32 Useful Gift Ideas For Women Over 50

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Updated On: October 12, 2023
gift ideas for older women

Any woman over 50 has had enough life experience which means it won’t be easy to please her with a random gift. Most probably, she already has whatever you are thinking of giving her. We are here to solve your dilemma and help you select the gift which will be a pleasant surprise for her. No matter who she is – your mom, your significant other, your grandmother, your best friend, your boss, your sister – the following list of gifts for 50-year-old women has something for everyone.

If she is a sophisticated lady, consider the rose gold-tone watch. If she frequently requires help with technology, gift her the internet password logbook so that the next time she forgets her password, she knows exactly how to restore it. Or does she take her beauty routine very seriously? Then do take a look at the hand repair gift set or the hair styler. There are plenty of other gifting ideas at your disposal – encourage the fitness enthusiast, surprise someone who is frequently overtaken by wanderlust, or motivate the plant lover to pursue her new hobby.

Gift Ideas for 50-year-old woman who has everything

Gift giving is a personal ritual and picking the perfect gift for your loved one holds more significance than you think. Sometimes a small token of love can go a long way to showing someone that you care. Plus, it tells a lot about how well you know them. Right now, finding the most suitable gift for your mom’s 50th birthday might seem like a daunting task. But once you take her passions and hobbies into consideration, it won’t take much time to convert these interests into a heartwarming gift idea for her. On that note, let’s get started with this wholesome list of gifts for 50-year-old woman who has everything:

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1. Neck massagers

gifts for 50 year old woman - neck massager
Neck massager

Don’t you think the special lady in your life would love to have a back massage after a long day? Then get her this modern, sleek gray-colored back massager with adjustable heat and straps. All she has to do is to wrap the device around her neck, put the power on, and let the magic unfold.

This massager roller operates with built-in light/heat and comes with a 2-level focal heat therapy technology which helps to let go of the soreness and fatigue. This is one of the best relaxation gifts for women in their 50s that you can find on the market. Select any of the three optional speeds and 8 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes and sooner than later it will make you think in-person massage is overrated! 

This lightweight massager needs to be washed to maintain hygiene. The superior PU leather can be cleaned with a simple wipe. This product can also be used on the shoulders, abdomen, and legs. 

2. Internet password logbook

best gifts for 50 year old woman - logbook for storing passwords
Internet password logbook

Tell your granny that there’s no need to be embarrassed about forgetting her passwords almost every other day. This internet password logbook comes to her rescue; she’ll no longer have to pile up those sticky notes with login details all over the house.

Instead of mailing the passwords to herself or noting them down on her phone (risk of getting hacked in both cases), she could keep track of all those complicated login essentials in this alphabetically-tabbed leatherette 4 in × 6 in notebook. The A to Z tabbed pages will give her the space to note down the username, website, and five passwords for each.

There are also pages solely for recording software license information and network settings and passwords for WAN, LAN, modem, router, and Wi-Fi. Pick these logbooks as cool gifts for 50-year-old woman and she would love you to the moon and back!

3. Michael Kors women’s watch

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - watch for women
Elegant rose gold-tone watch

Is your mom that boss lady? Very sophisticated, very elegant. Well, then we believe this gift is absolutely tailored for her. Instead of picking the traditional gold tone, opt for this rose gold-tone watch symbolizing class and elegance from Michael Kors. The watch comes with quartz movement and an analog display. It’s round in shape and features an indices/crystal bezel, three subdials, and a date window.

The resin band has a fold-over clasp accompanied by a double push-button for safety. One of its major USP is its water-resistant capabilities – it can shield itself against water till 300 ft. So if she is swimming or snorkeling and doesn’t want to let go of the watch, she can keep it with her. However, it’s better to avoid wearing it while scuba-diving. 

Since the band comes in full size, it might need resizing for smaller wrists. Take YouTube’s help and watch tutorials on resizing. If you are not into DIY, pay a few bucks to any jewelry or watch shop and let them resize it for you. 

4. Women’s shawl wrap

gifts for 50 year old woman - shawl wrap
Women’s shawl wrap

Looking for a suitable gift for 50-year-old woman? You can never go wrong with stylish outfits to brighten up her wardrobe. These ponchos available in multiple colors are made with the best bamboo viscose and the makers kept their distance from cheap material. So, no cheap acrylic or polyester for her precious shoulders!

