8 Ways To Make Him Regret Not Choosing You

September 18, 2023 |
Updated On | September 18, 2023
make him regret playing you

make him regret playing you

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There are times you really want a guy to regret not chasing after you or not choosing you over someone else. Why? Let’s take a look at Veronica’s story. Veronica had been in a relationship with Robert for seven long years. She was secure and happy, and apart from the usual fights that every couple goes through, everything was mostly perfect in their relationship. Then something happened one day that Veronica absolutely did not see coming. Robert called it quits saying that he had fallen for someone else. That heartbreak and the suddenness of it all shook Veronica to her very core.

It is a big blow to your heart when someone you thought about having a future with leaves you so that they can go ahead and pursue someone else. Veronica was distraught and broken and what used to be love, quickly turned into immense hatred for Robert. She really wanted him to regret his decision of walking out on her. Her mind was preoccupied with questions like how to make a guy regret turning you down or how to make him regret hurting you so that he realizes this mistake.

If you’ve been in Veronica’s shoes before, then we are sure such questions have come up in your mind as well. Every time we get hurt by someone, we want to do something to show them what they missed out on. In fact, in this world of online dating where things like breadcrumbing or ghosting people have people all too common, a lot of people are left thinking, ‘How to make a guy regret ghosting you?’. It happens so much now. After months of talking and getting to know each other and suddenly, they don’t even open your messages anymore. In this case, how do you really show him that he made a mistake?

Aren’t we all familiar with a situation like this? At some point in life haven’t you wanted him to regret not choosing you?

How To Make Him Regret Rejecting You?

Instead of sitting in a corner and crying about how he left, it is important that you decide to take charge of your life and show him that you are strong with or without him. As an added bonus, you will get to show him how happy you can be without him too. If you’ve been rejected by your partner or are baffled by how to respond to their breakup text, you need to approach this situation tactfully.

Want to learn how to make a man regret losing you? Do not start preparing for a full-fledged war with him. Instead, sit back and sip the lemonade and you will watch that things will fall into place. Sometimes taking a breather and stepping away from the situation helps you gain clarity on what really happened.

So how to make him regret not choosing you? How to make him realize the value of what he lost? How to make him realize your worth? How to make him regret hurting you? The answer is simple, make him realize your worth by just being you. Have confidence and know that you will make the right man very happy one day. If you keep your confidence and self-worth up, he will certainly regret his decision as a consequence.

In your heart, you know that he made a mistake not choosing you and he might come to that realization on his own one day too. But if you’re looking to speed up that process and are serious about learning how to make him regret ghosting you, there are ways to do that. There are a few steps you can take to make him understand this sooner. Don’t be confused. Here are 8 ways to make him regret rejecting you.

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8 Ways To Make Him Regret Not Choosing You?

You can make him regret his decision subtly and simply without going ballistic and making yourself seem crazy in front of him and others. If you want to make him regret dumping you, you don’t have to be a scheming, insecure woman spewing hateful words and badmouthing him to get his attention.

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Just be who you are and in no time he will start missing you and thinking about you and feel like he made the world’s biggest mistake by walking out on you. Become the kind of girl that guys regret losing. That would be the best revenge on your guy.

1. Always bring your A-game to make him regret playing you

If you want him to regret not choosing you, don’t let yourself go while you recover from your breakup. Don’t start drunk dialing him or sending thirsty texts, trust us, that will never work in your favor. That is sure to make all your efforts go down the drain. To make him realize what he lost, you need to be your best in front of him and not show him you are weak.

Looking good makes you feel good, so remember to stay in shape, get dressed up, and go out. But remember you are not doing this for him, you are doing it for yourself. Pull out that perfect black dress or those pair of jeans that hug you in all the right places. Looking good will make you feel good and if there are “accidental encounters” with him when you are looking stunning, it’s just providence. He would absolutely regret not choosing you. You wanna be the kind of girl guys regret losing? Here’s how it goes.

For example, a blind date that your best friend set you up with ghosted you after the first few dates. But suddenly, you run into him at a party hosted by your best friend. Instead of taking your bestie into a corner and berating her, go and be your best self in front of the guy who hurt you. Do ghosters regret ghosting? He sure will, if you walk up to him in your gorgeous dress, give him a big hug, and act as if nothing happened.

