31 Adorable Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

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Updated On: December 12, 2023
things to do for your boyfriend

Are you looking for ways to show your man that you love him? When it comes to things to do for your boyfriend, the options are wide-ranging, allowing you to express your affection and appreciation in various ways. Whether you’re planning a grand gesture or small acts of love, the key is to make him feel valued and appreciated.

Imagine the look of joy on his face when you go the extra mile to do something special for him on a random day. So, get ready to choose something romantic to do for him from our list of ideas, and create unforgettable moments of love and affection together.

31 Adorable Things To Do For Your Boyfriend – Make His Heart Skip A Beat

Even in moments of sadness or stress, you can think of many thoughtful things to do for your man. Discover how to cheer your boyfriend up with pretty cute things that turn his frown upside down. Whether it’s a surprise picnic in the park, a silly dance party at home, or a heartfelt message that reminds him how loved he is, there are several things to do for your boyfriend to make him feel special. 

According to a 2020 study, spending quality time with your partner greatly increases overall relationship satisfaction. So, get ready to create a symphony of love as you explore these 31 adorable gestures and watch as his heart skips a beat. Here are some ideas on how to make your boyfriend happy and create lasting memories together.

1. Plan a weekend getaway 

Want to show your boyfriend how much you love him? Plan a weekend getaway that combines adventure and relaxation in the great outdoors. Escape from the daily routine, explore a new destination together, and remind him how lucky you are to have him as your partner. 

  • Plan a short trip to a nearby destination where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company
  • Choose a location that offers activities or attractions that you both love
  • Try searching for a location that helps both of you relive old memories as a couple

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2. Go through shared photo albums together 

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with your partner. By flipping through old photo albums together, you can reminisce about shared experiences and appreciate the journey you have taken as a couple.

  • Relive precious moments and your fondest memories 
  • It can lead to engaging discussions about past adventures, funny incidents, and significant milestones in your relationship
  • Talking about the memory each picture holds is one of the most beautiful things to do for your boyfriend and will deepen your emotional intimacy as a couple

3. Learn something together

After a lot of time has passed in the relationship, you might want to have new things to talk about with your partner. Mark W. Boyer, author of Domestic Vigilance: One Nation, stated that the absence of communication has the potential to create a rift between individuals that surpasses any physical distance. 

To prevent that, explore new interests and acquire new skills together. This way, you’ll always have something meaningful to talk about and it’ll strengthen the bond between you two. Giving him a shared learning experience is definitely one of the many nice things to do for your boyfriend. 

  • Choose a language that both of you find interesting or useful, and practice through language learning apps, online courses, or you can hire a tutor
  • Pick a DIY project that aligns with your interests or something you’ve always wanted to try. It could be building a piece of furniture, creating artwork, or even renovating a room 
  • Find a hobby that both you and your boyfriend are interested in and dive into it together. It could be something like photography, painting, gardening, or learning a musical instrument
something romantic to do for him
Pursuing a hobby together is a great way to bond with your man

4. How to be sweet to your man? Sing for him!

Showcase your musical talent and create a heartfelt moment for your boyfriend through your voice. This heartfelt gesture is a perfect way to woo him through your musical talents.

  • Sing a personalized song or even a parody of a popular song with customized lyrics to make it more meaningful
  • Choose his favorite song or a song that holds significance for both of you. You could sing in a private setting, such as at home or in a park, or even in a public place like Patrick sings for David in Schitt’s Creek
  • If your boyfriend enjoys singing or playing a musical instrument, try doing a duet together

5. Take a painting class 

Ignite a spark of creativity and deepen your connection with your beautiful boyfriend by embarking on a colorful adventure together. Consider enrolling in a painting class where you can create masterpieces as well as mistakes side by side.

  • Unleash your hidden talents as you explore different painting techniques and styles together, guided by expert instructors
  • Paint each other’s portraits or objects/places that mean a lot to you both 
  • Cherish the quality time spent together, basking in the glow of your artistic endeavors and the boundless joy of creating something beautiful with your loved one

6. Host a movie marathon

Curate a movie marathon that will transport you and your boyfriend to a world of entertainment and bliss. With cozy blankets and scrumptious snacks, leave him smitten with the following tips:

  • A great tip on how to be sweet to your man is to handpick a selection of films that encompass his favorite genres or dive into the latest releases he’s been eagerly anticipating
  • Set the stage for an unforgettable movie night by creating a cozy nest of cushions, dimming the lights, and adorning the space with fairy lights or scented candles
  • Enhance the movie night experience by preparing his favorite snacks, be it a bucket of popcorn, gourmet nachos, or homemade delicacies

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7. Listen to his favorite band together

When you listen to his favorite songs together, it not only shows your interest in his passions but also creates a meaningful connection through the melodies that speak to his heart.