This shawl is incredibly soft, has an expensive look, and is large enough to wrap her around without wearing her down with its weight. Not just for winter, this shawl is ideal for even the pre-winter seasons and will help guard her on windy and chilly days. So, if your grandpa plans a cozy winter date for grandma, she could dazzle the date night in this graceful attire!

These ponchos are double-sided. If one side is beige with a gray border, then the other side will have a reversible design – it will be gray with a beige border. The open-front design makes it possible to pair with anything in your wardrobe, be it casual or formal. The colorful border makes the poncho look vibrant and brings forward detailed craftsmanship. 

5. Large fanny pack

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - fanny pack
Fanny pack for women

It’s perfect for all the moms and grandmoms out there. They can easily put their work phone and personal phone along with the cash, beauty products, sanitizers, and cards in this bag. There is a hook on the inside of the inner zip that allows them to clip their keys.

This fanny pack can be their best friend if they are out and need their hands free to click pictures. It not only repels water but also shields their phones from scratches. The theft-proof hidden zippered pocket on the backside is good enough to store all the valuables. If you want something functional as well as unique for a loved one, this is one of the best gifts for 50-year-old woman that fulfills both your criteria.

You can wear this fanny bag in front of your waist, on your hip, or use it as a sling fanny pack or shoulder pack by slanting it across your chest.

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6. Hand repair kit

gifts for 50 year old woman - hand repair kit
Hand repair kit

When someone is on the edge of crossing 50, it is only natural to pay extra attention to skincare. If you want to show some love to this elderly lady in your family or friends, pamper her with this hand spa kit which comes with lemon butter cuticle cream, shea butter hand repair cream, and almond milk hand cream along with one pair of cotton gloves.

This will come in extra handy (no pun intended) if she tends to neglect her hands during her beauty rituals and/or her hands are super dry. These hand creams will breathe new life into her hands by restoring moisture in them. Test the kit during the rough winter months and see the magic unfold. Your search for Christmas gifts for women over 50 ends with this wholesome care package!

The creams work on the rough cuticles and help you get your soft and smooth hands back. These hand creams are made with Vitamin E, botanical oils, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera.

7. Diabetic slippers

best gifts for 50 year old woman - Edema house shoes
Diabetic slippers

Is your aunt suffering from arthritis? Get these soft wool-like slipper shoes that will soothe her exhausted and swollen feet and give them strength. Easy to slip on, these shoes have plenty of cushioning thanks to the 80D memory foam which makes you feel as if you are stepping on pillows!

All-day walking or standing will naturally give her feet some pain especially if she has crossed 50. The insole acts as a support and relieves her arc from all the discomfort. The shoe feels like soft wool and the silky faux bunny fur lining enhances the attraction.

Due to one of its best features, the non-slip rubber sole which offers non-skid traction, you can easily use it outdoors as well as indoors. These shoes come in 3 colors – light gray, cute pink, and black.

8. Aromatherapy diffusers

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - diffuser
Aromatherapy diffusers

Looking for something to help your mother relax? Consider this essential oil diffuser. The wood grain makes this oil diffuser look natural and original. This device has multiple uses – apart from filling your room with a fresh aroma, it works as a vaporizer, and a humidifier that gives moisture to the air.

There are 4 timers and 2 misting modes; you have the freedom to set the mist button according to your preferences. In weak mode, the mist remains for 8-9 hours and in the strong mode, it’s there for 6-7 hours. No doubt it’s the perfect eco-friendly and sustainable gift you could get for her!

The manual offers additional coupons for future oil purchases and there are multiple essential oil recipes. This oil diffuser can be refilled and cleaned without any hassle. 

9. Dyson hair styler

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - hair styler
Hair styler

Let me make a wild guess here – this special woman in your life is a regular party-goer and she loves to socialize. When it comes to buying her a birthday present, consider this Dyson Airwrap styler suitable for multiple hair types and styles. Count this as one of the fanciest gifts for 50-year-old woman who has everything. Why waste money on hair styling when you can DIY! Trust me, she would really appreciate this quick and handy tool.

The brushes of this styler imitate a stylist’s blow-dry technique and make the end result look professional. Thanks to this gift, she can now experiment with a wide range of hairstyles – curly Mondays, silky and smooth Tuesdays, a combination of voluminous curls, straight frizz-free hair on Wednesdays, and so on and so forth.

The two 1.6-in airwrap barrels are engineered to give your damp hair the look that you desire by creating loose curls or waves, as you wish!

