15 Best Zodiac Gifts For Him And Her – Astrology-Themed Gift Ideas

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Hey folks, we are back again with a stellar gift guide for your darling partner. But this time, it’s a little more personalized with zodiac gifts, taking small hints from their Sun signs. Whether your partner’s astrology fandom is limited to checking daily horoscopes or they can seamlessly recite the exact positions of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus on their birth chart like a pro – our thoughtful gifts for astrology lovers are sure to impress!

And I will tell you a secret here. It’s totally cool if you are not up to date on all the zodiac signs and the personality types, birthstones, or constellations associated with them. Our astrology gifts selection is going to work like a quick cheat sheet for you. 

Ask me why? We have gathered zodiac gifts for each sign based on their prominent features. Plus, there are a few bonus zodiac gift ideas for the self-proclaimed astrologer in your life. 

Best Astrology Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign

Tell me something, does your partner keep sharing astrology memes? Do they constantly refer to the monthly predictions based on their zodiac signs? Starting from career opportunities and business growth to deciding the fate of their love life, they completely rely on what the planets are foretelling. Sometimes, you just don’t know what they are talking about. 

Yes, I understand, getting too much jargon thrown our way can be super confusing. For today, let’s just stick to the Sun signs, also popular as zodiac or star signs. Basically, the Sun sign represents the position of the Sun at the birth time of a person.

Anyone slightly curious about astrology knows the seasons of all the 12 zodiac signs and their respective personality traits. So, if your Cancerian partner is always showing off their unmatchable cooking skill, bring them some joy with a set of constellation-engraved kitchenware. 

The easiest way to impress your partner on the gift-giving front and earn some sweet brownie points at the same time is to get the coolest zodiac gifts on the market. Without dawdling, let’s jump right into our list of gifts with zodiac signs!

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1. Zodiac gifts for Aries? Constellation candles

gifts with zodiac signs- candle
Aries candle

Independent, confident, optimistic, risk-takers, bold leaders – Aries are truly born lucky with the entire set of remarkable human qualities. Naturally, any astrology gift you pick for your Aries partner should emphasize their unique attributes which make them stand out in the crowd. And that is exactly why this constellation candle exhibiting the major Aries personality traits in capitals would be a great choice. It shows you are proud to be a part of their life or as they call it – an adventure.

  • 100% natural hand-poured soy candle
  • Infused with the fragrance of huckleberry, vanilla, and lemon
  • Burn time is 50-60 hours
  • Comes in a sturdy, reusable glass jar 

2. Taurus bracelets are amazing zodiac gifts for her 

gifts for astrology lovers - bracelets
Taurus bracelet

Here’s a thing you should know if you are dating a Taurus woman: They are all for simplicity. I am sure you have noticed how your girl maintains a harmonious and organized home oh so efficiently! Can’t you feel an aura of calmness whenever she is around? Hold on to that thought while searching for zodiac gifts for her. We have no doubt that this minimalist cuff bracelet engraved with the zodiac symbol of Taurus is tailor-made for her. 

  • Made of premium stainless steel 
  • It is free of lead and nickel 
  • Hypoallergenic bangle suitable for all skin types
  • Doesn’t rust or change color 

3. Zodiac gifts for him? Antique Gemini coins

gifts with zodiac signs- antique coin
Gemini coin

Geminis are suckers for meaningful, geeky conversations. Call it a weakness of Gemini men in love if you want, but it’s not easy to capture a Gemini’s interest unless you can stimulate their intellect. Why don’t you stop by his door and present the birthday boy this antique zodiac coin packed in a vintage metal case? It will give him so many opportunities to start an interesting discussion around it at a party or with a stranger at a bookstore. And he will have only you to thank for it. No wonder it’s one of the most unique zodiac gifts for him.

  • Antique silver-plated coin 
  • It has a diameter of 1.57 in and it’s 0.11 in thick
  • Beautiful engraving of the Gemini constellation
  • Very detailed and intricate engraving on both sides of the coin

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4. Decorative serving tray for your Cancerian partner

gifts for astrology lovers - serving tray
Cancer serving tray

As mentioned earlier, Cancerians are hands down the best cooks among the zodiac crowd. They are the ones who truly justify the saying that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. If you are lucky enough to date a Cancerian partner, you must be enjoying the delicacy of home-cooked comfort meals quite often. It’s time you start looking for zodiac gift ideas to appreciate all their effort and affection toward you. Just look at this cute red crab (Cancer symbol) on the wooden serving tray and you would fall for it instantly.

