21 Gift Ideas For Basketball Players [Boyfriend Loves Basketball]

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Updated On: December 13, 2023
Unique gift ideas for basketball players

Is your boyfriend fond of playing basketball? Wondering what to gift him on the various occasions that you both celebrate together? Haven’t been able to figure out what to get your basketball player boyfriend yet? Then you’re in luck; we have the best list of gifts for basketball players.

Basketball players love their game to the point that the game consumes them. They live, breathe and talk basketball. So it is but obvious that they would absolutely love basketball gifts.

From focusing on getting their gameplay right, to watching basketball, we’ve put together a list of interesting basketball gift ideas that cover your boyfriend’s likes and passions.

Best Gifts For Basketball Lovers

Whether your boyfriend is a devout fan of the game or is a player himself, these gifts for basketball player boyfriend will have him excited and loving you for a long, long time to come.

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So, scroll down and take your pick from this well-curated list of presents for basketball players and watch him belt out a mighty cheer for you! So, what are you waiting for? Time to get your head in the game and get your basketball loving boyfriend the perfect basketball gift that he’s going to cherish and remember for years to come.

1. A personalized basketball

Gifts for basketball players
Personalized basketball

The perfect basketball gift idea can’t get more basic than this specialized gift – even though it’s just another basketball, but wait a minute – it’s not just any other basketball. Get your boyfriend this personalized basketball customized with his name, favorite player’s name, favorite quote, jersey number, or anything else that you can think of. Not only does it have that custom touch, but it’s also a great way to keep track of his basketball when he is on the court, practicing with other players.

Customization can be done to the basketball’s size, color and the font used to print his name on the ball (various options available on checkout). Balls used by the seller are from authentic distributors ensuring high quality and suitability for gameplay.

2. Basketball shower curtain hooks

Best gift for basketball loving boyfriend
Basketball shower curtain hooks

Want to add a little jock element to your boyfriend’s shower? You can’t go wrong with these basketball-shaped shower curtain hooks. This unique shower curtain hook will definitely bring out an element of fun into your loved one’s home. Let your basketball gift ideas enable your significant other to live out all their theatrical slam dunk fantasies.

The product is extremely easy to set up and is made up of high-quality resin and stainless steel. This shower curtain hook is perfect for people of all ages if they love playing or even watching basketball.

3. Lebron James evolution poster

Lebron James Evolution Poster

Even if you are not into basketball, we are certain you have heard of the legend, Lebron James. We assure you that your boyfriend will love this canvas wall art that is a depiction of his basketball journey as he goes in for the iconic slam dunk. Professionally printed and hand-stretched, the poster comes with sawtooth hangers and is ready to hang straight out of the box; it is also gallery wrapped over high-quality, SPF wooden frames to give the artwork a premium feel. A present for a basketball player surely can’t get better than this!

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The canvas poster can be issued in a variety of sizes and frames. Select the one that matches perfectly with your boyfriend’s home interiors and watch him hang it up with pride and excitement!

4. Reflective glowing holographic basketball

Reflective Glowing Holographic Basketball
Holographic basketball

Do you know what’s better than a regular basketball? A basketball that glows! Yes, you heard it right – gifts for basketball lovers can be THAT amazing and unique. Gift your boyfriend this futuristic, holographic basketball that glows in the dark to amp up the excitement for his evening gameplay. The basketball is made from composite, hygroscopic, durable leather with 100% nylon windings and rubber inserts to ensure the ball retains its shape.

The reflective panels on the ball make it glow in low light and show its true nature best in photos and videos making it totally gram-worthy. So, if your boyfriend wants to play a game late in the evening or show off his dunking skills to the world, this basketball gift will surely add a wow factor to his videos!

5. An energy booster

Gift for boyfriend who loves basketball: Energy Booster
Energy booster

Gifts for basketball player boyfriend need not be too extravagant. Surprise your boyfriend with these easy-to-carry, on-the-go, workout powder packs. A perfect pre-workout beverage to get his sugar levels up and running. Choose from the various flavors of orange, coconut, dragon fruit, berry or cranberry lemon. Whether it’s a quick game or an evening where he’s practicing his shots, your boyfriend will surely tire himself out and that is when he will remember how thoughtful you are as he sips on this energy-boosting beverage.

