What should a woman order on her first date?

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what should a woman order on her first date

You, him and food – the equation can make or break your first date. Yes, first date food choices matter a lot to make a date successful. Pick the right dish and strike the right notes with your perfect date. Food is that important bit of the courting game. So, that brings us to the second most important topic besides choosing the date, that is, what will you order on your first date? Ladies, if you are going for your first meeting with the guy you like the most, here’s your most trusted checklist that can give you lots of first date food ideas and provide a great bonding time with him over comfortable food choices.

First date food advice and tips

We know a first date brings jitters for both the girls and guys. Both are trying to get to know each other in a personal capacity and are nervous and uncertain on how the evening will turn out. Put food into this equation and it can be a sole reason for pre-dating jitters. Not every one is a dainty eater, and sometimes the wrong food order can create an unfavourable impression on the very first meeting. It could make you look clumsy or careless and can also make the date uncomfortable. Now, nobody wants that. So, prepare well in advance to prevent these unwanted date moments.

  1. Fix the venue: Let’s start with the venue. What is a good restaurant for a first date? Ideally, it should be somewhere relaxed and casual, somewhere both people are comfortable. You don’t want to book a table at a restaurant where she used to go regularly with her ex! Nor do you want to end up at a Chinese joint and find out that he hates Chinese food. Don’t go for crowded fast food joints. This will not look like a serious date and will give the guy the feeling that you are not serious about him. When picking a restaurant for a first date, it is best to discuss a few options mutually and then settle for a place you both like
  2. Google the ‘menu’ card: Ladies, once you fix the date venue, research the restaurant’s ‘menu’ card to be on the safer side. Try to have a quick look at it and find out which food item you’d be comfortable with. You can thus avoid taking longer to place your order while on a date. Also, this step will make you come across as a sorted lady with clear-cut choices in mind. Isn’t that great?
  3. Order for him, only when he insists: Should you order food for the man? Unless he asks you to, absolutely not. This will make you come across as a dominant personality. Yes, if you have certain recommendations, then feel free to let him know. You can also choose the best type of food for a first date from our list for your comfort and convenience
  4. Think before ordering: While ordering, ask yourself: is it messy to eat? Then it’s certainly among the foods not to eat on a first date. Noodles or spaghetti need to be slurped. Some Indian foods like mutton cannot be handled with knives and forks. You need to open your mouth really wide to eat hot dogs or big sandwiches, which is not a pleasant sight. Be extra careful of eating food with too much onion and garlic in it. These cause instant bad breath and might ruin a perfectly romantic mood. It’s better to eat food that can be broken into small bite-sized pieces on a first date
  5. Play safe while ordering: Be careful not to order something you’ve never eaten before, as it might cause an unpleasant reaction. Be careful especially with seafood. If you are dining at a fancy restaurant, don’t order something you can’t pronounce. Also, don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu just because your date is paying for it

First date food etiquette

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Ladies, the success of your first date solely depends upon first impressions and table etiquette while eating your food. So, have them in mind while you interact with him while courting and leave a positive impression.

  • Respond to compliments with a gracious ‘thank you’
  • If you are uncomfortable with your date picking up the tab, offer to get desserts at a different food joint
  • Mobile on silent mode is a new way to show him your attention and interest
  • Put down your cutlery after three mouthfuls. These pauses should be used to establish eye contact, and show your interest in a conversation. Remember, it’s a date and not a race
  • If you’re sharing food on a date, make sure of two things. One, don’t hog the plate. Eat in small bites and keep the last portion for your date
  • Know if your date is allergic to anything and avoid it to prevent unwanted moments from spoiling your date

What kind of drink should a woman order on a first date?

Sometimes, ordering food is not just enough on a first date. You need to couple it up with drinks as well in a regular dating setup. Or if you are meeting him for the first date in a bar or a pub, then ordering a drink is a customary affair. Here, many ladies rack their brains most of the times. What kind of pour is elegant for a first date? What if my choice of drink gives a wrong signal? Are there any sure-shot first date drink tips that can present me as a powerful and fiery personality? If you are also facing such questions, then your thoughts are in the right direction.

A first drink order is as important as the first date impression. According to many bartenders, your first drink choice reveals a lot about you. Guys will try to evaluate your personality traits based on your choice of drink. So, before you place your first beverage order, have a look at what each drink could potentially reflect on you.

Champagne and white wine are undoubtedly the classic drinks for a lady on a date. As a feminine pour, the choice of champagne reflects your sophistication and charm, whereas white wine tells a guy you are a guarded lady who would like to keep her cards close to her heart until you meet your Mr Right.

Non-alcoholic drinks like mocktails and vodka soda count as safe drinks on your first date. If you order a beer, then you signal a casual and laidback attitude to him. Avoid alcohol-based drinks like martini and Manhattan if you don’t want to get drunk. Red wine equates pure seduction and gives a guy a signal that you are interested only in sex. Avoid it if you don’t want such a sexual impression on the very first date. Now, some first date drink tips and etiquette are as follows:

  • Go slow on drinks. A glass of wine is fine, but you definitely don’t want to end up drunk. Try slow sips and take the pint as a chance to know each other
  • Don’t go for a drink after drink session with him. Men and women have different drinking temperaments. Act true to yourself and order a drink you are comfortable with
  • Don’t pair drinks with food. A refined lady will not suggest getting food, whereas guys can pair light bites with drinks

10 first date food ideas for women

Ordering for a first date is an art. A proper knowledge and understanding of pleasant and easy to eat delicacies on a first date can help you bond over food. While enjoying the pleasing flavours, you can engage him in interesting conversations and bond over food. And we are sure this will be your key to many more successful dates to come. If you are thinking to order the best type of food for first date, let us suggest some of the best options popular among all kinds of foodies.

  1. Pizza on a first date might look like a basic choice but is the safest option when you are willing to share it. Laden with your common choice of toppings, a simple pizza could be the first savouring memory for you as a couple
  2. Bite-sized pasta like penne, zitti and farfalle brings a classy romantic twist to your first date. Mildly spiced with Italian herbs in cheese sauce, this food idea is for the simple yet elegant you. P.S. You can eat it without any fear of staining your date dress too
  3. Flavourful Middle-Eastern nibbles like kebabs are great conversation starters
  4. Nicely grilled bite-sized barbecue tikkas also a safe bet for your first food date choice. Seasoned with Indian spices, these flavourful servings stimulate nice conversations and offer a perfect way to bond with your date
  5. Salads could be a perfect choice if you are both healthy eaters. Design your kind of salad, talk healthy and make a fit foundation for your dating relationship
  6. If you both settle for Chinese sizzlers, then this is a sign that your chemistry will reveal the hot and spicy side of your relationship
  7. If you order momos or dim sum, then refrain from using too much of a spicy sauce. Else, they are one of the most ordered first date starters
  8. Gnocchi is easy to eat and gives one a classic and refined impression. With numerous variations available at your perusal, you can express your versatile and adaptable nature with your choice of a gnocchi dish
  9. Coffee dates usually make great first dates. The reason could be less time involved in it and easy flow of conversation over brews. If you are meeting him in the evening, then coffee and a chocolate brownie is classic first date food
  10. We all love desserts and needless to say, it is one of the best types of food for a first date. Try it for some sweet beginning to your dating phase

After knowing so much about the date-food-drink dynamics, you will surely leave an amazing first impression on him during your first date. Do try these tips and upload your first date stories in our Bonobology blogs section. We would love to know how these tips helped you woo your partner on the very first date.

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