15 Signs You’re A Heyoka Empath And What It Means For Your Relationship

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Updated On: May 6, 2024
You’re A Heyoka Empath

Heyoka empaths are unique individuals who possess different perspectives on life and relationships. Highly intuitive and sensitive, they are the most powerful empaths who can not only feel the emotions and energies of others deeply but also act as an emotional mirror, helping others truly see themselves. The Heyoka empath is a sacred and spiritual archetype within Native American culture and is often referred to as the “Sacred Clown”.

If you have Heyoka powers, you may have experienced challenges in your relationships due to your unique traits and abilities. In this article, we’ll explore 15 signs that indicate you’re a Heyoka empath and what it means for your relationships. Understanding your traits can help you navigate your relationships more effectively and connect with others on a deeper level.

What Is A Heyoka Empath?

We must first understand what empaths are in order to begin understanding what a Heyoka empath is. An empath is a person with the incredible ability to feel and absorb the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations of others. The phrase, “I feel your pain”, literally rings true for a true empath. An empath is often referred to as an emotional sponge because they have an innate capacity to sense the emotions and needs of others. 

Now, what is a Heyoka empath? This Native American term originates from the Lakota people (Sioux Tribe) and is used to describe a person who is highly sensitive to the emotional and spiritual states of others. Heyokas simply differ from regular empaths in their ability to experience things in a unique, reversed, or backward way, and sense energy better. They often use humor and satire to help others understand the world differently.

As per the Native American belief, Heyoke is a spiritually ordained calling an individual is destined for. A Heyoka is believed to emerge from a life of suffering and emerges from a void in their life with unparalleled spiritual clarity. That’s why when a person experiences Heyoka empath awakening, it can seem like they’ve woken up from a deep slumber and suddenly gained the ability to feel other people’s emotions as personally as their own and also use their energies to affect others’ reactions, moods, and emotions.

The Heyoka empath awakening is meant to bring the gift of foresight, truth saying, spiritual abilities, and empathic healing that is harnessed for the betterment of others as well as Mother Earth. Broadly, Heyoka empath traits can be summed up as,

  • A “sacred clown” or “fool” whose primary purpose is to facilitate healing in others
  • They are thought to lack intimacy in relationships and are called upon to heal others through their unique perspective and humor
  • They are known to be highly creative, fearless, and unafraid of speaking their truth, even if it goes against social norms
  • Heyoka’s personality is characterized by mischievousness, unpredictability, and chaos. They use these traits to bring balance and healing to others

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Why is being a heyoka empath so powerful

Heyoka is not only the most powerful but also the most rare empath type. Heyoka emerges from challenging life experiences, such as possessing some rare physical traits, experiencing unusual physical symptoms, or going through difficult births, which set them apart from others. They, typically, discover their destiny through a spiritual process or Heyoka empath awakening marked by a powerful vision or dream. Experiencing the Heyoka empath awakening is a rare privilege bestowed upon a chosen few, and it can be an empowering and transformative experience because,

  • The Heyoka path begins with a powerful personal journey of healing and transformations
  • Heyoka’s focal role is to help people get in touch with their own powerful energies (Qi)
  • It bestows the ability to sense and feel other people’s energies and emotions
  • And the power to facilitate physical as well as emotional healing
heyoka powers
Heyoka is not only the most powerful empath type

15 Signs You’re A Heyoka Empath And What It Means For Your Relationship

Those with Heyoka empath traits have a distinctive outlook on life and interpersonal interactions. They have a strong sense of intuition and are extremely perceptive, able to feel the emotions and energies of others. Knowing your Heyoka powers will enable you to engage with people more deeply and navigate your relationships more skillfully. You don’t necessarily need a Heyoka empath test to make that discovery, just being in touch with your inner self is enough. To put that inner churn in perspective, you need to be aware of the tell-tale Heyoka empath signs, which include:

1. You have a strong sense of humor

One of the surprising Heyoka empath signs is using humor to help people understand your perspective. In relationships, you try to use your sense of humor as one of your empathic abilities to diffuse tense situations and bring levity and healing to difficult situations and other people’s emotions. 

However, it can often be seen as unconventional or paradoxical by your partner, especially when you use it to challenge norms, beliefs, and expectations. Tell me this, do you often try to help your partner or others face any hard truth or situations with a sense of lightheartedness and perspective but it blows up in your face when they find it dark or cynical? If, yes then your unique insight is often misunderstood in relationships but don’t let it discourage you.

What it means for your relationship

Ultimately, the strong sense of humor of many empaths is a manifestation of their unique way of perceiving and understanding the world, and it often serves as a tool for growth and healing in their relationships. Your partner may not always understand your humor, leading to misunderstandings and miscommunications but it is important to communicate openly and share your emotions with your partner.

