Rise Of Instagram Dating: 11 Tips To Use It To Your Advantage

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Updated On: December 11, 2023
Instagram dating

Gone are the days of ‘single,’ ‘in a relationship,’ or ‘it’s complicated.’ Dating in the era of digital overload is multi-dimensional and not restricted to mere labels. So, the question “Are you guys dating?” may or may not have a concrete answer, as we, as a society, are in an age of evolving relationships and fluid connections. These days, even Tinder seems so ‘yesterday’ and Facebook seems too public. Surprisingly, Gen Z is increasingly turning to Instagram dating. In fact, Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report clearly proves Gen Z feels more comfortable meeting a date online than in person.

So, why are people using Instagram for dating these days? Is Instagram a dating site now? How different is it from traditional dating apps and how does one wisely use Instagram for online dating? How to find singles on Instagram? What does an Instagram profile offer that’s not on your Tinder profile? Can Instagram change your dating life? This article will answer all such burning questions on dating on Instagram and more.

Why Is Instagram Dating Gaining Popularity?

Online dating or starting relationships on social media isn’t a fad and has been quite normal since the rise of Facebook and Orkut. However, dating has since evolved and so have the ways of reaching out to potential partners. Modern dating is a whole new ballgame altogether. According to Mark, an Instagram user, while it takes work to score a date on Instagram, it appears to be a perfect platform to find a “quality date.” Similarly, throwawayshygirl13, a Reddit user, claims she feels people engage more on Instagram, while relationships over texts fizzle out quicker.

A lot has been said about why Instagram could be the new Tinder, but we’ll look at why Instagram is better. So, here are a few reasons why Instagram dating is gaining popularity:

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1. Most women find it safer

Instagram is a relatively safe platform for women, or that’s what most women feel. First, exchanging Instagram handles is always a better option than exchanging phone numbers to interact with a potential partner whom you don’t know that well. Second, adding strangers on Instagram for a better follower count, and then getting to know them, definitely sounds safer than meeting strangers from dating apps. After all, most guys on dating apps creep women out.

2. It offers a perfect blend

Instagram also scores over online dating platforms in terms of its variety. So, while Tinder or any other dating app would highlight ‘dating’ or ‘relationships,’ Instagram offers a vast canvas. While you can showcase your life, hobbies, and friends, you can also offer a glimpse of your entire personality. So, go ahead and put it all on display for people to take a pick: creativity, work skills, travel goals, and so on and so forth.

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3. It helps you get over dating app fatigue

How much can you swipe? Are you suffering from dating app fatigue? A vast number of people these days are tired of meaningless swiping based on fancy dating profiles, which may or may not turn out to be genuine. Moreover, it really takes three or four dates to find out if a person’s dating app information is true. But it takes one look at their Instagram profile to know a lot more about the person than a dating app could ever tell you.

How to use Instagram for dating
Instagram is increasingly replacing Tinder as a dating platform

4. You don’t come across as too eager

Instagram dating is subtle. Yet, it is apt for casual stalking. So, you like the girl you met at your hostel on your recent solo trip to Vietnam? Fret not, find her out on Instagram and follow her without looking like a creep. After all, nobody minds an extra follower on their Instagram profile.

5. There are plenty of tools

So, what began as a photo-sharing platform has now turned into a full-fledged community app. Instagram now offers scores of ways to let someone know you like them. Like their photos or Instagram stories, chat with them, send voice notes, or collaborate with them, without plunging into the dating game right away!

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6. You get to know so much more

A dating app doesn’t tell you if your boyfriend’s mom loves Chinese food or if your boyfriend’s sister just graduated high school. Who’s he been traveling with last week? Who are his best friends? Instagram tells you a lot about a boy or a girl and is perfect for some pre-date stalking to go beyond his hobbies or work life. And guys, to be honest, a girl’s Insta story reveals more about her than she would ever reveal in person.

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7. Even dating apps rely on Instagram

Finally, you can now even add your Instagram profile to your Tinder profile. So, that perhaps shows the reach that Instagram offers. Adding a genuine Instagram account also makes your dating app profile more authentic.

8. It has a more balanced gender ratio

According to a 2023 research study, over 75% of all Tinder users are men. Instagram, however, is a more balanced platform, as far as gender goes, and only about half its user base is male. This makes it a better and healthier place to date! After all, no woman wants to be hounded by hundreds of men. Likewise, ‘more women’ translates to a better chance of scoring a date for a man! Women also tend to be more comfortable with ‘liking’ on Instagram than ‘swiping’ on Tinder, since they aren’t actively ‘looking for a date’ and thus receive less aggressive male attention. After all, who doesn’t want a few ‘likes’ on a pretty picture, without an obvious hint of ‘Your place or mine’?

