How To Have a Good Relationship With Mother-in-Law

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how to have a good relationship with mother in law

Contrary to what has been popularly understood about this relationship, it truly is possible to ask yourself how to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law. If one were to go by the stereotype projected by pop culture, soaps and movies, it seems like an unattainable feat. The mother-in-law is projected as a rare species of pure evil willing to go to any lengths to bring down her children’s spouses.

However, this stereotype is as far removed from reality as can be, and we can only thank the stars for it. Of course, there are a few extreme cases where women get dealt a bad hand and spend decades of their life coping with the inhumane treatment meted out to them by their in-laws. That said, you cannot act from a point of prejudice and still hope to bond with your mother-in-law. Remember you’ve got to give love to get love.

Why Should You Improve Relationship With Mother In Law?

Of all the new relationships that come as a package deal with marriage, the relationship with a mother-in-law is the trickiest. Two women sharing a place of importance is one man’s life is bound to bring some undercurrent of tension.

Understanding that her son moving on to the next phase of life can be a difficult transition for a mother is the first step toward building a bond with your mother-in-law.Most mothers dedicate a big part of their lives to raising their children and are often protective because of the same.

When the nest begins to feel empty and another person takes precedence over them, they find it difficult to adjust to the new normal. While the onus to improve the relationship with your mother-in-law isn’t squarely on you, doing it anyway can be beneficial for everyone involved. And besides, it is not necessary that you will have a poisonous mother-in-law.

Read on about how your mother-in-law can in fact be a really important puzzle piece in your life and marriage.

1. You find a mentor in your mother-in-law

It’s a new home with new rules, traditions, customs and norms. Navigating the family dynamics all by yourself can be a confusing journey. However, once you win your mother-in-law’s heart, you’ll find in her a mentor who will guide you at every step of the way.

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2. You strengthen your bond with your spouse

It’s not as if your spouse will despise you or hold it against you if you don’t show love to your mother-in-law. But on some level, they’d want things between the two loves of their life to work out well. To win over his mom, is something that is important to him too. By working on building a bond with your mother-in-law, you can strengthen your bond with your spouse.

3. She’ll be there for your children

If you think marriage is hard, wait until the hurricane of parenting sweeps you over. One of the reasons to improve relationship with a mother-in-law is because you will need all the support and guidance you can get when bringing up children.

This way, you find in her a strong parenting ally you can count on. Once you have each other’s back, she’ll no longer indulge in oneupmanship by telling you repeatedly how she did a better job of raising kids.

relationship with mother in law
She will always help you raise kids and give them love

4. You find a supportive friendship

It may seem unlikely to many, but once you win you mother-in-law’s heart, you will have her love and support forever. As two women who have found their feet in the same household, you can develop a unique friendship that’s built on support and understanding.

5. You create a happier home environment

Whether you live in the same house, across the street from each other or in different parts of the world, your mother-in-law and you will always be part of the same family and create some lovely family values. When you improve relationship with mother-in-law, you create a happier home environment for everyone.

There is no undercurrent of tension, no bickering, no snide remarks and judgment. Everyone can relax and be themselves, have a good time whenever you’re all together.

10 Ways To Have A Good Relationship With Mother In Law

Yes, those initial days of being around your in-laws are awkward. The apprehension of being judged, misunderstood or inadvertently offending someone keeps your guard up at all times, interfering with your abilities to just be yourself.

Give it time and put in some effort from your end, and soon you’ll establish a rapport with members of this newfound family. Dealing with in laws is not hard as long as you put your best foot forward.

Of these, striking a bond with mother-in-law can seem the most daunting. Given that this woman is responsible for bringing into this world the person you cherish the most and raising them to be the person they’re today, you’ve got to at least try. How to have a good relationship with a mother-in-law, you wonder? Do not worry. Follow these 10 practical tips and you will be good to go!

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1. Love her child to show love to your mother-in-law

Remember that she loves her son or daughter more than anything else in the world. The easiest way to win your mother-in-law’s heart is to give her the reassurance that you value and love your spouse with all your heart and that you are genuine in your feelings.

Considering that you’ve chosen this person to be your life partner, this should come naturally to you. When she sees that you make his world a happier place and you share a strong bond, she’ll naturally warm up to you.

improve relationship with mother in law - love her child
Love her child to show love to your mother-in-law

2. Teach her new things to win your mother-in-law’s heart

Be it using social media or making Skype calls, online shopping or internet banking, there is a whole world out there that seniors struggle to make sense of. You can use it as an opportunity to bond with your mother-in-law by teaching her these things and helping her wherever she gets stuck.