With no added preservatives, flavors or artificial coloring, this low-calorie drink can be easily whipped up anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is add a tablet in the right quantity of water and shake it up.

6. Speed training agility set

Speed Training Agility Set: perfect basketball gift
Training kit

This training set is one of the perfect gifts for basketball players if your boyfriend is in the school/ college basketball team or even if he wants to get back in the game after a short break. The set includes a running rope ladder, 10 cones with holders, a running parachute, a jump rope and some resistance bands to kick start their training.

This set is a perfect present for a basketball player as it is guaranteed to inspire them to deliver a high-quality and rigorous workout focusing on speed agility. The products are ready to use and easy to store in the duffle bag that comes with the set.

7. A book on basketball

Written by Bill Simmons, this is a definitive basketball gift that every connoisseur of the game would love to have on his bookshelf. The author is popularly known as ESPN’s “The Sports Guy”. This wildly opinionated and thoroughly entertaining book contains his witty and informative take on all things Basketball. From the age-old question of who actually won the rivalry between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to the one about which team was truly the best of all time, Simmons opens – and then closes, once and for all – every major pro basketball debate.

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Uncovering the hidden secrets of the game and the players behind it, this book is a mantra for any basketball lover and we are certain your basketball-obsessed boyfriend will love you for thinking of him as you gift him this perfect present.

8. A portable mini basketball hoop set

unique basketball gift: Portable Mini Basketball Hoop set
Portable mini basketball

If your boyfriend is unable to go to the court then why not bring the court to him with this mini basketball hoop set? Your boyfriend can perfect his arm game from the comfort of his room on days when stepping out is not possible. Any list of gifts for basketball players is incomplete without a stunning hoop set! This mini basketball hoop has an extended bracket design so it can easily be installed over his room door.

You know what this kit looks like? It looks like one of the best gifts for basketball players there is — something that you can pamper them with! It also has a shatter-proof and super-durable, polycarbonate, clear backboard that ensures safe gameplay even when force is applied. The kit includes a PU mini basketball along with a hand pump for air. This gift will definitely get him pumped up and excited to strengthen his skills and hyper-dunk.

9. Active wear shorts with cellphone holder

Active Wear Shorts With Cellphone Holder
Active wear shorts

A smartly designed pair of shorts because modern problems require modern solutions, right? Present your basketball player boyfriend with these super comfy activewear shorts. Each pair is underlined with biker shorts that come with a pocket holder for phones or iPods. This hidden pocket will ensure that the gadget is secure and does not get in the way of your boyfriend’s basketball training. This is one of those smart gifts that your boyfriend will definitely use during his practice and gaming sessions.

The shorts even have an outlet for the earphone cord. (These guys have thought of everything to make it one of the best gifts for basketball players!) The built-in mesh liner absorbs moisture and dries quickly hence allowing optimal comfort to the wearer. A must-have for anyone who loves to shoot hoops and stay active.

10. A flick glove

Flick Glove for basketball lovers
Flick glove

Your boyfriend will truly appreciate your research efforts with this thoughtful basketball gift to aid him hone his skills further. The flick glove is a training gear that is supposed to be worn on the main hand that shoots the ball. It ensures correct hand posture to perfect the shooting movement called the “follow-through”. This elastic silicone glove applies resistance on the fingers towards the wrist which forces the wearer for a stronger and more consistent hand flick movement that increases the rotation on the basketball.

It also offers constant resistance while dribbling the ball which drives muscle growth in the fingers and wrist. Training with the flick glove triggers muscle memory for the follow-through movement and is a great gift for basketball lovers.

11. Drawstring backpack with shoe compartment

Gifts for basketball players: Drawstring Backpack with Shoe Compartment
Drawstring backpack

Basketball practice means carrying a lot of equipment whether your boyfriend is headed to school, college or even work after his training session, he will have to carry his shoes, training gear, and a change of clothes. Can there be a more practical basketball gift idea than this? This drawstring bag made out of 100% polyester fiber is a lightweight and compact way to carry absolutely everything. It offers various compartments especially to fit shoes, a basketball, a water bottle, a change of clothes and more.