  • Curate a personalized playlist of his favorite songs. This thoughtful gesture will allow you both to bring back cherished memories and create new ones together
  • Transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one by surprising him with tickets to see his favorite band at a concert
  • Bring the concert experience to your living room with a live streaming event. Snuggle up together and revel in the magic of the music

8. Go on a picnic

Something romantic to do for him, especially if he’s stressed at work, would be to help him escape the confines of everyday life and bask in the beauty of nature with a delightful picnic.  It’s an opportunity to show him your love and thoughtfulness.

  • Find a picturesque spot in the lap of nature for your romantic picnic 
  • Ignite his taste buds with a delicious spread of his favorite foods. Pack a picnic basket filled with his preferred snacks, sandwiches, and refreshing drinks
  • Lay out a cozy blanket for you both to sit on, read books together, and surprise him with a bouquet of his favorite flowers

9. Get a room 

Introducing seduction into your relationship can reignite the spark and passion and create a sense of excitement. Break free from the routine sometimes and let your partner know how much you desire him.

  • Set a romantic atmosphere with candles, rose petals, and aromatic oils. Invite your partner for an intimate soak, fostering connection and intimacy
  • Create a soothing ambiance with dim lighting and soft music. Take turns giving sensual massages with scented oils, enhancing physical intimacy and mutual trust
  • Surprise your partner with seductive lingerie, igniting desire and adding excitement to your intimate moments

10. Go on a walk 

Take a leisurely walk around your neighborhood, exploring the streets and enjoying the sights. Tell him what you love about him; make it a walk of pride.

  • Take the opportunity to tell your boyfriend how much he means to you and how grateful you are to him. Research shows that everyday gratitude acts as a booster shot for romantic relationships
  • Point out the little things you love about him along the way, enhancing relationship satisfaction and stability
  • Say something nice to your boyfriend, like “I love being with you” or “I love how your hands feel in mine”

11. Play video games with him

Embrace his interests and show your boyfriend love by joining him in his favorite video games. Turn a simple video game session into a romantic experience, making it special for both of you.

  • Set up an inviting gaming environment with soft blankets, dimmed lights, and scented candles, creating a romantic ambiance while you play
  • Surprise him with a new video game that he’s been eyeing and plan a gaming night for both of you to enjoy
  • Take turns playing multiplayer games, immersing yourselves in a virtual world while strengthening your teamwork and communication skills
do something special for him
Want to do something nice for him? Embrace his interests

12. Make time for board games in your relationship

Engaging in board games is one of the classic romantic gestures that would help you bond with your boyfriend and spend quality time together. Enjoy each other’s company without distractions!

  • Personalize a board game by creating custom rule cards or adding inside jokes and memories to the game components
  • Set up a dedicated board game night, complete with snacks and drinks
  • Hide small surprises within the game box, delighting him with unexpected gestures throughout the gameplay

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13. Host a karaoke night

Looking for creative things to do for your boyfriend to make him feel special? Consider hosting a karaoke night that combines fun, laughter, and a touch of musical talent.

  • Compile a playlist of his favorite songs and encourage him to sing along, showcasing his great voice
  • Join in the fun by performing a duet together or inviting friends for a group karaoke session
  • Don’t try to sing perfectly, just have fun with it

14. Prepare a luxurious bubble bath

If you don’t feel like going out at all but still want to give your boyfriend a fun surprise, consider indulging in a relaxing and intimate bubble bath date. One of the easiest lazy date ideas at home, it will allow you to create a soothing and luxurious experience for both of you.

  • Set up a romantic ambiance in the bathroom with scented candles, soft music, and rose petals
  • Fill the bathtub with warm water and add his favorite bath salts or bubbles 
  • Join him in the bath to create a more intimate and enjoyable experience

15. Send him away for a boy’s night

Are you looking for special ideas to create the perfect boy’s night for your partner? Planning a dedicated evening for him and his closest friends can be a fantastic surprise. 

  • Organize a poker or game night with his closest friends
  • Arrange a comfortable and relaxed setting where they can enjoy each other’s company and indulge in friendly competition
  • Take the initiative to plan this night out tailored to his interests. Show him that you’re invested in his happiness 

16. Give him a special gift

When it comes to surprising your man, finding the perfect gift for him can make all the difference. Instead of opting for a traditional present, why not go the extra mile?