10. Laptop stand

gifts for 50 year old woman - laptop stand
Laptop stand

If your wife is suffering from neck fatigue and neck pain, get this laptop stand to make her life easier. It fits laptops from 10 in–15.6 in, such as Apple MacBook 12/13, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13/15/2018/2017/2016, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell, HP, ASUS, and Chromebook.

Due to its adjustability, your wife can choose the height and angle for her laptop that suits her the best. She doesn’t require any tools for adjustment, just push or pull. Created from superior quality aluminum alloy, this laptop stand supports up to 6 kg and is sturdy enough to serve its purpose for a considerably long time.

Don’t worry about it jiggling and making your laptop fall! You will find that the rubber on the holder guards your laptop and comes in the way of scratches. 

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11. Fitbit fitness and activity tracker

gifts for 50 year old woman - fitbit
Fitbit charge 4 fitness and activity tracker

Like it or not, you can’t take your body for granted if you are over 50. You need to exercise and keep fit to avoid health complications. This Fitbit with built-in GPS is your friend here – it will oversee your pace and distance on screen while you are hiking, running, jogging, or doing some kind of workout.

It will showcase your heart rate changes and will make you feel a buzz when you have reached your target heart zones. Think it might get boring? Worry not! You can play your favorite songs from Spotify on your wrist, thanks to this Fitbit. It also allows you to get calls and texts. In short, if you are looking for cool tech gift ideas for someone elderly, go with this gift for 50-year-old woman without a second thought.

If you have trouble sleeping, this Fitbit will track your sleep stages to help you examine your sleeping patterns. The battery is top-notch and lasts up to 7 days. You can also use it in the shower or while swimming as it’s water-resistant to 50 meters. 

12. Women’s knit socks

best gifts for 50 year old woman - casual wool socks
Knit Socks

If you are on the search for Christmas gifts for women over 50, then get your hands on these socks made for the winter. Soft and durable, they keep your loved one’s feet warm. She can even use these socks to seal all the moisture after getting done with the nighttime ritual of moisturizing her feet. 

These thick and elastic socks come in 5 pairs per pack and they can easily complement rain boots, loafers, sneakers, or ski boots. These can be worn to the office, at home, and even during outdoor activities like hiking. These socks keep your feet warm and at the same time let them breathe. 

These socks are a combination of 35% wool, 29% cotton, and 36% polyester, and feel like a blend of wool and cotton. They can be easily machine-washed. 

13. 101 Essential Tips Bonsai paperback

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - bonsai plant book
Bonsai (101 Essential Tips) paperback

So, you and your wife have a passion for gardening, and for the longest time, she has been looking for a unique addition to the front porch landscape. Then why don’t you design, maintain, and arrange a bonsai together? Get her this extremely helpful book on bonsai and it will provide you with clear-cut explanations about everything regarding a bonsai in the form of 101 easily comprehensible tips and tricks.

With the help of the book, in no time, you will develop confidence and the necessary skills to cultivate bonsai plants. You will get a thorough idea about what kind of containers to use alongside design and style essentials. These beautiful miniature trees will bring peace to your home and on days when you are low, they can be your calm companions.

This book will be your guide and inspiration and teach you about various species including Japanese red maple and Scots pine. 

14. Hammock chair

gifts for 50 year old woman - swing
Hanging chair with pocket

Who wouldn’t want a sturdy, stylish, affordable, and comfortable gift like this? One of the top gift ideas for her, this hammock chair-cum-hanging swing rope is all that, and a bit more. Buy such cool gifts for 50-year-old woman, be it your darling wife or your mother, and win her heart in an instant.

She could hang it on the porch, living room, bedroom, terrace, or garden and spend time in it – read a book, relish that afternoon siesta, and spend some quality time with herself! This soft chair created with polyester/cotton ensures that it doesn’t get damaged. It’s different than other hanging chairs – you can actually lie down in this one and relax.

This gift includes all the hardware items to hang it easily like 1 stainless steel ceiling mount, 2 snap hooks,1 stainless steel chain, 8 screws (for concrete/wood wall), and a nylon rope.

15. Digital calendar and alarm clock

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - digital calendar
Digital calendar

In case your granny is suffering from Alzheimer’s or has trouble remembering the days and months in general, grab this digital calendar-cum-alarm clock for her which comes with 2-5 alarms settings. In fact, it is a necessary item for anyone who needs to be reminded to take medicine throughout the day.

