Breaking Up Over Text -How Cool Is It?

breaking up over text

Thinking of breaking up over text? If yes, then think about it again. As generally it is held to be a thoughtless act but all ultimately depends on your relationship and its current situation.

When you are in a relationship, you both are sharing your happiness, sadness as well as special moments with each other on a daily basis. Some of you might not only be spending more time with one another but might also have started to live together. While some of you might not be having a very jolly time in your relationship. No matter what situation your relationship is going through, breaking up over text should be your last resort.

No doubt that it is one of the most recent and trendiest ways of breaking up in this digital era, but it has positive effects as well as negative effects in your dating life. So, one must think really carefully while weighing the option of breaking up via text messages.
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Is it okay to breakup over text?

There is nothing happy or joyful or funny about a breakup until and unless you are getting rid of a violent/abusive/co-dependent relationship which was sucking the life out of you. In this context, you must remember that breakup might have a hurtful impact on the emotions of your partner, especially if you had a good relationship. So you must be mindful of the way in which you try to end the relationship.

One way which has become immensely popular among the millennials is breaking up over text. However, is it really okay to break up over text?

Let us find out.

Breaking Up Over Text – When Is It Okay?

There is a good side to breaking up over text and here is a list of benefits that one can get by choosing to end their relationship in this manner:

1. You can dodge unwanted questions

Breaking up on text is suited for those who do not want to get caught up in questions to which there are no answers. What can you really tell when your feelings have changed and you cannot really explain it? Thus, it is the best way to avoid the question-answer round with your partner.

2. It helps to prevent the dirty breakup fight

dirty breakup fight

Fight after a breakup Image source

It is not always the case that there will be a fight after a breakup. But it is better to be on the safer side and break up on text to avoid the fights which escalate into nasty ones in no time.

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3. No need to give long explanations

A short and crisp reason to end your relationship is enough when breaking through text. There is no need for long passages of explanations and reasons, making it convenient for you to site your rationale unhesitatingly.

Long explanations can be avoided

Avoiding explanations post-breakup Image source

4. Avoid awkward moments

Awkward moments like farewell hugs or promise to remain friends forever are common among a couple which mutually feels that the relationship can no longer go on. However, if you want to evade these awkward moments, then break up over a text.

5. It can be more considerate

It is always considered that when you break up in person it is kinder than breaking up over text, but this is not always the case. You have to arrange a dinner or lunch in order to talk about it. Your partner might be expecting some good news from your side but all of a sudden you drop the news of the breakup. This will be more hurtful for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Therefore, opt for breaking up over text.

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When is It Not Okay To Breakup Over Text?

Letting your partner know at the right time that you no longer have feelings for him/her or that you do not want to continue the relationship can save both of you from hardships. Breakups don’t happen suddenly, there are always signs that indicate a breakup is coming. But letting him/her know about all this via a text message is not a viable option for all. Breaking up over text is not really the way to do it. Why? Continue reading.

Breaking up over text is a cowardly and sloppy move on your side as it is like running away from a situation and it shows that you are not really showing maturity in handling your relationship. Along with that break up over text lacks proper clarification on the part of the sender. So it is difficult for the partner who receives the news of breakup to deal with it. Such a way of breaking up usually leaves behind a messy trail of unresolved feelings and guilt in the mind of your partner.

When one breaks up with someone face-to-face, there is still a chance of recovering the relationship. However, the situation is vice versa in the case of a break up over a text. You cannot expect the broken-up relationship to go back on track as there is no room left for any kind of communication and dialogue between the two partners.

How do you respond to a break up text?

Imagine your boyfriend or girlfriend has ended your relationship over a text and now you are wondering as to how to respond to the text. Remember the smart move is to act maturely and respond in a peaceful manner. Following are few of the points to be kept in mind while responding to break up text:

1. Ask your partner whether he/she is sure about it

First of all, as soon as you receive the breakup text take your time to respond. Ask him or her whether he/she is serious about the decision and is not playing a prank on you.

responding to breakup text

Responding to breakup text Image source

2. Do not beg him/her to stay

Remember break ups are a part and parcel of a relationship. If you both are not meant to be, then it is something that you must accept and your life is not going to end without him/her. So respect his/her decision and do not beg your partner to stay in your life.

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3. Avoid insulting your partner

It is very disrespectful on your part to insult your partner and behave rudely with him/her. Try to be polite and calm while talking even if you are broken from inside and want to have an ugly fight. Avoid all this, so that you do not regret it later.

Insulting partner during breakup

An ugly fight Image source

4. Ask for explanations

You should definitely try your best to know the reason behind such a breakup. This will give you the peace of mind and remove the dilemma which might be bothering you and might even give you the chance to mend your relationship.

5. Say your goodbyes maturely

It is always suggested to end your relationship on a good note. Try to compose a proper goodbye message and send it to him or her so that you can move on with your life. It is always right to fight for your loved one but a big part of love is letting go of the person you love.

Instead of being intimidated as to how to end your relationship, you need to pick the right way to break the news to your partner. Definitely a break up over text should not be your first choice as it reduces the scope of the conversation. However, if your relationship is unsafe for your physical and mental health or it is just a casual fling, then breaking up over text does not seem to be a very bad option to try out.

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