  • Consider giving him an unforgettable experience rather than a physical item
  • Create a personalized photo album or scrapbook featuring memorable moments you’ve shared
  • Include heartfelt messages, inside jokes, and mementos that represent your relationship

17. Create a scavenger hunt for your thrill-seeking partner

Whether you want to incorporate items that hold sentimental value or provide your boyfriend with a thrilling experience, a scavenger hunt can be tailored to his preferences. These small surprises for him, hidden throughout the hunt, will keep him engaged and eager to discover what awaits him at each stage.

  • Each hidden clue can be accompanied by a small gift or a heartfelt love message
  • This can ultimately lead to a final surprise, like a romantic dinner or a special outing
  • Create digital clues and challenges that require him to solve puzzles or complete tasks to progress. This interactive and modern twist will add excitement and intrigue to the experience

18. Take him on a long drive

Ready for a memorable and romantic adventure with your boyfriend? How about taking him on an enchanting long drive? Trust me, it’s an incredible way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. Just imagine the scenic routes you can explore and the heartfelt conversations you can have along the way. So, what are some romantic things to do for your boyfriend during this journey? 

  • Find a road that offers stunning views and takes you both on a visual treat
  • Fill it with his favorite songs or tracks that hold special meaning for both of you. Let the music elevate your journey
  • Pack a basket with his preferred snacks and drinks. Surprise him with a delicious spread and enjoy a romantic meal amidst the beauty of nature
  • Take this opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Share your dreams, memories, and thoughts with each other, and don’t forget to take at least one photo together for your memories

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19. Saying those three magical words is one of the most romantic things you can do for him

Words have the power to melt hearts and strengthen bonds. Telling your boyfriend “I love you” is a beautiful way to express your commitment to him.

  • To do something special for him, pour your heart out on paper or through a video, mentioning specific qualities you adore about him. Present it to him as a surprise, and let him cherish your words forever
  • Arrange this date in a special location, such as a scenic spot, and say “I love you” under the stars

20. Travel for two

Spontaneous adventures can be incredibly romantic and exciting, or you can plan ahead if it’s a longer trip. Travel will allow you to bond with your boyfriend and create unforgettable memories. 

  • Discover new places, try local cuisine, and enjoy each other’s company 
  • Be ready for some bumps along the way; it’s normal to face little issues when you travel. It’s how you handle them together that matters the most
  • A couple can get to know a lot about each other when they travel. Try to make this a regular feature in your relationship
  • Create a customized road trip games and music playlist with his favorite songs and surprise him with it during the journey
Love and romance

21. Prepare a delicious breakfast or lunch for him

Sometimes, it’s the small gestures that make a big impact. Preparing a lunch box for your boyfriend shows your care and affection. Or start the day on a romantic note by surprising your boyfriend with a delicious breakfast.  

  • Write little love notes and hide them inside his lunch box to brighten his day
  • Now, coming to the food to make for your boyfriend, include his favorite sandwiches, snacks, and a sweet treat
  • Plan a themed breakfast date at home, such as a pink-themed breakfast featuring strawberry pancakes, milkshakes, etc.

22. Plan a sporting event

Planning a sporting event for your boyfriend is an exciting way to keep the relationship alive and thriving. Create the perfect summer date for your boyfriend, filled with shared experiences, and melt your man’s heart.

  • Surprise your boyfriend on his birthday, and invite his closest friends
  • Choose a sport that he loves but also one that allows you both to bond and enjoy each other’s company
  • Research his favorite teams or activities and plan a day filled with excitement and cheering. This is the perfect way to show your support for his interests

23. Make him his favorite cup of coffee

A simple but heartfelt way to melt your man’s heart is by making him his favorite cup of coffee. After all, who doesn’t like a perfect cup of Joe? Making coffee for each other is a love language, trust me.

  • Start his day on a lovely note by surprising him with a homemade cup of coffee, made exactly the way he likes it
  • Add a personal touch, like a heart-shaped design or a sweet message on the foam, to make it even more special
  • Enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful and loving environment; such moments can become important anchors in a relationship

24. Go to the amusement park

If you’re looking for the perfect day out with your boyfriend, surprising him with a trip to an amusement park can be an exciting experience. This adventure-filled day will create lasting memories.

  • Spend the day going on thrilling rides, playing games, and indulging in delicious treats
  • Enjoy this opportunity to let loose, have fun, and embrace your inner child together
  • Laugh, scream, and share joyful moments that will bring you closer and create a sense of adventure in your relationship

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25. Host a candlelit dinner

To create a romantic and intimate night that melts your man’s heart, consider hosting a candlelit dinner. By incorporating his love language, you can create a perfect evening that expresses your love and appreciation for him.