How To Use Instagram For Dating – 11 Tips

Using Instagram for dating
The first impression your profile makes is important in Instagram dating

A 2023 TIME article states more people are switching to Instagram for online dating! So, how can you use the platform to your advantage? Is Instagram a dating site now? If yes, how to use Instagram for dating? How to find and meet singles on Instagram? Is following someone on Instagram ‘flirting’? Is it weird to DM a girl on Instagram? Are there any dating tips that help pick up girls on Instagram? We know you have endless questions on using Instagram for dating. Here’s how you can use Instagram dating to your advantage and find your potential partner:

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1. Spice up your Instagram profile

The first thing that can make or break your dating deal on Instagram is your Instagram profile. So, here are some tried-and-tested tips to help you create an attractive Instagram profile and make a striking first impression:

  • A catchy photo: Your display picture on Instagram must highlight your persona, and it’s not all about your physical appearance. Love to travel? Put up a photo of you posing at your favorite destination. Proud of that sun-tanned physique? Flaunt your abs! Let people know you
  • The bio: Your Instagram bio is your personality in a nutshell. Highlight the places you’ve traveled to, mention the cities you’ve lived in, flaunt your passions, list down your hobbies, add your blog link — put yourself out there like you would in a real date
  • A meaningful username: All your efforts of pleasing your potential partner could end up in a mess if you have a tacky Instagram handle. So, brainstorm and let your creative juices flow for this one! Highlight your USP — the thing that makes you ‘you’
  • A public profile: Your chances of scoring a hot date on Instagram goes up if you have a public profile. This is a bit tricky for most women, as they receive a lot of unwanted attention too. But you need to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince Charming

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2. Follow your crush

The first step to an Instagram date is a casual ‘follow.’ If the first question that pops up in your mind after reading this is: “Should I follow my crush on Instagram?,” the answer is “Hell, yes!” It does not make you look desperate, unless you follow it up with a quick message. How else would you let your crush know you exist? But, is following someone on Instagram flirting? Not exactly, though it can be the first step. Likewise, it doesn’t hurt if you break the ice with some flirty conversation starters!

3. Follower count: Maintain quality over quantity

If you’re an influencer, chances are, you’ve already stopped worrying about your follower count and have tons of people you haven’t met or interacted with on your followers’ list. But for an average person, quality should matter over quantity. Your potential partner could be judging you by your followers’ list and who you follow. It’s a wise idea to keep both your ‘follower’ and ‘following’ lists genuine and clean. These lists also tell you if your crush is friends with their ex!

4. Showcase your hobbies or pets

A chunk of your Instagram likes depends on the social media algorithm. It’s also how like-minded people find each other on the platform. So, go all out and showcase your likes, hobbies, and interests. Plus, a picture of your dog never fails to attract a potential partner. It seems pets do improve your dating life!

5. Add social value

Your social value on Instagram is a major giveaway when it comes to your life. Use it wisely by highlighting:

  • Photos of friends and coworkers
  • Collaborations or projects, such as music, poetry, vlogs, and more
  • Staycations and visits to museums, restaurants, and other places of interest

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6. Explore Instagram dating hashtags

So, how to find singles on Instagram? A sure-shot way of getting a date on Instagram is using trending Instagram dating hashtags. Letting people know that you’re ready for love or are nursing a heartbreak can be done by simply adding a meaningful hashtag. Funny or suggestive hashtags, such as #love, #relationship, #foreversingle, and #hookup, also help a like-minded single connect with you.

7. Master the art of Instagram flirting

Instagram flirting may be cool, but it definitely isn’t child’s play. Since, in this era of screenshots and public lives, a lot is at stake, proceed with caution. So, should you get straight to direct messaging or keep liking their photos till you get a hint? Here are some tips that let you flirt subtly on Instagram, without looking desperate, in the early days of wooing:

