How To Not Fall In Love Easily – 8 Ways To Stop Yourself

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How not to fall in love
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Do you often find yourself falling in love way too easily? It’s no wonder, after all, love is such a magical feeling to embrace, experience, and cherish. However, that’s when all goes well. Let’s not forget that love is also the harbinger of heartbreaks and heartaches. Hence, truth be told, how to not fall in love is an art you need to acquire to avoid facing such agonizing breakups.

People who fall in love easily find it hard to learn how to stop falling for someone. The heady sensations of love are such that it makes you go gaga. But the undeniable fact remains that heartbreaks are an inseparable part of love. Heartbreaks are painful to go through, but they sure do make you grow!

Why Do I Fall In Love So Easily

All of us have at some time, floated starry-eyed through the dreams that love makes us envision, only to fall flat on our faces thanks to the distress and agony it can also cause once the love is taken away from us. In that state, you must have wondered, “How to stop falling for someone?” just so you can find your peace again.

Broken hearts are difficult to mend. It is not easy to get over a break-up. The entire world seems to come crashing down on us; the one we believed to be “the chosen one” chooses to leave us estranged. We feel helpless amid all the mental and emotional turmoil as our mind tries to come to terms with the situation, but the heart stubbornly refuses to be swayed by reason.

How To Stop Yourself From Falling In Love

The heart rejects the acceptance of facts and instead spends hours in a haze, pondering over what exactly could have gone wrong. But the lessons to be learned here are: how to not fall in love easily, how to avoid love feelings, and how to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

So the question here is how to not fall for someone too fast? We give you 8 ways to stop yourself from getting into a relationship at the drop of your hat.

How To Not Fall In Love – 8 Tips For People Who Fall In Love Easily

As you try to move on after your breakup, you stumble upon that seemingly perfect “soulmate”. You both get along like a house on fire and are raring to take the first step towards a new relationship. But the very thought of all the ordeal that comes on the heels of love makes you take a back seat. You absolutely do not want to rush into another bout of heartache. So let us tell you how to avoid love feelings and the consequent love pain.

1. Get over the urgency to find love

The feeling of falling in love is always more fascinating than the love itself. People who fall in love easily often succumb to the illusion of love. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling that being in love exudes? Don’t fall for it! There is no hurry to find love just for the sake of it.

How to stop falling in love gets easier when you are not on the lookout for love. You are most probably not likely to fall in love with someone so easily if it is not your need of the hour. You just got over your breakup. But there is no hurry whatsoever to find a soul mate for yourself. Prioritize what you consider important and set yourself targets to achieve it. Love shall happen when you are better prepared for it. In the meanwhile, focus on yourself, on your career, your goals.

How to stop falling in love
Saying no to love is easy if you are determined

2. Make yourself a priority

If you are one of those people who fall in love easily, know that now it’s time to put yourself first. Be the person you always were before the heartbreak happened. Focus on the person that you always wanted to be. Put your heart and soul into achieving your goals. No one is as important to you as you yourself are, and no one can love you the way you can.

Buddha has rightly said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Show yourself some love before you set out to find someone else. You cannot fill a glass from an empty vessel. Renee, one of my dearest friends who just got over a terrible heartbreak, found that putting herself above everything else was the best thing she could do. She enjoyed her own company and pampered herself to the core. Binge-watching her favorite shows, indulging in relaxing massages at home, gorging on gourmet food, catching up with her friends…these are just a few things she did to remind herself that self-love is the only form of love that holds the doors open to happiness and bliss!

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3. Friends and family first

They are the ones who always stay put by your side, they are the ones who’ve got your back, and they are the ones whom you should reach out to more often. If you’re working on how to not fall in love, it becomes effortless when surrounded by your near and dear ones. Spending quality time with them is the easiest way to let go of all your pain. On days I feel low, I know I have a huge support system back home, eager to not only listen to all my woes but to soothe me and take all my worries away as well.

People who fall in love easily should seek refuge in the opinions of their friends and family regarding the person they want to enter into a relationship with. Unlike you, they have an objective viewpoint for that person, enlightening you with an unbiased and unfiltered verdict. Keep a check on your feelings and soft corners by hanging around more with this group of people you call ‘home’.

4. Stay aloof, stay alive, stay single!

Distancing yourself from that one person is how you can avoid your love feelings from raising its head. A bit of distance can go a long way and help you get over your feelings. Detaching yourself from them physically, digitally, and even mentally will have a positive impact on your heart. Don’t text them, let alone call them up, and no, don’t even think of stalking them on social media. Ever! Eliza kept stalking her colleague on social media, watching his stories and posts without even realizing how and when she fell for him. So the point I’m trying to drive home is: Keep them out of sight, out of mind, and out of your heart too!