  • Pine wood tray in bright and catchy design
  • Extremely lightweight yet long-lasting 
  • Multipurpose tray, good for both decoration and storage
  • Fits into any kind of interior decoration – modern or rustic

5. Creative gifts with zodiac signs: Leo bookmarks

gifts with zodiac signs- bookmarks
Leo bookmark

We have all got to learn a thing or two about how to seize the day from a Leo. These creative folks are full of passion, spontaneity, and zeal for life. When it comes to reading, they lean toward the fictional world of fantasy and adventure. So, if you are dating a Leo woman, surprise her with this exquisite silver feather bookmark. You won’t find any better zodiac gifts for her because this one features the fluorescent Leo symbol inside a crystal ball.

  • Silvery feather bookmark made of alloy metal
  • A fine chain is attached to it with the zodiac sign glass ball
  • Eco-friendly and made to last for a long time
  • Comes in a lovely gift box packaging 

6. Virgo wine glasses are great zodiac gift ideas

gifts for astrology lovers - wine glass
Virgo wine glass

Talk about incessant hard work and a heart as big as an ocean, and Virgos come to your mind. They are wired to go that extra mile to take care of the people close to their hearts. If you are in love with a Virgo man or a woman, maybe you could hold their hand and ask them to pause for a while – remind them that it’s okay to chill sometimes. And to back up this suggestion, we have selected one of the most amazing zodiac gifts for him and her. This star-studded constellation wine tumbler could give them a reason to spend a relaxing evening at home and take a nice, long bubble bath, maybe with a pour of Chardonnay. 

  • Virgo constellation-printed tumbler with the names of all the stars
  • Premium quality, crystal, stemless glass
  • Sturdier and less likely to break than the stemmed ones
  • Sand-etched to make the design more permanent 

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7. Astrology gifts for her? Libra jewelry holder 

gifts with zodiac signs- jewelry holder
Libra jewelry holder

Did you know this fact about the Libra woman in your life that they are diplomats by nature? They won’t let themselves get overwhelmed with emotions. Neither are they harshly rational or practical-minded. It’s a fine balance between the two that helps them handle any situation tactfully. No wonder the symbol of the Libra sign is a pair of scales and we are going to exploit that information to find zodiac signs gifts for her. Your girl is going to appreciate the vintage design of this exquisite scale jewelry organizer as it will also bring a nice antique touch to her dresser. 

  • Free-standing jewelry holder made of metal
  • Can be used for storage purposes or as a centerpiece on a table 
  • Available in bronze and black color choices
  • Each tray diameter is 4.3 in

8. Scorpio wall hangings as gifts for astrology lovers 

gifts for astrology lovers - wall hanging
Scorpio wall hanging

Something reminds me of Claire today, my friend who is an absolute zodiac geek. She would fill her apartment with zodiac decor pieces, personalized charts, healing crystals, and so on. Let me guess, your partner too is just as obsessive about astrology merchandise. Then we have the key to winning their heart. Take a look at this gorgeous constellation tapestry wall hanging at your disposal. If this doesn’t get you the best partner award, we don’t know what will.

  • Printed on wrinkle-resistant cotton linen material 
  • Digital printing technology is used to bring out the high-definition patterns and colors
  • Nails are provided for hanging
  • Can be hand-washed or machine-washed, both in cold water

9. Duffle bags make great zodiac gifts for a Saggitarius 

zodiac sign gifts - duffle bag
Sagittarius duffle bag

Are you wondering what the secret is behind the rugged handsomeness of your partner? Well, you can count on the sporty, athletic nature of a Sagittarius man to always keep him in good shape. Hardly a day goes by that your boyfriend doesn’t hit the gym. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Gym accessories make perfect sense as zodiac gifts for him! This multipurpose duffle bag with the Sagittarius symbol is a practical choice as he can take it for other sporty activities as well. 