  • Order his favorite dishes from his go-to restaurant or cook his favorite dish from childhood like his dad’s famous lasagna 
  • If your boyfriend has a sweet tooth, consider incorporating a dessert or a treat as part of the meal
  • Create a romantic ambiance by dimming the lights, lighting candles, playing soothing music in the background, and decorating with his favorite flowers
  • Keep your phone aside and disconnect from the outside world, and focus solely on each other. Engage in deep conversations and get to know him more

26. Experience an escape room together

Looking for an exciting and adventurous way to surprise your boyfriend? Why not add as many twists as possible to an escape room experience? This thrilling activity not only provides an opportunity to showcase your problem-solving skills but also offers a chance to create fun memories.

  • Incorporate personal memories into puzzles and challenges, making it a truly unique adventure
  • Choose an escape room with a captivating theme or storyline that resonates with both of you
  • If you’ve had a recent disagreement, an escape room can be the perfect opportunity to reconnect and reconcile

27. Make a card for him

Show your creative side and strengthen your romantic life by making a heartfelt card for your boyfriend. Expressing your love through a personalized card can be a magical way of making up with boyfriend after a disagreement or simply reminding him how special he is to you. You can do this to keep the relationship alive long-distance too.

  • Craft a card that features snapshots of your favorite moments together
  • Write down the 5 things you like about your boyfriend in each photo, highlighting the qualities that make him so special to you
  • Use colorful markers, glitter, or even pressed flowers to decorate the card and make it visually appealing. If you are in a different city, post the card to him

28. Sign up for a cooking class with your partner

A study says, “As two individuals unite into one couple, there is a process in which the couple negotiates the newly combined food system’s practices, rituals, and values.” Cooking is therapeutic because “it is a sensory activity that fosters closeness and cooperation.” It adds that “cooking in a kitchen with other people can help improve … relationship skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making.”

Surprising your boyfriend with a cooking class can spice up your relationship and create beautiful memories. This unique and interactive experience allows you to enhance your collaborative approach while mastering new culinary skills together.

  • Enroll yourselves in a cooking class that offers a unique twist, such as a themed cuisine or a fusion cooking workshop
  • Experiment with flavors, learn new techniques, and enjoy the process of creating delicious dishes together
  • The collaborative nature of the activity fosters communication and teamwork, helping you make up if there was friction, and to create a positive foundation for the future

29. Go ice-skating

Put on your skates and glide hand in hand with your boyfriend on an ice-skating adventure. This classic winter activity offers the perfect opportunity to create wonderful memories.

  • Surprise your boyfriend with a trip to an ice-skating rink that offers unique features such as an ice slide or an illuminated night skate session
  • Hold hands, twirl together (take as many twists as you’d like!), and laugh as you glide across the ice. Capture these special moments on camera
  • It’s important to keep creating new memories filled with warmth and fun in a relationship

30. Bake together for the perfect romantic life 

It doesn’t need to be a birthday or an anniversary. Any random day is a great day for baking together.

  • Choose a recipe that holds significance to both of you, perhaps a dessert you enjoyed on a special occasion or something he particularly loves
  • It could be something completely new too. Exploring novelties as a couple can be a great bonding activity
  • As you enjoy the final product, savor the taste of your creation while expressing how much you appreciate him
nice things to do for your boyfriend
Couples who bake together, stay together

31. One of the most romantic things to do for your boyfriend is to write him a love note

Words have the power to make anyone feel incredibly special. By writing your boyfriend a thoughtful love note, you can make him feel appreciated, thus nurturing your romantic life or mending any rift that may have occurred. 

  • Recall a memory that truly encapsulates the essence of your romantic life, and let that memory inspire your writing
  • Your magical words of love should tell him how he makes you feel and how much you value his presence in your life
  • Consider writing the love note on scented stationery or with a special pen to add an extra touch of romance. You can seal it with a kiss, leaving an indelible mark of your affection

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Key Pointers

  • Some of the nice things to do for your boyfriend are: surprise him with breakfast in bed, plan a romantic picnic, or leave love notes around the house to remind him of your affection
  • Explore new interests together, learn a language, or take a painting class to strengthen your bond
  • Sing a personalized song for him or listen to his favorite band together
  • Go on a weekend getaway, reminisce through shared photo albums, or host a movie marathon to make him feel cherished

Each of the 31 ideas mentioned in this blog holds the potential to create magical moments that will remain etched in his memory. Think of the joy on his face as you surprise him with breakfast in bed or plan a romantic picnic. Let your love story unfold through these adorable acts, and watch as your bond deepens and flourishes. 

However, embrace these suggestions as your guide, and don’t forget to infuse them with your unique personalities and the essence of your relationship. So go ahead, make his heart skip a beat, and write an inspiring love story that resonates with warmth and tenderness.

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