25 Signs A Girl Is Interested In You

Angelina Gupta
A Girl Is Interested In You

Have you often caught her making those googly eyes at you? Does she start blushing when you talk to her? Is she acting different than usual? If you pay attention to her, her behaviour will reveal signs that the girl is interested in you. So, how do you know for sure if a girl likes you? For men, women are complicated beings and understanding what goes on in a woman’s head is next to impossible for them. However, women leave small breadcrumb trails for you to follow so that you know that she likes you. Follow the signs a girl is interested in you and you’ll get your answers.

25 Lesser Known Signs a Girl Is Interested In You

Sometimes girls feel shy to reveal their feelings out in the open. The fear of rejection or it affecting your friendship is something that they start worrying about. They might show you that they like you but may not have the courage to tell you. She may want to be your girlfriend but is shy to admit it. If you are also interested in her, you can take things forward by removing the awkwardness. If you want to know whether she’s interested in you or not, here are 25 signs that will guide you.

1. She blushes while you are around

She blushes

Does she blush when talking to you? Image source

If you want to know whether she is interested in you, observe how she behaves when you talk to her. If she talks normally to you then it means that there’s nothing going on. If she starts blushing when you go down to talk to her or tries to avoid you with a smile, it means that she likes you and is interested in you.

2. She will try to avoid you

When a girl realizes that she likes a guy, at first she will try to avoid that person to make sense of her feelings. She will try to avoid you at first so that she doesn’t start blushing in front of you. She may also avoid you so that you don’t get to know that she’s into you. If she is serious about you and you are not a backup option for her, then she will take time to first be sure of what she feels for you.

3. She will start following you on social media

She follows you on social media

She will follow you across all social media channels Image source

Social media and relationships have a love-hate relationship now. If she is interested in you, she will start following you on social media. If she is already connected to you on social media, you will notice her paying more attention to your social media handle. She will like or comment to every picture you post and may even tag you in posts.

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4. She will look different

When a girl tries to impress a guy, she will start paying more attention to her looks. She will try to wear the type of clothing that you like. Suppose she wears a black dress on a day and you tell her that black suits her the most. She will start wearing it more often to impress you. She wants to look good for you and be appreciated for it. Sure sign that a girl is interested in you.

5. She will never say no

All this time you’ve known her to be a person who doesn’t say yes immediately to any plan or invitation. She might be someone who prefers to keep to herself. But once she realises she likes, she wouldn’t miss a chance to be with you even if it means unsettling her routine. When you invite her to a party or an outing, she doesn’t say no but seems eager to meet. It is because she wants to be around you more.

6. You’ll catch her glancing at you

When you both are at a gathering, you will catch her looking at you and then glancing away when you catch her. Such a thing keeps happening on and on. She does this because she feels she has found her soulmate. It is because she is shy but she likes you and one of the signs she secretly wants you.

You'll catch her glancing at you

There! Staring at you unawares! Image source

7. She remembers things about you

In conversations, we tend to give away details about ourselves which we don’t remember, like our likes and dislikes, our fantasies, etc. Imagine you both go out for a dinner and are confused what to order. She recommends the Fish Florentine, saying that it’s your favourite. You didn’t even remember mentioning that Fish Florentine was your favourite, but she remembers. She will remember your favourite colours, movies, songs- name it and she knows.

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8. She will find ways to talk to you

Find a way to talk to you

She will manage to catch your attention somehow Image source

If she isn’t that close to you, she will find reasons to text you. To know you better, she has to become your friend first and if you are an acquaintance already, she will look for excuses that can get her more time with you. She might come up for a work thing or a personal advice she needs. She might create a fake problem just to talk to you.

9. Asks about your friends and family

When a girl is interested in you, they try to assess you by seeing the way you talk about your friends and family. If she keeps asking about your friends and family it means that she wants to get to know you more. If she is already your friend, she will be keen to meet your family, know about them and will look to build an interesting rapport with all your close people. She wants to impress her prospective in-laws in the first meeting itself.