  • 1 big compartment with 2 side pockets and an interior zippered pocket
  • Enough space to accommodate all gym essentials 
  • Water-resistant canvas and nylon fabric
  • Features both adjustable shoulder straps and hand-holding straps 

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10. Astrology gifts for Capricorn? Constellation crystal ball

gifts with zodiac signs- crystal ball
Capricorn crystal ball

You are lucky to have a Capricorn by your side because you know how they value being honest in a relationship. Transparency is truly non-negotiable for Capricorns. Connect this admirable aspect of their personality to whatever zodiac sign gifts you are getting for your bae. So, tell me, what are your thoughts on this marvelous crystal ball with the floating Capricorn statue inside? Take your time explaining why you have picked this very item for them and before you know it, they are hugging you tight!

  • Handmade and vividly polished balls
  • Especially examined for K9 quality clarity
  • 3D inner laser engraving technology makes it look stereoscopic
  • Comes with a silver-plated stand and a sandbag

11. Moon pendant zodiac gifts for Aquarius

gifts for astrology lovers - pendant
Aquarius moon pendant

This time, we don’t need to discuss any personality traits. Because the gift we have picked clearly states all the unique and interesting facts about your Aquarius woman. You think your sweetheart makes the world a much better place. Tell her exactly the same thing with this constellation moon pendant wrapped in a pretty gift box. It’s going to be a big hit, believe you me. How can you ever go wrong with such delicate pieces of jewelry, that too as astrology gifts for her?

  • Pair of 2 necklaces in day and night style
  • Tucked in a card pocket which has Aquarius date and traits written on it 
  • Goes with all kinds of outfits and occasions
  • Available for all 12 zodiac signs

12. Astrology journals: Gifts with zodiac signs for Pisces

zodiac sign gifts - astrology journal
Pisces journal

The more you delve deep into the artistic side of a Pisces, the more you will be astonished. From creative writing to performing arts, Pisces are shining everywhere. See, we can’t get over the mysterious cover of this astrology notebook. Doesn’t it kind of resemble the ancient mythology books? As one of the best zodiac gits, it will be more like a blank space to fill with their creative juices. Any Pisces would appreciate the thought you have put into finding this present. Give this a shot!

  • Eco-friendly and acid-free blank pages 
  • Perfect thickness and smoothness for a comfortable writing experience
  • You can scan the front and back cover with their interactive app 
  • Experience mythology, stars, and ruling planets of Pisces by scanning 

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13. The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need – a guide to astrology

gifts with zodiac signs- astrology book
Astrology book

Is your partner fairly new to the world of astrology? But their interest and knowledge are growing at the speed of light, am I right? The time is just right to get them an authentic astrology guide lest they fall for so much misinformation floating on the internet. This book written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk covers in thorough detail all about the Sun signs, Moon signs, the placement of planets in your Houses along with 144 combinations of compatibility between the zodiac signs. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even a pro astrologer will get to discover the mysteries of the cosmos that were unknown to them. Can you find a better gift for astrology lovers?

  • Available in different formats like hardcover, paperback, kindle, and spiral-bound
  • Includes chapters on history and mythology of astrology
  • Published by Taylor Trade publishing in 2012 
  • 560-page book in the dimension of 9 in x 9 in

14. ‘What’s Your Sign’ horoscope game 

zodiac sign gifts - horoscope game
Horoscope game

This isn’t just for your partner. If you have a family or group of friends crazy over horoscopes, you have to give this card game a chance. Extremely engaging and fun gameplay – this game is better enjoyed in a crowd rather than with two to three people. It’s only a matter of time before What’s Your Sign becomes a staple in your family game night, mark my words.

  • Good to be played with 3-20 players or even more
  • Contains adult content, suitable for 17+ age
  • Includes 100 horoscope cards, 350 ending cards, and an instruction manual
  • Funky, colorful design 

15. Moon phase wall hanging 

gifts for astrology lovers - moon phase wall hanging
Moon phase wall hanging

The last item to make our list of zodiac sign gifts is this rare wall hanging that represents the changing phases of the moon. This ornamental decorative piece will bring a relaxing and calming effect to your place. No matter wherever you hang it, be it the bedroom, the living room, or your office, it will add to the beauty of the space. Here’s your chance to surprise your partner with the most unique piece of the lot. 

  • Total 9 moon phases exhibited in a string 
  • Comes with hooks and expansion tubes for easy installation
  • Made of metal and iron, finished with a golden coating 
  • Length of the entire chain is 50 in

On that note, we will wrap up our guide to buying zodiac gifts for your bae. Name any of the 12 signs, and there is something for everyone on our list. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab them now!

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