Getting Married? 15 Tips To Prepping Skin For Wedding

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Updated On: July 27, 2023
Prepping skin for wedding
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A wedding is an important milestone in your life journey. You need to start prepping skin for your wedding, pick out your gown, and ensure everything at your venue is well looked after.

Besides a celebration of a couple’s love and commitment toward one another, it is also a turning point that will redefine the course of your life ahead. And of course, it is the one grand event where you are undoubtedly the star.

Naturally, you want to be the best version of yourself on this all-important day. While the right makeup and ensemble go a long way in making you look like a dazzling diva, the importance of wedding skin preparation cannot be undermined either.

Wedding skin tips can be tricky to decode, so let’s find out everything there’s to know about the best skincare routine for brides before the wedding.

15 Wedding Skin Preparation Tips To Swear By

Between handling wedding preparation, the madness of social commitments and the nervous excitement of turning over a new leaf in your life, it’s easy to lose sight of one extremely critical aspect of getting ready for the big day – prepping skin for the wedding.

To make sure you don’t have to settle for anything short of a resplendent glow on your wedding day, we have some skincare tips before wedding to get your beauty plan in order.

For your convenience, we’re breaking this lowdown on taking care of skin before marriage into pro-level and home-based care, so that you always have a reliable regimen to tap into no matter how engrossed you are in the preparations and festivities.

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Pro Level Pre-Bridal Skincare Regimen

Anyone who’s walked down the aisle, as well as professionals who have dressed up many a gorgeous bride, will swear by the effectiveness of these 7 pro-level remedies for glowing skin before marriage:

1. Begin early

There is no such thing as starting too early on your wedding skin preparation. Beginning bridal care before 3 months of marriage is recommended, as a sustained skincare regimen will help address deep-seated issues and give you that coveted bridal glow.

When prepping skin for wedding, avoid layering chemicals and lean in favor of natural alternatives. Understanding your skin type as well as what works and what doesn’t is integral to an effective pre-wedding beauty plan.

Do not experiment with new beauty products at the last minute and stay true to the ones that suit your skin type!

2. Focus on hydration and diet

Want to get clear skin for marriage? Even the best bridal facial before wedding cannot trump the benefits of good hydration and dietary habits. All those pre-bridal facials and masks will not be able to deliver the desired results if your skin isn’t nourished from within. 

Hydration is an elixir for healthy skin. Water not only cools off extra heat and brings that bridal glow but also helps reduce toxins in your body that manifest in the form of patches and spots on your face.

Your food habits also play an integral role in keeping the skin supple, soft and youthful. Even if you’re on a diet to shed some extra weight before your wedding, focus on eating healthy instead of starving yourself.

Replace fried foods and junk with fruits, vegetables, soups, salads and nuts to make sure your body’s nutrient requirement is not compromised.

Wedding skin tips
Hydration is an elixir for healthy skin

3. Exfoliation

Given the busy schedule in modern times, your skin rarely gets the complete care it truly needs. Your wedding is the perfect excuse to change that. Every bride-to-be must make exfoliation an integral part of her wedding skin preparation to shed dry and dead skin cells.

These layers dampen your glow and make you look much older. Exfoliation also helps in delaying the onset of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, improves skin texture and strengthens facial muscles – all of which are the key to that radiant bridal glow.

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4. Moisturise

The best skincare routine for brides should focus on hydrating the skin from inside and out. While you use water and food for hydrating the skin from within, don’t forget the power of a good moisturizer in nourishing it from outside.

A simple yet effective element of bridal care before 3 months of marriage is to apply a good moisturizer at least twice a day. You can use a hydrating day and night cream that is also capable of addressing your key skin concerns, be it sunspots and skin darkening or lines and wrinkles or uneven skin tone and patches.

Skin care routine for brides
A simple yet effective element of bridal care is to apply a good moisturiser at least twice a day

5. Let a good night’s sleep work its magic

Stress and pre-bridal blues are inevitable in the run-up to your wedding. Even so, you should do everything you can to get a good night’s sleep consistently if you want your pre-wedding beauty plan to work. Your circadian rhythm needs to be set and maintained.

Losing out on sleep or getting irregular or insufficient sleep can result in poor skin health, marked by sagging, dryness and dullness and dark circles. Regulated and undisturbed sleep not only helps improve your blood circulation but also enhances metabolism, helps break down toxins and improves overall health.

6. Go organic

Avoid using an array of chemicals on your face. When you’re prepping skin for wedding, look for organic or natural options for lotions, face packs, facemasks and other beauty products. Revisiting the age-old wisdom of skincare hidden in your ancient texts is a good idea.

Organic products not only have better and long-lasting effects but also do not adversely affect the skin. These products are more effective in making the skin healthier and bring out a natural bridal glow – which is exactly what you need at this time.

Skin care tips before wedding
Avoid using chemical on your face- go the organic route.

7. Go the extra mile

Looking for the best wedding skin tips? If you want your wedding skin preparation to yield desired results, you have to be prepared to go the extra mile for it. Round off your pre-bridal skincare regimen with healthy vitamin supplements such as vitamin C, multi-vitamin tablets and Omega-3.

