8 Reasons you should wear lingerie for yourself first

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Updated On: October 27, 2021

Do you think lingerie is a medium of making an impression on your partner? Reserved for those nights and days when you need to flaunt your sexiness? The special occasion stuff? Shopped only when going for a honeymoon? If yes, then well, you are not entirely wrong. But why not pay special attention to lingerie for yourself? Because until and unless you are happy and satisfied with your undergarments, you cannot impress another. Even if you do not have someone special in your life, you should make it a point to buy beautiful lingerie for yourself, as loving yourself should be the first priority in your life.

What is ‘lingerie?

Derived from the old French word linge, meaning ‘linen’, lingerie basically is a category name for women’s clothing not limited to bras, underwears, and panties. It includes sleepwear, fancy undergarments, and lightweight robes. In simple terms, lingerie is any piece of clothing that you wear inside your bedroom or under your usual clothing. It does not only mean panties and bras but clothing like hosiery, robes, teddies, garters, corsets, etc.

While it is common to use lingerie for undergarments, there is a basic difference between the two. Undergarments are so designed to focus on comfort and functionality, while lingerie focusses on fashion, aesthetics, and design. Lingerie can be underwear or bra, but every underwear or bra is not lingerie. Lingerie makes one feel hot and sexy, and are designed in an alluring and fashionable manner. Lingerie is also designed specifically for special purposes – bridal, honeymoon, every day and the fashion magazine catwalk driven ‘haute couture lingerie’. Here is our top pick of lingerie that married women must own.

8 reasons you should wear lingerie for yourself first

Lingerie is a way to show yourself some well-deserved love. Personal as it is, choosing and shopping for lingerie gives yourself a self-esteem boost and instills confidence. Pair it with some comfort and you feel on the top of the world, well, literally. Whether it is self-love, exploring and appreciating the sexual being you are, or the comfort-confidence, there are many reasons to shop for your favorite lingerie and start wearing it in a routine. We bring you top 8 reasons to wear lingerie for yourself:

1. Pretty lingerie boosts self-love

Why just show love and care to someone else? It is high time you make yourself a prime concern and express your love for yourself wearing an amazing baby doll or comfortable robe. Having the best collection of undergarments is all about maintaining comfort levels with your body and reminding yourself that you are adorable and worth pampering.

2. Celebrate your body using suitable lingerie

Celebrate your body using suitable lingerie
Having an attractive physical appearance is considered a beauty ideal.

Beauty standards have been set by the beauty pageants and the media world. Having an attractive physical appearance is considered a beauty ideal. But why stick to such ideals? You should appreciate the way your body is and learn to celebrate your body without falling into the trap of using lingerie as a means of self-objectification. Do not forget to highlight your body assets with suitable lingerie. Wear your everyday essentials to empower your body and yourself in the appropriate manner.

3. Enhance your confidence level with the help of correct lingerie

Do you exhibit low levels of confidence in relation to your physical appearance? If yes, then you must take all steps to boost your confidence. One such step is shopping for the correct style and quality of lingerie which will make you feel good and improve your physical appearance. Once you are confident from the inside out, you will be able to achieve greater success in you’re your personal and professional life. Remember that you are an amazing woman who deserves all the happiness in the world, so do not let your self-esteem waver for any reason whatsoever.

Enhance your confidence level with the help of correct lingerie
Remember that you are an amazing woman who deserves all the happiness in the world

4. Utilise lingerie to explore your sexuality

As a woman, it is important that you explore your sexuality, and utilising perfectly designed lingerie to do so is the best possible option for you. You need to feel sexy at all times, even if you are not in a relationship. Sexual understanding of yourself is necessary if you want to outshine others. In order to be sexy, there is no need to opt for revealing outfits or have a perfect body. Acknowledge yourself as a sensual human being by getting hold of different styles and types of lingerie which will allow you to flaunt yourself conveniently.

5. Clothes will look perfect on you due to suitably fitted lingerie

Clothes will look perfect on you due to suitably fitted lingerie
The suitably fitted lingerie can make you appear more attractive and slimmer.

If you are someone who spends a lot of money on pretty dresses and outfits then obviously you want these to look good on you. But it might happen that due to the ill-fitted and bad quality of undergarments, your clothes fail to look perfect on you. This will be highly disappointing, especially if you are trying to seduce someone. Therefore the smart move on your part is to spend the same amount of money on your lingerie so that the clothes can also fit and look flawless on you. The suitably fitted lingerie can make you appear more attractive and slimmer.

6. Sexy lingerie helps reignite flames of love and romance in your relationship

Whether you are a married woman or you have started dating recently, it is crucial that you get the basics right. This means you should invest in sexy lingerie, because you might never know when you require these. A hot piece of lingerie can reignite the flames of love and romance in your relationship and help establish a lasting connection with one another. So plan nights out with your husband or potential partner and surprise him with appealing lingerie to let him know that the effort has been made for him.

7. Use lingerie as means of self-expression

What you wear truly reflects your personality. This applies not only to the beautiful outfits and clothing that you buy from online shopping websites or local stores but also to the lingerie that you have bought recently. Whether you are adventurous and playful or serious and intelligent, the market is flooded with suitable lingerie having a combination of luxurious fabrics and creative designs. So take your time and pick out the ones that reflect your personal desires and interests.

8. Affirm your feminine power with the assistance of appropriate lingerie

No doubt that the society we live in is patriarchal. So why not establish strong foundations of your feminine identity and power by buying the undergarments that you love? It is in this area of selecting the underwear that you are your own boss and buy whatever you like. By wearing something that you treasure, you will give a powerful message to everyone around you about your mystique and confidence.

I do not have a figure to flaunt; I am not going to waste money on lingerie when I am the only one looking at it; lacy undergarments are absolutely uncomfortable and not for me, my husband is not interested in such things, or wearing special lingerie on dates is the best thing to do for me. If you are someone who has such thoughts in your mind, then it is time you overcome them. Do not ignore the potential that lingerie has in improving not only your outward appearance but your overall personality. So start the love affair with yourself with the help of the perfect lingerie. Visit a store or shop online!

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