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We made out in an airplane

Their bodies were heating up and the thrill of making out, suspended in air, was driving them mad.
couple intimate in flight

Making out mid-air

The best sex starts with an epic make-out session and no one can deny this fact. Making out is in fact, more seductive, intense and passionate than the real act. If the place of making out is risky, not run of the mill and never attempted before, the excitement and passion climbs up many notches.

One of such places where I made out was an airplane.

I was travelling with my boyfriend on a night flight from Delhi to London.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwesome Article Meenu… My laptop almost fumed while read it.. And thanks for those lovely tips Sneha…

  2. Ah! Sexy piece! And must say making out mid-air is just awesome!
    I would like to give few tips when you make out in air-plane:

    1. Girs, go for a skirt for easy access and guys, wear sweatpants r trousers with no buttons and belts. Would be great!
    2. You can also make out in the bathroom, have a strategy in mind and go for it, it’s real fun!!!
    3. Skip all your usual moves and get down to business!
    4. Now, if you get caught, you have to be ready. Immediately stop having sex and switch to a different, far less fun role play: puking

    I hope these tips would be helpful. And try it out for sure 😀

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