Here are some things money can’t buy

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They say money can’t buy love

We certainly need to have enough money to cover our basic needs. Having to worry about food on the table, sending one’s child to school or affording healthcare for a loved one can be highly stressful.

Having said that, it’s also true that money can’t buy it all. It can perhaps buy the latest gadgets and the coolest toys for your children, but can’t buy well-adjusted kids. There are many such things that are vital to our happiness and well-being and still can’t be bought even if we wish it could.

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Here’s what members from our Facebook group Indian Women Discuss had to share about precious things that money can’t buy.

Deepanjali BAnerjee

“Money can’t buy a hug, a smile, a wink, a breath or my mind.”-Deepali Banerjee

Neha Enser

“Money can’t buy true friendship.”- Neha Ensar

Bobbie Chauhan

“Money can’t buy class and grace.”-Bobbie Chauhan “

ranjana kamo

“It can’t buy lost time, contentment or cure for an incurable disease.”-Ranjana Kamo “

Bindu Mehta

“Money can’t buy feelings”-Bindu Mehta

Usha Chandrashekharan

“It can’t buy me.” -Usha Chandrasekharan

Neena singh

“However clichéd it may sound, money can’t buy trust and respect.”-Neena Singh

Krupali daftray shah

Money cannot buy experience.”-Krupali Daftary Shah

Raksha Bharadiaa

“Money can’t buy that ‘chemistry’.”-Raksha Bharadia

Kalgee Shah

“Money can’t buy spontaneity.”-Kalgee Shah

Gargi sengupta

“Money can’t help us get back the loved one who has left forever.”-Gargi Sengupta

Vandana Kumari Jena

“Money can’t buy you a sense of humour, IQ, intelligence, kindness, empathy, love, happiness. The list is endless.”-Vandana Kumari Jena

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Neha Sabnis

“Money can’t buy inner freedom.”-Neha Sabnis

Ketki sakharpare

“Money can’t buy you the company of good people.”-Ketki Sakharpe

CHitra Chhabra Vasisht

“Money can’t buy you the fragrance of your man.”- Chitra Chhabra Vashisht

Alia Maricar

“Money can’t buy loyalty.”-Alia Maricar

Soumyadipta Banerjee

“Money can buy you everything… until money can’t afford you anymore.”-Soumyadipta Banerjee

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