11 Things That Trigger Emotional Attraction In A Man

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what triggers emotional attraction in a man

If you are looking for ways to win his heart, you should know what triggers emotional attraction in a man. You are obviously falling in love or you are already in love with that man. It is unquestionably exciting, thrilling and fun when a man is sexually attracted to you. Physical attraction or love at first sight is also an added point which charms and allures a man. But if you want that man to fall head over heels in love with you, emotional attraction is the way to go about it.

To find out what causes emotional attraction in a man, we reached out to Shivanya Yogmayaa, who is an astrologer as well as a relationship and intimacy coach. She said, “There are many types of attraction which draw a man toward a woman. Emotional attraction is what will make him stick with you and carry on the relationship with love and fondness.

“Emotional attraction is when someone is attracted to your personality, your quirks, your mind, heart and soul. It’s more than what’s on the outside. It’s sharing dreams and fostering care for someone. Emotional attraction is, in my opinion, the most divine way of being attracted to someone.”

For a relationship to survive and last long, you need to be emotionally connected. The relationship grows stronger when there is a deep emotional connection between two partners. I personally feel that a man naturally becomes more attractive when there is an emotional tether which connects his body to a woman’s soul. If you want to know what triggers emotional attraction in a man, then keep reading. 

What Triggers Emotional Attraction In A Man — Expert Lists 11 Things 

Shivanya says, “Emotional attraction in general takes birth when you feel recognized, acknowledged, accepted and respected for who you are. For men, along with the aforementioned things, they like to feel like they are the hero of your story. They love it when they feel like they are adding value to your life.”

Physical attraction is the most effortless part of falling for someone. It is an emotional attraction which keeps two people together in the long run and it only grows with time. You also need to give a guy space to build emotional attraction. Below are some of the answers to what triggers emotional attraction in a man.

 1. Giving him your full attention

Contrary to what most people think, even men love to receive attention from the woman they are interested in. Learn how to give someone attention in a relationship. Keep your phone aside and take interest in the things he is saying. If you are looking for emotion trigger phrases to use on a man, just tell him, “You have my undivided attention. I am listening to whatever you are saying.”

The way you listen to him, interact with him, give him all your attention and react to his stories by adding your anecdotes and opinions, become a prominent contributing factor which answers your question about what triggers emotional attraction in a man. When he feels that he is being heard and understood, it will immensely help in building his attraction toward you.  

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2. Build trust

Shivanya says, “Having trust in a relationship is directly proportional to feeling safe with them. There are many tips to build trust in relationships. It builds a sense of security that you will be protected from harm. When you trust someone, the level of closeness also increases. When closeness increases, then emotional attraction transpires between two people. When a man is emotionally attracted to a woman, it means he has already established trust in you.”

When I was just at the beginning stages of my current relationship, I found it genuinely difficult to form a connection with my partner. I was lost and didn’t know how to build a connection that would bind us together in the long run. I slowly began to trust my partner and assured him that he wouldn’t regret trusting me. If you are also asking what triggers emotional attraction in a man, the answer is trust. Let him know that you trust him and convince him to trust you back. That is one of the trigger phrases to use on a man. 

3. Having a good sexual relationship 

Shivanya shares, “There is no denying that a good sexual relationship will inculcate emotional attraction in a man. Men want to touch you, feel you and some men like to be in control of you in bed. Men want women to touch them too. They love it even more when you match their energy. It makes them feel that there’s a woman who isn’t triggered by their sexual fantasies. 

“They realize that there is a woman who accepts his spontaneity in bed naturally without the man having to say anything. Men love women who are game for all kinds of bedroom activities. Of course if you don’t like it, then you must speak up about sexual boundaries. The reason why this point is important is because most of the time, men move from lust to love. So, if you are asking what triggers emotional attraction in a man, then the answer is by having a passionate and intimate relationship with him.”

4. Have a stronger connection 

There are many ways to build and connect with your partner on a deeper level. You can have a deeper and stronger connection by bringing them along in your journey of successes and failures. Make him feel included in your life. Shivanya says, “If you have a hobby you actively pursue, then ask your partner to tag along with you. If you have a dream, share it with him. Ask him about his dream. Get comfortable and ask open-ended questions.”

