10 Cute Texts To Send To Your Man When You Miss Him

how to tell a guy you miss him over text
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Distance is hard. All the songs about missing your lover make so much more sense when you are far away from the love of your life. Ever felt the pang of physical distance leave an empty void in your heart? There are many times when all you want to do is cuddle up next to your man and breathe in his scent. In times like these, try sending him these mega-adorable texts to make him smile at his phone. Tell your guy you miss him in a cute way.

We know of a couple whose marriage became long-distance due to professional reasons and the exchange of such cute texts saved their marriage! As you know, many long-distance relationships involve a time difference that can be frustrating and you might not be able to talk on a regular basis.

When she couldn’t get in touch with him before going to bed, she would send him cute texts to let him know he was missed. Little did she know that these texts meant even more to him. Being away from his family made him feel lonely all the time and he actually printed these out and hung them on his wall. We are happy to say they are no longer living apart and spend as much time together as they want.

If you’re wondering how to tell someone you miss them, there are many sources you can turn to for inspiration. And of course, technology has made it so much easier to convey your heartfelt emotions to your SO, despite the distance. If you want to take a look at some super cute ‘I miss you’ messages for him, you are in the right place.

How Do You Tell Your Man That You Miss Him?

There are times when all you want to do is leave whatever work you are doing and just run to your man. I miss him. I miss him. I miss him so much – it seems your mind is trapped in a never-ending loop of just one thought. Forget office projects and other commitments. All you want to do is simply be in his arms.

Do you want to write out poems for him to say that you love him? Want to send him long messages that he can’t read while working? Call him and disturb his busy schedule? What can you text him to convey this sense of yearning? How to tell someone you miss them? All of these questions only make the pain of longing far more acute.

We should be thankful that phones and modern technology have made this painful aspect of relationships, long-distance relationship problems to be specific, a lot less daunting. Imagine being away from your man at a time when phone calls weren’t easy and texting was not heard of.

If you think about it, this was actually just two decades ago. Google CEO Sundar Pichai could not call his wife, then-girlfriend Anjali, for six months at a stretch when he first went to the U.S. because he did not have the money to make an expensive international call. Fast forward to the present, now you can connect with your partner whenever you please and you can send him a cute text the moment you miss him.

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But there is an added complication to it because sometimes, even though you are desperate to talk to him, you don’t want to come off as a clingy girlfriend. So how do you tell him you miss him without sounding needy? Relax, we have a solution for all your troubles. Whenever you are apart from your man and can’t shake off the ‘I miss him’ feeling, send him these short and cute texts:

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1.“I read your old messages and was smiling like an idiot. People thought I AM an idiot”

Texts are the only things that keep you going when you’re away from your partner and reading old texts always brings back bittersweet experiences. This is a great way to tell your boyfriend how much you miss him and how much time you spend reminiscing about the good old days. Share a few of his old messages with him and you will get him smiling too. This will also be a great way to think back to your first few dates and laugh.

And, if you didn’t know, it gives you a chance to bring back the romance lost over the distance. Speaking from personal experience, when you show him a few screenshots of how he used to express his feelings that always made you feel so special, it will be like a reminder. You had a relationship filled with love and laughter. As you tell your boyfriend you miss him through text, you both can try to get back to those sweet lovey-dovey romantic days.

2.“I wish we could cuddle and talk about our day”

When the days are long and all you crave at the end of the day is spooning, this is the perfect text to send. This is something most couples really look forward to doing at the end of the day but if you are unable to do it, tell your partner so with a text. The answer to how to tell someone you miss them lies in sharing these moments of longing with each other as candidly as possible.

Tell him what you want to do after you both cuddle up through a cute text, and he will send you all the virtual hugs and kisses. He would be invaded with memories of the two of you spooning and your text will work wonders.

We know of a couple that timed their conversations so perfectly that they would video call when one was waking up and the other was sleeping so they felt like they were going to bed together and waking up together. How beautiful is that? Just the right time and right place to write those cute ‘I miss you’ messages for him, isn’t it?

3.“The celebration seemed incomplete without you”

What to text your boyfriend when you miss him? One of the rules of texting when dating to swear by is to use this form of communication to mix things up so that your messages don’t sound repetitive and boring. For instance, instead of saying, “I miss you” again and again, let him know that important life events and festivities seem a little bland and a little less complete without him.

This is a great way to tell him you miss him a lot. It is normal that you would miss him on important occasions. It could be your birthday or festivals like Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will both miss each other, but tell him that through a cute text.

