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Updated On: August 17, 2023
gifts for beach lovers

Who doesn’t love witnessing the sea meet the horizon? And everyone just loves to watch the innumerable waves hit the shore, right? The tranquility of the ambiance, the sun-kissed beach sparkling in the sun, the sound of the ocean — it all comes together for a mesmerizing effect. I’m sure you know many people who think of themselves as ‘beach people’, as opposed to those who prefer the mountains. So why not surprise them with gifts that could be related to a beach holiday? We’ve come up with list of 25 beach gift ideas for all the beach babies you know. 

So if you are getting a gift for someone who loves to hit the beach whenever they can, scroll our list and we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll love or find very useful.

25 Best Gift Ideas For beach lovers

While you are trying to narrow down the ideas for travel gifts, especially gifts for beach lovers, focus on two things: It should be something practical and useful that they can carry on their next trip to the seashore, or, you choose a beach-themed item for the home, like décor pieces, clothing, travel guides or mementos.

With that thought in mind, let’s explore our collection of the very best gifts for beach goers to surprise the them like a giant wave surprises a surfer!

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1. Unique drink holders for the beach

One of your friends is a crazy beach lover, so this year on his birthday you want to gift him some collectibles for the beach. How about the starfish-designed bottle and glass holders — don’t they look amazing?

The most important thing is that they come in different colors such as green, red, violet, and blue. Indeed the composed architecture of the holders can let you fit them easily in the travel bag. Note that you can even use the same as a coaster as well. On the whole, it will create a unique look.

  • Set of 4 holders in assorted colors
  • Comes in a travel-friendly mesh bag
  • Helps to keep your bottles and beverage glasses sand-free
  • 3 inch diameter fits all bottles

What better way to say ‘Cheers!’ to your friend even when you’re not there clinking bottles with them. 

2. Women’s cosmetic kit bag

Women love to stay groomed and makeup is a basic requirement for that. Therefore, it also becomes important that one should be able to carry those makeup essentials easily to stay trendy and fashionable. Like, your sister who has a fetish for beach and cosmetics both.

So why not this beige colored cosmetic bag with vibrant color prints on both sides? The bag is crafted from fine quality cotton and linen ensuring that the print stays intact and won’t fade away.

  • Graphic on both sides with waterproof coating
  • Fine, sleek, black zipper
  • Long-lasting and high-quality print
  • Foldable and easy to carry in a tote bag

The best is that this cool bag is pretty spacious as well so your sister can smoothly tuck in other essential cosmetics as well without too much effort. You could very well give someone this as birthday gifts for beach lovers.

3. Clarke’s beach sandal for women

gift ideas for beach lovers - beach sandal
Women’s sandals

Next week your mother will be visiting her favorite beach so as a dutiful daughter, you are busy packing her items. But while doing so, you find that she doesn’t have congenial footwear. So now you’re looking for the perfect pair of beach sandals for her.

And voila — here they are! These sandals are made of imported synthetic material. The outer sole is made from good-quality rubber. As for the color combination, the red straps perfectly contrasts with the warm white base.

  • 3-layered sole for extra comfort
  • Foaming midsole makes it feel weightless
  • Shock-absorber layer for better grip while walking
  • Perfect fit due to hook and loop closure

One more thing is that they aren’t high-heeled, so your mother can walk comfortably on the beach. Apart from that, the straps are flexible so she can adjust as required. 

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4. Cotton towel for the beach 

Are you planning for a couples vacation to a beach? If yes then you should prepare a list of necessary items that you need to carry out there. You realize your husband’s favorite beach towel is missing.

So you decide to get him a new cotton towel for the beach vacation. It’s made from Turkish cotton and is great quality which makes it an even better beach gift for him. The fabric is woven with Anatolian material which assures it will last really long.

  • 100% organic cotton material
  • Decorative and multipurpose towels
  • Absorbing capacity is amazing
  • Absolutely eco-friendly and becomes softer with each wash

On top of that, the towel also holds a certified tag from OekoTex. The other attributes like lightness, softness and quick-drying will make you fall in love with it. 