I shared my dreams and ambitions with my partner in order to connect with him on a deeper level. In return, he shared his dreams with me. I texted him and said, “There is nothing more which I desire in this world than writing. Writing novels is the only ambition I have in life.” He was so understanding about it and now, he actively takes part in reading my rough drafts. Likewise, you can send him texts that will trigger his emotions. 

infographic on what triggers emotional attraction in a man
Things that trigger emotional attraction in a man

5. Being vulnerable with him

Shivanya shares a very profound thought on why being vulnerability in a relationship is is essential, especially in a romantic relationship. She says, “I can’t stress how important vulnerability is in building a long-lasting relationship. When a man is emotionally attracted to a woman, he will expect his partner to let her guard down and be raw with her emotions.

But when a woman refuses to be vulnerable with her man, it makes him feel as if he is not worthy of knowing her innermost thoughts and desires. It will let him down and make him feel dejected. And that isn’t the answer to what triggers emotional attraction in a man.”

6. Supporting his dreams 

Shivanya adds, “When you support your man’s dreams, he will feel more confident about achieving them. Tell him “I got your back.” Motivate him by saying, “I believe in your dreams. You can do it.” Those are some of the texts that trigger his emotions.

When you support a man, it makes him feel alive by boosting his aspirations. Becoming his support system is what triggers emotional attraction in a man. Form a team mentality and show interest in his pursuits.” 

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7. Making him feel acknowledged 

Shivanya says, “Always be sure to acknowledge your man. Shower appreciation on him. Show that he is loved for whatever and however he is as a person. Let him know that you accept him with all his imperfections and flaws. Making your partner feel acknowledged and recognized for all the things that they do is what causes emotional attraction between men and women.”

You can text your partner and let him know that he is valued. It’s a small yet one of the most impactful texts that trigger his emotions. Believe me, I tried this recently and it worked like magic. All I had to do was let my partner know how much he is cherished and respected. 

8. Creating memories together

Making memories is very important as they are the only lasting thing even when the people we created those memories with may abandon us. Happy and shared memories are the answer to what triggers emotional attraction in a man. Memories can remind people how much they mean to one another and that’s one of the answers to what triggers emotional attraction in a man.

You can create memories by going on dates or you can just chill at home and watch a movie together. My favorite way of creating memories with my partner is by buddy-reading books with him. We read and then talk about our favorite characters, their growth and what lesson they teach us. The stronger we are in each other’s memories, the more loving we become with each other in real life. 

9. Giving him space 

Shivanya says, “Space in relationships are healthy and common. Alone time is the only way we process our opinions without somebody else influencing them. If you want to have a healthy relationship, then having alone time is very important. Don’t ever think your relationship is growing weak if you wish to have some alone time.

All it means is you are putting your mental health above anything else. So give a guy space and build emotional attraction with him.” Ever heard of the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’? When the two of you are apart, you tend to think about your partner a lot. You have time to reflect upon yourself, your partner and the relationship.

10. Complimenting is what triggers emotional attraction in a man

Just how even men love attention, they also love to be at the receiving end of compliments. Just as it makes women happy, compliments make men happy as well. It’s not just women who like to fish for compliments. I mean, who doesn’t love a sincere and heartfelt compliment? We all do. If you are asking what causes emotional attraction, then the answer is compliments. 

He isn’t expecting you to write a poem for him. Just a few words of admiration would do the trick. Tell him you love his sense of style or tell him he looks handsome in black. Tell him he is a kind and thoughtful man. Those are some of the emotion trigger phrases to use on a man. 

11. Taking interest in his hobbies

Shivanya says, “We all want a partner who would share their dreams, food, hobbies and interests with us. This is one of the most effective ways to make him happy. When a man is emotionally attracted to a woman, he will expect her to take interest in his hobbies. He won’t pressure her or force her into doing something she doesn’t like.

But if there’s no harm in accompanying him to the gym or spending a day watching him paint, then go ahead and make him happy by taking part in the things he loves. This is your answer to what triggers emotional attraction in a man.”


1. What makes a man feel connected to a woman?

Little things such as hand holding and snuggling can make a man feel connected to a woman. Important things like believing in his dreams and accepting him the way he is will also make him feel connected. Praise him, show gratitude, respect and shower words of affirmation to make him feel connected. 

2. How do men develop emotional attraction?

One of the most important ways men develop emotional attraction is by creating a bond that comes out of vulnerability. Listening to him, engaging in playful banter, caring for him and having a sense of humor. That’s how men develop emotional attraction toward women. 

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