25 Signs A Girl Is Interested In You

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Updated On: December 11, 2023
signs a girl is interested in you

How to know a girl is interested in you? Well, have you often caught her making those googly eyes at you? Does she start blushing when you talk to her? Is she acting differently than usual? If you pay close attention to her behavior, you will begin to notice certain patterns that suggest a girl is interested in you.

Encouraging as it may be, you may want more concrete signs she wants to be your girlfriend before making a move. After all, you don’t want to misread the warmth of a girl who sees you as just a friend as an indicator of romantic interest. The question is: how do you know for sure if a girl likes you?

Most men perceive women as complicated beings and feel it’s impossible for them to decode what goes on in a woman’s head. However, if you’re attentive to detail, you’ll realize that deciphering a woman’s hidden feelings for you is not as complicated as you make it out to be. Women leave breadcrumb trails for you to follow when they’re harboring romantic feelings for you. We’re here to help you identify those subtle hints and indications with a detailed lowdown on the signs a girl is interested in you.

25 Lesser-Known Signs A Girl Is Interested In You

Often, girls are hesitant to express their feelings toward a romantic interest, fearing rejection or worrying it will harm their existing dynamic with that special someone. Or simply because they’re too shy to wear their heart on their sleeve. Even so, purposefully or unwittingly, they end up showing you how they really feel about you, through their actions, words, body language, and more.

If you have caught feelings for a girl and aren’t sure of how she feels about you, you may find yourself wrestling with questions like, “Does she have a crush on me or am I reading too much into her friendly demeanor?” Well, quit wondering and start paying attention to how she behaves with you and around you. You will begin to notice signs of mutual interest that suggest she wants to be your girlfriend but is too shy to admit it.

Now, we understand, if you’re still wondering, how to know if a girl is interested in you for sure before making a move. After all, the objective is to take things forward and not leave your existing equation with her riddled with awkwardness. If you want to be doubly sure of how she feels about you, take a look at these 25 signs of a girl interested in you before planning your next move:

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1. She blushes while you are around

If you want to know whether she is interested in you, observe how she behaves when you talk to her. Signs she’s into you are the easiest to spot in her body language. Of these, the most prominent cue is blushing. If she blushes when you talk to her or tries to avoid you with a smile, then it means that she likes you and is interested in you.

This is also a surefire way to know if she likes you but is hiding it because blushing is an involuntary response. Even if she is shy but she likes you, she won’t be able to stop herself from blushing when you say or do something that makes her heart skip a beat. To test it out, try paying her a compliment. If her face instantly takes on a crimson red hue, it is one of the surefire signs she is secretly attracted to you.

2. She will try to avoid you

Yes, it does sound a bit paradoxical and you may be wondering how keeping distance from you can be among the signs a woman is interested in you. But hear us out. When a girl realizes that she likes a guy, at first she will try to avoid him to make sense of her feelings. If she is still trying to figure out what it is she’s feeling, she wouldn’t want to risk letting the cat out of the bag prematurely.

Reene, for instance, was so confused when she started falling for her best friend that she actively started avoiding him. She wouldn’t answer his calls, return his texts, or meet him in person for days. “I was so confused about my changing feelings toward him that I needed time to process them before I could be in his company again,” she says.

3. She will engage with you more actively on social media

know if a girl likes you but is hiding it
She will start engaging with your posts more actively

There is a strong connection between social media and relationships today. Therefore, one of the subtle signs she’s into you is that she will engage with you more proactively on social media platforms. For instance,

  • She will like or comment on all your social media posts
  • She may even tag you in posts
  • She slides into your DMs
  • She reacts to every story you post
  • She sends you memes to kickstart a conversation if you’ve been out of touch for sometime

She may be hesitant to put herself out there in real life but social media presents the perfect alternative for her to get your attention and let you know how she feels about you. That’s why social media is also a great place to look for signs she’s interested in you.

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4. She will look different

How do you know if a girl likes you? Having an eye for detail can help you solve this puzzle. Has she suddenly started looking like a diva ready to walk a red carpet? Have you noticed that she has ditched her comfy boyfriend jeans in favor of a dress that accentuates her in the right places? If so, these are clear signs a girl wants you to notice her, and that can only mean one thing: she likes you.