After 7 p.m., the clock dims automatically and lights up during the day after 12 hours i.e. 7 a.m. You have the option to turn off the auto-dim in case you prefer high brightness 24×7. This 8-in high-resolution digital alarm clock comes with a large screen display and offers you the time, date, and month.

You don’t need batteries to operate this and you can understand what day and time it is even from a distance. Get your sense of independence back with this amazing invention! 

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16. Travel mug

gifts for 50 year old woman - travel mug
Travel mug

So you need just the right kind of gifts for 50-year-old woman who can’t do without her daily dose of caffeine, right? Coffee and tea lovers would welcome this auto-seal, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel travel mug with open arms. The auto-seal technology is leak and spill-proof.

With the push of a button, she can enable one-handed drinking. Clean freaks would love the clean lid as it opens completely for a rigorous cleaning! Thankfully, it fits in most car cup holders and under most single-serve brewers – so taking it out with you won’t be an inconvenience. If you put the hot beverage of your choice inside the thermos in the early morning, you will find it is still warm after 6 hours!

In case you get one of the colored ones, avoid the dishwasher since it will make the paint come off from the mug. Only unpainted stainless steel bottles are dishwasher-safe. Before using it, rinse it the night before and ensure there is no soap residue left; you don’t want gross soapy coffee.

17.  Smart plugs

best gifts for 50 year old woman - smart plug
Smart plugs

Who doesn’t hate to switch off the downstairs light every day without fail? If you want to impress your mother-in-law with a thoughtful gift that will make her life a thousand times easier, get these smart plugs.

These will be like her personal assistant to switch off all the lights and turn on/off the electronic appliances like lamps and coffee maker. The best part is that she doesn’t need to be at home; it can be remote-controlled from anywhere. Control your Alexa Wi-Fi outlet via the Gosund app and ensure that your phone accesses a secure 2.4 GHz network. And you are good to go!

However, bear in mind that the Alexa outlet plug is not fit for appliances whose power exceeds 10A, 1200 W – air conditioners, induction cookers, and ovens fall in this category. 

18. Adidas running shoes

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - running shoe
Adidas running shoes

Running is one of the best ways to keep fit as we age. Not only is this activity flexible and free, but the fresh air in the park can also do all kinds of wonders to our health. However, to make the most of your running, you need to invest in good shoes because they will make or break your activity. Hold that thought and give Adidas’ Cloudfoam pure running shoes a try if you are in search of gifts for women in their 50s.

These are 100% textile, imported, come with a rubber sole, and the boot opening is around 6 in-12 in. In case the gift recipient wears thick socks, it’s best to go half a size up. If they are someone who often finds their feet covered in blisters whenever they wear new shoes, don’t worry, this one won’t give that kind of discomfort.

For someone who prefers slip-on shoes, go with this pair of Cloudfoam running shoes. They have laces, but you don’t need them to get the shoe on or off.  That’s great news if you consider tying laces a hassle!

19. Body weight scale

gifts for 50 year old woman - BMI smart scale machine
Body weight scale

Wouldn’t you want to stand on a scale once in a while and know how much the water weight, bone density, and fat weigh inside you? I bet the same goes for your mother or your grandmother. There is so much misinformation and cluelessness out there regarding our body weight.

This weighing scale can be their best friend that guides them as to how much weight they need to gain and how many calories they need to burn. This weight machine for body fat works with Bluetooth via the app and records the readings. Once you stand on it, the body weight scale synchronizes with your profile.

The digital bathroom scale has 4 precision and sensitive sensors, offering precise data. Pair this body fat scale with 1byone Health App and sync your data and account with Google Fit or Apple Health to check and share your weight-related information.

20. Leaf bookmark

gifts for 50 year old woman - bookmark
Leaf bookmark

You asked for gift ideas for women who have everything and we found you one of the best gifts for 50-year-old woman that will be a unique addition to her collection. Do you have a scholarly person in your life who spends her days with a house full of books? Then this gift is so meant for her.

She would absolutely admire your choice and the thought gone into finding this gift when you show up at her door with this stunning leaf bookmark. The intricate design on the metal leaf and the pretty butterfly are so eye-catching! The glass bead connected to it is filled with rhinestones and original flowers, adding to the beauty of the bookmark.

