23 Things To Text When A Conversation Dies

Wouldn’t we all love to write texts that people simply cannot resist reading and responding to? However, it’s much easier said than done. We’ve all experienced a dry spell over texts, followed by a feeling of impending doom when we simply cannot figure out things to text when a conversation dies. If you want to know how to restart a dry conversation, read along to find out things to text when a conversation dies.

When texting, you always have more time to think and reply. Hence there is light at the other end of the tunnel, and with a few smart tactics, you can keep a conversation going over text as well as revive a dead conversation. 

Whether you want to know how to keep a conversation going with a guy over text or how to keep a conversation going over text with a girl, these tactics will help you respark a text conversation easily.

23 Things To Text When A Conversation Dies

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Before you move on to read the 23 things to text when a conversation dies, here are some basic points you should keep in mind.

 Being a keen observer of what the other person likes to talk about the most will lead you to understand things to text when a conversation dies. Go through your text history with that person to see which type of conversations come to an abrupt end and which ones have both of you texting endlessly and effortlessly. 

Empathy and care are at the crux of having good and prolonged conversations over text. People can pick up on your energy even while texting, so make sure you’re really interested in talking to them and knowing about them.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into 23 things to text when a conversation dies so that you can perform an emergency CPR with your words:

1 “Hey! I recently watched this film that I couldn’t wait to tell you all about! Since you enjoy thriller movies, you’re going to love this one”

Texting the other person about something they love to watch or do is the perfect way to revive a dead conversation. If you’re unsure you can always research movies & songs that are trending to know things to text when a conversation dies. 

2. “I just finished watching this person’s stand-up comedy videos and I cannot stop laughing, I thought I’d share it with you”

Do some research on the person that you’re talking to. Check out their social media handles to see the type of content they post. Notice what they’re most passionate about and you’ll easily come up with questions to ask to keep a conversation going over text with them.

3. “Did you see how intense today’s match was? I was literally shaking with excitement”

Find a common ground. Talking about a common interest or a memory you share with them is another great way to respark a text conversation, especially if you are in the intial stage of talking.

4. “Hey, I’d like to know how you have been doing these days?”

Small talk does not go a long way. Asking direct questions can help you communicate better. Ask more meaningful and genuine questions that you would want to know about the other person’s life without being intrusive or disrespectful. 

5. “Do you like your work these days? Do you see yourself doing this all your life?”

Asking the other person about their personal and professional life is one of the best ways to think of new things to text when a conversation dies. It will create the possibility of long conversations as the other person is likely to give you detailed updates about their life.

6. “Hey I remember you told me you’ve been writing poetry. How is that going? If you’ve written anything new, I’d love to read”

We often are busy preparing a response while texting instead of actually understanding the texts. If you revisit your recent chats, you might notice that you haven’t responded well to some of their texts, following up on those is another good thing to text when a conversation dies.

7. “Hey I saw your recent post on Instagram. The view is breathtaking, what place is it?”

If you know that they’ve traveled somewhere, asking about their experiences will definitely have them talking about it enthusiastically. This is the perfect way to revive a dead conversation,

8. “Did you get recruited by the CIA?”

A witty way to say “long time, no see” will get the other person to revert to you without feeling guilty or offended, and you can respark a text conversation in no time. Funny and witty remarks are the perfect thing to text when a conversation dies.

9. “Hey, I had pasta for dinner today which reminded me of you! We should go out to eat sometime soon”

A simple “this reminded me of you” goes a long way. It makes the other person feel special and kick starts the conversation on a positive note.

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text to avoid dying conversation

10. “I have a fun exercise for you: hold your breath for as long as you can.

Did you miss the air?

That’s how much I miss you!”

Funny and cute things like telling them that you’ve missed them and miss talking to them are quintessential things to text when a conversation dies. 

11. “Hey, did you hear about the new no texting after office hours rule? I am so stoked about it!”

Talking about current affairs is always a good way to revive a dead conversation, and keep it going. Any trending topic or news is surely among the smart and meaningful things to text when a conversation dies. 

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12. “What are your views on gun control laws?”

Bringing up a controversial topic can get the other person to talk passionately about their opinions on it. You do not have to instigate them disrespectfully, simply ask for their opinion.

13. “I’m totally in awe of Taylor Swift’s new album, Red, have you listened to it yet?”

Talking about music/movies/series is always a great way to maintain an engaging conversation and have the other person’s opinions feel valued. 

14. “Is it me or does this week seem extraordinarily long? I cannot wait for the weekend! How are you holding up?”

Giving the other person space to complain and talk about a rough week/day is the perfect way to make them start talking. Saying something you know the other person can relate to is among the comforting things to text when a conversation dies. 

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15. “I’ve been experiencing a major burnout. How do you cope up with burnouts and motivate yourself?”

Asking for help makes the other person feel useful and important and will definitely have them talking and trying to help you. Make sure you’re ready to accept the help you seek while using these things to text when a conversation dies. 

16. “If you had all the money in the world, what is the first thing you would do?”

Asking open-ended questions will keep the conversation going and interesting for a long time, but make sure your questions are interesting and unique. 

17. “Have you made any plans for this Christmas?”

Asking them about upcoming holidays or events is a very subtle way to restart a conversation and can even lead to you making plans with the person you’re texting. 

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18 “It is so cold today! how are you dealing with it?”

Talking about problems as simple as extreme weather conditions can make the other person want to talk to you about inconveniences in their lives which can make the conversation go a long way.

19. “I’m thinking of getting a god. Do you have any sources or know any places I can get one from?”

Notice the typo!? What better way to revive a boring conversation than with a humorous question. Humor is the secret ingredient your texts need to keep a conversation going over text with a girl or a guy. 

Ask about her hobbies to keep the conversation going

20. “I’m thinking about joining dance classes, could you suggest a good dance class you know?”

Know the other person’s hobbies or something that they’re pursuing or learning and ask them questions about it. You’ll get the conversation going and learn something new.

21. “I heard that there are going to be major discounts on our favorite sneakers this black Friday. Were you planning to check out those offers?”

If you know of something the other person is interested in or wanted to buy for a long time, giving them more information on the matter is the best icebreaker. Add an open-ended question to the mix and you’ve got the perfect way to revive a conversation.

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22. “What are you passionate about?”

It literally translates to “what do you love talking about”. Sometimes simple and direct communication is all it takes to respark a dead conversation with an attractive person.

23. “How would you describe your dream life?”

One of the best things to text when a conversation dies is to ask questions that make them think about their dreams and aspirations, transporting them to fantasy land.

When you’re spending time pondering over how to restart a dry conversation, remember that all you need to do is communicate well. People won’t know how you feel unless you say it. Telling people what you’ve been feeling easily revives a dead conversation. Communication Exercises can also help you learn how to revive dead conversations.

It is proven that talking about oneself and giving out personal information produces a surge of neural activation in humans associated with reward, which means if you know the right questions to ask to keep a conversation going over text, you will not only have the other person feeling good but also get to know things about them that you can use to keep the conversation going. Now that you know all about things to text when a conversation dies, have fun acing your text conversations.

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