A good relationship with mother-in-law is built on spending quality time together. When ever your mother in law visits you, find these little ways to be there for her and strike up some fun conversations to have a good time.

3. Share your problems to improve relationship with mother-in-law

Remember how you ran to your mother for advice for life problems, no matter how big or small. Well, your mother-in-law has the same life experience, so tap into that wealth of wisdom by reaching out to her for solutions to whatever it is that’s weighing on your mind and listen to what your mother-in-law says.

It’s a great way to let her know that you respect and value her. What could be a way better way to improve the relationship with your mother-in-law. Besides, it’ll help her see the real person behind just being her daughter-in-law.

4. Include her in your social life to make your mother-in-law feel valued

Want to show love to your mother-in-law? Start by making her feel wanted. Asking for her participation in your social life can be a good start point. Now, we’re not suggesting you go pub crawling with her unless, of course, she enjoys that occasional drink.

Asking her to join in when your friends visit or becoming involved with her circle of friends can really break the ice between you two.We promise she won’t stop gushing about how lucky she’s to have you.

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5. Give importance to her opinions

Respecting her and valuing her opinions is a vital step to improve your relationship with the mother-in-law. Ask for her opinion and trust her judgement when making decisions, big or small. Remember how you didn’t always agree with what your mother told you or even like some of her ideas but went along anyway because ‘mama knows best’. Well, give that a chance with her too and all the unwarranted grudges will go right out of the window.

good relationship with mother in law
For a good relationship with mother in law, give importance to her opinion

6. Do more stuff together

Going to the movies together or taking her out for coffee or shopping will present you with opportunities to bond with your mother-in-law. If she loves reading, you can take her to a bookstore. Or simply go out for a stroll with her every now and then. If you live in different cities, show her around when she comes visiting.

When relatives come visiting, you can both prepare meals together. This would make for a great bonding opportunity. Or ask her to take you to a new store or restaurant when you visit her. Try to build a friendship and you can improve your relationship with the mother-in-law with ease.

7. A simple call can go a long way in taking care of your mother-in-law

Wondering how to have a good relationship with a mother-in-law? Well, something as simple as calling her regularly can go a long way in making her feel valued and cared for. To show someone you care is the best way to create a better relationship with them.  Remember, as children become occupied in their own lives and parents age, they grapple with the empty nest more and more.

This becomes even more imperative if you live far from each other. Elders do not like to be left out of their children’s lives. The distance makes it even more unbearable. You have to try and neutralize this.

8. Share anecdotes about your spouse to bond with your mother-in-law

The one common thread that binds you two together is your spouse. The person you share your life with is also the person your mother-in-law has devoted a better part of her life to. If you want to bond with your mother-in-law, you already have common ground to build upon.

Leverage this by talking to her about your spouse. Share anecdotes, ask her about their childhood and she’ll be more than happy to regale you with endless stories. You could go through the family albums together, that’ll sure make for a great trip down the memory lane for the both of you and give you a chance to connect with each other.

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9. Surprise her to show love to your mother-in-law

Who doesn’t love a good surprise! Anything from a surprise visit on her birthday or your parents-in-law’s anniversary to a gift that she’ll appreciate can melt her heart and make her feel a rush of affection for you.

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10. Don’t compare her to your own mother

The key to how to have a good relationship with a mother-in-law is treating her as an individual. The way a mother feels for her child cannot be replicated in any other relationship, no matter what. Comparing your mother-in-law to your mother, or her treatment of you to the way she treats her children is not only unfair but also treading on dangerous territory that will always leave you with feelings of inadequacy.

She is not your mother, don’t expect her to fill the place that’s already taken. Instead, try to build an independent relationship with her. With time and some effort from both sides, she can become a mother-figure who dotes on you and whom you adore for who she is.

Building relationships with in-laws is always tricky. You’ll find yourself struggling to maintain that fine balance between letting them in but not so much that it starts affecting your space with your spouse. Setting boundaries with in-laws is also essential to a relationship. Hang in there and give it your best shot, and you can cultivate a strong, meaningful connection with not just your mother-in-law but even the rest of the family.

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1. How can I improve my relationship with my mother in law?

By loving her like your own mom! Know that she might be a little threatened when you enter her son’s life so make sure you make her feel comfortable and at ease. Show her that you are a great wife to her son and that you love her like she is your own mom.

2. How can I win over my mother-in-law?

By spending quality time with her. Old people often just want to feel cherished and valued. When you show her that you recognize her importance, she will love you back.

3. What are the qualities of a good mother-in-law?

A good mother-in-law is one who values her son and her daughter in law’s choices and loves the grandchildren dearly.

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