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2. You often see the world from a different perspective

Heyoka empaths have a unique way of looking at things, and they often see things in a reversed or backward way. It’s one of the classic Heyoka empath signs. Your unique perspective can sometimes lead to conflict in relationships as you may challenge traditional norms and authority. However, your ability to bring a fresh perspective to situations can also bring new solutions and positive change to relationships

What it means for your relationship

It means you can bring freshness to your relationship. You can manifest this trait in various ways in relationships. You may approach problems from a unique angle and offer unconventional solutions to relationship problems. You may also challenge traditional norms and authority, which can lead to conflict and require compromise. Your perspective can also bring positive change and growth to the relationship.

3. You’re comfortable in chaos

Comfort in chaos is among Heyoka’s empathic abilities. You are a free spirit, comfortable in chaotic situations, and capable of navigating your way through difficult emotions with ease. You are not afraid of confrontation and can handle emotional intensity with grace and humor. 

What it means for your relationship

Your partner will appreciate your ability to handle the emotional intensity. You can help your partner navigate difficult emotions and provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for them to process their feelings. You can also bring humor and lightness to the relationship, helping diffuse tense or stressful situations. Your comfort with chaos and ability to push through difficult emotions can become a grounding factor in your relationship.

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4. You have a strong sense of justice

You are driven by a strong sense of justice. You are an advocate for those who are marginalized or oppressed and will use your unique perspective and humor to help assist people in bringing change. This moral compass is perhaps the only Heyoka empath test you will need to confirm your personality type.

what is a heyoka empath
A Heyoka empath advocates for the marginalized and oppressed

What it means for your relationship

Being in a relationship with a highly sensitive person or empath like you, who is driven by justice, can be a very positive and enriching experience. Your advocacy can create positive change within the relationship and in the broader community. This sense of purpose and mission can be inspiring for your partner and bring a sense of meaning and connection to the relationship.

It can help you and your partner connect on a deeper level. But hey, your sense of justice can sometimes create tension or conflict in a relationship. You may be more likely to speak your mind and challenge your partner’s assumptions, which can be uncomfortable or even confrontational.  

5. You’re emotionally unpredictable

According to an article by Alan Young for Subconscious Servant, “Your openness and honesty are refreshing to many people, but it can be overwhelming to others.” You are creative and often seen as being unpredictable and chaotic, but you use these traits to bring balance and use your healing powers for others, which is one of the major Heyoka empath signs. You are not afraid of change and are often the one who brings about positive change in your relationships and the world around you. 

What it means for your relationship

It’s important to recognize and understand the unique traits and abilities that come with this type of empathy. You may come across as unpredictable and chaotic, but it’s important to recognize that you use these traits to bring balance and healing to others. However, this behavior may, at times, seem confusing or even frustrating to your partner. It is important to make them understand that your behavior is not meant to harm them or your relationship. In fact, it is often a reflection of your desire to bring about positive change and healing.

6. You have a strong intuition

You are highly intuitive and can sense the emotions and needs of others. This can often lead to you taking on the emotional burden of others depending on the person’s energy, which can be exhausting.

What it means for your relationship

Your highly intuitive nature and ability to sense other people’s emotions and needs can be both a gift and a challenge in a relationship. While it can help you build a deep emotional bond with an intimate partner, if not checked, it can lead to enmeshment in relationships.  

7. You have a strong emotional connection with others

You have a strong emotional connection with others, which allows you to understand people’s emotions and needs. Your conversations tend to be intense and meaningful. This connection can sometimes lead to you becoming emotionally involved in others’ lives, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

What it means for your relationship

This strong emotional connection matters a lot in Heyoka empath relationships. Your ability to understand and connect with others emotionally can create a deep level of intimacy and empathy in the relationship. You may be able to provide a level of emotional support and understanding that is typically difficult to find in relationships. 

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8. You’re obviously empathic

Empathic abilities are, of course, a defining characteristic of your personality. A highly sensitive person or empath can not only feel the emotions and physical sensations of others but also absorb them, often at the expense of their emotional well-being. This tendency is amplified manifold in a Heyoka empath. You feel as if you can take on and experience other people’s struggles.

What it means for your relationship

Because you are so attuned to the emotions of others, you can sometimes struggle with setting healthy boundaries and saying no to people, including your partner. This can lead to you taking on more than you can handle and becoming overwhelmed. If you notice that you are consistently putting aside your needs to take care of others, remind yourself to set boundaries and prioritize your well-being.

sacred clown
You can take on and experience other people’s struggles

9. You’re emotional mirror

According to an article written by Robyn Iacuone for The Minds Journal, “As an emotional mirror, whenever a Heyoka senses an emotional reaction in you, they use it as a guide of what to reflect back to you that will help you most on your journey.” You are sensitive to the emotions of others, which can sometimes result in you becoming emotionally involved in others’ lives and, in turn, becoming overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

What it means for your relationship

This can make you a wonderful partner, as you are likely to be attuned to your partner’s emotional needs and be able to provide them with the support they need. Recognize the value of your empathic abilities and appreciate the way it enhances your relationship. 

