapes and from places least expected. It can be during an impromptu travel plan to a new country or a new genre of music on Spotify. The more you evolve, the more you open yourself to attracting love from places that will pleasantly surprise you.

Learn to deal with rejection the right way rather than fearing it. Come out of your comfort zone to ask your coworker out, even if you think they’re out of your league. You might just end up pleasantly surprising yourself with the result.

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11. Expand your horizons

Sometimes, to attract love all that you need to do is hold a conversation smartly. Imagine impressing your date with knowledge about the coffee plantations along the Ivory Coast or this year’s GDP of South Korea. Attracting love can be as simple as having the right conversation starters up your sleeve.

Keep evolving your perspective by learning from as many sources as you can. Whether it is a new book, a video or a podcast, or a visit to a new country, expand your horizons. You never know if the person you want to attract love from is on the other side of the language barrier.

12. Let go of the past

Mistakes were made and people (including yourself) were hurt. But that is all now a prologue to your future. To learn how to attract love with the law of attraction you need to make space in your mind and heart. This is only possible once you have learned to let go of the past. Burn your old love letters. Repaint the walls that might remind you of bad memories. Change careers if you have to. New worlds open up when we stop living in the past.

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13. Find love that is already there

Not all past is bad though. This tip is not about attracting love as much as it is about discovering the love that is already there. My friend had to flee home, cross two continents and spend ten years traveling only to realize that her parents have been her biggest support all this while.

Gratitude and faith are important tools to discover this love, so in practising forgiveness in relationships. No matter how busy your schedule is, call your parents, stop once in a while to talk to your neighbor about the weather, text your friends every weekend to check on how they are doing. Soon, you will notice the love coming back to you thanks to all the effort you have been making to change your life for the better.

When you have been on your own for way too long or have had less-than-favorable experiences in the past, giving up on love can seem like a safer alternative. However, in the process, you may be denying yourself a lifetime of emotional stability and fulfillment. Why not change your outlook and attract love in your life from a fresh perspective.

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