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The bag is durable, washable and waterproof to ensure your boyfriend’s belongings stay dry. The adjustable straps are sturdy enough to carry equipment that weighs over 40 pounds and can double up as a hiking or camping bag.

12. Knee compression pad and leg sleeve

Knee Compression Pad and Leg Sleeve
Knee compression pad

For those of you who are extra protective and want to ensure your boyfriend does not get hurt in one of his heated basketball games, we suggest you gift him a leg sleeve brace protection – one of the perfect basketball gift ideas to let him know that you are as concerned for his safety as for his game. The elastic polyester fabric on the sleeve has been woven into a honeycomb pad design to protect your boyfriend’s leg from extensive crash damage during their practice sessions and games.

The anti-slip band offers extra support to the leg and the extended sleeve offers extra protection against random cuts and scratches that are usually inevitable during a match. This gift for basketball players is designed to help them avoid getting injured from external pressures.

13. Yard guard

Basketball yard guard for basketball lovers
Basketball yard guard

Safeguard your boyfriend’s basketball from being shot out, outside the court during one of his 3 pointers or far shots with this basketball yard guard. With its quick and easy setup process, the yard guard is a defense net that is supposed to be placed behind the basketball hoop to keep the basketballs in the court and out of the streets. It is certainly one of the best gifts for basketball lovers who know the pain of constantly having to spend time retrieving balls from missed shots.

Here is a perfect way to ensure the ball stays in your boyfriend’s court (literally!) This gift will show him that you know his time is valuable and should be spent well – and what’s better, maybe the two of you can spend some time safely shooting hoops with this yard guard.

14. Basketball storage rack

Basketball Storage Rack
Basketball storage rack

If your boyfriend is super athletic and loves his basketballs then this is one of the most unique basketball gift ideas for him. Help him rack and mantle his basketballs with ease with this basketball storage rack. The rack can be moved around easily and will help to keep his basketballs organized. Made with high-quality iron and a heavy-duty copper plating process, this freestanding storage rack is super sturdy and durable which ensures that it is not only resistant to bends, but also safe from scratches and color fading.

A great, aesthetic yet structurally useful addition to any room, the storage rack is a brilliant way for your boyfriend to keep all his basketballs organized instead of having them constantly roll around the room into random nooks and corners.

15. Basketball hoop laundry bag

Basketball Hoop Laundry Bag: unique basketball gift
Laundry bag

A smart present for any basketball player. This one encourages your boyfriend to keep a clean room and is a really cool way to put a little fun into the boring chore of having to pick up one’s laundry. This laundry bag is disguised as a basketball rim with a hamper that has a net that is 3 feet deep! Your sweety is definitely going to be practicing shots with his rolled-up socks for sure!

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Ready to use gifts for basketball players, this hoop can be easily placed behind your boyfriend’s room doorframe or on a wall. Once set up, your boyfriend will surely remember to shoot his dirty clothes into the laundry bag instead of having them lie around the room!

16. 3D illusion gift lamp

3D Illusion Gift Lamp
3D illusion gift lamp

A great way to add a futuristic touch to your boyfriend’s room, this 3-dimensional lamp is an optical acrylic light guide artistically shaped in the form of a basketball player to make it the perfect decorative addition to your basketball-loving boyfriend’s room. The lamp has a smart touch control along with a remote control system that can change the lamp colors to suit his mood even from across the room. Your gift will help you strike a balance in your relationship by letting him know how much you feel for him

Offering a range of 16 different colors, the lamp is not only compatible with batteries but can also be powered via its USB port. A great gift for basketball players to add a warm glow to your significant others’ room, this light will surely brighten up his day.