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10. You have a strong desire to help others

You have a strong desire to help others for no apparent reason. You are often the one who is called upon to help others in difficult situations, and you use your unique perspective and humor to bring balance and healing to those in need.

What it means for your relationship

You may feel a powerful sense of responsibility to make a positive impact in the world. It’s vital that your partner supports you in this, even if it means that you may sometimes prioritize the needs of others over your relationship. At the same time, you must encourage yourself to find a healthy balance between helping others and taking care of yourself

11. You tend to question authority

Questioning authority adds a new perspective to the Heyoka empath meaning. You are not afraid to challenge the status quo and use your unique perspective to bring about positive change in your relationships and the world around you in unorthodox ways.

What it means for your relationship

Your tendency to challenge authority and the status quo can also lead to conflict or tension in your relationship, especially if your partner has a more traditional or conformist approach to life. It’s important to recognize that you have a unique way of viewing the world, which may not always align with that of your partner.

dating tips

12. You have a strong sense of self

You have a powerful sense of self and are not afraid to be yourself, even if it goes against the norm. You are often confident in your abilities and are not afraid to step out of your shell and speak the truth, even if it’s unpopular.

What it means for your relationship

This can lead to a deep sense of connection and trust in your relationship, as long as your partner can appreciate your confidence in yourself. On the other hand, you might come off as an extremely intense person with strong reactions to minor things, we don’t want that now, do we?

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13. You tend to attract intense relationships

Attracting intense relationships is one of the classic Heyoka empath traits. You often attract intense relationships, both positive and negative. You are drawn to individuals who are struggling with emotional or spiritual issues and feel compelled to help them heal.

What it means for your relationship

  • On the positive side, being in a relationship with you can be incredibly rewarding, as you have a deep capacity for love, understanding, and compassion. You are often able to connect on a deeply emotional level and are sensitive to your partner’s needs and feelings
  • On the negative side, attracting individuals who are struggling with deep emotional or spiritual issues can be challenging to deal with. And of course, the intensity of the relationship can sometimes feel overwhelming or draining, and you might feel lonely

14. You tend to push people away

You have a habit of pushing people away, especially those who are emotionally intense or draining. You do this to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by the emotions of others, or peer pressure of any kind, and to maintain your own balance and well-being. And this may, at times, lead you to push love away without even realizing it.

What it means for your relationship

Heyoka empath relationships can, therefore, be challenging for both partners, but it’s important to understand that you do this to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by the emotions of your partner and to maintain your own balance and well-being.

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15. You tend to burn out

Once you understand the true Heyoka empath meaning, it’s not hard to see where this burnout comes from. Taking on too much emotional baggage or negative energy from others can leave you running on fumes. You need to take care of yourself and set healthy boundaries in your relationships, to avoid emotional burnout in your relationship.

What it means for your relationship

As a result of this burnout, you may become distant or unresponsive and unable to provide the support and love that your partner needs. It’s important to recognize that this is not a reflection of your feelings toward your partner, but rather a sign that you need to spend time alone to recharge and take care of yourself.

Key Pointers

  • Heyoka empaths engage humor as a method to explain their distinctive viewpoint and ease difficult circumstances in interpersonal connections. However, this can occasionally be misinterpreted by their spouse and result in misunderstandings
  • Their empathic abilities will play a huge role in relationships
  • Heyoka empaths can handle intense emotional circumstances with elegance and are at ease in chaotic settings. This might give their partner in the relationship a reassuring and stable presence
  • People who believe they are Heyoka empaths are motivated by justice and frequently speak out for those who are oppressed or disenfranchised, which can lead to beneficial change in the relationship as well as the larger community. In the partnership, though, this could also lead to friction or conflict in relationships
  • While they may appear erratic and chaotic, they reflect people’s true personalities and frequently use this quality to help others find balance and healing. It’s crucial for their partner to recognize and value their special skills and viewpoint in the relationship

Being a Heyoka empath can be a blessing and a curse, but it can also bring great joy and fulfillment to those who embrace it. If you relate to the signs of a Heyoka empath and feel you could be one, it’s vital that you learn to prioritize self-preservation. Your relationships can be intense and challenging, but they can also be incredibly rewarding. It’s all contingent on your ability to recognize and embrace who you really are.

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