These bookmarks are entirely handcrafted and the electroplated copper material makes them water-resistant. Plus, you don’t need to worry about oxidation either. The smooth and soft surface handles the pages with care so your books don’t get damaged by the sharp edges.

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21. Foot massager and scrubber

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - foot massager
Foot massager and scrubber

More often than not, we tend to neglect our feet and pay attention to other body parts during our beauty regime. If your sister, wife, or grandma has a similar habit, get her this foot scrubber/foot cleaner to soothe her feet by providing it with the much-needed care and healthy circulation.

The gentle inner brush pacifies the soles and the hard outer bristles take care of rough skin. The foot odor will decrease in no time and toxins will be blocked. This kit does a much better job than a pumice stone, loofah, or a standard brush. This one is ideal for diabetic feet as well. The FootMate System is an innovative construction and features a contoured design.

It consists of more than 11,000 bristles, stain-resistant materials, suction cups, and footpads for security, along with an anti-skid surface, and a mildew-resistant retrieval rope to make lifting convenient. 

22. Body brush set

gifts for 50 year old woman - body brush set
Body brush set

How do you think your loved one would enjoy detoxing their body with the help of these natural bristles? This exfoliating brush will ward off dead cells, decrease cellulite, help in healthy blood circulation, and trigger the lymphatic circulatory system. Could it be any more perfect as a gift for a 50-year-old woman?

This gift set comes with a body brush, a face brush, and a pair of shower gloves along with a travel bag and instructions to guide her. The brushes are luxurious and sturdy and have the right amount of scrub. So don’t worry about her skin being stripped of natural moisture. Ask this person to be careful with the face brush if it’s their first time. It’s good to be gentle initially and finish up the ritual with exfoliating gloves for smooth skin. 

Re-energize your skin with the help of dry skin brushes and feel relaxed and stress-free every morning. Don’t make this an everyday habit though. For best results, do it twice a week. 

23. Floral tea cup

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - tea cup
Floral tea cup

We all have spent many summers at our grandparents’ – that beautiful rustic house full of antiques. If you are still living with those memories, present this vintage tea cup to your grandma and earn some brownie points at the same time. It’s an affordable gift item under $50 that she will adore.

This handmade mug is beautifully crafted with hand-drawn floral designs. An older person should ideally shift to lead-free crystal mugs from plastic ones for health benefits too. Use it for any hot and cold beverage – be it coffee, warm cocoa, juice, or chilled lemonade – the temperature won’t affect the color or the texture of the cup. And the cherry on top, you get a decorative spoon, coaster, and napkin along with it.

This mug is not one of those fragile glass items that break at the slightest touch. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and quite easy to clean.

24. Scented candles

gifts for 50 year old woman - candles
Scented candles

It’s not a big secret that aromatic candles are every woman’s weakness. So, close your eyes and pick this gorgeous aromatherapy candles gift box when you need to find gifts for women in their 50s.

The gift set comes with four candles in four different fragrances – Mediterranean fig, lavender, spring, and lemon. These 4.4 oz candles are made from pure soy wax with the goodness of natural essential oils. Once you get these for your loved one, she won’t be able to take her eyes off the fascinating artwork on the tin containers and the gift box.

They are especially suited for elderly women because the cotton wicks don’t produce any harmful smoke that can affect their health. The charming fragrance will fill your house with positivity and help you relieve stress and anxiety during a meditation session.

25. Women’s purse

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - purse
Women’s purse

Who says just because someone is nearing or just crossed 50, she should now stick to drab shades in her clothing and accessories? Remind your mother her life is still full of colors and happiness with this vibrant yellow purse.

This croc-embossed polyurethane handbag is one of its kind, both in design and craftsmanship. You have to go through the magnetic-snap front flap to access the interior zipper compartment. The multicolor floral scarf enhances the beauty of the purse by ten times.

There are two extra slip pockets on the exterior for quick-grab items. Style it as a hand-held purse or use the cross-body shoulder strap.

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26. Vera Wang perfume

best gifts for 50 year old woman - perfume

When you are on the lookout for gifts for 50-year-old woman and can’t decide on anything, a bottle of perfume would never fail you. Enter Vera Wang’s eau de toilette spray for women! Just take a look at this super pretty crystal bottle.

With the vibrant color and the crown lid, it is more than enough to get the lady to unleash her inner princess and feel young all over again. For the design alone, this perfume will be a hit as a gift for a minimalist. Coming to the scent, it’s a combination of fruity (apple, waterlily, apricot) top notes finished with an earthy base note of vanilla and amber.