5. Collection box for seashells 

Your sister loves to preserve seashells. Over time she has collected oh so many and that too of diverse kinds. So you’ve decided to give her a display box for the seashells. After some searching, you landed on vintage-looking wooden box that could also be added to your list of Christmas gifts for beach lovers.

The front portion of the box has inbuilt glass so that the displayed seashells can be seen from outside. Talking about the color, it is a faint blue, which reminds one of the pristine blue seas. .

  • Wooden box with a glass display
  • Opens from top to store collectibles
  • Vintage design with rounded edges and corners
  • Soothing pastel sea shade with lovely quote in white

Your sister can deck up this showpiece on one of her favorite wall shelves to enhance the décor of her room. 

6. Charming cufflinks for men

Next week, you have to attend your brother’s birthday and you want to give him something different this time. Given his love for the seashore, you want to choose beach gifts for him this year. So, you pick a pair of charming, nautical cufflinks in the shape of anchors. The amalgamation of blue enamel-coated anchors and the silver-plated rope makes it a real piece of artwork. 

  • Extremely eye-catching design
  • Comes in a unique, clamshell gift box
  • Perfect fashion accessories for men

Overall, it is a perfect beach gift idea for a great beach lover like him. He can wear it whenever he wants at beach parties and at formal meetings at beachside resorts.

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7. Gifts for beach lovers: Tote bags

When a woman is going to spend the day at a beach with her girl gang, you can be sure she’s going to carry a lot of stuff with her. There’s going to be sandals, sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, umbrellas, wine and other essentials.

Next time when you are buying birthday gifts for beach lovers, especially a lady, gift her a large tote bag to fit all her beach accessories in one place. It will be super handy and she would love you for such a thoughtful gift!

  • Contains 9 pockets in all with a large spacious one in the middle
  • Needless to say, it is water-resistant and sand proof
  • Separate compartment to keep wet clothes
  • Made of high-density polyester material with zipper closure

This beach tote bag is lightweight and of course, looks adorable with the cute pineapple prints. On other days, you can use it as a carry-on bag to the gym or to grocery shopping — it’s basically multipurpose.

8. Wooden beach sailboat 

Wooden sailboat

Your father loves to garner nautical décor pieces for the home. So why not give him one more? This wooden beach sailboat will definitely grab his heart. The boat deck is prepared from high-quality wood which adds resilience to the architecture.

In addition to that, the nylon ropes attached to the mast give a vintage appeal to this maritime décor item. Your father can use this piece to deck up his work area at home or even take it to his office to decorate that space.

  • Mediterranean style model boat in hand-held size
  • Sails are made of attractive and durable canvas
  • Elegant design; arrives fully assembled


Your father will definitely appreciate your keen eye and gifting sense. This is quite a collector’s item to have at one’s home or in the office and certainly one of the best gifts for beach goers.

9. Beach painting on canvas panel

Paintings make great gifts for anyone. If you are dating a young artist who is crazy about the beach and painting waves, a collection of sea canvases would be the perfect beach gifts for him.

Take look at these life-like beach sceneries captured on a canvas, like pure magic. There are starfish by the waves, seashells, a message in a bottle, as well as another one in the sand. The use of a canvas panel makes it more appealing. The lovely frames will bring in a sense of freshness to the home décor or wherever he displays them.

  • Set of 4 coastal, canvas, wall art
  • Hooks and nails provided to hang it instantly
  • High standard prints carefully wrapped around wooden frames

Your boyfriend will appreciate the paintings which depict these elements by the sea and these colorful art pieces will certainly fill his life with a motley of soothing colors as well. 

10. Sea themed tea mug 

Do you find it tough selecting gifts for your brother because he’s so finicky that it’s almost impossible to buy anything for him? But if he is an ocean person, you can explore a lot of gift ideas for beach lovers.

How about a classic gift that can’t go wrong? This mug, delightfully painted with seashells, starfish and corals painted will make him smile whenever he sits down with his favorite brew.

  • Made from A-grade ceramic.
  • Long-lasting, won’t wear away if handled with care
  • Dishwasher and microwave friendly

Next time your brother decides to hole himself up in a beach house for a month, you can be sure he’ll be carrying these mugs. A beach mug in the beach house by the beach — nice!