When in doubt about which colors to wear, red and black are always there to save the day. Wear your best outfits, and most importantly, wear the ones that make you feel the most confident. He won’t be able to take his eyes off you, and you might find your actual happy place in the process.

After a breakup, you might want to just stay home and binge-eat carbs and stay cozy in sweats. But that’s all okay for some time. Allow yourself a few days to mope but be back on your feet in no time. How to make him regret hurting you is about showing up in your best and making him realize that he didn’t shake you at all. Pull yourself together and always remember that working out will not only help you stay in shape but will also release endorphins that will make your mood better.

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2. Get your stories straight

Invest this time in yourself

Whenever you run into your ex, the first thing he will ask you is how you are doing. That’s where the what to say to make him regret hurting you comes into play. When this happens, don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he still has an impact on your life. With the new free time that you have, do something you have always wanted to do. Invest this time in yourself.

How to make a man regret losing you? Spend more time toward your professional goals, take up a hobby you have always wanted to try, or reconnect and spend time with old friends. When asked, “How are you doing?”, many people are caught off guard after a breakup and don’t know what to say. Be confident in your answer and make him regret playing you instantly.

Make sure you spend your time wisely and have plenty of updates for him and others. You need to always keep your stories ready about how well you are doing without him and in the process, you will actually start doing better without him. Don’t use the word “break up” in your conversation and let him know you have moved on. He won’t be able to see through your lies if you genuinely feel bubbly, bright, and enthusiastic so take this time off for yourself.

3. To make someone regret treating you badly, play the psychology card

When you meet your ex, don’t talk about the breakup with him rather reminisce about your most memorable dates or trips. This is a great way to make a guy regret turning you down. When he feels that rush of those happy memories, he is sure to have second thoughts about having left you. This is a sly tip in the ‘How to make him regret ignoring you’ manual, but it shall certainly go a long, long way.

Focus on the funny and weird things you both would do together and remind him of the honeymoon phase of your relationship. This will make him think of the past and remember the fond memories you both shared together. This psychological trick will make him go down memory lane and remember how happy you both were together. Remember to talk about the positive memories and not the reasons why you both broke up. This is the quickest way that he might show signs that he regrets rejecting you.

4. Want to make him regret playing you? Incite some jealousy in him

This may seem like you are hitting him below the belt, but sometimes you need to be petty in order to feel a little better and that’s where the concept of ‘How to make a guy jealous who rejected you?’ comes in. If you have found someone to make him jealous, then that’s great. If not, you can always talk about how you are hopeful and ready to enter a serious relationship with someone.

How to get back at someone who ghosted you? If after ghosting you for a long time, they do try to slide into your DMs or text you for a favor, make sure you use that opportunity to do this. In your conversation with him, you can casually slip in this person you met or have been dating lately. He will definitely start off by asking you more questions about him. You can tell him where it’s going and whether you want to stick to just dating or if you are ready to be in a relationship. Just the mere mention of another guy’s name will make him start asking questions because we all know old habits die hard. He is going to regret ghosting you, that very instant.

He would regret not choosing you and will get jealous of your new partner, that’s for sure. To make someone regret treating you badly, give them instances of how well you are being treated by other men. Thinking about another guy in your life will make him regret losing you and he will want you back.

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5. Show him that you’re doing just fine

No matter how heartbroken you are by him leaving you, you need to show him you are fine and have come to terms with the breakup. Behave as if nothing major happened and soon you will actually begin to feel this way too. Time heals all wounds so all you have to do is be patient with yourself when you are dealing with this heartbreak.

As an added bonus, this will also remove the initial awkwardness between you guys and he might even soon start racking his brain thinking about how you handled this so well. It will baffle him how you are not gut-wrenchingly sad about the whole disaster. He might even start feeling insecure and doubting how serious you were about him.

‘Do ghosters regret ghosting?’, they do if they learn that their ghosting you had absolutely zero impact on your life. When he notices that all you had to do is delete his number after he ghosted you and that you were fine, he will immediately crawl back to you. He will feel jealous that his effect over you is wearing off and he will start putting in efforts to enter your life again in some capacity. How to make a guy regret ghosting you is about showing him that you didn’t even notice him walking out of your life and that you are enjoying all the other fish in the sea. Just start pushing him into the friend zone to confuse and upset him even more and don’t forget how he treated you.