  • Keep the first message or comment classy. So, how to slide into DMs like a boss? Tell them you love their passion for sports or travel and start your Instagram DM dating with a bang
  • Like their photos, but not all. Likewise, what does it mean when a girl likes your message on Instagram? It could mean she likes you, but give it time to grow
  • Don’t send them memes every day unless you get a reaction or response
  • Add them to your ‘close friends’ on Instagram, so they know you like them
  • Use the ‘thirst trap’ wisely. Put up a picture wearing his favorite color, but don’t flaunt that cleavage yet. Leave thirsty texts for him, but don’t make it too obvious
  • Don’t compliment a girl on her looks. Everyone’s doing that. Mention something like: “My friends and I used to hang out at the same café years back”
  • Make a reel with a romantic track but don’t mention their name
  • Engage in Instagram story flirting and respond to your crush’s story often
  • Leave a cryptic or matching Instagram note with a reference to something you told your crush
  • Fast replies are a strict no-no

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So, you’ve done your part but aren’t getting any signals from your crush. Here’s how you can go that extra mile to fire up your flirting game on Instagram and get your crush to say “hi”:

  • Don’t pester them for responses. Instagram DM dating only works when both you and your crush are equally into it
  • If you keep wondering, “He sends me memes every day. Is he into me?” Well, he could be genuinely interested. Just give it some time
  • Post photos of gifts you receive on your Instagram stories, without mentioning who sent it. This adds mystery to your persona and makes you unattainable
  • Add photos you’ve clicked with people of the opposite gender
  • Skip the location tagging for a few events and photos. Let them wonder and ask where you’ve been

8. Stalk, but don’t comment on their friends

It’s bad manners to comment on or compliment your potential partner’s friends. And Instagram is no different. Avoid making unnecessary comments under pictures that have your crush with their friends in them. Similarly, make sure you don’t end up being a ‘crazy stalker’ your crush wants to get rid of!

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9. Let the world know, but don’t

The best part about Instagram is it lets you subtly hint at a relationship without making it too obvious. Here are some ways you can hint that you and your Instagram date are going great but aren’t too serious yet:

  • Subgramming: When you both post about things, places, or activities you’ve talked about but don’t mention or tag each other
  • Collaboration: When you post a dance clip, a song, or any other work of art that you’ve created together
  • Selfies: When the two of you pose like a couple in a selfie but don’t mention that you are together. This trick also keeps other potential dates of your ‘so’ away from them

10. Avoid Tindstagramming

The worst sort of attention you can get on Instagram and other social media platforms is unwanted attention. Tindstagramming is when someone you’ve rejected on Tinder tries to connect with you on Instagram. Neither encourage nor indulge in it.

11. Beware of Instagram dating scams

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Finally, the worst part of Instagram dating is the fact that it makes you vulnerable to scores of dating scams. Romance scammers are everywhere. So, before you commit or take things forward, make sure you’re not falling prey to any of these Instagram dating scams :

  • Catfishing: They may be putting up a false image on Instagram to look ‘cool’ and hide their real persona. The best way to deal with catfishing is to check the person’s credentials on Google and all credible social media channels
  • Asking for money or personal details: They may ask for money or tell you you’ve won a lottery. Never reveal personal information, such as your credit card details, or exchange phone numbers right away. Dating scammers can turn out to be hardcore cyber criminals
  • Fake Profiles: They may make fake profiles, using photos of popular influencers. Stay away if they try to get into a relationship quickly but can’t meet or voice call
  • Intimate photos: Stop interacting if they need intimate photos immediately after you start chatting
  • Free influencing deals: They may ask you to post about their products for free, using you for your follower count
  • Affairs: They may be hiding an extramarital affair

Add to this the question all women with public profiles on Instagram have: “Why do random guys message me on Instagram?” The moment you are irritated by random DMs or feel something is fishy about your potential date on Instagram, restrict, unfollow, report, and block them. Yes, Instagram gives you plenty of options to disconnect from someone you don’t fancy.

Key Pointers

  • More and more people are switching to Instagram over traditional dating apps, such as Tinder, as it offers a holistic view of a potential date
  • Instagram dating is safer for women than exchanging numbers with a stranger or meeting a stranger in person
  • One can use DMs, Instagram stories, Instagram hashtags, likes, and other hacks wisely to make a cool first impression on Instagram
  • However, one must be wary of the countless dating scams that are rampant these days on Instagram

So, are you ready to spice up your dating life with Instagram? Here’s hoping you now have answers to all your questions about how to date on Instagram. Yes, in this world of filters and instant gratification, online dating can be tricky. Someone’s personality in real life may not be as attractive or flashy as on social media. But with the right tips and hacks, you can make Instagram the first step to let people know you fancy them and get to know them better. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, go!

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