Spritz a few drops after a shower or while going out and this exotic flowery and fruity scent will make you feel fresh for the rest of the day.

27. Rhinestone brooch pin

best gifts for 50 year old woman - brooch pin
Brooch pin

Is your mother-in-law the fashionista among her folks? She surprises you every time with such elegance, poise, and impeccable taste in clothes! If that is the case, the best way to win her heart is through a stunning piece of accessory.

And what’s a better choice for a woman in her 50s than a classic brooch? This hat-shaped brooch pin is made of alloy, crystal, and colorful rhinestones. It comes in a ready-to-present box eliminating the hassle of gift wrapping for you.

This tiny, little dress pin can work as a statement piece to enhance the charm of any outfit. Your mother-in-law would rock any party attire when paired with this eye-catching accessory!

28. Wooden home sign

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - home sign
Home sign

Talking of gifts for 50-year-old woman who has everything, this hanging wooden wall sign could be a nice addition to her collection, especially if she is a homemaker who has a knack for interior decoration.

In this gift set, you get three wooden letters. And, the ‘O’ is replaced by an artificial eucalyptus wreath with a diameter of 12 in. The letters can be arranged in a line or a zig-zag order, however it suits the look of your home and your taste. It will give any house a nice, rustic look and the hostess won’t be able to thank you enough for such a thoughtful gift.

The letters and the wreath come with hooks in the back for easy mounting.

29. Vintage jewelry box

best gifts for 50 year old woman - jewelry box
Jewelry box

Is your wife’s birthday knocking at the door and it completely slipped out of your mind? Now that you are rushing to get a last-minute gift for her birthday, you have to pick up something extra special to make up for the blunder.

Calm down, we’ve got you covered. This vintage trinket box is here to your rescue. Tell me, what’s not to appreciate about this exquisite work of art? The carvings, the design, the texture – you can’t find a flaw in it! This handcrafted antique piece is made of zinc with a lining of soft, blue velvet inside. This is your best shot at impressing your wife at the last minute, go for it.

There are three small compartments on the top layer for trinkets along with a bigger one at the bottom for heavier pieces of jewelry.

30. Bath salt

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - bath salt
Bath salt

Okay, you can say this gift idea is a bit obvious. But ask any woman and she would tell you we can’t ever have enough bath and body products. From bath bombs and body scrubs to milk bath soaks – all these items are absolutely indispensable.

Keeping that in mind, we have picked this set of mineral bath salts infused with dried petals. Its effective formula rejuvenates the skin and cleanses your pores thoroughly. Enjoy a relaxing bathing experience with the soothing aroma of lavender and rose.

You could also avail the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose petals to reduce skin irritation, acne, and dermatitis.

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31. Wall sconces

best gifts for 50 year old woman - wall decor
Wall sconces

The holiday season is around the corner and you need to buy a few Christmas gifts for women over 50 for some relatives. Instead of going with the usual like every year, this time try to bring some lights to perk up the happy homes of your loved ones.

Christmas is all about merry-making, colorful decorations, and more and more blinking lights around the house. On that note, these rustic home decor pieces, studded with LED string lights and the delightful peony flower arrangements, would fit right in. This gift set is an assortment of two wooden pieces along with two mason jars, flowers, battery-operated string lights, remotes, and mounting tools.

The warm lights have a battery life of up to 6 hours with 8 different modes for every hour and every mood of the festive season.

32. Coffee mug for 50th birthday

cool gifts for 50 year old woman - coffee mug
Coffee mug

Let’s wrap up this long catalog of gifts for a 50-year-old woman with a super cute birthday present. This woman in your life is pretty precious and you know she makes the world a better place for you and everyone around her with such ease.

She is aging like fine wine, growing wiser, more beautiful, and compassionate with each passing year. Here’s your chance to let her know how much you appreciate her very presence by your side with this special edition 50th birthday gift. This white ceramic mug is durable and apt for all occasions, plus, you don’t need to worry about the colorful graphic fading away, ever.

The 11 oz cup is good to go into the dishwasher and microwave and can handle any temperature with flying colors, from warm to cold.

We hope you got the best ideas to pick up something for a lady who is in her 50s. Choosing a gift for somebody at this age is about looking for utility too, and with this list, we’ve got that covered for you.

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