6. To make him regret ignoring you, let him know what you’re up to

How to make him regret losing you? Keep yourself busy by doing the things that you absolutely love doing. You can even try out new things and enjoy your single life in all the possible ways. Try exploring new hobbies and interests and this might even make you discover new things about yourself. These things will help enhance your personality and you will see a better and happier version of yourself. If he gets to know about what you are up to without him through some common friends, then it’s not really your fault, so make sure you let everyone know what you are up to.

Social media could also be a great tool that could help you with this trick and help you win this game of, ‘How to make him regret ignoring you in the first place?’. Don’t be surprised if he starts stalking you on social media when he sees posts of the ‘new and improved’ version of you. He might even rethink the breakup and want to waltz back into your life.

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7. Have loads of fun

How to make a guy jealous who rejected you is not about making it obvious that you’re constantly stalking his Insta and checking for who he’s dating now. It’s about standing your ground and showing him that you can have immense fun even without him. Just because he left you for someone else, doesn’t mean your whole world has shattered and come to an end. It may feel like that right now, but you are so much stronger than this. In fact, this is the time to finally dye your hair that weird shade or take that crazy trip you never imagined you would. And make sure to post it online so he can see it!

Have fun with your friends

Have fun with your friends and family, the kind which you couldn’t have because you were so absorbed in the relationship. Spend time with your inner circle. It will comfort you too. Travel solo and see how much fun it is. Make sure to have actual fun with your friends and even plan a girls’ night out. Remember, your loved ones are the only people that are going to remain constant in your life.

8. Love yourself deeply

This phase is all about self-love and is undoubtedly, the most important. While there is a lot of fun in trying to make someone regret treating you badly, the goal here is actually much bigger than that. When someone rejects you, you feel that you are not worthy of love and acceptance and start to doubt your own self-worth.

It’s time to undo all those feelings. Don’t let this be a blow to your ego and remember that other people do not define your worth, only you do. People who don’t love themselves enough think that they aren’t worthy of anyone’s love which is completely untrue. Love yourself and know that the right man will come along and appreciate all that you have to offer.

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Once you start loving yourself, you will know your worth and that’s when people will also know your worth too. You will feel more confident about yourself and your entire outlook related to life will change. When he sees the new you, he will get weak in his knees and come after you because confidence is the most attractive thing and he will not be able to resist it!

Do guys ever come back after rejecting you? At times when men begin to regret their decision to break up with you, they come back to you and apologize and beg you to give them another chance. He will tell you that he made a mistake and has realized that you are the one for him.

Before you make any decisions in the heat of the moment, remember all the red flags that led to your breakup and how he was quick to leave you for someone else. Make sure he is not a commitment-phobe. Ask yourself if you really want to get back together with him. The call is yours. You need to decide whether it is worth going through all of that again and whether you really love him. Know your worth and never settle for anything that is less than what you deserve!


1. How do you make a guy regret not choosing you?

Be confident, a happy woman, a go-getter, and become the kind of woman a guy would regret losing. Do not sit and sulk over the fact that he dumped you. Ensure you are in a great mood and he finds it astonishing how you have got on with your life.

2. Can a guy change his mind about you?

Once a person is away from you they might get a perspective of what they are missing. A guy could be flooded with happy memories and all the good things about you. Do not sulk or try to be clingy after a breakup, a guy could then realize his mistake in dumping you.

3. How to make him regret ghosting you?

Ghosting is the worst thing a guy can do to a woman. If he vanishes without a trace, then when he tries to make contact with you, you must behave as if he has got erased from your memory. How to get back at someone who ghosted you? Do this simple thing. Just tell him you feel he doesn’t exist anymore. He will regret ghosting you for the rest of his life.

4. How long does it take for a man to regret losing you?

A man might start missing you the moment he is away from you or it could take him some months. After dumping you he might want to enjoy his freedom, or he could start dating someone else. But within no time he would miss all the good things that you brought to his life – love, care, affection.

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