When a girl tries to impress a guy, she will start paying more attention to her looks. She will try to wear the type of clothing that you like. Suppose she wears a black dress one day and you tell her that black suits her the most. You may notice that she starts wearing black more often to impress you. She wants to look good for you and be appreciated for it. This is a sure-fire sign that a girl is interested in you and is trying to get you to notice her. Take the hint, and pay her a compliment already to let her know that feelings are mutual.

5. She will never say no to any plans you make

Once a girl realizes she likes you, she wouldn’t want to miss a chance to spend time with you, even if it means unsettling her routine. That’s why you’ll no longer hear her say she’s busy and politely decline an invitation, be it to go to a party, an outing, or just to hang out. Instead, she will be eager to meet you.

“Does she have a crush on me if she never turns down an opportunity to hang out?” Well, duh! We’re surprised you’re even asking the question because the answer is clear as day. Sheena, a reader from Santa Barbara, says, “I’m a bit of a homebody and don’t enjoy late-night parties but this one time in college, I had a massive crush on a guy who was an out-and-out party animal. So, whenever he’d invite me, I just couldn’t bring myself to say no. In the end, it was worth the effort as we dated for 2 years.”

6. You’ll catch her glancing at you

How do you know if a girl likes you? Follow her gaze and you’ll find your answer. When you are both in a public setting, you may catch her looking at you and then glance away when you catch her. This isn’t a one-off but keeps happening over and over again. This is an unmistakable sign your crush likes you back that would be easy to spot because keeping her eyes on you may be an instinctive manifestation of her feelings that she may not even be able to control.

Probably, she is shy and doesn’t want to be the first to spill the beans. However, it doesn’t change the fact that she likes you and is one of the signs she secretly wants you. When this happens, make eye contact with her and hold her gaze to let her know that you feel the same way about her.

signs she secretly wants you
She won’t be able to take her eyes off you

7. She remembers things about you

In conversations, we tend to give away details about ourselves that we may not even remember – our likes and dislikes, our fantasies, dreams, and hopes. When a girl likes you, she will remember these details you share with her to the T. Say, you both go out to dinner and are confused about what to order. She recommends the Fish Florentine because she remembers it’s your favorite.

You don’t even remember ever mentioning it to her but she remembers. Likewise, she will remember your favorite colors, favorite movies, songs, and sitcoms as well as any stories about your childhood or past experiences that you may have shared with her. You name it and she knows it. She remembers these specific details because she gives you her undivided attention, and that’s because she has feelings for you.

Kendall had a crush on a coworker, and while the two kept talking a lot through the day and texting beyond work hours, he couldn’t tell whether she liked him too. “Our text conversations are intense and personal. Is she interested in me over text or am I reading too much into it?” How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it, he often wondered. Then, one day, she asked Kendall to join her at the dog park because she wanted him to meet a pooch that looked just like his childhood pet. That’s when he knew for sure that what was going on between them was way more than just casual online flirting.

8. She will find ways to talk to you

Wondering what are the signs that a girl likes you over text or that she is shy but she likes you? Well, the answer may lie in this tendency of a girl who likes you: she will find reasons to text you or talk to you. To know you better, she has to become your friend first. If you are a casual acquaintance, she will look for excuses that can get her more time with you.

If you’re her friend, she might turn to you for advice on personal or professional matters. She might even create a fake problem just to talk to you. If you’re a coworker, she will suddenly have endless work-related crises she needs your help with. Is she interested in me over text, you ask? Just go over your chat history with her and see how often she is the one to start a conversation. If you see that she reaches out on one pretext or the other in case you’ve gone without talking for a day or so, then it’s a pretty solid sign she’s interested in you.

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9. She asks about your friends and family

When a girl is interested in you, she will take a genuine interest in your life and try to learn more about your friends and family, more specifically the kind of relationship you share with them. If she keeps asking about your friends and family, it means that she wants to get to know you more. If she is already your friend, she will be keen to meet your family, know about them, and find ways to build rapport with people in your inner circle.

A desire to know more about you, to connect with you on an intimate level, and to get to know your past life and future hopes and aspirations are all signs of a girl interested in you. She wants to build a lasting bond with you, and these questions are just a way to lay a foundation for it.

10. She will sit close to you

Ruel says, “Some years back, I fell for my coworker with whom I also shared a friendly rapport. Yet, I wasn’t able to make a move or ask her out. After all, how to know a girl is interested in you? I was looking for any tell-tale signs that she also felt the same way but didn’t get any.