These will not only help you get the perfect flawless skin but also deliver long-term benefits such as boosted immunity, improved metabolism and better heart health.

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Pre-Wedding Skincare At Home

As we said before, ideally you should begin bridal care before 3 months of marriage. So if you’re wondering when to get a facial before the wedding, you have your answer – as soon as possible!

However, with work commitments and other preparations to take care of – shopping, trials, alterations, dealing with in-laws, more shopping – many brides-to-be struggle to keep up with salon appointments and professional skincare treatments.

To make sure paucity of time doesn’t come in the way of you taking care of skin before marriage, here are some skin care tips before wedding that you can do at home:

8. Rejuvenate the skin with aloe vera

When to get a facial before wedding
Massage your skin with aloe vera pulp every night

Aloe vera is nature’s gift to human skin. You must leverage it to the fullest in your wedding skin preparation plans. With its skin renewing and anti-inflammatory properties, the pulp sourced from this humble plant can rejuvenate your skin and lend it an unmissable bridal glow.

If there’s one tip for pre-wedding skincare at home to swear by, it’d be massaging your skin with fresh aloe vera pulp every night.

9. Keep it cool

‘Cool as a cucumber’ is the way to go, especially when it comes to caring for your skin. Nothing works better than a homemade cucumber mask in soothing skin inflammations and flare-ups. Besides, a cucumber mask helps clear the pores of dirt and grime buildup and allows your skin to breathe.

It is the simplest yet most effective bridal facial before a wedding that you can do at home. Just crush up a cucumber and apply it to your face. Leave it on for 15-20 mins to get a clear skin.

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10. Baking soda for bridal glow

Looking for a magical pre-bridal skincare regimen that comes with the guarantee of promising results? Here is a homemade mask you ought to give a chance to – create a thick paste by mixing equal parts of baking soda and virgin olive oil, and then top it off with half a spoon of honey.

Apply this pack on your face and neck, let it rest for 10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. You will realize how simple it is to take care of your skin. Repeating this pre-wedding skincare at home tip once a week will give clear skin and that much sought-after glow.

11. Good old Fuller’s earth for oily skin

Remedies for glowing skin before marriage
Use Fuller’s earth face packs to suck out excess oil and sebum build-up

Those born with oily skin spend much of their adult life in the fear of untimely hideous breakouts. Now, you don’t want to spend the run-up to your wedding day stressing about breakouts and acne.

Girls with oily skin, when you’re prepping skin for wedding make sure to revisit an old classic from your grandmother’s skincare regime – using Fuller’s earth face packs to suck out that excess oil and sebum build-up.

12. Say goodbye to dark circles

Dark circles can prove to be even the most skilled makeup artist’s nightmare because they are hard to conceal and can give your bridal makeup an uneven, patchy appearance. Counter this stubborn skin problem with a simple remedy – extract the juice from some potatoes by grinding them and apply that on the affected area at least once a day to watch the dark circles disappear.

13. Add nature’s toner to your skincare regimen

In the spirit of keeping things natural and organic include nature’s toner AKA sandalwood powder into your wedding skin preparation routine. Sandalwood does wonders to your skin almost overnight.

When you’re prepping some natural remedies for glowing skin before marriage, source some authentic sandalwood powder, mix a teaspoon with raw milk to create a pack-like consistency and apply it on your face to get rid of dark spots, patches, uneven skin tone, among other problems.

14. A booster dose of turmeric

Tips for bridal glow
Turmeric for a beautiful skin

If you need that instant bridal glow ahead of a ceremony, quickly prepare a mask by mixing half a spoon of turmeric with 2 spoons of gram flour and water. Let this mask sit on your skin for 10-15 mins and revel in an instant bridal glow.

This is one of the fool-proof wedding skin tips you can count on. And the best part – it’s so simple that you can do it at home, even hours before the ceremony.

15. Rosewater for clear, glowing skin

If you believe in consistent efforts and are prepared to start bridal care before 3 months of marriage, make it a nightly ritual to apply rose water on your face before going to bed. Slowly but surely, it will not only tone up the skin but also work wonders for giving you that bridal glow before the wedding. These are essential things to know before getting married!

While you must do everything you can to look just the way you want to on your wedding day, remember beauty is skin deep. Even if an odd zit makes an appearance at the wrong time, hold your chin up and straighten that crown because a bump on the skin shouldn’t dampen your spirits on this big day.

So yes, prepping skin for wedding is quite tricky, but if you’re organized about it and religiously follow your ritual and plan of action, you’re skin will be glowing on your special day. We already know you’re going to make the most gorgeous bride!


1. How can I get flawless skin before my wedding?

Start prepping your skin 3 months before the wedding. Moisturize your skin religiously and try all the natural remedies at home if you don’t have time to go to a salon.

2. How do I prepare my skin for bridal make up?

Firstly, hydrate and exfoliate. Make turmeric and sandalwood masks to help prep you skin for all the makeup that you’re going to be using.

3. When to get a facial before wedding?

You can start using facials at home 3 months before the wedding. The remedies are fairly simple and will barely take more than 20 minutes of your day.

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