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11. Sea creature coasters 

Your mother has a passion for collecting different types of home décor items. This time you thought to present her with something that will give her the best of both worlds –in other words, functionality as well as style. So, you need to look for practical home décor gifts for beach lovers.

This set of eight coasters fits that bill really well. Each coaster portrays different marine life. The upper layer of the coaster has better absorbing quality compared to the ones designed from silicone. The rear portion of the coaster is made from cork so that it does not leave any scratch marks on the table.

  • Includes durable iron organizer
  • Matte glaze on surface ensures print never fades away
  • Coasters are standard sized for placement of all types of bottles and mugs

The best thing about these coasters is that they come with an additional iron holder for keeping them in one place. It looks really neat and tidy when stashed away.

12. Tide timer clock

best gifts for beach goers - time tide clock
Time tide clock

Your uncle is a marine engineer by profession so it’s natural that he loves to get gifts related to his profession. So this year on his 54th birthday you decided to present him with an elegant clock that presents the high tide and low tide times. The look of the clock is a throwback to classic nautical designs. Let’s take a look at the other features of this amazing clock:

  • Much easier to read and follow than any printed tide table
  • Mount on the wall or just use as free-standing item
  • Battery operated, attractive sky blue color, made of acrylic

Remember that you need to reset the watch every Saturday on the west coast, but the resetting is not required for the Atlantis or Gulf of Mexico. Trust me, you won’t find a better birthday gifts for beach lovers, especially for someone who has a maritime profession.

13. Men’s beach surfer anklet

Your husband loves and admires the depths of the sea, so whenever he gets time, he likes to spend the day at the beach. This men’s beach anklet would probably be a fun gift for him 

A cool fashion accessory for men, this handmade anklet is prepared from a navy blue cord. The best part is the small anchor charm that adds an aesthetic touch to the anklet — it really looks so beautiful.

  • Cord is made of wax cotton material, silver-plated charm attached
  • 10 inches long with clasp closure
  • Customization options available on cord color and size

You will receive the anklet in a ready-to-present cute box, so there’s no hassle of wrapping it up again. It’s really one of the best gifts for beach goers, especially if they are into surfing.

14. Beach chilling wine glass

Your boyfriend is passionate about the seas that is why he always loves to head to the beach whenever he is off from work. That’s why you’ve decided to gift him a top-notch quality wine glass from a reputed brand.

What could be a better gift for beach lovers than staring at the ocean while sipping on wine? Coming to the wine glass, it is pretty and gives a wholesome beach vibe with its pretty seashore print.

  • Entirely hand-blown with “Beach please” sign
  • Each glass is uniquely hand painted by artisans in vibrant colors
  • 20 oz capacity
  • Branded gift packaging with a note

On top of that, at the bottom of each glass, you will find a unique beach cocktail recipe printed. Your boyfriend will love sipping wine from this glass and hear the seawater gushing in the background. 

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15. Wooden beach decor 

Your sister likes decorating her bedroom with different knick-knacks. Recently she has remodeled her bedroom and the theme is “Beach vibes”. She’s painted her room aqua blue color and the furniture has a seaside resort look. So don’t you think this wooden cutwork with the colors of the beach, would fit the vibes perfectly?

  • Set of 3 wooden signs — Beach, Ocean, Sea
  • Ocean-themed accent pieces
  • Stunning craftsmanship and design
  • Features 3 contrasting colors – ocean blue, white, and sandy brown

The dual color in light wood and aqua blue will make anyone fall for the décor. It has a free-standing style so you can place it on shelves. This could even be an amazing option as Christmas gifts for beach lovers.

16. Beach door stopper 

If your bestie is a beach babe, then this door stopper is rather unique as well as a perfect beach gift for her. It comes in a manageable size and is filled with sand so that it can bear the load of the door easily. Your friend will be so happy to get such a thoughtful yet creative gift from you.

  • 5 inches tall and weighs 2 pounds
  • Wipe it with wet cloth to get rid of dirt
  • Crafted from high-quality polyester and linen
  • Sturdy rope attached to easily carry around the house

This door stopper bag is in a warm pastel shade and the imprinted write-up in white color makes it stand out. You can always go for such token yet meaningful gifts for beach lovers for a friend or one of your colleagues.