10. She will sit next to you

You’ve been friends for a while now but this time it’s different. She likes you and wants to be closer to you. She will try to sit next to you whenever you go out in groups. Try to notice her when you go out in groups and see if she tries to sit beside you or not.

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11. She will mingle more with your close friends

she shows interest in your family

She makes an effort to know your family Image source

She may be shy to get to you directly so she will try to mingle more with your friends or friend’s group so that you two have more things in common. Through them she will start talking to you. Girls do this especially when they just know you on a Hi basis.

12. She will laugh at your jokes

You are known to have the worst sense of humour but you still keep cracking jokes that no one laughs at. Even when you crack a bad joke, you will see her laughing at it. She might try to cover it up by saying that she was being sarcastic but in reality she likes you but is hiding it.

13. Her eyes gaze towards your lips

Has it happened that you both are in a conversation and you catch her gazing at you and concentrating on something else? Does she gaze at your lips? It is because she is interested in you and is imagining how it would feel like to kiss you. You may want to know about the signs when a girl should be kissed!

14. Is she playing with her hair?

Women have the habit of playing with their hair when they talk to someone they like. They also start blushing and playing with their hair when their crush is around or when she is talking about him. If she is playing with her hair while talking to you, chances are she is interested in you. One of the classic body language signs that a girl likes you!

She plays with her hair

She plays with her hair Image source

15. Accidental encounters

If a girl is interested in you, she will stage “accidental encounters”. You are going to your regular coffee place and you see her there buying coffee at the same time you usually do. You could find her around your gym or even at your favourite bar. She is suddenly appearing at all your favourite places.

16. Her friends know about you

Women love talking to their friends about their crush. They know more about you than you think. You meet her friends and they talk to you like they know you from before. They will smile and keep referring to her telling them about you.

17. She touches you more often

Simple handshakes now turn into hugs. She will give you high fives more often or hold your hand without realizing it. It means that she is comfortable around you and doesn’t shy away from touching you.

18. She will tell you more about herself

When a girl is interested in you, she wants you to know more about her. It is because she wants you to know the real her. She will start telling you about personal things she hasn’t felt comfortable to tell anyone else. She will tell you her secrets and might even reveal her weird side.

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19. She wants to go out with you

She will try to make plans where it’s just the two of you. She wants to spend more time with you and know you on a one-to-one basis rather than a group. She will make plans for movies or a dinner with you. It’s her way of indirectly asking you out.

She wants to go out with you

You will find her around you often! Image source

20. She will call you more often

She is getting closer to you and has entered your inner circle now. She will call you at night and have casual conversations which will turn out to be 1-2 hour calls. You will notice her calling you more often and usually at hours she knows you are free.

21. She will give you small gifts

A girl who really likes you will give you small gifts to show you that she is interested in you. When you ask her about the gift, she will just joke about it saying it’s not a big deal, saying that someone had given it to her and she thought you would like it. Truth is, it was bought for you.

22. She remembers your birthday

She remembers your birthday

She never forgets your birthday! Image source

She will remember things about you, especially your birthday. You might get surprised about it but it is because she pays attention to your big days and wants to make you feel special on them. Don’t be surprised if she throws you a party.

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23. She starts teasing you

Women tend to start teasing guys when they want to flirt with them. Their teasing is just a cover for flirting. She may also do things just to annoy you. When you begin to tease them back, they will come up with a flirty response to tease you back.

24. She posts pictures of you two

She will start posting statuses and updates of you two hanging out together. It is her way of marking her territory and creating a sense of buzz for others to talk about. She might tell you that she posted the picture because she liked it but it is because she wants other people to know that she is hanging out with you.

25. She jokes about you two being a couple

She will often joke about how funny it would be if you two were a couple. It is because she wants it to happen. She is dropping hints about it and wants you to think about how it would be like if you two were together. You will often hear her saying things like, “We both spend so much time together, it’s like we are a couple!”

Now that you know the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, what are you waiting for? Think about whether you are interested in her the same way. If you like her too, it’s time for new beginnings rather than holding back your feelings. If you’re not interested in her the same way, it is better to tell her upfront. She deserves closure so that she can move on.


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