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Why are women still embarrassed to admit they masturbate

Talking about sex is becoming less taboo in India, but women still find it difficult to admit that they pleasure themselves
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As our once-upon-a-time land of Kamasutra reawakens to talking about sex, a question that still brings on the blush is masturbation. Especially in connection with women. Look up the Intertubes and you’ll find educational videos targeted at Indian men and boys. Female self-help? …crickets. Case in point: two AIB videos about sexuality, one for men and one for women. Man’s Best Friend is about male masturbation; A Woman’s Besties is about unsafe sex and periods!

Ask an Indian girl if she pleasures herself and you will get a) a gasp followed by a horrified ‘NO’, b) a noncommittal shrug, c) an embarrassed ‘Yes’ tinged with fake bravado. We are a long, long way from a simple, “I do.”

In the West, as understanding grows and shame diminishes, more women are willing to talk about their self-pleasuring routines. 92% percent in the US now say they take time out to masturbate, up from 74% in the last survey conducted in 1979.

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The only Indian statistics I found went like this: Researchers studying first-year college women who self-identified as virgins found that 30% of those who masturbated described feelings of guilt, anxiety and shame associated with masturbation.

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  1. Giving yourself a hand when you need some love and pleasure is no more perverse than fixing yourself a sandwich when you are hungry. It is a biological need and when your man is not around, you can have a happy play time!

    Don’t think much about the society, if you start thinking about the thinking of other people, there are many fun and exciting stuff that you will miss out!

  2. If I look at a man walking down my street, my aunts og the society gives me the ever embarrassing, ever annoying smirks and I should open on masturbation THEY WILLL EAT ME ALIVE

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