17. Turtle shaped paper towel holder

Little things make your wife the happiest and so she loves to add small things to her showcase. As a husband, it is your joy to gift her something pretty yet useful so how about this cute paper towel holder. The beauty is the design of the holder.

A brown turtle figure attached to the holder with a wooden base — adorable! If she places this on the kitchen table top it is going to look classy and beautiful. Don’t you think it’s an amazing gift idea for beach lovers?

  • Silvery legs and body of turtle are made of aluminum
  • Base and turtle’s shell are crafted from mango wood
  • Cute and funny nautical design, great finish

She can either place it on the dining table or even keep it on the window sill of the kitchen. No matter where you keep this, it will accentuate the beauty of your home.

18. Sea themed tic-tac-toe

Traveling long distances can be quite boring, especially when you don’t have anything to play while commuting. Well to keep the spirit of traveling bouyant, here’s this super cute, starfish and seashell tic-tac-toe game. You should note that sediments of wood might fall off the board and that is because it is prepared from a simulation process. If you can’t think of any Christmas gifts for beach lovers, a board game set will never fail.

  • Handcrafted from wood, sturdy
  • Classy wooden design with game pieces in vibrant contrasting colors
  • You will get 5 starfishes and 4 coins, all resin-made
  • Perfect for all age groups to spend quality family time together

You can easily clean that sand debris with the help of a brush and smoothly tuck this handy board game into your traveling bag.

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19. Beach lover bracelet 

Your best friend loves to saunter down on the beach and explore the beauty of coconut trees. Last year you saw how she enjoyed the beach outing. So here’s a uniquely designed bracelet, one of the coolest gifts for beach lovers, that would be perfect for her.

She will absolutely adore this silvery bracelet that has so many sea charms attached. Talking about the material, it is designed from high-quality metal. It says, ‘I am a toes in the sand kind of girl!’ Rest assured, she will rock it with her next beach day outfit this summer!

  • Adjustable bangle so will fit most adult wrists 
  • Resistant to corrosion so need to worry about it rusting
  • 3 silver plated charms — sand dollar, starfish, flip flop with 2 pretty stones

It is finely polished on both sides, so no need to muse about the color fading. Apart from that, it is hypoallergenic so it will not cause any allergic reaction on the skin. 

20. Sunrise at the sea canvas print 

You love surprising your wife who is an ardent sea lover, right? And this year, on her 27th birthday your search for birthday gifts for beach lovers ends with this canvas-printed sunrise photo by the beach.

The exclusive artwork was printed on high-quality photo paper and will engross you you with compelling beauty. High dimension ultra-chrome pigment ink has been used to print the picture. 

  • High definition painting printed in modern giclee process
  • Large enough (24×36 inch) to be displayed as accent décor
  • Ready to hang on wall with hook mounted on its back

Looking at this photo any time at day or night will have a calming, relaxing effect. That’s what artwork should do, right?

21. Beach cocktail book 

Every year during summer, you love to visit your sister who lives by the beach. Being a resident of a coastal area, your sister has nailed all the dishes popular over there. In fact, your sister loves to prepare fresh recipes, and this time you want to gift her a beach cocktail recipe book so that she can whip up some amazing, refreshing cocktails too.

The book unfolds flavored coastal cocktail recipes from different places such as Brazilian Caipirinhas or the Hawaiian Mai Tais. The book will also enlighten the readers on tiki bar essentials and their origin. 

  • 288 pages hardcover book
  • Beautifully illustrated and enriched with information
  • Learn about basic bar skills and bar essentials
  • Filled with coastal scenery photographs to enchant any reader

This comprehensive cocktail book will end your thirst quest at once. Thus try out the simple syrup recipes and rejuvenate your beachside vacation to the fullest.