“Then, I started noticing that she’d look for excuses to be as close to me as possible. In conferences, she’d sit next to me or ask me to save her a seat. In the office cafeteria, she started eating lunch at my table without fail. I realized it was her way of expressing interest in me only when I shared this with my female friends, who said these are all signs she is secretly attracted to you.”

The special girl in your life, too, maybe dropping such subtle hints. Try to pay attention to her body language and demeanor when you’re in a group setting the next time. If she hovers, looking for a chance to sit close to you, and when she does, her body language is open and inviting – no crossed arms or self-conscious demeanor, instead she maintains a relaxed posture and leans toward you – it’s one of the most telling signs she secretly wants you.

11. She will mingle more with your close friends

If she is too shy to approach you directly, she may try to mingle more with your friends so that you two have more common ground to bond over. Through them, she will start talking to you. Girls do this especially when they fall for someone they don’t know too well.

She may have developed deeper feelings for you but to build a strong romantic connection she needs to get to know you better, and integrating herself into your group of friends is the best way to do that. If you notice her cementing her place in your core circle of friends and being present whenever you all get together, it could be one of the signs she is secretly attracted to you.

12. She will laugh at your jokes

“Is she interested in me? Should I ask her out? Will it backfire?” If you’re losing sleep over such questions, just pay attention to how well you tickle her funny bone. Perhaps, you are known to have the worst sense of humor but you still keep cracking jokes that no one laughs at. But whenever you crack jokes, no matter how lame, you will see her laughing.

When her laughter invites quizzical glances from others around, she may cover it up by saying that she was being sarcastic or that she genuinely found the joke funny, but in reality, it’s because she likes you but is hiding it. The ability to make a girl laugh is a rare and powerful asset. If you know full well that this isn’t one of your strong suits but still manage to get her to crack up every single time, then you can be sure that she has feelings for you.

13. Her eyes gaze toward your lips

Has it happened that you both are in a conversation and you catch her looking at you intently but instead of making eye contact her gaze lands at your lips? It is because she is interested in you and is imagining how it would feel like to kiss you. If you feel the same way and have been wanting to kiss her, this could well be your cue to take the leap.

Just to be on the safe side and save yourself the embarrassment of misreading the signals she’s sending out, it helps to know about the signs when a girl should be kissed. If going in for a kiss straight away seems too risky, at the very least quit wondering about the signs she’s interested in you and ask her out.

14. Is she playing with her hair?

When a woman plays with her hair while talking to you, it’s a surefire female body language sign of attraction. If you notice the special girl in your life do it, don’t let it slide because it’s a clear sign she has feelings for you. Such classic body language signs that a girl likes you can be a dead giveaway so make you recognize them for what they’re.

You can test the waters by trying to tuck her hair behind her ears or telling her that she looks gorgeous with her hair open. Pay attention to her reaction. If she blushes or subtly eggs you on, she definitely has the hots for you.

15. Accidental encounters

If a girl is interested in you, you may have many accidental run-ins with her, except these encounters are not accidental at all but are engineered by her. Well, not a crazy stalker level, but more in an adorable, charming way. For instance, if you told her where you get your coffee every morning, you may find her frequenting the place. Or she joins the same gym as you or hangs out on Friday nights at your favorite bar. It’s not that she is displaying dangerously obsessive behavior. It is just one of the signs a girl wants you to notice her but without making her interest in you obvious.

art of wooing

16. Her friends know about you

How to know if a girl is interested in you? It may be time to befriend her friends. Women love talking to their friends about their crushes. They know more about you than you think. If she truly likes you, there is no way her closest friends wouldn’t know about it. So, when you meet her friends, don’t be surprised if they talk to you like they know you from before.

“My friends and I were casually hanging out at a café when this guy I had a massive crush on walked in with a friend. My girlfriends suddenly all turned in his direction and started elbowing me to go say hi to him. When I didn’t budge, they broke into a cheesy Bryan Adams song. I was so embarrassed, I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. On the bright side, it got the message across to him and he asked me out a couple of weeks later,” says Rianka.

17. She touches you more often

Irrespective of whether or not physical touch is her love language, when a girl develops feelings for you, she may initiate physical contact more often. Handshakes turn into hugs. She gives you high fives more often or holds your hand without realizing it. If you’ve been raking up your brains over how to know a girl is interested in you, this is an important sign to pay attention to.

