How To Make Your Single Status Tolerable On Valentine’s Day

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Heart-shaped balloons everywhere. Young couples walking around hand in hand. Every advertisement screaming out to buy something for your Valentine. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not easy. Do you too feel a bit forlorn around this time of the year? Especially on this day?

Valentine’s Day comes with its own predicaments for anyone who is single. Suddenly the corner at the coffee shop where you have always loved sitting alone becomes the cynosure of all eyes. If you are rummaging through the departmental store and finally picking up something for yourself, the lady behind the counter may give you a quizzical look which only makes you feel worse.

And then the call from your best pal telling you to help her out with the ticket bookings for her Valentine’s Day surprise, can all become a bit too much at times.

Best Things You Can Do To Deal With Being Single on Valentines Day

With social media putting so much pressure on us, being single on Valentine’s Day almost feels like a crime. However, these things aren’t always under our control. Valentine’s Day proposals and gifts and cheesy pictures surround you constantly which just makes it worse.

You really tried the whole year but did not find anyone special or worse you broke off with your partner before Valentine’s Day.

Whatever the reason, you are single and feeling a bit out of it on this day of love. Don’t worry, there are ways you can keep people off your back and make being lonely on Valentine’s Day just a little bit easier.

1. Just an excuse to shop

Yes, put it out there that Valentine’s Day can’t really be your excuse to go on a shopping spree. Pretend to be a capitalism-hating ultra-leftist and say things like “The idea of Valentine’s Day for selling products is sheer stupidity and corporate conspiracy.” Use your V-day angst to put all the unnecessary gift ideas to shame.

Single people on Valentine’s Day should just use this opportunity to point out everything that is wrong with consumerism. You can wear non-branded, old, worn-out clothes for a few days to make it sound authentic.

2. Use your nerdy outlook

Are you lonely on Valentine’s Day and sick of all the mushy couples around you? Pretend to be a nerd and say, “You know you are celebrating a murder, the murder of St. Valentine?” The fact remains not many people know why they are celebrating this day as special.

Show them your nerdy side and get into the history and geography of Valentine’s Day so that they forget to ask you if you have a Valentine at all. That’s what you call putting your nerd self to good use.

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3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day to cope with being lonely on Valentine’s day

One of the best single Valentine’s Day ideas, go out with the girl gang! Yes, many women are doing this now and with aplomb. Galentines Day is when you celebrate the best women in your life with an exotic dinner and some great wine.

Your Galentine could be your BFF, your mom, sister or even your niece. Celebrate this great bond and bask in the glory of the love you share.

Now, who cares if you are single. You do know how to celebrate love. Don’t you?

Enjoy Galentine’s Day
Who cares about being single on Valentine’s Day when you have your girl gang

4. Have a party with single friends

Wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day when you are single? This is the best thing you could do, trust us. Call all your single friends over and have a blast. It will be just unadulterated fun without any pressure. Yes, without the pressure of getting the perfect gift, or arranging a candlelit dinner. You can just have a ball together and even split the costs.

Love is shared by spending time with your friends too. Spilling drinks, dancing away, eating like there is no tomorrow – truly the best memories are made with your friends. Single people on Valentine’s Day should just get together and throw themselves a rad party!

5. Go on a date with yourself

Being single on Valentine’s day really does not have to be all that depressing when you have yourself. A date with yourself would be a grand idea. Some “me” time in a luxurious spa or in a restaurant would really make you happy. Do all the things you have been planning to do but never got the time for.

Visit that bookstore and buy those 10 books on your wish list. Or maybe that LBD you have been eyeing for a long time. Go on a shopping spree, splurge on yourself and be happy. Finding happiness in being by yourself is the best kind of strength. One of the best singles Valentine’s Day ideas – treat yourself!

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6. Simply don’t bother

You can be confident enough to consider Valentine’s Day as just another ordinary day and do your thing without bothering about what others are thinking. Being lonely on Valentine’s Day only feels that way if you tell yourself that you are alone.

You are single -why should you even bother about Valentine’s Day? It’s not really your thing. Ignorance really is bliss which is one of the mantras to being happily single. Forget about things to do when single on Valentine’s Day and just go about enjoying a regular day.

being single

7. Ask someone out

Or you take a risk and ask someone out, someone you like. You have nothing to lose. Either you will have a date for Valentine’s Day or if they turn you down, you will still have the six options above. This could be your chance to check out if the person you like wants to be with you on Valentine’s Day. If they don’t, have a blast anyway with your gal pals or by yourself.

The best way to deal with your single status on Valentine’s Day is to remain completely unfazed by all the madness around. Just do your own thing and don’t bother about what others have to say.


1. What makes Valentine’s Day special?

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. It is also the day St. Valentine died but has gone down in history as a day of love persevering. Since then it is celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world.

2. What to do if you have no Valentine?

Being lonely on Valentine’s day is really not a huge deal. It might seem hard but it is not. You can spend the day curled up with a book at home, go to a bar and pick up a guy or throw a singles party with your friends. There’s tons of things you can do.

3. Why is it good to be single on Valentine’s Day?

There are a lot of plus points to being single on Valentine’s Day. You can feel hang out with your friends – consider them your true Valentines. You can also use it as an excuse to spend Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends. The best thing though is you can buy a whole box of V-day chocolates and not have to share them.

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