The Scrambler Technique: The Real Deal Or Another Scam?

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What is the scrambler technique?
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So, you fancy a girl in your guitar class, and she blushes every time you talk to her! You find her making excuses to talk to you, and she even tries to sit right next to you in class and spend time with you. Here’s some good news: She may have a crush on you! But you’re the ‘nice guy’ who finishes last and are still wondering how to approach women you fancy without being friend-zoned or rejected. Guess what! The Scrambler Technique may be the right tool for you! So, what is the Scrambler Technique?

No, you aren’t the first guy who’s worried about not coming across as too available or too desperate when it comes to texting women or dating them. Most men feel the need to consult their more experienced friends when it comes to impressing a woman. And what if all the expert dating advice, and more, comes to you packaged in a never-before deal, replete with flirty texts and workbooks for you to sharpen your dating skills?

Do such tools objectify women or portray misogyny? Are tools such as these merely scams? How reliable are they when it comes to a concrete dating strategy? Moreover, can they backfire and make women avoid you? So, let’s unlock the Scrambler! Read on to get the answers to all of these questions and more.

What Is The Scrambler Technique?

So, what is this all-inclusive dating hack called the Scrambler Technique that helps you score women? Is it better than swiping on a dating app when it comes to ‘getting a girl’? Well, the technique, also known as the Bobby Rio Scrambler Technique, started as part of Unlock Her Legs, a dating program for men, created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Rio and Judge, according to their collaborative Facebook profile, are “social coaches,” who help “nice guys” soar in the dating game and escape the friend zone. The Scrambler is, apparently, a guide that’s been tried and tested by the duo in their personal lives.

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What’s more? With this paid dating program, you get an insider’s access to a whole lot of audio and video material, an e-book, recordings from seminars, workbooks, and even something called the Secret Texting Technique pamphlet. But how does the Bobby Rio Scrambler Technique function in reality, and what are its features? What do the Scrambler system reviews say? Has it been proven effective worldwide? Let’s get the Scrambler Technique revealed! Here’s all you need to know about this holistic dating tool for men:

1. It’s a repackaged version of fractionation seduction

So, the Scrambler seems to be a rehash of an old dating hack known as fractionation seduction, which involves building a connection with a woman, creating an emotionally challenging situation, and then making her surrender to you by offering comfort. Though their main principles are similar, there’s a difference between the two hacks. In fractionation, you make her emotional with a touching story, such as how you lost a pet or made it out alive from a deadly accident. In scrambling, however, you increase your ‘mean quotient.’

The scrambler dating technique
The Scrambling game can backfire if you play it the wrong way

2. It’s based on manipulation and deception

So, what is the Scrambler mind game? No, the technique isn’t just a casual dating game to woo your lady love. It relies on some dirty tricks, such as bringing in deception and manipulation in relationships, to make a particular girl you fancy crazy about you! The manipulation tactics guys use here are to stimulate the chase reflex. So, here’s how you’ll gain a woman’s attention if you follow the scrambling strategy:

  • Play ‘hard to get’ and ignore a woman you like when she shows interest
  • Show her you’re open to dating others and that she’s just a friend
  • Make her feel you aren’t an easy catch who’s stumped by her beauty
  • Ignore her texts for a day or two when she’s really into you, and don’t respond too easily. Wait for her to double-text or send you paragraphs before you respond with a one-word text
  • Don’t be available all the time. Be online, but don’t text her. Don’t meet up on all weekends. Act as if you’ve lost interest.

3. It creates a sense of uncertainty

A 2003 study on the excitation transfer theory states that strong emotions, such as excitement, fear, and uncertainty, make a person easily attracted to people. So, the Scrambler strategy relies on this principle of creating uncertainty and makes you put your lady crush through an emotional thrill ride. Only, in this case, the ride isn’t too happy, and you make her uncertain about your presence in her life or about the future of your relationship.

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4. It shifts power back to aggressive males

A 2019 research study states that media channels, including social networks, mostly link “attractiveness to people with violent attitudes,” and this influences women to think non-violent or non-aggressive males aren’t exciting. The Scrambling technique relies on this very social discourse that makes most men portray themselves as aggressive alpha males, who don’t necessarily need women. In short, it shifts power to aggressive men.

5. It makes a woman anticipate your presence

The Scrambler dating technique helps you seduce women and make them anticipate a date, a kiss, or even a sexual relationship. It makes your girlfriend thirsty for future meets. This is pure science, as anticipating a reward makes our systems release dopamine.