This suggests she is comfortable around you and doesn’t shy away from touching you. Women are generally wary of making physical contact with people. The fact that she is not only comfortable with the idea of being touchy-feely with you but also initiating it is among the tell-tale body language signs of attraction and an indicator of her interest in you. Perhaps, it’s even her way of dropping hints to get you to ask her out.

18. She will tell you more about herself

When a girl is interested in you, she would want you to get to know the real her. She will start telling you about personal things she hasn’t felt comfortable telling anyone else. She will tell you her secrets and might even reveal her weird side. Has she told you about a crushing breakup she went through? Or the time she lost her pet as a child and was inconsolable for days? The fact that she is letting her guard down and showing you her vulnerable side is enough to know if a girl likes you but is hiding it.

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19. She wants to spend quality time with you

One of the telling signs a woman is interested in you is that she’d want to spend some quality time with you so that you can explore shared interests, connect on a deeper level, and really get to know each other. To that end, she will try to make plans involving just the two of you. Even when you’re hanging out as part of a group, she will look for opportunities or make excuses to get some one-on-one time with you.

Besides, you may notice that she is taking more initiative to plan movie outings or non-dates with you. It’s her way of indirectly asking you out. Whenever you two are together, the conversation seems to be getting more intimate, intense, and flirty. Relatable much? Well, there you have it, one of the most telling signs she’s into you.

20. She seems to enjoy long conversations with you

When a girl likes you, she will naturally begin to enjoy long conversations with you. She may start calling you more often and usually at hours she knows you are free, and your conversations will easily run into hours. She may also start texting you more often. You may notice that you’re now texting each other back and forth throughout the day, sharing tiny little details with each other. If you go on without texting for some time, she may drop a message just to check-in. All of these are signs that a girl likes you over text.

21. She will give you small gifts

A girl who really likes you will give you small gifts to show you that she is interested in you. What makes these gifts stand out is the thought behind them. These may not be the most expensive or lavish gifts you’ve received but they’re certainly among the most special. For instance, she may get in touch with your parents, source a cute baby picture of yours from the family album, get it framed and gift it to you. The thought and the effort behind such gestures will surely melt your heart.

When you tell her how much her thoughtfulness has moved you, she may dismiss it as if it’s not a big deal, with an awkward laugh or a comment to the effect, “What are friends for!” Make no mistake, these are small but thoughtful romantic gestures being passed off as acts of friendship.

22. She makes a big deal about you birthday

Given that she takes a genuine interest in your life and remembers the little things that matter to you, it’s hardly a surprise that she remembers your birthday. And she’s going to make a big deal about it. She may pick out the most thoughtful gifts for you, plan the perfect day for you, put together a jaw-dropping surprise, or even throw a party to make your day truly special. You can bet that whatever she plans will be executed to perfection, keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, passions, and interests. If she is going to such great lengths for you, you can safely stop wondering how to know a girl is interested in you.

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23. She starts teasing you

Women often use playful teasing as a cover for flirting. If she has been waiting for you to make the first move, she may start to playfully tease and annoy you. If you play along, you may notice that she becomes more forthcoming and open in flirting with you.

Toby says, “My girlfriend and I had been great friends for years. When we started liking each other as more than friends, neither of us knew how to act on those feelings. But the sexual tension between us was getting thicker by the day. To mask it, she started teasing me and playfully touching my arms or hair often. It was one such moment that led to our first kiss.”

24. She starts posting you on social media

She will start posting statuses and updates of you two hanging out together on her social media. It is her way of letting the world know there’s something brewing her and creating a buzz around your budding romantic relationship. If you feature in her posts and stories often, and even her display picture is now of the both of you, there is no room for doubt that she likes you. Don’t be wondering, “Is she interested in me?”, plan your next steps instead.

25. She jokingly talks about you two being a couple

A girl who likes will jokingly talk about what it’d be like if you two were a couple. It is because she wants it to happen. She is dropping hints and wants you to imagine what a relationship with her will feel like. You will often hear her saying things like, “We both spend so much time together, it’s like we are a couple!”

Now that you know the signs she wants to be your girlfriend, what are you waiting for? If you like her too, it’s time for new beginnings rather than holding back your feelings. If you’re not interested in her, it is better to tell her upfront. She deserves closure so that she can move on.

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