17. A coach board

Board to display gameplay strategies

Gift your boyfriend this erasable, basketball court layout, whiteboard which is the ultimate board to display gameplay strategies. The whiteboard is guaranteed to make him look like an absolute pro in front of his teammates during his next basketball game. So whether he is the captain or the coach, this is a very handy tool to have during any game session. The board is sturdy, durable and can’t be bent. The back of the board even has a player stats tracker for a holistic assessment.

Since communication is the key in any sport, this board is the perfect tool to draw up the final gameplay and quickly communicate it to all players effectively which makes it a useful present for a basketball player.

18. Hand grip strengthener

Hand Grip Strengthener: gifts for basketball players
Hand grip strengthener

If your boyfriend is looking to practice skills that will help to sculpt him into a great basketball player, then there are various hand and leg muscles that he needs to focus on. Hand muscles are often overlooked which is why this glove grip hand strengthener is a great gift to give to your boyfriend! The glove helps basketball players to strengthen their hands for all types of movements — dribbling, ball-handling, shooting, rebounding, passing, and catching. Drop some signs of love and care for your boyfriend by presenting him with this and see his face brighten up!

You do not always need to be at the court to work on your training. In fact, this is a great way to enhance your skills even while sitting in class or watching a show. A great gift for basketball player boyfriend to practice while on the go is this easy to carry, basketball hand grip strengthener.

19. Portable ball pump

Hand air inflator

You may not see this portable ball pump as a conventional gift for basketball players, but this one is an absolute life changer for basketball enthusiasts if they realize that their basketball is out of air mid-game. The pump is small enough to be easily carried around and the kit is complete with 5 inflation needles. A very important basketball accessory for your boyfriend to have, it uses the push-pull air delivery system for inflating the ball. Bid adieu to bent needles with its soft needle plug system!

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Portable, handy and compact- this air inflator will ensure your boyfriend’s basketball never runs out of air. The needles are made from stainless steel and hence are very durable. All in all, a great set to gift for a basketball player boyfriend!

20. Basketball pattern bedding

Black Basketball Pattern Bedding
Basketball pattern bedding

Here is an interesting gift for your lover that brings the basketball court into their bedroom. Gift your basketball player boyfriend these slick, basketball patterned, bed sheets. A great way to add character to any room, the set includes 2 pillow cases along with a king-size sheet and is made from a polyester microfiber construction. This ensures that the sheets stay snug under the mattress, do not wrinkle or fade over time and are very comfortable to lie on.

This one is a perfect basketball gift idea for lovers of the game, especially those who do not get much time to play the game and just in case black is not their preferred color, the seller has multiple color options to choose from, so pick the one that matches your boyfriend’s room aesthetic.

21. Air Jordans 34

Looking for gifts for basketball players? A classic pair of basketball sneakers is your answer. You just can’t go wrong with this one. If basketball is the sport of choice for your boyfriend, then shoes are his armor! Help him own the game with his slick moves with these Nike Air Jordans, the lightest Air Jordans ever made! These shoes have their own iconic style and are sure to make your boyfriend stand out on the court.

A great pair of shoes that deliver high-quality comfort and elevate overall performance. The insole cushioning offers maximum support to aid all kinds of leg movements and turns. The soles are extremely durable and perfect for daily training. Highly spoken of and reviewed, the Air Jordans will surely make a perfect gifting item for your boyfriend!

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Gift

When you are choosing gifts for a basketball player boyfriend you have to keep in mind that you cannot pick up anything and everything related to basketball for him. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you pick up a gift for him.

Those things are:

  • Check what kind of stuff he already has. You definitely don’t want to give him something he already has
  • Know what gifts for basketball players will get him really excited. Some guys could die for a pair of red basketball sneakers while some would love a basketball motif on their blanket
  • Some items on our list are quirky basketball stuff which make great gifts. You can happily pick from there
  • But if you are looking for need-based gifting, find out what he really wants and then buy accordingly

With this insanely quirky list of basketball gift ideas for your boyfriend, the love is sure to stay on point (guard!) Get your boyfriend something from this list, or many things – who are we to tell you, and watch him light up like Lebron James at a Lakers game! These basketball gifts make for fun and unique gifting ideas for that special someone.

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