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6. It makes a woman crave for your validation

Lastly, the Scrambler method aims at making women seek the validation of men. Well, this is how attraction works! So, when she doesn’t get to interact with you as much as she wants to, she will try her best to seek your attention by:

  • Looking good
  • Engaging in activities that you like
  • Acting according to your needs
  • Changing her schedule to fit yours
  • Agreeing to a sexual relationship with you to keep you close

5 Key Mistakes That Can Make The Scrambler Technique Backfire

So, now that you know what the Scrambling Technique is and what Bobby Rio the scrambler and his associate Rob Judge advised, you must’ve found it a wee bit misogynistic. You may also wonder if such a manipulative technique can actually get you a girl. Well, you’re not alone. In fact, a Reddit user, gorliwczepa, feels techniques such as these are “always a gimmick and not worth it.” Another user, rmovny_schnr98, calls it a scam. So, how can this technique get you in a soup? Here are 5 common mistakes that can make the Scrambler dating technique backfire:

1. Appearing emotionally unavailable

The Scrambler method may make you appear too standoffish and emotionally unavailable. And this is a sign not many women like. Remember, there’s no one method that fits all dating situations. So, not balancing out your manipulation game may make you lonelier. You may ask, “Is testing someone manipulative?” Well, it may not be, but a woman who’s truly interested may be dejected by your game.

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2. Making her feel you aren’t interested at all

Your manipulative texts may end up making your object of affection feel you aren’t interested in her. And trust me, there’s nothing worse than this feeling for a woman. She may even never be back to see the end of your scrambling game.

The scrambler dating technique
Grab her attention by appearing disinterested, but don’t over-do it!

3. Playing the scrambling game to score more women

So, you want to play the Scrambler with all the girls you like? When you can’t keep count of the women you’re putting on your scrambling emotional roller-coaster, it’s time to re-think your strategy. You may be creating a bad image of yourself in the dating market. It could get worse if some of those women know each other. You may be labeled a ‘playboy’ or a ‘player’ who isn’t serious about a relationship and who’s just after beautiful women, and that will be the end of your dating game.

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4. Using the Scrambler Technique in crucial situations

So, you’ve mastered the Scrambler text technique and aren’t the nice guy anymore! But hey, she sends you a text when you’re at work, telling you she needs help moving to a new place, or worse still, she needs to vent to you, as she’s terribly depressed about getting laid off at work. Don’t wait for hours to respond to her in crucial situations such as these. Rely on your best judgment before she leaves you forever for ditching her when she needed you. After all, Scrambler should help you find out how to manipulate a manipulator over text, not how to make an innocent lady suffer!

5. Scrambling with all types of women

So, this technique makes any woman fall for you, right? Wrong! Any dating tactic that manipulates women’s emotions is riding high on misogyny. In these days of feminist dialogue in every sphere, don’t rely on any particular technique to score all types of women. The success of the Scrambler Technique depends on a woman’s level of maturity. A woman who’s past her age of playing games and wants a serious relationship may not be impressed with the Scrambler tactics at all.

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How To Use The Scrambler Text Technique The Right Way – 7 Tips With Examples

So, the Scrambler Technique, if used the wrong way, can make your potential match misunderstand your intentions and never text you back! However, there are certain ways in which you can use the Scrambling Technique to your advantage. So, how do you make sure the Scrambler Technique text messages don’t end up ruining your dating game? What are the flirty things to text a girl you like when you’re texting 101? How about some manipulative text examples that will ensure you have your girl pining for that date night? Here are 7 tips on how to use the text scramble effect the right way:

Infographic on the scrambler technique
The Scrambler Technique relies on manipulation and deception

1. Text her hinting you like her, but don’t appear too desperate

So, you want to tell a girl you like you’re going bonkers about her new look on Instagram? Say something to arouse interest in her mind and make her realize you’ve noticed her ‘thirst trap,’ but don’t give too much of yourself right away. Throw in some flirty conversation starters and pepper your texts with sarcasm and humor. Be interesting and talk about things that interest her. Say something like:

  • “That lipstick is too red! What’s the exact shade though?”
  • “A Boney-M T-shirt in the Gen-Z era? Hmm…interesting!”

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2. Don’t seek sympathy or validation

Respond to her texts only when you see effort from her end. Likewise, stop sending paragraphs and stick to short texts or one-liners. No new love interest should feel you’re still obsessed with your ex. So, no sob story or assassination of your ex’s character, please. Here’s what you shouldn’t text:

  • “My ex was a snob and a total psycho! We had a 3-year relationship and then broke up over a text….” (and then continue to relate the story)
  • “Hmmm…no time to text me the entire day, huh?”