22. Beach lovers’ tumbler

You want more ideas for gifts for beach lovers, here’s a great one. Anyone who is a frequent visitor to the beach knows it’s important to stay hydrated. That’s why a sea-creature print tumbler will win their hearts in an instant. Check out the cool features of this funky tumbler:

  • Double-walled copper coated insulation to keep drink warm or cold for up to 24 hours
  • Made of food-grade and rust-proof stainless steel
  • No need to worry about spills with tight BPA-free lid
  • Lively design of sea creatures in bright pastel shades

Your crazy, beach-loving friend can bring their beverage to the shore, take a warm sunbath and sip on their drink as slowly and in as relaxed a manner as they want, because the temperature of the drink will stay the same.

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23. Flip flop wall hanging

Beach lovers can’t ever have enough nautical items to decorate their homes. If your brother and his wife nurture the same passion, getting a décor piece with the beach vibe would be ideal for them. A flip flop wall hanging will look adorable in any ocean-themed room.

  • Flip flops made of lightweight and durable wood in bright beach colors
  • Rope straps are ornamented with cute beach elements like starfish and seashells
  • Sign says ‘The beach is my happy place’
  • 4 flip flops attached together on a rope to directly hang on a wall

Trust me, they won’t be able to thank you enough for such a thoughtful gift especially if they have a personal beach house to decorate.

24. Beach chair photo frame

Have you and your husband been missing all the exotic couples trips throughout the pandemic situation? It can be fairly difficult for explorer partners to stay back home for such a long time.

But hey, you can always take trips down memory lane. For example, so what if you could not hit the beach this year? You can look at the pictures of the crazy memories you have created together. For that purpose, this nautical beach chair photo frame would be the perfect beach gift for him and your family.

  • Has a shabby and rustic look just like a chair by the beach
  • Made of high-quality wood with back easel
  • Hand-painted to bring out the tanned and tattered look
  • Freestanding to place on any tabletop

Dive back into the memories and display some of the amazing pictures up on your desk to relive those days.

25. Beach treasure guide

The sea is a mystery by itself and once you start deep diving into those hidden depths, you come across oodles of discoveries, both, on the shore as well as the sea. But there are some explorations that require better understanding.

This guidebook with detailed illustrations of the sea’s treasures is a perfect book in that end. The best part is that the book consists of descriptive points with graphics that help you learn about all the marine treasures.

  • 128 pages, hardcover, illustrated book
  • Full of detailed artwork for easy identification of beach treasures
  • Informs you about tools and items required for a seashore adventure and for preserving shells

This useful, attractive and handy guidebook is a joy! It’s a gift for beach lovers who will love to spend hours over it — quite possibly, on the beach with a tall, cool drink! 

Tips On Choosing Beach Gifts For Loved Ones 

Gifts are adorable and show how how much affection you feel for that person. Hence, in this part of the article, we will throw light on some useful tips that will guide you to buying the best beach gifts for your near and dear ones:

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  • A functional and useful gift — While jotting down gifts lists to present to someone in love with the beach, you should obviously include gifts that would be functional and equally useful. Like you present a beach traveling bag so that they can use the bags for carrying essentials. Or, perhaps a fruit mixer to accompany them on the beach while resting
  • Research beach gifts — Honestly while searching for beach gifts online, don’t just buy any random item for your loved one. You need to genuinely research and find out what relevance the gift can hold in that person’s life. In that regard, the gift can be anything such as a cotton bath towel with the image of a sunset or sunrise by the sea 
  • Segregate the beach gifts for him and her — It is always better to prepare a separate list of gifts for him and her. You should not mix up the list and buy something abstract. Suppose, you want to present a beach gift item to your aunt…then you can search for charming beach bracelets or any crockery with a painting of a beach and coconut trees. On the flip side, if the item is for your husband, boyfriend, or father, you can search for a décor piece like a nautical boat that he can place on the office desk
  • Price of the beach gift — Honestly speaking, price does not matter when you want to gift someone from the bottom of your heart. What matters is your empathy and love. Still, you all have a budget and need to abide by that. In that context, while getting beach gifts, it is always better to pick the gifts from popular online shopping portals because there is a chance of getting a good discount percentage on the total price. 

And there we have it! These are some of the best beach gift collections that we have compiled here for you. Go through each one of them to understand which fits your requirements. Don’t worry about the quality of these beach gifts because they are all handpicked gifts from top-class brands. So, go ahead and pick a suitable one.

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