10 reasons why sex with a younger man is better

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Updated On: July 16, 2022
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Women, as they reach the age of 40, have often completed all expected duties of marriage, having children and being the socially accepted lady of the house. The children have left the nest, the husband has either slowed down, strayed or is totally uninterested in her by now as a person. Sex seems to have been forgotten forever.

However, the woman above 40 years women is not all that old. She is 16 at heart, never mind the greys slyly showing and the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. And her best bet is a much younger man, who has all the vigour her hubby no longer sports.

Here are some such reasons why older women prefer younger men.

1. They are excited with the idea of getting laid

The young ones are always interested in getting laid. They don’t ask too many questions and are very happy if something is free and easy. The naughty at 40 women are also happy because here is someone who is more than happy to please her and eager to explore avenues he had always dreamt of. Just the willingness of a young adult lover to oblige her is also appealing.

2. They have strength and power

Most women meet these young men usually in gyms or through other sports activities, so it seems natural that women are fitness conscious. On the flip side, they become aware of physically fit men alongside them and also trainers who boast of six-packs, toned backs and biceps. So it follows that they will be able to perform with greater endurance, longer strokes and give her a good time for a much longer time.

3. They are eager to perform

They are eager to perform
They never tire and go on and on

The young men who happen to get into bed with an older woman are quick to learn new tricks and are eager to please. The woman gets to enjoy the sexual prowess of a younger, sexually charged stallion with the gratitude that she probably never felt before. She has also gracefully aged and does not need to play games to get his attention or his devoted services. They never tire and go on and on. They revel in the fact that they can and proceed to prove it to this beautiful fun-loving 40-year-old diva. And it pleases them to be a great source of joy to her.

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4. Top gear sex

She may or may not have experienced such delicious sex before. If she has in her younger days, then she will get to experience it once again, that is probably the greatest advantage of having a younger boyfriend. And since she is the one being the mentor, she has the power to teach him all the secrets of lovemaking that he is finding out for the first time. Also, she is the lead and can take him anywhere she wishes, make him dance to her tune and that power is exhilarating.

5. They don’t want to be tied down

A young man who has an older woman is quite content with what he has and knows that he has his lover’s appreciation and goodwill. He in turn does not need his older lover to pay obeisance or pander to him. The women are pretty sure that the young man will eventually move on and hence do not need to worry about them becoming a nuisance or wanting more than what she can offer. So she can have her cake and eat it too.

6. No holds barred

No holds barred
For a forty-year-old woman, a younger lover is like a breath of oxygen

Since such a relationship is already unconventional, it is very easy for an older woman to explore uninhibitedly all that she has imagined or fantasised. There are no social norms that she needs to worry about complying with, no financial obligations and definitely no strings attached. All the hues associated with the fifty shades of grey seem possible. What she would have been diffident or unable to ask her husband is now a great likelihood!

For a forty-year-old woman, a younger lover is like a breath of oxygen. An otherwise wilting life suddenly bursts into a lovely floral bouquet of sexual possibilities and adds zest to life.

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