3. Don’t text her 24/7

So, you really liked your first date with your dream woman, and you wish to take things forward! But, you are texting her sweet nothings every hour! We have bad news for you: It may not last more than a few months, or you may end up in her friend zone, because you’re simply too available. You can incorporate the Scrambler Technique examples listed below:

  • Don’t respond to her texts till your work day ends
  • Don’t initiate conversations every time. Skip texting for a day and make her ask you how your day was.
  • No quick responses. Give a gap of about an hour or two before you text her initially. This helps keep her interest in you alive!
  • Text her on and off for the initial few days. Make your texts irregular. But don’t take this too far and disappear for months!

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4. Don’t make yourself look insecure

Ignore her social media pictures with other guys. Don’t pay attention to her location tags. Don’t text her about the guys she messages or responds to, not even as a joke. Don’t make yourself look insecure in the relationship. Show her she’s one of your choices, just like you’re one of hers. So, here’s what you shouldn’t be texting her:

  • “So, seems you had a blast last night! Who was that guy in a black T hugging you though?”
  • “Hmm… nice place, that! Looks expensive! Still wanna date a poor guy like me?”
  • “Wow! Who are those dudes with you? Do you still find me attractive?”

5. Be unpredictable

So, your crush has agreed to meet you, and the two of you get along like a house on fire! But, it’s also important to show her you have a life, to keep her craving for some interaction. So, that weekend plan you’ve just made? Cancel it now! Or ask for help, and then vanish for a few days! Make believable excuses, or cook up white lies, such as:

  • “Hey! Sorry, won’t be able to make it to the movie tomorrow. Need to attend my cousin’s housewarming party! Totally forgot to tell you!”
  • “Hey, I need a quick favor! Hit me up.” (and when she responds, tell her you’re busy with something. That should keep her wondering what you’re up to)

6. Don’t overstep boundaries

While the Scrambler Technique text messages may be a boon for those with low self-esteem and may help them gain confidence, learn communication etiquette, and avoid being friend-zoned, it’s important not to go overboard. So, don’t take the aggressive alpha male bit too far. Here’s how you can maintain a healthy connection without turning her off:

  • Don’t be a creep or a control-freak: Avoid texting her something like: “I know you went out with Max yesterday! But you told me you were down with fever!”
  • Avoid dirty texts/photos: No nudes in the initial days of dating, please. Don’t give dirty responses to a text, though a seduction text is fine. For example, raunchy texts, such as “Can I get a shower pic?” are a strict no-no in this game
  • Don’t follow the technique blindly: Remember, add your values, such as honesty and integrity, to the technique. Customize it accordingly. Be the gentle, affable guy that you are, at times. Have fun, but make it sparse

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7. Maintain some mystery

Lastly, the whole point of the Scrambler Technique is to make the girl you want attracted to you without you making it obvious. However, how would you even create a connection if you two aren’t talking about your lives? Well, to sort this out, talk occasionally, about everything: your hobbies, interests, life goals! But make sure she’s asking you about these details. Also make sure you aren’t revealing too much at one go! End an interesting late-night conversation with a sudden goodnight message. Keep her asking for more, literally.

So, if you’ve made it to her late-night texting schedule and are having a really interesting conversation, stop mid-way and say something like:

  • “Hey! You know what! We can talk about this later someday! Really sleepy tonight.”
  • “Hmm…yes, well my past has been quite a roller-coaster ride! Let’s keep that story for some other time!”
Will you ever try the Scrambler Technique?

Key Pointers

  • The Scrambler Technique aims at winning over women by manipulation and unethical means, such as not responding to texts, making them wait, and not paying attention
  • The technique can help those with low self-esteem to improve their dating game, but it may also backfire and make a man look emotionally unavailable and cruel
  • One should use the technique in moderation, keeping in mind one’s values, core principles, and boundaries

Hope this article helped you master the deceptive Scrambler text technique. Hope you now have answers to burning questions such as “Does the scrambler method work” or “Is the scrambler technique legit?” So, now that you know how to unlock the Scrambler, play some harmless mind games to score your girl, using the Scrambler Technique examples shown here! After all, girls don’t always like nice guys, do they? But don’t lose the man that you already are, in the process. With the Scrambler Technique revealed, may your text seduction be classy and help you improve your love life and social circle. May you come out of the friend zone without going to another dating coach!

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