Let me tell you a sweet, little story from our last holidays. So, my sister was all blue throughout the week and she just couldn’t bear the thought of spending New Year’s Eve alone without her boyfriend. She kept nagging me, “Hey, how do you tell him you miss him without sounding needy?” But in the end, all her efforts worked like magic, and Matthew showed up right before the ball dropped to give her the biggest surprise of all time! So, don’t think twice and text him when you miss him.

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4.“I just need you to hug me to help me get through the day”

Some days are punches in the gut when nothing other than his comforting embraces can help. And you need a hug from him all the more if your boss had been particularly rude with you or your bestie just broke the news that she is shifting town. Text him you need a hug, he will give you one through texts. You will love it. He would too.

So much better than getting all pensive when the ‘I miss him’ phase kicks in, and kicks in hard. When you are far away from each other, lack of affection and intimacy in a relationship often becomes a big deal. Instead of giving up the whole thing on fate, you can take charge and make it happen. Text your boyfriend when you miss him – try to retain your intimate connection.

5.“Even though you are away, your morning texts brighten up my days”

Distance does not matter when the love between you both is strong. And what better way to strengthen your bond than letting him know that he is the first thing on your mind every day. This is a cute way to tell your boyfriend you really miss him and that distance matters so little when someone matters so much! Plus, in your own sweet way, you make your guy miss you just as much every morning.

We know of a couple that made it a habit to text each other about something that reminded them of the other, every night before sleeping. If they could not do this, they shared something they admired about each other. Just when he needed her the most, the ‘I miss you’ messages for him rang on his phone. This bred positive feelings between them and they completed their long-distance relationship with love and gratitude for each other rather than anger or jealousy.

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6.“I wish I could be there to kiss you goodnight”

How to tell someone you miss them? With a cute, heartfelt text like this. We bet your partner would reply with something along the lines of: “Someday, my love, someday soon.” There couldn’t be a cuter way to tell him you miss him. Now he knows, he is the last person roaming in your thoughts as you wake up in the morning and right before you go to sleep.

Physical intimacy is what you miss the most when you are away from each other. Not being able to kiss him goodnight makes you feel sad. Send him a cute text to say how you feel. If you are feeling frisky, you can also make this text a little more explicit. These tips will definitely help you become a pro at sexting.

7.“Something good/bad happened and I want you to be the first person to know”

Even with the time difference and distance, you want to share all major life events with him first. The world can follow later. This will make him feel happy, special, and secure in the relationship. Anyway, he has always been the person with whom you shared all your important news so there is no reason for this to change. Just pick up the phone and text him.

Even if it’s an event that might alter the course of your relationship, he deserves to know it. And it should always come from you, not from a common friend. Perhaps you are feeling terrible and wish you could be there to hold his hand and share your thoughts with him in person. But for now, be honest with him, to yourself, and tell your boyfriend you miss him through text.

8.“I miss the way your warm hands feel against mine on a cold winter morning”

“I miss him” can mean missing his comforting touch at the end of a long day or his reassuring embrace when you’re overcome with self-doubt. Physical longing adds to emotional longing. You do miss holding hands when you are away from a person. This is a cute way to tell your boyfriend you really miss him. This also adds a poetic touch to the romantic things you say to him and brings out your creative side. Try to make this as personal and relatable as possible.

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9.“Just a few more days and I will feel your breath on my neck”

How to tell your boyfriend you miss him through text? Count down to the next time you will see each other because this gives you the strength to keep going. Seduce him with texts about your fantasies surrounding the time you’ll be together again. Make sure you convey your excitement to let him know how much you’re looking forward to being with him.

This is the most exhilarating time for a couple who have been sulking over this tiring long-distance for months. Those aching days when you had to text your boyfriend when you miss him are finally coming to an end and it’s time to get drenched in the shower of hugs and kisses from your sweetheart. Spend these last few days hyping up his expectations so that he cannot wait to come back and wrap you in his arms.

10.“I would trade anything to have you mess up your side of the bed and then try and conquer mine”

Girl, just text him when you miss him and tell him you can’t do without the warmth of his hugs in bed. Messy, occupied beds over clean, empty ones – any day, over everything else. Missing him in bed when you wake up in the morning is natural. Tell him through a cute text that you want that messy bed and he would feel so wanted and loved!

There you go. When you miss your man, send him these cute texts to keep him smiling all through his day. How to tell your boyfriend you are missing him? You know now. So just go ahead and text away.

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