But, how to not fall in love, you may still ask. A just budding love can be nipped right at germination. Even keeping that person in your thoughts can lead to an emotional upheaval within. As you stay away from them, you spend less time thinking of them. The love buds will eventually dry up or blossom into a friendship instead.

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5. Let your work help you not get worked up

You met someone who felt like a match made in heaven and you can already feel the sparks flying. But you are also reminded of the pain and grief that accompany love. How to not fall in love in cases such as these? You swamp yourself with work and keep yourself distracted. Another close friend of mine was having a casual fling which he noticed was getting more and more serious day-by-day. To avoid falling into the trap of love, he loaded his work plate, biting off more than he could chew to keep himself distracted, and that really helped him overcome his feelings.

Occupy yourself with work or anything that you love(apart from that person!) and you won’t even have the time to harbor those pesky love feelings. Cupid will fail to spot you with your head buried in a pile of work, and thus move on to strike some other hapless soul with that arrow of his. Work will not only divert you but will also keep you motivated and productive, the end result doing you a world of good.

6. People who fall in love easily should pick up a hobby

Still, thinking about how to stop falling in love? Start pursuing your desires and passions. Cultivate a hobby and find yourself before you find your partner. Did you always want to pursue your passion for dance? Now is the time to do it! Expand your horizons of learning and enroll yourself in a course.

Acquire a new skill. Learn a new language, paint, sing, play an instrument, whip up a storm, pen down your thoughts, craft and create, explore new places, pick up a sport… the possibilities are endless. Not only will these make you grow more confident and independent as a person, but will give you a creative outlet, AND keep you from falling in love again!

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7. Knowing your feelings well can help you understand how to avoid love feelings

How to avoid love feelings? Know the difference between love and infatuation. Do not mistake your soft corner for a person to be anything more than that. Label your feelings precisely and do not get caught in the web of misinterpretation. Unless you know and understand your feelings, you cannot regulate them. Daniel was attracted to one of his colleagues, but he never tried to discern the difference between attraction and love. As with people who fall in love easily, he too mistook his feelings for something bigger and ended up in a muddle.

It is human nature to feel attracted to someone. The problem arises when people who fall in love easily fail to comprehend the dissimilarities between attraction, crush, infatuation, and love. Infatuation is not love and neither is love an infatuation. But once you get embroiled in it there is no going back to the good ol’ days. So it is always better to not let any feelings bloom.

How to not fall in love
Stay single and say no to love

8. How to not fall in love: Enjoy your singlehood and make the most of it

Being single is no less than a boon and we all know couples who will vouch for that sentiment. People who fall in love easily often regret doing so and wistfully recollect their yesteryears of being single. Singlehood is the time when you can fly like a free bird. Seize the day and live every moment to the fullest!

Are you still wondering why and how to not fall in love with someone? Let me remind you of Joey from Friends: he is his own boss; he lives, works, eats, and dreams for himself. And the cherry on the cake is that he doesn’t even need to share his food (or this cake and its cherry!) No questions, no expectations, no demands–nothing! Tell me, can anything else get better than that?! So why not embrace yourself in the ultimate ecstasy that is singlehood?

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Now that you are well informed on how to not fall in love, you can easily escape the love bug. Now we’re not advising you to be averse to the feeling of love, we’re just telling you how to not fall for someone too fast and end up getting hurt in the process. There are many other things you can do when you are single, but not ready to mingle. Give priority to your mental and emotional wellbeing. Toxic relationships can meddle with your peace of mind. Sail in a safer boat with your family and friends by your side. Indulge in your passions and see yourself bloom like a flower!


1. Can we choose not to fall in love?

People who fall in love easily and quite often might find it a tad difficult to keep a check on their feelings. However, there is nothing that grit and determination cannot achieve. If you determine to not get hurt over and over again, then you can choose to not fall in love and instead enjoy the precious moments you can spend with yourself.

2.    Is love a feeling or choice?

Love is indeed a feeling and an enchanting one at that. However, what we feel is often manipulated by our brains, making us a mere pawn in its hands. If you keep on thinking of finding love, then you are sure to fall for someone easily. Keeping yourself aloof and busy, on the other hand, will stop you from doing so. So yes, you can decide and choose what you want to feel, the joys of singlehood or the jolts of heartaches.

3.    How do I stop feeling for someone?

Distancing yourself from that person is one of the most effective ways to avoid love feelings. How to not fall in love with someone is a matter of choice and eventually, it is how you choose to move forward that is going to help you. Taking your attention away from the object of your affection and instead dabbling with newer possibilities in terms of work and life, is another foolproof way that can teach you how to stop falling for someone.

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